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that deathless death (1/?)

When death and illness run rampant in Emma Swan’s world, she finds herself looking for help in the most unlikely of places. Killian Jones, the sullen god of the Underworld, is willing to take a good deal when he sees one. Hades/Persephone inspired AU. 

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Notes: This was originally a oneshot. The longer I wrote it, the longer I saw that it would be pretty impossible to make it one. I’m predicting 5-6 chapters for this, maybe? Could be more, could be less. I was going to post this Monday, but then I got impatient. Massive thank-yous to @swanisms and @romanoffs​ for reading this over for me and to @caprelloidea​ for cheering this idea on. 

It’s death, death, and more death.

A tad monotonous, if you asked Killian, but no one hardly asked him much at all. Sure, there were the pleas to save and the pleas to spare (as if he had any bloody control over either - he’s no more than a jailer), but as far as the asking…no one asked him much at all. There was the general understanding of what death and the Underworld and being the god of the Underworld meant. No need to ask very many questions at all.

(He’d asked his share of questions - beginning with ‘why’ and ending with 'me’.)

He’d gotten saddled with the job, see.

The last thing Killian has ever wished to be was god of the Underworld. The sea, he’d thought, would be a domain that would befit him far better - his father was a minor god of it under Poseidon, leaving Killian’s mortal mother pregnant and never bothering revisiting her and as much hatred as he’s always held for the man, the sea has always ran in his blood. Alas, it wasn’t what was meant to be. What the then-newly crowned god of the skies and the heavens and all things light and bloody perfect wished, he got.

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I wonder when the di angelos learned proper english tho. did maria teach them? I doubt it, they were too young and would’ve needed a lot of practice, and I doubt they learned in the lotus casino as well since as far as I remember they said they felt like they were there for like a month and nobody learns an entire fucking language in a month. the only explanation is that the furies taught them in the underworld but… anyway, WHEN DID THEY LEARN ENGLISH, WHO TAUGHT THEM, I WANNA KNOW

It continues

This was originally going to be a two page update, but I thought I’d post this page alone so that the fallen children can have one last moment of happiness, since the next page is when… Well, you’ll see ;)

[Chara Lives]

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3/13 for bucky

He’s been unconscious for three days and it hurts to see him like that. He heals faster than average people, but he’s not invincible.

So he’s healing, asleep, and he looks peaceful, but he looks like he’s in pain, all at the same time.

You stay by his side, only ever leaving for the toilet and a shower and cups of coffee. You talk to him, too, because they say it’ll help, but you think it’s causing more damage to you than it benefits him because this is everything that you didn’t say whilst he was conscious and you don’t know if he’ll wake up even though they all say that he will.

“I’m so fucking in love with you and it scares me so much because I know that you love me too and this’ll end with both of us getting hurt and maybe I shouldn’t love you—” is the last thing you remember saying before you’d left the room in a panic of realisation about what you’d finally admitted to yourself.

You come back to blue eyes looking back at you from a hospital bed and you halt in your tracks.

He licks at his lips, “You’re still here,” he sounds surprised.

You can’t help the frown that comes across your face as you make your way back to his bedside.

“Did you really think I’d leave?” you ask, voice soft as you peer at him, your fingers brushing through his hair. It’s greasy and fairly disgusting, but you think you can’t bare to not touch him in some way.

Bucky shrugs, as best as he can with his broken… everything. “Didn’t see why you’d stay.”

He looks like he wants to add something else, and it makes a part of you thinks that he heard what you said before you left the room.

“How about the fact that I love you?” you retort anyway, raising a brow.

He looks back at you, eyes wide and so blue and he looks like he thinks he’s heard you wrong. It’s the first time you’ve said it to him, and he knows that, too.

He’s said it to you before and all you’d done was kiss him because you were scared and you didn’t want to say it even though you knew damn well that you were falling in love with this beautiful broken man.

“I do. Love you.” You say again, never looking away.

Bucky licks at his lips, parting them to say something, but then seemingly deciding against it. He clears his throat, darting his eyes away, his metal fingers messing with threads of the hospital blanket.

“Why now?” His voice is gruff, but weak.

Your fingers pause, then you shrug a shoulder. “I think I always have. I just— I never said it because… I was scared. But then this happened and—” you trail your fingers from his hair to his metal arm.

His eyes follow your movement, then he’s looking back at you, but it’s your turn to look away.

“I thought I lost you, Buck,” you breathe out. “You could’ve died, and you would’ve died thinking that— that I—” you can’t finish your sentence.

His palm turns and then his fingers are slipping in between yours. They’re cold, but you feel a warmth in your chest that you think you never want to get rid of.

“You’re not going to lose me,” he says it like a promise, and you look back at him to see him looking back so intently at you.

