but am i the only one that liked him

Shinsou’s quirk

I know I talk a lot about Shinsou but hear me out

I’ve been thinking a lot about the improvements of the BNHA characters quirks.  For example

We know that, before, Kirishima quirk made his skin only a tiny bit harder. When you look at him now, capable of hardening himself to the point where he become unbreakable, you can easily see the improvement made. Same for Izuku.

When he got One For All, he couldn’t use it without broking his bones. But after his training, he found a way to use it properly without having to constantly hurt his body.

But what am I trying to say here exactly?

We know Shinsou’s quirk is Brainwashing, but it only works if his opponent respond to him verbally. 

So……. Could it be possible for Shinsou to improve his quirk, to the point where he doesn’t have to verbally exchange with someone to use it? I’m not saying that he could brainwash whoever he wants just like that, because then, his quirk would be too powerful for the sake of the story. But maybe find another alternative that isn’t as hard as getting his opponent to talk. 

I believe it’s possible. And I have one idea in head.

The first time I saw this panel, I didn’t think much of it. But I know I was a bit startled of how… Detailed it was. ( And because… geez Shinsou, you look like you’re about to murder someone.. ) I did some comics and doujinshis, so I know basic story boarding. And I know that this kind of panel is here to show something important. The close-up on his eyes must mean something. ( Or I’m looking too much into it.. )

Shinsou needs a verbal contact to use his quirk, so why not improve it to the point where he only needs eyes contact to do so?

If he only needed eyes contact to brainwash someone, wouldn’t that be so much more easier for him? 

This is only theoretical. I have absolutly no proof that this could happen. But I just think that, even though his Quirk can be very powerful and useful to avoid fights, it has one very big flaw. I know he’ll become one amazing hero in the end, whether his quirk improve or not. I just had that idea and thought I’d share it.. 

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am i the only one thats kinda disappointed by darktail's name? villains usually have such memorable names- hawkfrost, tigerclaw, mapleshade, scourge, etc.

i mean it very much fits him considering that he literally has like…a dark tail. a lot of the names are ~edgy~ but his is pretty normal lol. it’s refreshing to have what would be an average warrior be the villain 

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Hey do you think someone could be demisexual or demiromantic towards one gender? Like for a while I've thought I'm a lesbian cause Iwas attracted to only women and not men. But now I'm beginning to think if I established a strong connected with a guy, I might be attracted to him? I don't know though. Maybe I could be a Demi romantic/demisexual bisexual? I say towards one gender (males) because I'm easily sexually attracted to women without the need of a strong connection. ~Confused girl, thnx!

Yep, I’ve actually heard from other people who feel the same way!

am i the only one who doesnt think that “super cute video” with the girl “pranking” her bf and telling him she broke sth expensive of his is cute at all. like. sure maybe she could be sure that he would react like that but it just makes me really uncomfortable. why would you intentionally want to risk upsetting someone like that and breaking their trust by lying to them??

“You can hold me if you want to,” he said while looking at me trying to convince me once more. 

I don’t know when did my walls start to get this high. Sometimes I can’t even put it down when I want to show some people the glimpse of me. My barrier is already unreachable. Perhaps this is what happens when you’ve been in a situation where you gave your full trust only that person broke it into glass pieces. And you will think that person is the one at fault but really, it’s you. It is always you. I don’t know why he’s still here for me despite pushing him to the extent that if I am the one in his shoes, I’d let me go already.

Without diverting his eyes, like a camera focused on a subject leaving everything in a blur, he continued to tell me “You can show me what you actually feel”

It’s already exhausting to even have a feeling, what more if you have to show it. Besides, I already believed that I am an emotion dressed with a lot of skin and mixed with chemicals that barely sustain my life. Though I don’t know anymore whether I am being brave for not letting him know why my heart is beating too fast when he’s near or I am so afraid that I’d rather be left alone numb than engaging in something risky like trusting again.

So even if I badly want to utter those three words and even if my hands are already close to reaching his arms, I reminded myself to shut him off like what I’ve been already doing for the past months. But this time, I have to cut the connection completely before it can destruct the wall I’ve built to protect myself; before I even turn to ashes because of so much brokenness, 

I answered: “I am sorry, I can’t”

I am about to start walking past at him when he grabbed my arm and pulled me to his body like it’s where it originally belongs. I am surprised; no I am relieved like a cloud that needs to pour a river of water. His heart hammers the barrier I made that my stubbornness is slowly falling down. I surrender.

“Still I will never give up on you” he finally said. I guess he will not because he never did.

