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year 2016 & bts

kaner came over to flip me a puck but i fucking dropped it and this little boy picked it up. i literally looked at him like he just killed my dog. i was so sad. but then pat, being the angel he is, saw and went to get another puck. he tossed I over and made sure i got it. like if u don’t think we should get married right now u lyin!!

thank u @travis-konecny for taking this video you’re so sweet :)


oh-so-casually I made this prequel “of my last comic” because i dunno @midotakaism​   you know why? Well “kiss on forehead” suggestion done  °ヮ° for you guys all -proud 🔥-

what i said: i like cute girls

what i meant: i’m! just! so! attracted to women!!! fat women, thin women, buff women, women with short hair, women with long hair, women in dark colors, women in pastel colors, cute women, pretty women, handsome women, there are so many attractive ladies out there i’m! so! gay! for! girls!

John Doe
what’s gotten into you
you used to be so loud
you used to be the brightest star
the ones all the planets wanted to orbit around
John Doe
you used to laugh and smile
and dance and sing with me
when people say your name to me
it’s left with a haunted ring (a bitter sting)
John Doe
i have yet to erase you from my memory;
but i have screamed about you to the stars
they took the ghostly yearnings
and shoved them into the void
John Doe
i don’t know who you are anymore
i don’t know where you are
you left five years ago
and i have yet to really see your face again
you came around for christmas
and that was all the gift i ever wanted
your last words to me were, “be good. be smart. i love you sweetheart.”
John Doe
your name is the same as my own
we share the same blood
and yet you’re still on the run;
from my calls, my texts
i’d scream so loud you could hear me from states away
if only my voice could reach you that way
John Doe
remember when we used to play hide and seek in the dark at night?
you told me that when you lie down in the shadows no one can see you and that if you wanted to run you had to stay close to the ground and make sure you never left the shadows
and i guess you crept along them always making sure you stayed out of sight
because i remember this game and the flashlight
and you hid so well that no amount of light could find you– i have checked all your usual hiding spots and i have yet to seek you out.
—  a poem to my brother who i desperately want to come home this christmas.