but annoying somebody for the rest of your life is really tempting

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Let's be honest. Being with Penny wouldn't be a healthy relationship . With that, can u plz do Headcannon of him being overly protective. I mean the dude has spent so many years alone and finally found someone. He obvi would be CRAZY to keep her to himself now he has found someone. (((I don't mean abuse to reader. Just violent towards others and not knowing how to deal with jealousy and his own lack of self confidence bc it's all so new to him))) she loves him tho

You know what anon? I freaking love you for this, because this is how I pretty much portray Pennywise(at least in the beginning of the relationship), so thank you so much for requesting this! (Of course, I also love the rest of you guys)

  • When you are claimed as his official mate start dating, Pennywise would want to keep you in the sewers so that nobody is able to communicate with you but you convince by saying “you’ll die” if you don’t get out
  • He’d be iffy about everything that happens; he doesn’t exactly “trust you” just yet because who knows if some other guy will sweep you off your feet and get killed…or there might be somebody plotting to kidnap you???
  • He’ll be with you most of the time, whether it be in a different form or just being invisible and tormenting others afterwards
  • Pennywise is territorial and will scare others away , which is just the beginning before he gives them a slow painful death for even looking at you
  • Whether you like it or not, he’s going to straight up mark you in many ways because he has to show that you’re taken(sometimes even have you scream out his name is enough)
  • Sex is something that will happen a lot because he’s just so angry, jealous and possessive he doesn’t even know what to do with himself
  • There’s going to be a situation in which you angrily tell him off because he’s practically controlling your life at this point and he’s so tempted to just snap your neck, but he instead leaves and isolates himself in his sewers
  • You grow worried because you haven’t seen signs of him at least watching you(like a red balloon, a white animal who follows you around and scares others, a spider everywhere you look,etc.)
  • You’re pretty sure he’s plotting something, but the reality is that he doesn’t want to have you run off because he’s hurting you. He’s thinking that you maybe are being forced to be with him because he has that strange, annoying yet relaxing feeling inside him that tells him to never let you go
  • There comes a day when he’s crawling through the sewers ready to let you go, but he sniffs the air and smells your fear which causes him to immediately run out and scare off, not kill, a group of idiots who were chasing you around Derry. They’re in for some night terrors later.
  • When he’s back into his less monstrous form, he approaches you and grabs you to embrace you, a bit too tightly and you’re gasping for air before he giggles and then holds your face to give you what he’s seen is a “kiss”(boi ends up slobbering all over your face, but you at least appreciate his effort)
  • You have a talk with him and explain that there are certain boundaries that he can’t cross, or else you won’t be happy and your relationship will just be in peril because he can’t control himself(he’s secretly just an insecure boi)
  • Pennywise really tries his best to tone it down because he realizes that upsetting you more may actually have you run off(though who’s to say you’ll escape him?)

TITLE: Lost in the cold

CHAPTER 1/12: Wandering

AUTHOR: Mastre

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine falling through a portal into Jötunheim and running into a stranger named Loki, who decides to provide shelter out of the need for company, that eventually turns into love.

RATING: Mature

NOTES/WARNINGS: This is a fic I wrote last year, but being quite fond of this site I want to publish it here too. NSFW in one of the later chapters.

 After a plane crash in the wilderness you find yourself lost in a foreign world and the only shelter is with a mysterious man consumed by bitterness, in a palace with no mirrors.

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title: between the moments

fandom: Minecraft Diaries, Minecraft Mystreet

pairing(s): travlyn, ment. of aarmau & the dorks listing off who they find hot within the series

rating: T

a/n: bit of fluff, bit of sass!These two are fun to write, really, really fun to write. They’re like comfort food, in a way, heh; I shouldn’t indulge in it so much because it gets my hopes up but at the same time, it’s so fun and comforting and i wanna thank Jess for creating such wonderful darlings.

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Derek owns a bakery and Stiles comes in wanting something for a broken heart (very over-dramatic about it) but he gets so distracted by the cake (muscles) that he totally forgets alllll about it.

Stiles doesn’t want to be dramatic, but he’s destined to die alone.

First there was Lydia. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, seeing as he never actually dated Lydia

That doesn’t mean he didn’t love her though, because he did, and that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt when he finally accepted the fact that they were never going to be together, because it ached in the worst possible way. (He ate his way through an entire tray of cupcakes the day she told him she really did love Jackson Whittemore, he’s still not entirely over it.)

Then of course there’s Heather, and okay maybe he wasn’t infatuated with her like he was with Lydia. The thing is, he’d known Heather since they were kids and they’d always been friends, so once they finally started dating when he was eighteen, he’d figured this was it. They were going to be together forever. He’s always been a long term planner. He’s always committed himself one-hundred percent to the people he cares about. One-hundred percent.

So two months in when Heather told him she thought things were moving too fast and she that wanted to take a break, he was understandably a teensy bit crushed. (He may of eaten an entire chocolate bundt cake to himself in one afternoon.)

And now finally there was Danny.

Fuck. He scrubs a hand over his face in frustration.

Danny was the first guy he’d ever dated. The first proper relationship he’d ever had. They’d been together pretty much all the way through college. Their relationship built on the strongest of foundations, a shared love of video games, sarcasm and Ryan Gosling. Hell, they’d been talking about moving in together. Stiles had been happy. He thought Danny had been too.

Apparently not.

Apparently Stiles isn’t the one.