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Am I the only one who thinks that Varane doesn't get enough attention? Like he's talented and reliable and pretty and got attacked by a wild Diego Simeone once. Varane deserves more love!

AAAAWWW this is such a pure ask hahaha

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he DOES deserve more love 💕 look at him, he’s an angel 

Dan and Phil (Phan): Noah

Request: an imagine based off Noah by Amber Run

Loosely based off this song (X)

“Phil can I have a hug?” Dan asked qiuetly, slowly walking into his room. 

“Sure.” He said placing his laptop beside him and moving slightly in his bed to let Dan on. “Any particular reason you want a hug or did you just want one?” 

“I’m sad.” Dan said, whilst Phil wrapped his arms around him. 

“Why, whats wrong?” Phil asked concerned.   

“I just feel like I am stuck at life. Like I am not doing anything, but thats only because I am too sad to do anything.” He sighed, burying his head into Phil’s neck.

“The way I see it, is that you have to get busy living or get busy dying. Life isn’t going to wait and I know you think you can’t/aren’t doing anything but I will tell you now you can/are, you just don’t see that. You are not stuck I promise, you can do anything, you just need some help with it and that’s why I am here.” Phil said nudging Dan slightly, smiling, making Dan sit up slightly. 

Dan smiled slightly before putting his head back to where it was and sighing again. 

“Thanks Phil, but I still feel stuck, like I can’t go anywhere in life.” 

Phil sighed “I know, but it will be okay. I promise, just you wait, in 5 years life will be great, you will have helped so many people, achieved so much in life, you have only just started it can only get better. Remember, you have got to get busy living or get busy dying. I would hate to see you get left behind, so I am going to help and support you no matter what, what are friends, I mean boyfriends for.” Phil smiled, making Dan laugh. 

“I have no clue what you are talking about but thank you Phil.” Dan shook his head and walked out of Phil's room smiling slightly. 

*5 years later*

“PHILLLLLLLL. GET IN HERE.” Dan shouted up the stairs. 

“HOLD ON, I’M JUST UNPACKING THIS BOX.” Phil shouted back, then ran down the stairs. “Yeah, what’s wrong, have you broke something again?” 

“No. And I am offended that you would think that. Anyway, I remembered something.” 

“What’s that?” 

“The advice you gave me 5 years ago, the thing you were rambling on about, about living and dying and things, you were right.” 

“I know I was. I’m always right.” 

“Look at my life, it got so much better and most of that is because of you. So even though I still haven’t got a clue what you were talking about, thank you Phil.” 

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Am I the only one who found the Tomlinshaw breakfast show to be a little ... forced? Like, that's not the nice Nick we know. That's the Nick who's putting on. With Liam for example, Nick was his normal charming self. With Louis, however, everything felt so stiff and unnatural. A bit condescending at times even. Louis was phoning it in too. And that photo! Nick looked physically pained. Also tag yourself, I'm Nick tweeting and tagging Louis on Instagram but not following him lmao

LOL! I’m Louis being tagged and not liking the post ;-)

I don’t know if I wholly agree, but I do understand your thoughts because I felt they were both quite nervous. I also think Nick wasn’t stiff as much as he was trying to make Louis at ease. Let’s keep in mind the hype around the interview, the fact they talked at length on earlier shows about wanting Louis to be comfortable and how his interviews had made them feel for him. Then lets also take into account the amount of tweets Nick was getting and clearly reading because he mentioned them on the show, about doing a good job and how important it was to people that he give Louis a good interview. Let’s also keep in mind when the Breakfast Show (not actually Nick, but he got the flack for it) gently ragged Louis, Nick got so many gross comments he actually had to ask if people could chill out with the ‘homophobic death threats.’ Louis also tweeted openly about Chris M being better than Nick following that and Z and E waded in on the Nick bashing. I don’t buy into Nick and Louis not getting on and hating each other (other than the fact it’s fun in fiction) but I feel like it was early for Louis, and Nick had a LOT of stuff going on in his social media which might have made them both a bit nervous. That just wasn’t the case with any of the others. I actually think under the circumstances it was way less awkward than it could have been, and a large part of that is down to the fact Nick’s good at his job and made Louis feel at ease. 

  • Meet Park Jimin. born on October 13, 1995, in Busan. He is the main vocalist and dancer of BTS. 

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  • Before becoming this celestial creature who inspires youth to pursue their dreams, he was a child with none but a will to become either a chef or a police officer. 

Originally posted by taehnwnho

  • His dream will come to shape when he sees a south Korean artist named Rain. At the time he would laugh if he heard that years later he will have to dance to one of his songs in front of the world.

