but anyway im satisfied with my work

harleyquinn!taehyung based on that one bangtan bomb where he said he wanted to be harley quinn for halloween

what do you mean its the middle of july its always halloween

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Your loyal man here. Art as awesome as ever, would love to see yo portfolio n get some art advice from you. Could u share how to start off a character sketch?(skeleton,early phases)

breakdown & rambling of this sketch under neath the cut ! sorry i took so long to reply ;  o;

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Something that I did for @shancefluffweek’s Sea/Stars theme, only to realise it a week later that it’s not actually fluffy… apart from Lance’s hair that I died at least a hundred times drawing.

Been working on this for almost a week because I’m slow and work was killing me too, and I’m super late anyway, so I just post it before I notice another mistake.

I’d just like to point out that Link’s rule of personal space between married couples is designed to work flawlessly with the height difference between him and Rhett. When the knees align, so do the faces. On them, this rule reaches exact perfection. This distance is meant to be for them.


my reverb 2015 contribution is here, and i’d say im pretty proud of it. this thing took a lot of work and frustration to get right and im still not 100% satisfied with the colors and lighting, but nbd. this was really fun to do, and i’d like to thank the wonderfully talented writers who worked with me on this! it was a blast, and im so excited about what you wrote!

anyway, on to summary and links!

by soulfullySoulful: Deerstalker ( ffn )

Maka and Soul are sent on a mission for the soul of a kishin; piece of cake.  But as Maka and Soul feel like they’re being watched in the Aokigahara forest, things start to spiral downhill till things go all out of control; including their minds.  Obviously, the kishin isn’t the only being in that forest.

by fabulousanima: Unfamiliar ( ffn )

Maka and Soul are sent to a small, rundown town in the middle of nowhere to investigate a string of disappearances.  But the thick forest holds many secrets, and the locals know more than they’re telling.  As Maka and Soul hurtle closer to the truth, danger draws ever nearer to them…


AU: Team Arrow snapchats (pt. 2)

Who said saving the city had to be all work and no play?

Oliver Queen + random snaps

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Social justice fights are failing because people throw around rightful, yet very aggresive and hateful phrases such as "down with cis" and expects people who have never been exposed to social justice issues before to instantly get it and align with it. Questions and inquires are met with mockery and turns potential allies away forever, without ever getting context or answers about why certain issues are handled certain ways.

youre making a fair point. counter-argument: im very tired and i want to sink into the earth and disappear every day and i dont have the stamina to explain the same thing to people over and over. im not a social justice blogger. im a 20 year old college student who works really hard to satisfy a lot of people all the time, and if it was my job to educate every angry anon i get on Issues ™ then this would be really mean of me, but it isnt, and its also not my duty as A Trans to be nice to ignorant people.