but am i the only one that liked him

honestly at this point, if klance isn’t end game i’m gonna be really fucking confused??! kinda pissed? and disappointed?!! bc wow, what a waste of a potentially beautiful love story between two boys that is clearly already being hinted at. like, holy fuck if this is queer baiting, i’m out. keith and lance, overcoming their differences and learning to make up for what the other lacks in battle, having each others backs. realizing that yeah… not only do they make a good team, they make an unstoppable one. lance moving past his rivalry with keith, realizing he actually admires him and is maybe a little jealous, too. honestly, i am totally convinced that this rivalry between them was born out of lance’s envy and jealousy. especially since he’s always in keith’s shadow. keith being there for lance when his insecurities get the best of him. keith comforting lance, letting him know that he is vital to the team, he holds it together… he holds keith together. it would be so important for lance to hear that, especially from the boy he’s been trying to measure up to. i feel like lance will definitely become part of keith’s impulse control while shiro is gone and continue to be, even when shiro returns. it would seriously just be, such a great love story. rivals to friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes and keith and lance are fucking perfect for it. let the boys love each other! god fukcing damhfdsygf!!!

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Ian request! "It doesn't matter how I am, as long as you're okay." With female reader please

Another sad one omg I need to find happy ones later for everyone to request. Anywhoooo thank you for the request! I hope you like it!


Originally posted by gallavichlovies

“How’s it going?” You sit across from your best friend, wanting nothing more than to talk to him. You hadn’t been having the greatest week, and today was the worst out of all of them. You only needed your best friend, and that was it. You glanced at Ian, seeing the deep frown on his face. “You okay?”

He shrugged, “Every since they told me Mickey was out, he.. you know, he’s just getting to me.” You reach across the table, taking his hand. “I can’t get him out of my head.”

“Well, Mickey should be the least of your worries. Let him roam free, he doesn’t deserve you. Remember about Trevor, okay?” He looks up at you, just now looking at you for the first time since you’d gotten there. 

“Shit, (Y/N), are you okay?” He squeezes your hand holding onto his, “You look-”

“Like shit, I know.” You rub your temples, “It’s been a bad week. But that doesn’t matter. I want to hear about you.”

It doesn’t matter how I am, as long as you’re okay,” he says as he gets up, finding himself beside you. He wraps one arm around the back of your chair, the other hand still holding yours. “My shit can wait. I’m worried about you.”

You smile a little, looking up at Ian, “Thanks. At least I have you, right?” He seemed like the only one that ever cared anymore. “It’s just work, and my asshole boyfriend and my anxiety is hating me. I don’t know what to do because everything today has been coming down, and the last thing I want to do is worry about everyone else. I only need to worry about you, so please, tell me what’s happening.”

He smiles a little, squeezing you into his side, “This is what’s happening. Me and you are going to go out tonight and not give a shit about anyone but ourselves. Okay?”

You let out a laugh, “Okay.” Out of everything today, the only thing you really needed was your best friend. He always knew what to do.


Rivet:  Wynter’s gonna be PISSED.

me: You’re not gonna tell him are you?  Why would you tell him?

Why the fuck shouldn’t I?

um… ……what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him?  

 well… first off,  he should know.  I mean how many alternate realities have they ended up in together?  It’s pretty obvious Xavier’s his soul mate… or at least as much as anyone can fucking believe in soul mates.  I am pretty damn sure I don’t have one.             Second,  I don’t fucking want to be responsible for him by myself.  you KNOW what a stubborn brat he can be.  you KNOW how likely he is to fall for some sicko!  He’s like… wired for that shit or something.  That’s not fucking happening on my fucking watch and Wynter is just about the only other fucking person on the entire fucking planet I trust.  Then I get pissed and Xave fucking takes the fuck off and I have to drop fucking everything and go fucking find him.       AND what about when I have to take off?  You really want me bringing the HALFLING into the fucking Nowhere?  I can’t fucking do my job AND protect him there OR here at the same fucking  time, now fucking can I.  The last time I went into The Nowhere I had to deal with the fucking vampires.  One scent of him and there’s no way I could extract him from THAT shit!  Fucking faerie catnip!

Fine. Point made.  But you KNOW Wynter.  You say the word “soulmate”  and he’s gonna wait for him.  He’d wait a decade if he thought it was the right thing to do. Hell, he’d wait a century.  And both of them are going to end up miserable in this universe too.  Xavier doesn’t know about himself, and when he finds out….. and can’t control it in the beginning…. 