Originally posted by haru-haru10

  • He falls in love at 8th grade with dancing. A love he will keep dear … a love that will change his path forever.

Originally posted by haninnoona

  • He will work hard for his dream and get into Busan High School of Arts as the top student in modern dance, but will later transfer to Korea Arts High School where he will meet one of the 6 guys that will share his destiny: Kim Taehyung (V). 

Originally posted by bvng-moves

  • None of them knew at the time how valuable one will become to the other, that they will share smiles and pains and call each other soulmates.

Originally posted by vmonism

  • Seasons pass and Jimin will audition to BigHit, Sweaty palms and shaky voice, this shy guy will sing … was someone that scared and timid made for the stage? People who didn’t know of his duality will mock even the idea of it.  After a poor start caused by stress, fear will fade when it’s time to dance along with the judges' hesitation: he was a raw diamond. 

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  • Jimin will get accepted into this small company, full of trainees with more experience and chances to debut than him. He said only later “as a trainee, I really didn’t know if I’d ever get to debut”. He used to be perceived as talented and showered with compliments by both his professors and parents in his hometown, arriving at Seoul. Negative thoughts will start to build up: “Why is everyone better than me? Do I have no talent? … Am I no good? Should I give up? Is this worth it”. Being a guy who hates losing he will ignore the hardship and just work harder.

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  • And indeed, hard work paid off. Jimin with only one year of training will join Big Hit’s first group: Bangtan Seonyondan. During BTS first year, he will have the chance to write a letter and read it to ARMYs. His face will carry his signature smile at first but word after word, memories of that harsh year will start to hit him … and tears will fall. He will say that he thought of giving up endless times and that he is thankful he did not.

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  • During BTS first years, they were hated and belittled by many. Jimin who though debuting was the hardest thing will come to laugh at his naive past self. He will recall what made him come through that harsh year: “hard work”. Even if he is known to be the boy who helps and supports every member, he is the kind who tries to solve his own problems … He blames no one but himself. 

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  • He didn’t know at the time that he was feeding a complex he kept from the past that will lead to a dangerous situation: He will start viewing himself as “fat” and be more self-conscious about his appearance than ever. And so … *sigh* … 

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  • he will start starving himself in a middle of a busy schedule where even sleep is a luxury, to shortly after fall into a big depression. Smiling during the day to cameras and …

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  •  wiping sweat and tears training with all his might for hours. 

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  • Jimin called having abs a “homework”. ARMYs loved his abs … but no one knew the price the poor boy paid for the screams of the crowd.

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  • Receiving hate from others is hard, yet imagine hating your own self? we can hide from people yet we can’t run away from our thoughts.
  • Jimin is also the kind to help everyone but solves his own problems. A workaholic who hates losing and get veeery stubborn. The members even said, he is the scariest when he gets angry. 

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  • But Jin couldn’t stand seeing Jimin in constant pain so he got him out of it. It took Seokjin time and effort but it was worth it as his junior started to eat regularly and accept that he too can have flaws. 

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  • All of this situation made Jimin grow not only as an artist but also as a person, to become idolized by many. People tend to think Jimin was naturally good at all he does. Jungkook’s words when he described JM will quickly tell you otherwise “He tries the hardest! He watches music videos all day long … When I watch him, he looks cool”

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  • He is the protégé of both BTS, the managers and the whole fandom so no one can refuse him a favor. 

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  • Have you ever thought why did Jimin not release any cover song alone? Most people learn from their mistakes but there are some that prefer to not allow any. As Jimin stated in both Bon Voyage S2 and BTS Wings concept book, he is still not pleased by his singing. 

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  • People mostly say “I like Jimin’s voice” when he worked so hard he wants to hear “Jimin sang well” because a good voice is something you are born with, singing well is something you learn and work hard to achieve. 

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  • There is no way we can change Jimin’s way of thinking, but maybe we can choose better words and simply stand by him the way Jin and the members did in the past.

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  • Jimin is like a moon reflecting all the light he gathers on us with a smile. Yet where we stand no matter what, we will never see his dark side. Neitherless, we still know it’s there. 

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  • You may probably already adore Jimin the singer, dancer, and performer but please don’t forget the one who needs more love: Jimin the human. 

