but anyway here it is

we know epsilon can drop into bullet time like the other ais but please imagine him doing it for the least important things possible. 

need to think of a witty one liner? bullet time. trying to impress someone? bullet time. dont know what a word means but dont want to admit it? bullet ti


zest??? zest!!! 


Here it is my very first animatic ever! I absolutely LOVE Dear Evan Hansen and I felt like this specific song fits Ladynoir so much, i had to do something about it.
I’ll probably finish in the future, in the meantime I hope you enjoy it, i spent too much time on it-
Also I want to do more animatics and do much more better than this.

  • Lance: hey Pidge do you think I'm fat?
  • Pidge: ha ha good one lol
  • Lance: no I'm serious
  • Pidge: what? the fuck?
  • Lance: I am aren't I
  • Pidge: Lance you put fucking Flat Stanley to shame do not get me started
  • Lance: that doesn't sound much better...