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Asriel’s 20th birthday

@caretaker-au​ for Asriel’s birthday =D ((and in advance: yes, I am a big sap, sorry xD ))

Asriel sipped his tea with a contented sigh as he watched the remaining Monsters on the dancefloor. Since it was getting late, some people had left already -after wishing him a happy birthday once again and paying their respect to his parents and Chara- those who were not dancing were sitting at some tables, enjoying a last drink or more snacks. 

“What a great birthday!” he thought and leaned back on his seat.

He smiled at his parents who turned and swirled to the beat of the music.

“Careful. You lost one of your flower.” Chara spoke softly, getting his attention.

Asriel turned his head to see his best friend picking one of the glowing flowers -one of dad’s presents- off the ground to gently put it back to his breast pocket. The Prince felt himself blushing by their proximity; Chara did not pull back at once, they kept their eyes into his with a little smile, which both charmed and concerned Asriel, for he was not as good at reading people as his friend. What could they be thinking of?

“I am so happy to be sharing this moment with you, Asriel.” they said. “You look dashing in this suit, I just knew that colour would fit you wonderfully.”

“Thanks.” Asriel answered, averting his eyes and his blush deepening. “And thank you for making it!” he added hastily. “I really like how it matches your dress.”

Chara’s smile widened and Asriel swore their cheeks turned a deeper red than their natural blush.

“Does it not remind you another match?”

Asriel was confused for a moment before he noticed how his friend’s fingers kept stroking the pendant at their neck. A warmth invaded his chest.

A small nervous laugh escaped his lips, then he noticed that the music changed. Asriel recognized the first notes quickly, he loved that song! Inspired, and suddenly more assured, he got up and extended a hand to the one that stole his heart.

“Chara, would you dance with me? Please?”

Chara was surprised by the sudden proposal, they scanned around -maybe shyly?- before taking the Prince’s hand.

“Sure, why not?” despite their smile, Asriel noted how their voice shook slightly. “Everything you wish for your birthday!”

Wow, this was new! Was Chara that nervous? Asriel could not help wondering as he guided them on the dancefloor. The other dancers moved off to give them more space, which was not actually necessary but no one commented on it.

The first steps were unsure and a bit off-beat with the music, and the difference of their size did not help but as the two relaxed, the dance became fluent. Asriel could not take his eyes off Chara as they both moved and spinned with the music, which became more intense as it went on, faster. Chara laughed differently than usual when he siezed them by the waist to spin around, he got that they were having fun, but was there something else? His internal questions did not make him loose his smile nonethless; it was like they were both in their own world, and Asriel enjoyed this feeling. As the music came to its end, they slowed down, then stopped.

The two were still lost in the other’s eyes, and Chara was the first to snap out of it:

“Asriel, we should…”

Was it “magic” of the dance? Or all those years of keeping his feelings for himself?

Whatever it was and however, Asriel leaned forwards and kissed them. One of his hand slowly went from Chara’ s shoulder down to their still arched back and the other gently caressed the side of their face.

When Asriel opened his eyes again and pulled away, his beloved one’s expression carved in his mind. The deep blush on their cheeks, their slightly parted lips, but more than everything, Asriel would remember how Chara’s eyes either seemed to glow gold, or to have litterally stars in their eyes.

Okay so my hair is such a mess because I just got out of the shower and it’s still drying into a crazy, Puerto Rican mess of curls.

But I wanted to squeal and show off my new shirt! A close friend of mine who I will just call Y (she doesn’t have an account but is cool with me saying this), got me this shirt and it just came in. She calls it a ‘super late birthday/please don’t cry over your ex’ gift.

It was a surprise to me when I got it in my mailbox today so I’m honestly so grateful my friend did something this kind? She’s the best. ❤❤❤

If anyone’s curious, she ordered it from my Redbubble favorite list (we both have access to each others list so we can send gifts we know the other person will like), so I can give you the artist’s name if you want.

I’m just SO excited to have this! Im broke to the extreme so it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to get something nice for myself. And this is based on Roddy’s shirt in his holoform! It matches my blog! :3

Sorry darlings I’m not trying to brag and I hope I’m not annoying anyone. I just figured I’d share! ❤


justjessicajones  asked:

after serving us just plain chemistry™ with jessica and luke i honestly think they might become canon again. they're endgame in the comics, whereas luke and claire don't last that long. after that conversation at the bar it is impossible to say jessica doesn't have feelings for luke and i think luke still has feelings for her. when he was talking to danny about their "moment" he sounded so sad that it had to end eVEN THOUGH IT DIDN'T. i'm just crossing my fingers the babes become canon again

listen, let me be honest here, I’m huge on the ‘never give up’ thing, but after watching LC I was, like, 82% convinced they had dropped the jessluke ball. HOWEVER after watching defenders??? I’m 100% convinced they DIDN’T drop that ball at all. It would have been easy, really, to make defenders be their ‘goodbye’, but they made it look more like a ‘see you later’. I mean, I don’t want to read too much into things (TV really is unpredictable lol) but…. I think it’s safe to say that our ship is not dead! Granted, we’re gonna need some crossovers and shit for this slow burn to develop but… I’m not complaining :D


I love this picture for so many reasons, the lighting, the throat and neck, the melancholy mood, so beautiful! 😍

Today we are having friends over for dinner and I’m making soufflés! Very Doctor Who! 🍮🍷🥂🍾

I wish you all a good weekend whatever you are doing. 😘

Peace. Live. Doctor. ☮️❤️😎

AAC2017 Day 19 ๐Ÿ’œ


Day 19: Talk about an AROHA you want to get close/closer to!  Bonus: Don’t tag them, and have your followers guess who it is!

