but anyway I like it


zach stone doesn’t need to be famous.
zach stone just needs to be amy’s.
that worked well. that sounded cool.


2016  videogames (2/?):  oxenfree

Oxenfree is a 2016 adventure video game developed and published by Night School Studio. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Xbox One on January 15, 2016, with a PlayStation 4 version scheduled for a later date.  Oxenfree is set on an abandoned island, which is visited by some teenagers for a party, until they accidentally open a supernatural rift.

it’s always very disappointing when you attend an event to support someone and they end up doing something gross and disrespectful towards another person in your life. a lot of things have been said and done in the past twenty-four hours regarding a certain incident at a certain fashion show and i only have one thing to say about it all. my loyalty is with my friends and they know that. i will never support something so belittling and gross no matter whose mouth it comes from. now that i’ve got that off my chest, i really want some ihop pancakes.

Angela “Angie” Martinelli is Hufflepuff’s resident American-Italian, beloved by all, and friends with people from heaps of houses. Her Italian upbringing makes her prone to bouts of Italian cooking which she forces on anyone who will eat it… (most won’t complain even if they tease her). She isn’t top of her classes, but she’s at the top of everyone’s list when they’re looking for someone to talk to or hug. She brings a bit of sunshine into everyone’s life, and she hopes to share that on the big screen when she gets her big break as an actress. Sometimes known as a ‘Lesbian Thespian’ among close friends… and eventually her girlfriend she meets in her second year… a Slytherin named Margaret “Peggy” Carter who everyone knows she has a crush on for ages before Peggy does herself.

People being gross on Tumblr

Apparently I’m going to have to start kink shaming people commenting on Odin’s photo sets! I don’t care if you have a kink but please don’t comment on Odin’s pictures about your kink or imply that my lizard is apart of your kink!😖

anonymous asked:

This may come off as a rude question but why do so many lesbians love Miranda Lawson? I mean it doesnt bother me one bit I just find it interesting lesbians L-O-V-E that character to pieces all over tumblr. Is it just because she's hot or is it a mix of her hotness and confidence?

It’s probably because they collectively went to that meeting by the lake, swore that they would all L-O-V-E the great Miranda Lawson, and after dancing naked around a fire (you know, as all lesbians do), they went back their separate way to spread their thoughts all over Tumblr.
True story. I wasn’t there myself because I’m a bisexual, but the lesbians told me.

(Okay but seriously: why do you assume “many lesbians” love her? I mean, I have no doubt a lot of lesbians might love Miranda, but it’s a strange thing to state as a fact. Do you think all women who post about loving Miranda are all lesbians? And why is it only a choice between “hot” or “hot and confident”? There are so many interesting things to like about Miranda, her level of hotness and confidence aren’t the only options. I mean, I could start an essay about why I l-o-v-e Miranda, but it would be 100 pages long.)

I didn’t take my meds today and as a result I have been craving cookies, cupcakes, icing (just pure icing), danishes, croissants, muffins, scones, cake (bigger than cupcakes), pizza, french fries, oohhh mmm mozzarella sticks ugh I didn’t even think of that one, nachos, chips, and poutine.

Basically, all your sugar and carbs (which turn into blood sugar) that you can think of. I wound up eating marshmallows straight out of the bag even though I don’t like eating straight up sweets lol. Also lots of orange juice.

Anyway, now I really understand that my cravings aren’t my fault, but it also makes me want to take my meds every day from now on. Surprisingly, I don’t actually enjoy food that much when I’m not hungry. It’s kind of gross? It’s kind of gross, and yet. :) Hehe. No but really; it’s nice when I can really (finally) believe myself in these situations. Contrast is a powerful tool.

saruki asked:

Hi I was just curious you know the fic you wrote on Ao3 called even in the dark I know you like happy endings but I wonder what will happen if Anna didn't realise saruhiko was there he stayed till morning owo and misaki finds him there how would he feel

Well, I like to think that even if Yata didn’t find Fushimi then Fushimi wouldn’t freeze to death. I used this a bit in Hear You Me but I’m fond of the idea that at some point Fushimi’s red powers would unconsciously assert themselves to save his life – either some kind of automatic survival mechanism or Mikoto’s legacy making itself known, take your pick, but I imagine if Yata didn’t go find Fushimi then he would end up back in front of his apartment the next day to find Fushimi still collapsed in the snow glowing slightly red and highly disoriented. Yata would probably be really confused and worried, especially if in this version Anna did tell Yata to go home but he refused and suddenly he realizes the reason why and feels all guilty because Saruhiko could have died. He’d also probably be pretty upset at the idea that he could have just lost another important person, considering the epilogue of LSW where Yata looks up at Fushimi on the bridge and thinks gratefully that he’s alive, the possibility of that no longer being true would definitely weigh on him. Yata would probably drag Fushimi inside and start warming him up a bit more until Fushimi finally woke up a bit and realized where he was. And then the whole fight starts again, but this time maybe Yata’s a little more emotional the whole time because Saruhiko could have died and Yata still wouldn’t have understood anything or been able to make up with him.