Fuck. Then Wyn’s gonna freak out,  and Xavier’s gonna disappear.  Again..  Yeah, every damn time in universe after universe and everything goes to shit.  Hell fucking shit.

Okay.  Tell Wynter about the fae stuff.  Don’t tell Wynter about the soulmate thing.

You should find him a person. 

*sighing*  not sure he can handle that.  He seems to be demi. Xave might be his only person.

*moaning and groaning from the couch, Rivet looking over there*   Fuck. he’s awake.

well, go take care of him then.  Feed him.  He’ll need clean clothes.  And a real bed.

Fuck off.   God damn. I know what I’m doing okay?

Fine. Fucking off.

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@Squad what's your favorite anime? Being the weeb trash I am, I surprisingly only have 1 favorite which is the fate series

Nova; I like card captor sakura

Connor: *puts on shades* cowboy bebop. 3, 2, 1 let’s jam.

nova; can you even see in those four eyes? *waves her hand in front of him

Connor: *scratches the back of his head* umm no, they’re not prescription….

Jack:….wha? oh umm Fooly Cooly. 

Roman: I like speed racer. the old one not new.

Missy: I like way too many. Space dandy, Dot Hack, Lupin the 3rd, Detective conan, DBZ, just too many.


Sol: DBZ! *wearing a karate gi and headband* DBZ! SON GOKU! 

Nova; sol liking DBZ? Isn’t that…

E: On the nose? oh yeah. haha


Okay it’s a little over one am and I wanted something fluffy and warm. So this little piece of cheese was born. It’s probably the same universe as Misery Loves Company, because I love the idea of Astronomy Teacher Matt.

Fandom: VLD.

Pairing: Matt x Keith

Rating: G. Honestly it’s pure fluff. I think there’s like 1 swear word, and that’s it.

A sudden knock startled him and he turned towards the door, only to find a very disheveled and sleepy-looking Keith frowning at him.

“Keith?” Matt asked, confused.

“I’m tired,“ Keith mumbled grouchily. "Could you please turn off the lights and come to bed?”

Matt blinked and looked at the clock, squinting at it. He was surprised to notice that it was way past one am. “Sorry, babe, I didn’t notice.”

Keith scowled from his place on the door and Matt smiled crookedly at him.

“I’ll finish with this and go, I promise.”

Keith huffed and, instead of turning back to their room and to their warm bed as Matt was half-expecting, shuffled towards Matt and peered over his shoulder.


Matt hummed, amused at the obvious distaste in Keith’s tone. “Yep. I have…” He counted the sheets of paper that were left to mark and groaned in despair. “Thirteen more to go.”

“No,” Keith said firmly, and forcibly took the red pen from Matt’s grip. “You’ve been up since six am, and tomorrow you don’t have classes until ten. You are coming to bed, now. Correct these tomorrow morning.”

Matt sighed and attempted to get back his pen, but Keith skillfully danced away from him, holding the pen high over his head. Matt slumped back in his chair and chuckled softly.

“Okay, okay. You win, pen kidnapper.”

“I’ll gladly accept the title as long as you come to bed. Now.”

Matt rolled his eyes but smiled, and immediately started putting his things away.

“Let them be,” Keith growled, impatient. “They are not going anywhere, for fuck’s sake. Matt, come to bed. Bed.”

Laughing good-naturedly, Matt got to his feet and walked towards Keith to engulf him in a hug. Keith tensed minutely, but then returned his embrace. Matt hummed contently and buried his nose in Keith’s neck. His long hair tickled his nose and he sighed, feeling suddenly exhausted. How hadn’t he noticed he was this tired?

It seemed like he had said that out loud, because Keith answered in a dry but very fond tone, “It’s because you are a workaholic.”

Matt made a soft noise of protest, but it went completely ignored.

“C'mon. Move your pretty butt. I’m tired, too,” Keith insisted, and Matt whined dramatically when he was softly pushed away.

Keith giggled. “Bed. Now, you big baby.”

“I demand cuddles,” Matt said petulantly as he was rudely manhandled towards their bedroom.

“Yeah, yeah. Brush your teeth and change first.”

“Tyrant,” he mumbled, and hurriedly went to the bathroom before Keith could retaliate.

When he looked at his reflection in the mirror, he flinched. Ugh, he looked like death warmed over. There were deep bruises under his eyes, which were bloodshot. It was no wonder Keith had been so insistent that he leave the rest of the grading for tomorrow.