There’s sooo many Aroha that I’d love to get closer to but then I’m too shy to actually say hi sometimes oops lol. I know this challenge only wants me to talk about one blog, but I’m going to take it further and mention a couple..or maybe a lot: @dong-minie, @squishy-sanha, @artist-aroha, @mystic-astro-trash@minnyhyuk@jinwoowoohoo@moonbinandback@jakganim

I want to keep going but I already feel like listing 8 is pushing it lol. But anyway, I love love love seeing you all on my dash or notifications and hope to one day grow closer to each of you!! 💜💜💜

a few well wishes

💫 @ludork dan~ i just wanted you to know that you’re my favorite lu stan and that i’m always secretly wishing you and lu get married in the future one day hehehe i hope life is going well for you and that you are always surrounded by people who love and care for you because you deserve it 💕

💫 @chouxiu alexa~ i just love you a lot LOL and i always think about you when i feel a little more soft and vulnerable. so here’s some good vibes i want to send your way. i hope you will always remain cherished and loved and that the world treats you kindly. thank you for being such a beautiful soul 💕

💫 @taeyonghi daisy~ honestly, you and alexa are like two peas in a pod in my universe because you both are so sweet and so kind and you always make me think the kindest and softest thoughts. daisy, i hope your life is filled with yummy foods and lots of sunlight. you are your own ray of sun and i love you 💕

💫 @yixings2017 cat~ i think you’re magnificent. a good soul 10/10 would recommend hehehe i hope the universe is kind to you. i hope that everything you need to happen this year happens. i hope that you remain strong and resilient and brilliant and kind because i believe in you and that’s already how i see you as you are. also i hope yixing’s second album releases soon! hehe 💕

💫 @callmeminseok aislinn~ when i think of cat, i think of you and when i think of you i think of quynh so i’m probably gonna write her one too. anyways~ here’s some kind thoughts your way. if i wasn’t so invested in lu marrying dan, you’d be the runner up on the list of ppl i’d have lu marry. but it’s cool bc i’m mostly invested in you dancing on a pole to july by kris wu anyways LOL i love you and you’re hilarious and wonderful. keep strong. i love you 💕

💫 @squynhty quynh~ i think you are the most beautiful person in the whole wide world. no joke. you’re stunning. you’re also kind and strong and funny and all that is good in the universe. i hope that you are surrounded by iced drinks and refreshing weather. maybe share some iced coffee with bbh some time while enjoying a sunny day at the park. that would be great. wishing that for you 💕

💫 @yeolhighness batool~ i miss you and egg puns but i don’t have enough brain capacity to think of any new fun puns yet. i was really hoping exo would release some quality content where egg puns would be useful… rip. whenever i see yeollie, i always think of you and how you’d of course marry him before i do LOL you’re wonderful. your edits are wonderful too. but especially you 💕

💫 @laychiuchiu gina~ i just really wanted to send you a message. i kept thinking about you today which was kind of strange since we don’t talk much! but either way~ you’re in my thoughts! i hope all is going well for you whether you’re preparing to go back to school or just continuing on in life, i hope you’re doing well you lovely person 💕

💫 @sehunsface jui~ you’re so fucking funny omfg. it’s so much fun talking to you especially when yixing does a thing and we both kind of just melt into puddles because that man is lethaaaal. thank you for being such a great friend to me and for always making me laugh with your ridiculous jokes and puns LOL i love you lots 💕

💫 @smolbaekchen fey~ you’re my best friend~ my favorite person~ that has not changed. i wish i could send you all my strength whenever you need it. i’m always thinking about you and cheering you on no matter where you are in life and i hope that you’ll always be well. remember to eat 3 meals a day and to do your best whenever you can. i’ll always believe in you 💕

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You're doing fantastic!! Your art is improving fast, and it looks great! Good work, and keep it up (but above all, remember to have fun with it!)

it always seems like two steps forward and one (or one point five) step back, but having encouragement from kind people like you is one of the things that keeps me going. the other is, of course, THESE TWO DARLINGS. thank you so, so much, Anon. one fortunate thing about being interested in fanart is the ability to connect with others who enjoy the same things, and i’m really, really grateful for that.

I’ll never stop telling you how amazing you are, even if we disagree on certain things you’ll always be my favourite person.
—  Tenari Ioapo // To the one I love

Looks like I’m playing the very popular game “let’s see in how many different ways I can have these two end up together”


“Number one. Not just first place. I’ll take an indisputable first place!”
Bakugou Katsuki for @misakarose; happy birthday to my bday twin: Tay ♡