but an obviously gendered robot

ok looking at the current overwatch lineup specifically the problem is that women still aren’t allowed to be weird or ugly like men are. female character designs are limited by what the artists think women need to be like. a character concept which doesn’t meet a certain required level of femininity will become male by default.

characters like reaper and roadhog and junkrat and torbjörn and reinhardt are old/gross/quirky/weird/strange and you end up with male characters who have a diverse range of silhouettes, concepts etc. but like all of the women in overwatch are pretty much conventionally attractive, all have the same silhouette (except maybe zarya and mei but even then you don’t get the same diversity in body shapes as the male characters), they’re all either young or Old But Looks Young.

& on the topic of omnics where are the female-coded omnics??? like obviously robots do not have genders but there’s absolutely a difference between legitimate nb representation and obviously male-coded robots. (and like defaultly male robots is super common in scifi narratives) even bastion which is canonically referred to as “it” only is called “he” by most players probably bc it don’t have eyelashes or tits or whatever

some #concepts for blizzard to consider: omnic character who is visually identical to all the others we’ve seen so far except she’s a lesbian robot; grizzled old lady warrior; an undead girl and she’s so gross, like she’s rotting and dripping fluids everywhere and smells terrible; a woman who sniggers & snorts and farts and is generally disgusting; woman who is always inside a suit of armor at all times and visually has no feminine traits whatsoever