You don’t believe him. Because you know something’ll happen and you’ll lose him, especially in this line of work.

You must look a little disbelieving, because he presses on: “You’re not. I swear. I’m not going anywhere.”

You get off the chair you’re sat on, pressing your lips onto his forehead. “I love you,” you whisper against his skin.

“I love you so, so, so much more.” Bucky whispers back, and you think: maybe we’re all still meant to lose the ones we love—

But you’ll fight for him till then.

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hi monsoon!! do you know any other poc/woc fanfic writers (particularly for the snk fandom)? right now i only know of you and i love love!! your writing. as a chinese girl myself i'd like to draw inspiration from you because honestly i dont see much poc fanfic authors around.

Hello Anon! I’m honestly so honoured because that right there is exactly the reason I started SB in the first place. Anyway I literally just woke up and my mind is a mess, but to name off the top of my head everyone can think of…?

Some of these people are on hiatus/haven’t written recently for snk, but I vouch for their writing which is a++. I’m sure you’ve heard of most of them, though, they’re more well-known than I, but yeah!! If not go out and enjoy!

P.S. I’m so spacey rn it’s 100% possible I forgot a chunk of people in which case add yourself please!! This is a grouplove masterpost for poc ficwriters!! More the merrier!


@oddbucky tagged me to post a selfie (or two HA) so here we are! (we are? i am? you know what i mean)

can i just say those wings took me 45 minutes but they were worth it ok we got there in the end

i tag @squishybucky @sergeantasset @archaeologicals @t-starkjr if you guys want to xx

ALSO I’ve been tagged to do several things recently and I’ve seen them all (thank you for thinking of me oMG) and I WILL eventually get around to doing them wooooo

Oh my god so I was doing that “mystery meat” quest and when Theodore was offering to share his profits with you in return for sparing his life, Hancock just kept shooting him while I was STILL talking to him so I was like “dude pls” and I was about to say no but then he shot him dead before I could refuse and then it says “Hancock liked that” and I lost my shit.

All you guys on here likes TØP and Bastille (literally everyone) but hasn’t reblogged this. This is definitely saying that one of our favs might be in the clique? And nobody gives a shit (or it’s too early) but still. Nobody gives two shits!

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💎 Hey, could I please have fluffy Seungcheol at the bakery? Thank youu!

Fruit Tart | Location Game Prompt

Summary: Is the dessert too sweet, or is it just you?
Word Count: 2,739
Genre: fluff, ya girl is back
Prompt: Choi “S.Coups” Seungcheol + Bakery
TW: food, and that’s it!

A/N: did I just make something that might compare to High Score? maybe. but i really do like this omg… thank u for whoever requested this…. im die….. this prompt was too good. hope u guys enjoy this as much as i do :’)

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I remember a while ago you talked in your tags about what if all of them had really stupid or useless powers can you write something with that pls?? <3

lmao I have no memory of ever talking about that but it totally sounds like something I’d want to do??? So here take this short whatever-this-is ontae orz

Jinki curses to himself when he feels a sneeze tingling at the back of his nose. He literally just sat down in his class and now he’s going to zap himself halfway across campus and have to walk all the way back. Ugh.

Eyes shutting tight when he sneezes, Jinki sighs in relief because at least this time he lands sitting on something soft and nice and most importantly, not in the campus’ pool in the middle of a water polo game.

When he opens his eyes, Jinki stares because – oh – he’s sitting sideways on a cute boy’s lap, his hands on his shoulders. The guy looks at him with wide shocked eyes, fat lips parted and hands hanging in the air quite awkwardly.

“Hi there.” Jinki grins and the guy blinks fast a few times, cheeks tinting pink and – holy shit – Jinki might want to stay on his lap a bit longer.

“What..?” The boy mumbles, turning adorably confused and Jinki doesn’t blame him because one second he was probably minding his own business – in what he recognize as one of the dorm rooms – and the next moment there’s a stranger sitting on him.

“I’m Jinki, nice to meet you, my stupid power is to teleport randomly when I sneeze.” He grins again and to his surprise, the guy burst into laughter.

“Thank God!” He sighs loudly, letting his hands drop, one of them landing on Jinki’s leg – he doesn’t mind, being too busy enjoying the guy’s pretty face. “You see, I was just trying to get my book from my desk in my hands without actually getting up and suddenly I have a cute babe on my lap. There was a second I thought my power went crazy.” He explains with a short laugh. “I’m Taemin by the way.” He adds, cheeky grin on his face and Jinki smiles back.

“Well now that the formalities are over, will you at least take me on a date before you start groping me?” He says, raising a brow and pointedly looking down at Taemin’s hand pretty much kneading his thigh.

The blond blushes the prettiest pink but doesn’t actually moves his hand from his leg as he looks back up at Jinki’s face.

“How does Friday night sound?”