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Originally I was going to post this when this blog hit 2k but since I’m now almost to 3k I’m just going to post it! This is my way of saying thank you to all my amazing followers! The challenge was inspired by rememberingwalt’s gtkm but I changed some of the groups and numbers to fit me and my blog. I hope this inspires people to create more lovely edits for the fandom!

GTKM Disney Edition

TEN (10) movies
NINE (9) female characters
EIGHT (8) male characters
SEVEN (7) villains
SIX (6) friendships (can include family)
FIVE (5) sceneries
FOUR (4) sidekicks
THREE (3) romantic ships
TWO (2) songs
ONE (1) quote

This can be done with gifs, edits, fanart etc as long as you made them! Feel free to tag me #queentianas or #gtkmdisney so I can see everyone’s wonderful work.

Friendly reminder that they ARE still closeted (even if sometimes the walls and door look glassy to us) and as such, you should fully expect their friends, family, and colleagues to go along with the official narrative.


srry i’m so l8 but six selfies tagged by thetoxicfriend sixwmywoes lvnaflor blancapuertorican hotblooddiscodracula paintandpotions anythang4selenas  mehta-physical isthatthegabrieldiaz mermaidclone dahhveeed and spectreofsexlessappeal!!!

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Hi guys! 

I’m probably going to make a much more in-depth post about this here soon, but I just felt like I was in the mood to talk to you guys real quick. 

Less than a year ago I was just a girl who liked two nerds named Dan and Phil and happened to make a blog for them. I didn’t expect many followers, or for anyone to even know my name. 

And yet…here we are.

I’m so thankful to have a lovely community on my blog! You are all so sweet and so caring! 

Never did I think I’d get messages from strangers caring enough to ask how my day was…or asking little cute personal questions which I adore getting. 

I didn’t think people would like my blog enough to recommend it to other people, or to even refer to me as my actual name. 

I am literally the most thankful person who couldn’t ask for better followers/friends. You guys add a little sunlight into my life and I can’t really articulate how I feel properly.

So just know, if I could hug you all, I totally would ♥

I want to be someone you feel like you can trust, and I hope the things I post make you smile a little bit. You guys certainly make me smile and feel loved everyday.

Anyways, I know this was a little ramble, but I was just feeling extra appreciative of you guys tonight. I’ll probably make a formal thank you post/video/something of that nature soon, but for now just know I love you all so much and I do take notice of the sweet little things you guys say. 

Sometimes it might take me a few days to respond, or I might not be able to, but I see it and I love you ♥

Have a great night/day everyone! And thank you for helping me achieve an approaching 17k followers! 

rikey picture masterpost

tfw ur trash

anyway i was asked to make a masterpost of rikey pictures so here u go (there are a few not picture things at the end)

((none of these pictures are mine i found them on tumblr or google so yeah if one of them is yours and you want it taken down let me know))

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 yes, i’m going to talk about sebaek again. yay!

Am I the only one who just loves how Sehun and Baekhyun look together? Like Sehun is just so tall and he always looks incredibly stable and protective. It’s visible at airports and in crowds mostly. Baekhyun always looks so safe beside him. 









so i was tagged by the beautiful frantality to do the 6 selfies tag (is that what it’s called? idk man) and I’m gonna tag literally anyone. if you see this and want a reason to post a few cute selfies just say that I tagged you pls I wanna see more selfies on my tl

Okay I love werewolf Jackson, I think it is wonderful that he found enough self-worth to be able to transform into who he is supposed to be (more or less), but can we talk about alpha kanima Jackson?? Like what if he had turned into the alpha kanima instead of the wolf?? Imagine:

  • Jackson being obedient to whoever he chooses because an alpha probably seeks a friend but is not fully controlled by one (hence Gerard trying to kill Jackson)
  • Jackson being loyal to the McCall pack because he wants to be (✿◠‿◠)
  • Jackson collecting articles of the pack members’ clothing to add to his lizard nest that he sleeps in under his heating lamp
  • Pack cuddling with Jackson in his nest under his heating lamp (◡‿◡✿) !!
  • What if Jackson’s come had paralytic toxin in it and the amount is too small to affect him when he masturbates and gets it on his hands and body, he only feels a slight numbing, but he finds out it can actually PARALYZE people after someone ingests it HA sorry to whoever bangs Jackson and figures that out. This headcanon is just for my amusement tbh
  • The pack riding on Jackson’s winged back like freaking Harry Potter and Buckbeak the Hippogriff
  • The pack riding on Jackson’s winged back like freaking Harry Potter and Buckbeak the Hippogriff into battle
  • Discovering Jackson’s platonic g-spot while petting him and happy spikes grow out of his back like Toothless in How To Train Your Dragon 2  (◠‿◠✿) !!
  • Crack verse where like some werewolves can turn into actual wolves, Jackson can turn into an actual reptile. I personally think he would resemble either a Komodo Dragon or an Armadillo Girdled Lizard
  • Stiles wanting to take a turn as Jackson’s ‘friend’ and trying to feed him a bug or make him go streaking and Jackson just pushes him down and Stiles grumpily is like “I don’t want him anymore Scott you can have him back" 
  • Jackson being embraced for who he is and learning to love himself╰(◡‿◡✿╰)
  • Jackson just doing cool kanima stuff like paralyzing people and fighting and doing the tail thing and climbing walls and flying
  • Alpha Kanima Jackson (◕‿◕✿) !!!!

Frozen babies on my desk at work (with bonus Mr. Peanut, Nuttorney-at-Law)

2012 tumblr aesthetic. that meme of the queen at the olympics opening ceremony. “"quality”“ blogs full of pics taken on canon cameras of like sour patch kids and water bottles. constant mitt romney, cole sprouse, and apocalypse jokes. the great war between forfuturereferenceonly and francieum. “listen here cumslut”