When he went back to their room, he couldn’t fight the smile as his eyes fell on the curled up form of his husband under the covers.

His husband.

It was something that he still couldn’t quite comprehend.

It seemed like a dream, like a fragile illusion of a fantasy that would disappear the moment Matt blinked. But it wasn’t, because he had already lost count of how many times he has woken up to the reality of a warm body next to him, left ring finger adorned with a simple golden band that meant so much more.

It always made him feel giddy. He would never tire of it, he was sure.

“Do you want your cuddles, or are you gonna keep looking at me from over there like an idiot?”

Matt laughed, feeling like his chest was about to burst, and joined his husband in their bed, ready to cuddle and sleep. 

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Aitan@Riolu "Waaaa! Look at you! Ive never seen a mon like you!" THe kid ran a bit around him "Oh! You seem to have a egg! What kind of egg is that?"

i’ve only met one other crystal like pokemon! that’s Yiska (@dailymewbink)! as for me i’m currently a lucario but i’m really a riolu! 

as for the egg i am carrying it’s a shinx egg! i got it during easter! i’m still worried it might not be real so i plan to go visit these two pokemon i’ve heard of that know at lot about eggs! thank you for asking though! @dailycrystaleevee (sub tagging @dailypokedaycare since they are mentioned! ^^ i feel really awkward)


Imma make one thing perfectly clear when u draw group shots of the Konoha Eleven only Chouji’s not there I am judging the fuck out of you. 

When you do headshots of the integral cast of Naruto and Chouji is not included, I am judging the fuck out of you. 

When you include Sai, and you include Tenten, but there is no Chouji, I call bullshit. 

I don’t care if you don’t like drawing fat people. He’s there, he’s important, INCLUDE HIM. You can’t improve your ability to draw people who are fat if you never do it. 


Knowing that Haechan is suffering quietly. The whole fandom knows he’s a savage and a little devil. But he’s the MOST sensitive among all of them. Yes he says he’s proud about his skin color, but it doesn’t mean that he won’t get hurt when people are saying shit about him. Okay, he’s not the type of handsome you’ll appeciate at 1st look like Taeyong, but the more you look at him the more handsome he gets. And now the rumour died down BUT THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE MY BABY ISN’T SMILING ANYMORE. Then I’d remember the radio show where Jaehyun and Johnny chose Mark over Haechan. Like I mean I get that they’re the foreign swaggers so they have a different bond and I also know that despite that they love Haechan too. BUT DO YOU EVER THINK THAT DONGHYUCK WOULD LAUGH ABOUT IT BUT DEEP INSIDE HE’S LIKE “I know I’ll never be as precious as Mark hyung” BECAUSE I THINK ABOUT THAT EVERY 1AM. BUT DOYOUNG MESSAGED AND SAID HE LOVES DONGHYUCK JUST MUCH AS HE LOVES MARK. You know why? Because Doyoungie knows Haechan would get sad about it. BECAUSE JUST LIKE HC, DY IS A MOOD MAKER AND IS SENSITIVE TOO. HE KNOWS WHAT HC FEELS. Everyone knows that Mark is treasured by everyone even the dreamies but then they’d only think of Donghyuck as savage and quirky but never as precious as Mark. And after the controversy Haechan might be thinking that “I didn’t do anything bad but I got this much hate and I hate myself more because I let this happen and it reflects badly towards NCT. Why can’t I be Mark hyung? He went to School Rapper and made everyone love him and NCT’s popularity increased bc of him but me? I’m nothing” but then he’d catch himself getting jealous but he won’t be jealous because HE LOVES MARK SO MUCH. HOW CAN HE BE JEALOUS WHEN AT THE SAME TIME HE LOVES MARK LEE. SO. FUCKING. MUCH? And that Mark loves him so much too? Don’t you think Mark feels bad for Haechan sometimes bc he always get the spotlight when he knows Donghyuck deserves it too? Donghyuck worked so so so hard. AND YET HIS FANCAMS ARE THE LEAST VIEWED EVEN AFTER MY FIRST AND LAST ERA. He makes sure his good points are seen on TV to prove that he’s not only a little devil but a good dongsaeng and hyung too. He works so hard in singing, dancing & variety. Most especially variety bc it’s the only thing he might be number one out of all the members. It took him 2 debuts and 2 comebacks to earn people’s attention and love AND ONE FUCKING RUMOR ENDED EVERYTHING JUST LIKE THAT.

