but anywaaaaayyyy

Yo, it’s be sooo damn long since I’ve used thing goddamn account or been in a legit rp that required writing a para sample. But like I got so fucking excited when I found this rp that I knocked out my app like I did eight years worth of essays, the night before it was due in (pretty much) – anywaaaaayyyy….

  • NAME/ALIAS: Lottie
  • FAVORITE APOCALYPTIC MOVIE/GAME/SHOW: Dude, like I love anything sci-fi. The Walking Dead is my weakness, and I’m a sucker for Star Trek. I love reading apocalyptic novels, The Knife of Never Letting Go is a rec for anyone interested in futuristic/ new world shit.
  • ROLE INTEREST(S): Kael (Kah-el) Rkyer is the name, hacking is the game. He worked for Valeris for years doing their computing dirty work. Stood by for too long letting it all happen without saying anything out of fear, but eventually started to like Robin Hood that shit - sending out messages to Torchlight to try and help before eventually having to go on the run. Poor guy had a place on that last fucking shuttle but gave it up to try to do something good.
  • EVENTS/TASKS YOU WANT TO SEE: Literally anything that’ll add drama. Near death experiences, give them hope and then snatch it away. What fun is character development if you can build them up to beat them down a little? That’s what literally builds character, right?
  • FOUND THE RP: Browsing through the Phoebe Tag probably.