but anyway they both use their full names

Mash-Up customs! Maleficent and Aurora

Naming these mash-ups isn’t quite as easy as naming an Iron Man/Batman mash-up. Princess Malora? Princess Auroficent? Maybe I should just call them AU customs. XD Anyway, here are two mash-ups I finished last night - Maleficent and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. I love the way they look together! Although… I’m thinking Maleficent Aurora THE ONE ON THE RIGHT might need her hair lightened up; I promise it doesn’t blend into her skin like that in person! LOL!

I used Aurora and mini Maleficent for the bases. I did full repaints on both of them, but I also decided to switch their ~props around so they fit the new paint jobs better. ;)

I gotta admit, now I want to do this with all of the princess/villain Pop duos. ;P