You know what? Don’t mind me. I’m just on my period.

honestly I am so confused by interpretations of Enjolras as some Charismatic Revolutionary Controller of Minds when the very first interaction  we see him have is Courfeyrac yanking his chain about Rousseau 

like, he’s a likeable guy, clearly! His friends love him! He gives one heck of a speech! But there is a notable lack of people holding him in Awe or even Doing What He Says in 90 percent of his not-immediate-combat interactions. 

I am like a pile of bones lying on the floor, and no one knows this except me. I am like a broken skeleton with a beating heart.”
He said slowly with a heaviness floating through his words, and at that moment I knew that I desperately wanted to save him. But I also knew that we can’t save people, we can only one love them. But, was I ready to love him? Was I ready to throw my heart towards him once again, knowing that he won’t ever catch it.
Even after all these years, I still loved him. And, I wanted, i truly wanted to pick up his bones and fix them together. I wanted to stitch him a flesh so strong that he would never feel this again.
Wrapped in awe, I looked at him, his face surrounded by terror, his eyes speaking of the wars he lost, his lips trembling, his body tightened by fear. I realized, he was afraid too, he was afraid that he shouldn’t have told me. I suddenly felt wounded. I was wounded in his battle.
I loved someone who could never love me back.
I wanted to tell him, but I simply couldn’t. Because loving him was a luxury I always dreamed of. And, I was happy with that. So, I replied, “I know how you feel.” and walked silently with him in the shadow of the moonlight to a place I didn’t want to go. For I loved him, and sadly I still do.
—  the-story-teller-6  {Rakhi Nasir}
What I Read This Week


With all the Easter events I totally forgot to do “what I read this week” yesterday! Sorry!

Don’t You Know That’s the Way Love Comes? by ken_ichijouji (dommific), Gen, 10k (WIP)
Deputy Director of the Parks Department Victor Nikiforov gets the surprise of his life when the city government gets a visit from a pair of auditors. SO GOOD

Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts by Reiya, Explicit, 44k (WIP)
Part 2 of the Rivals series and companion fic to ‘Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches’. One small change alters the course of both Viktor and Yuuri’s entire lives, throwing them into a bitter rivalry that spans across many years and creates a world where they both tell a very different side to the story. I’M DYIN THIS IS SO SO AMAZING MY POOR SON VIKTOR I LOVE HIM

Masquerade by Ashida, Explicit, 74k (WIP)
“Just say the word.” came the whisper as Victor stepped close, behind them Yuuri was aware of guns out and at the ready, of confused men and questioned loyalties, here Victor was offering, and Yuuri was too selfish to say no.
“Ok.” Yuuri smiled as this game of masquerade came to an end, what would happen now, he didn’t know, he would probably die, his family would come after him and try to put a knife in his back or a bullet between his eyes, none of it mattered, because together they would fight, and the rest of the world would finally burn. The update killed me…. oh man I love love love love love love love this fic!

Twenty-Five Hours by 0lizzybennet0, Mature, 22k (WIP)
In which Yuuri spends a 25 hour flight next to Victor Nikiforov, skating legend, and feels it might simultaneously be the best and worst thing that has ever happened to him. ADHIUVBSDHIAFBDALHJBCDHJLS I AM YELLING THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE FICS

Language Barriers by Galloping_Monroe, Teen, 182k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov had always wanted to travel the world. When an opportunity arises to spend his final year of university study abroad, he is quick to leap at the chance. Yuri Katsuki only applied because his friend forced him to. He’s just trying to get through the year, keep his head down and his grades up. Victor has other ideas. SUCH a good fic!

Like a Fairytale by lucycamui, Teen, 73k
In which Prince Victor gets swept off his feet at a royal banquet and will go to any length to find his ‘Cinderella’ Yuuri. (And Phichit is the fairy godmother who has no idea what he’s doing). THE ENDING WAS SO CUTE <3

Nerve Endings by Phyona, Explicit, 62k (WIP)
When Yuuri moves in with Victor in St. Petersburg, they have to work through Yuuri’s anxiety and Victor’s secrets to find their balance. aaaaaaAAAAAAAAA

Met by Accident (Shall We Skate?-YOIWeek2017) by paxton1976, Explicit, 293k (WIP)
Viktor is having the worst day of his life. He overslept and is late for work. To make things even better, he rear-ended the car in front of him. His attitude quickly changes when he lays eyes on the other driver. The man was shorter than him by a few inches. He had jet black hair that was slicked back with a bit of gel. His glasses left something to be desired, but Viktor admired those large chocolate brown eyes. Simply put, he was fucking gorgeous. I have been utterly obsessed with this fic!