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Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations, I am happy destiny led him our way so we can open even better paths for not only Jimin but all BTS.
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By @mimibtsghost 

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You know what's bugging me? The freaking bonding moment! What we haven't see! Let me explain: We know Lance was hurt, very hurt. We know Keith craddled him. Buuuut... HOW?? Did Lance faint again so Keith have to do it? Did Keith offers to carry him? They were on their way on the way to the healing pods and Lance faints? What the others paladins saw? An unconcious Lance in Keith's arms. So, who put Lance on the pod? Who changes his clothes? Details, details like this are killing me


  • the arm cradling scene after the bonding moment

This most definitely wasn’t the end of it. Shiro could barely stand on his own (he was probably in the healing pod for a while too) and Hunk and Coran carried the crystal. Assuming that Keith didn’t lie to Lance, he was probably the one carrying Lance to the pod - in an arm cradling way, aka bridal carry like.

  • Keith freeing Lance from when he got handcuffed to the tree

The only lions that were with Nyma and Rolo were Yellow, Green and Black. Keith actually went and unchained Lance. Imagine the teasing and the jokes.

  • Lance actually praising Keith

Keith successfully completed Lance’s (and his own since he did not understand Lance’s handsigns) plan. Lance actually gave him a thumbs up. I am like 99% sure that there was a line like “sharp work samurai” that we missed out on here.

  • Keith and Lance running like maniacs through the halls of the castle

Just imagine it. Them running around, still screaming. Lance thinks he sees a shadow approaching and screams even louder. Keith joins on instinct. They keep running even faster and almost run over Coran. Coran is confused as the castle has not tried to hurt him at all. Keith and Lance first convince themselves that he’s the “real” Coran before they fall over themselves to tell him an insane story of a robot and an air vent developing their own minds to try to kill them.

  • Keith and Lance moving into rooms next to each other

Not sure if they could choose the rooms or of they got them assigned, but judging from the similar layout we’ve seen they probably chose to move into rooms next to each other. Also them discovering for the first time that the rooms are not soundproof. Lance could hear Keith and Coran talking in front of his door. Maybe that’s why he sleeps with headphones on? So that he doesn’t disturb Keith in the room next to him??

  • Keith and Lance discovering the fighting drones for the first time

They had everything perfectly under control when they appeared on screen for the first time with the drones. Shiro had a drone of his own-

-but for some reason only Keith and Lance worked together. That speaks from excessive training on their part…………. most likely one-on-one training with just the two of them.

  • coming up with the plan to scale the elevator walls

Listen listen this sounds so much like joined effort. Keith is probably the one that discovered the hatch to open the elevator but then just stood there like “well we’re fucked we can’t climb these walls” and Lance immediately went “ACTUALLY—”. Also the few minutes of silence/awkward dialogue in absolute darkness that leads to them discovering the hatch in the first place.

  • how did they get back out of the swimming pool room


Listen,,,,,,, there are so many klance moments that we missed out on,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it’s not fair I want them all,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



gif request meme » Borderlands + favorite minor character

You Make Me Really Confused

Request: @huntermichelle   6) “Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.” 22) “You make me nervous and happy and horny all at the same time and it’s confusing as fuck sometimes.” 9) “No, like.. it’s just, I can’t believe you’re wearing MY clothes.” Preferably with shy Bucky? After the reader moves into the tower Bucky never knows what to say to them and then one day he accidentally says #22 and then they end up spending the night together? Fluff and smut? You’re amazing! TY!

@the-witching-hours12-3   I meant 6 with Bucky but whatever 🙄. Stupid me 😣

Prompts:   6) “Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.”

9) “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”

22)  “You make me nervous and happy and horny all at the same time and it’s confusing as fuck sometimes.”

Words: 1041

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Fluffy, a little bit of smut 

Thank you @widowsfics for beta this for me :)

Since the first time Bucky saw you, he knew that you were something special.  He didn’t know what was about you that made his heart beat so fast when you were around. Maybe was the way your hair smelled like coconut and chocolate, or the way that you smiled at him and how gently you touched him.

He didn’t know what it was, but he knew that he was falling in love with you.

The only problem was that he never knew what to say to you, you were so beautiful and carefree that every time he tried to keep a conversation he couldn’t help but stumble on his words and make a fool of himself “ Hey Bucky, what are you watching?”  You ask looking at the TV.

“I don’t know.” He looks surprised to see you, according to the reports you were supposed to be in China right now “Weren’t you supposed to be on a mission?” You nod sitting by his side “I was but Steve gave me the day off, saying that I would be more helpful here with you.”

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so Michael,, you in the dating scene or,,,,? ;)

With the way my life looks at the moment, I’m just not really looking for a relationship right now, I guess! No sweat!