Is there even a one? Stiles is beginning to doubt that. It’s probably just a lie promoted by Hollywood and greetings card companies.

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13 with soukoku please?? i love your fics! ❤❤❤

Hello there! OMG!! Please forgive me it took so long but I was rather busy with cosplay stuff and here it finally is! Thank you so much ; v ; I’m so happy that you like my work! I hope you enjoy this!
The number 13 is taken from here

note: supposed to be fluff… there is angst again.. what am I doing -headdesk-
words: 1.146

Chuuya really had no idea how it had come to this again. Seriously. It would have been better if he would’ve just turned his back at him and left the dungeons right the instant he came back.

But noooo… he really wanted to mess around with Dazai.

And in the end Dazai was the one who was annoying him.

Well usually he would have wanted to just have his peace from him after that, but the brunette seemed to have something different in mind. No, it wasn’t enough that he actually got every information out of him he wanted to know. No… he also demanded to stay at his place for this evening. Only with the line ‘he could say he escaped tomorrow from the Port Mafia’.

The ginger male rubbed his temples when he got back from his the shower and detected that stupid piece of garbage on his futon, reading a book and waggling with his legs up and down while lying on his front.

Really… he shouldn’t have let him in here again, but that fucking waste of bandage always gets what he wants. And he curses him for it. Chuuya narrowed his eyes when he moved closer until he was nearly standing next to the younger one, who turned his gaze to him and looked up with a playful smile.

“Oh! You’re finally done? I thought Chuuya might passed out in the shower after drinking that much.“ he chirped teasingly, closing his book and propping his cheek on one hand.

“Hah!? What are you talking about!? I didn’t even drink the whole bottle, you moron!” Chuuya pointed at the wine bottle, standing on the small table. He really restrained himself today from drinking too much, although he was pretty much tempted to do so. When Dazai was around him, sooner or later he would run out of patience. Chuuya just couldn’t stand him. “And now get off from my bed!” The older one barked at him and almost kicked him from his comfortable place so Dazai just rolled to the side, whining quietly.

“You’re so brutal, Chuuya!”

Said man just snorted before pointing to the other futon which was – halfway – prepared for the brown-haired male at the other side of the room. With a snarl he ordered him to stay there and let him have his peace. Just for tonight at least… if he could Chuuya just would like to try to ignore the fact that the other one was around him.

Maybe also because he felt… kind of sentimental, but he simply pinned it on the fact that he was still sleepy from coming back from his mission and maybe from the alcohol for a certain point. Tomorrow Dazai would be gone and nothing would change… everything would go on like it had been for the last four years after that bastard left the Mafia.

When the night came Chuuya had some kind of trouble with falling asleep. To be honest his mind was still wandering and never coming to a rest. So it wasn’t surprising, that he couldn’t sleep at all. And somehow he already knew that his former partner wasn’t any different than himself. It took him long enough and when he finally felt like he was about to slip into his dreams, he could hear something moving in the darkness. Of course his senses were trained to such a sensibility. It was needed when you’re working in the Mafia, always on the edge of might being killed by an assassin.

But before he could even raise his head and look for the cause, something or more somebody slipped under his sheets and two arms wrapped themselves around his waist. The fatigue faded away instantly.

“Oi! Go away you fucking bastard! I told you to stay in your own bed!” Chuuya tried to free himself out of his grasp but it was futile. “What do you even want!?” He could hear an almost audible sigh and felt Dazai nuzzling his ginger hair.

“It’s cold and body warmth is the best - and propably the only thing - you can do. You gave me coldest place in your bedroom!” The dark-haired complained again and pouted. For a second the smaller one just snorted and tried to get comfortable somehow again, ignoring those lean arms around his waist which pulled him closer to the taller body.

“Deserves you right, idiot. You should be happy that you even have the right to stay here.”

“Chuuya is so cruel!”

To be honest it was only due to Dazai’s blackmailing skills that he didn’t throw him out of the next window. But although he didn’t want to admit it, it felt somewhat good to feel him this close again. He really had missed this. “My my.. still salty hrm?” The saphire blue orbs opened once again.

“What did you expect huh?” Chuuya breathed out, trivial turning his head to the former mafia executive. “You left m-… the Mafia all of a sudden and disappeared into nowhere.” He almost tripped over his own words, but corrected himself shortly. He really didn’t want to show him that he was still hurt that Dazai had decided to leave everything behind. Without even considering to look back. “Of course you cannot just walk into my life again and think you can mess around with me like you did back then.” Turning his head back he looked at the wall, feeling how his heart started to clench.

Why should he start to trust him now again? Unnoticed by himself one of his hands moved to those arms around his figure, slowly stroking over the bandaged skin; placing the other arm under his head resting on the pillow.

As if Dazai had read his mind he moved closer, leaning his head against the others.

“Listen… I know you had to deal with a lot of things in the last years. But I’m not going to leave you again. You’re never going to have to suffer by yourself again, I promise.” The blue eyes widened a bit before he finally decided to look at the younger male again, who carried a tired but still honest smile on his features.

Sure his mind told him not to believe in anything what that bandage-wasting-device was telling him. His promises were nothing but hot air. But still… somewhere in his heart there was still that little, quiet whispering of hope… the hope that Dazai might keep his promise this time. The hope which was fed again as soon as the soft lips touched his own in a sweet and gentle kiss.

Damn that stupid bastard… for making him believe in his lies all the time.

But for the moment he didn’t care… even if it was just for this night. It just felt too good to fall asleep in those arms again.