Right Off His Feet by EmilianaDarling, Mature, 7.4k
One of Yuuri’s hands is sliding around his waist, guiding him effortlessly until they’re dancing together. Really dancing together, and Viktor forgets to think, to breathe. Yuuri’s so close that Viktor can feel the heat of his breath against the back of his neck, the warmth of his skin through his clothes. Then he closes his eyes, leans into the touch, and gives in completely as he lets Yuuri lead. This fic is AMAZING! Must read!

Victor!!! In IKEA by victoryinthestars, Gen, 1.9k
What happens when some of the best skaters in Russia help a lovestruck living legend, who’s always lived alone, prepare for his fiancée to move in? A trip or six to IKEA, of course. SO funny and a nice fic to read after some serious angst!

(˃̶͈̀_˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾( ノ_ಠ)₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

Here’s to another week of great fic reading! Be sure to give the authors some love!

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Allura and Lance, comparing the Broganes over a spa day.

           Lance stretched and leaned back. “Man, this is so much nicer than the pool.”

           It turned out the Castle had a “Rejuvenation Suite,” or, as Lance insisted on calling it, a “Space Spa.” Allura decided it wasn’t worth correcting him, especially not now.

           She and Lance were each ensconced in a single-person soaking tub filled with medicinal and rejuvenating herbs and salts. She’d chosen the “Relaxation” packet; Lance had gone for “Revitalizing”. Soft scents wafted through the room, changing from juniberry to starpetal to arcleaf, drifting from one to the other like a lazy hummingbee. There was a quiet background music, just loud enough to hear if you wanted to, but quiet enough to ignore if that was your desire. The lights dimmed and brightened at slow, random intervals, never getting too bright or too hot. It was like shifting sunlight.

           Lance had his eyes closed as he sighed happily. “Can I just live here? Like, can this be my room?”

           She laughed a little and closed her own eyes. “No. The Rejuvenation Suite is for everyone’s use. And if you bring Keith down here, you two have to behave. These tubs are single occupancy.”

           He snorted. “We’ll behave when you and Shiro behave.”

           She sat upright so quickly her tub sloshed a little. Fortunately, there was no spillage. “We behave!” she insisted.

           Lance cracked one eye to look at her doubtfully. “You two were behaving last week when we caught you in the kitchen? THAT was behaving?”

           Allura blushed and resettled herself in the tub. “Yes, actually, that was behaving.” She knew she probably shouldn’t, but the impulse hit her and she couldn’t help herself. “You should see what he’s like when we’re in the Black Lion together.”

           Lance snickered and closed his eyes. “I do not need to see that. Well… actually, I might not mind, but Keith would hit the ceiling.”

           “Really? He doesn’t seem sex-averse at all.”

           “Oh, trust me, Princess, he very much IS NOT.” She rolled her head over to find him grinning. “But he and Shiro have that whole ‘bro’ thing going on. He gets squidgy about it.”


           “Yeah, y’know: squidgy.”

           “I know a dozen different languages, and none of them have such a word.”

           “It’s kind of like ‘ew’ but with more ‘ugh’ to it.”

           Her brow furrowed. “Anyway, he doesn’t like hearing about Shiro’s sex life? Is that the point you’re trying to make?”

           “Yeah, pretty much. I don’t mind though.”

           She laughed. “You already saw some of it! And, for the record, I was just trying to make tea. The rest of that was all his idea.” She cleared her throat. “Sometimes it feels like you and Keith aren’t even dating at all. If you hadn’t announced it over the Castle’s comm systems, I might not even believe it.”

           “Eh, Keith isn’t a big PDA person.”

           “Peedee… ?”

           “Eyyyyyyyyyy!” he finished with a grin. “Yeah, Public Displays of Affection. It kind of drove me nuts at first, but then I realized that it’s,” his voice softened from smugness into quiet satisfaction, “well, it’s kind of like I get to keep all of that to myself. Just for me.”

           “Aww, that’s kind of sweet.”

           “It is, isn’t it? It’s actually amazing how sweet Keith can be sometimes. Like, even when I think he’s not listening to me, and I’m just babbling and being annoying, he’ll say or do something days later that proves he really heard me. Like when I was running out of my moisturizer, and he…”

           “Oh, is that why he asked me about that? I thought maybe you were just rubbing off on him.”

           “Every chance I get!” Lance declared.

           She rolled her eyes, but stayed on subject. “He got that for you?”