And oh- why am I still holding onto him? Well, it might sound silly, but…

Knowing that an amazing guy like him is still out there… somewhere in the universe…? It makes me strong enough to keep punchin’ through the days with confidence, y’know? 

I… really do miss him. It sounds dumb, maybe, but I’m still hoping that he’ll come back one day and we’d hang out together again! Even if it’s only occasionally. 

I wish that when that day comes- hopefully, I’ll still be someone he’s more than proud to call his friend… 

B-But, I mean- it might not even happen! Who knows? Obviously not me, but one can surely hope, am I right? Positive vibes all around, aha! 🌠

Anyways, even if we don’t talk anymore, I’m still wishing the absolute best for him, y’know… wherever he might be.

OTP Things:

1. “I’m not dancing in the rain. Why? Because I’m not getting wet and you can’t even dance.”

2. “Canned spaghetti rings is not gourmet. I don’t care what you did in college.”

3. “No cats, no dogs, no ferrets. Just a fish. No that doesn’t mean a frog, turtle, or fucking lizard.”

4. “I don’t wanna go to your moms-s-s.”

5. “We can share the shower, you know that right? It’s actually encouraged at this point.”

6. “Hey, buy me a cookie or no sex for like two years.”

7. “I was gone for two days and every dish in this freakin’ house is dirty.”

8. “All of our white clothes are pink because you just HAD to wash your new tee shirt.”

9. “Have fun explaining to the priest why you have a boner during our wedding class.”

10. “This is my desk. This is my office. This is my space. You’re only allowed in here when you’re sick, so I can keep an eye on you.”

11. “I thought you were drinking water for once…that ended with me choking on vodka.”

12.“Dude, you’re more of a man than me. Wtf.”

13.“Wait, your dad isn’t going to walk you down the aisle with a shotgun?”

14.“Babe, we need to talk. When you cuddle with me, your knee always squashes my junk.”

15.“Your nail polish got all over my Xbox paddle!”

16.“If you want to get to the coffee pot, kiss me and end this war.”

17.“I lock the door every night so no one can steal you from me.”

18.“That’s my ex. Makeout with me and make him jealous.”

19.“Scrape your goddamn plate off BEFORE you put it in the sink!”


21.“Thanks to you, the whole house smells like Taco Bell.”
“It’ll smell like something different soon, just give it a couple hours.”

22.“You’re my best friend.”
“My dog’s my best friend.”

23.“Did you just poop with the door open?”

24.“I didn’t have any underwear, so I stole yours.”

25.“No, you ARE talented. You’re the only one I know who can lay in bed and watch the same TV show for 47 hours straight.”

26.“Don’t go to work. You’re mine, not theirs.”
“But you don’t pay me to be here?”
“Are you a prostitute?”

27.“My car’s broken, I have to walk to the store.”
“My nephew’s bigwheel is in the garage. Take that, I have.”

28.“It’s just a little cut, don’t worry.”
“No, let me be your doctor.”
*gets peroxide and box of Hello-Kitty Bandaids*

29.“Hey, babe, does my makeup look okay?”
“I like you better without it. But you’re gorgeous, as always.”

30.“Pink and blue only go together if it’s cotton candy. Go change.”

31.“You have a huge job interview. Get dressed, or I’m throwing your PS4 in the pool!”

32.“You drool when you sleep, and I don’t know. I might just go tell everyone if you don’t give it back NOW!”

33.“Baby, I’m sorry. It’s checkers, please talk to me.”

34.“You didn’t text me back, so I checked your Facebook to see if you were dead.”

35.“You made me breakfast? You know our anniversary is in two days right?”
“Fuck. I was pretty fucking close this year”

36.“Rock, paper, scissors to see who gets up and turns off the light.”

37.“Look, cousin Larry will flirt with you. We’re pretty sure he’s got diseases. So if you do cheat on me, you’re fucked.”

38.“I really don’t like it when you get mad and you start mumbling in another language.”

39.“Footy pajamas! Now we can match!”

40.“Oh, so you think you’re a better driver? Prove it?” *lets go of wheel*

41.“You bought tampons when you went shopping? That’s some Prince Charming shit, right there.”

42.“Why aren’t you wearing lipgloss? I like tasting strawberry when I kiss you.”

43.“Can you explain why there are sheets strung up around the apartment?”
“I built a fort.”

44.“You scare me when you watch those cop shows. You could kill me and no one would ever notice.”

45.“Did you just fart?”
“If you want to live, don’t lift the blanket.”

46.“Toast. T-O-A-S-T. Is it that hard to put bread in the toaster?!”


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