but also ~so much love


Pairing - Jake x MC
Prompt - After the first run-in with the Arachnids, Michelle and Jake have a heart to heart about MC.
Warnings - None that I can think of.
Word Count - 1462
It’s a shorter one, but it’s a happy one so there’s that. I wrote this a few days ago mostly because I love the way Michelle and Jake kinda butt heads sometimes and I love the idea of Michelle and MC being friends that are protective over each other.


“Why you gotta make me feel weak at a time like this?”

Everyone was exhausted. As soon as the group entered the resort, they settled down to sleep. Jake had tried, truly, but found himself lying wide awake beside his princess. There were too many thoughts running through his mind; the adrenaline was pumping too wildly through his system. Jake had seen Lundgren for the first time since the crash, the first time since Mike was killed. Not only that, but Lundgren had endangered not just Jake but the people he’d grown to care about over the time he’s spent with them. He endangered Jake’s princess.

“Can’t sleep either?”

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Kudos to Steph for this wonderful piece of art of my mc for my newest obsession @stephschoices. I love this and the arcana so much that I think I could cry unicorn tears.

Name: Sabine Vanderbilt

Favorite food:  creamy shrimp crostini

Favorite drink: jasmine tea

Favorite flower:  amaryllis

Crouton likes to play fetch with hair ties (she brings them to me first when she wants to play) but she also doesn’t understand the concept of bringing the hair tie the whole way back once she fetches it.

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I just want to let you know that I won’t be as active during the week because of college. I do have a queue that posts 3 times a day and I will try to make more posts/reply to messages/catch up on your beautiful stories on the weekends. I am sorry, I know I have some messages in my inbox which I appreciate a lot and I will answer them as soon as I can, I promise! Thank you for sticking up with me, it means a lot! Hope you have an amazing day and, as always, happy simming 💕

Story of today; I talked to a friend of mine and I was going to show them a picture of something and scrolled through the photos on my phone to find it, I’m often very private when it comes to my phone but they leaned in and looked over my shoulder anyway and just poked on one of the pictures and then they go “is that your dad?”. Well, here’s the picture of my daddy apparently.


Falling in love with Kim Seokjin (3/)

Okay, listen. I know I’m late. But fully, I don’t care. Wanna know why????? Cos man died. I actually died. I thought the camo was going to kill me but no it was this. This whole ‘falling in love with Kim Seokjin’ highkey had an order but fuck orders cos this actually happened. And listen, as a black girl I just wanna say man was lean, bopping tf out, like I will never ever ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever get over it. I can’t and I won’t and watch me talk about this to my future partner, saying that they’ll never make me feel how Kim Seokjin has ever made me feel.

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