           “Yeah, he did. And it works great, by the way!”

           “You are glowing,” she confirmed, “but I just assumed that was because of Keith himself and not the new skincare product.”

           Lance blushed a little but rolled his head over, opened both eyes, and grinned. “I ain’t the only one glowin’ around here, sister.”

           “I am not your sister nor am I glowing.”

           “GLOOOWWWINNNNG,” he insisted in a sing-song voice. “Shiro smiles and you light up like a Christmas tree.”

           “I don’t know what that is, but I’m certain you’re overstating it.” She was trying to ignore the fact that her face was heating up.

           “He’s a little more PDA than Keith is, anyway. The little cheek kisses and things like that. You two are like something out of a storybook.”

           “Oh, stop that, we are not.”

           “You totally are! The beautiful princess and her dashing knight! Er, paladin, in this case. It’s perfect.”

           “Well, you and Keith are the brothers-in-arms who always have each other’s backs, fighting side-by-side against evil. So I’m fairly certain you’re a storybook refugee yourself.”

           Lance grinned widely and leaned back against the tub. “Face it, Allura: You and I are pretty much the two luckiest people in the universe.”

           She smirked a little. “No, we’re not. Shiro and Keith are.”

           “I stand corrected.”


I like things that are eye-openers, I like learning, I like experiencing, and I said that I enjoy coming upon new things. And so I am the type to try everything. That way, I can inform the people that I like and I can be of help. When people say they’ll do something, I can recount my experience and that will help them. I think that also includes how I see the world. So I think I will challenge all kinds of things.

— wishing my prince & my one and only sehun a very happy birthday ♡ (12.04)



gif request meme » Borderlands + favorite minor character

inspired by this post

Magnus had come to give his insight on the possible lead they received on the whereabouts of the Soul Sword, and when he announced he needed to look into a few books to give his final conclusion, Alec eagerly agreed to help him. The two of them were going through the small stack of books on one side of the table, flipping pages and exchanging whispered words, while Izzy, Jace and Clary were developing a further plan of action on the other.

Just as Jace was debating with Izzy over how many of them should go, it happened.

Alec laughed, light and carefree, the sound filling the room, the laughter so full and good that it seemed to brighten the entire space around them. Jace stopped mid-sentence and blatantly stared at his brother; because he cannot remember the last time he’s heard Alec laugh like that.

He can’t remember if he ever has.

“Am I hallucinating or is that Alec laughing?” Clary whispered and only then did Jace notice that both she and Izzy had their eyes on Alec as well.

“If you’re hallucinating, then so am I,” Izzy whispered back and looked at Jace, her eyes wide and almost disbelieving, but then a smile started spreading across her face until it become one of the brightest ones Izzy had. Jace couldn’t help but grin back, because by the Angel, Alec has never been this happy and Jace knows that means the world to Izzy, just like it does to him.

“No one is hallucinating, I just happen to be very amusing,” Magnus said, breaking the moment, but when Jace looked over, Alec was shaking his head, breathing out another tiny laugh. The clever comeback Jace had died at his throat when he noticed the look in Magnus’ eyes and the brightness of his smile, because he realized something.

Alec being happy meant the world to Magnus, too.

plisetsky answered:

Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky


In which Yuri finds out that Otabek has a tumblr. 

AO3 link

We recently found out that Otabek is “well versed in all kinds of social media” and I am SHOOK. Somewhat inspired by the ask that altisetsky replied to, here’s the fic that no one asked for, but you’re all getting anyway.

cc: @otayuriwriterscollective

He doesn’t mean to pry.

Really, he doesn’t. But Otabek’s left his laptop open on the kitchen counter and it’s unlocked. Otabek is in the shower, so Yuri won’t be disturbed. It’s not like he’s going to go through his personal files or anything, but that’s unmistakably a tumblr dashboard, and Yuri is intrigued. The thought of Otabek having a tumblr is almost of ludicrous as Otabek DJing in his spare time, and – well. Now everyone and their mother has Otabek’s tracks downloaded on their Spotify or iTunes.

So he crosses the room and investigates.

Keep reading

Trying to get back into the groove of this doujin. Every time I draw Sesshomaru it’s so stressful cuz it feels like: ‘My God if I don’t draw him absolutely flawless they’ll never forgive me’. Anway, have a preview of one of the newer pages I’ve sketched this week. This one is page 61 (I am only at 68 atm. By my calculations I have about 20 more to sketch)

Also hey look! Flashback to Obon!Kagome from Chapt. 07!