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My main characters are five 15 year old schoolgirls and I'm trying to think of medieval weapons that would fit them. All are reasonably fit, though one has a back issue, and two of the others are trained black belts in Tae Kwon Do. None have any formal weapons training and have minimal training time. Should I just give them all bows/arrows and be done with it or are there other options?

The funny thing about the bow, especially a medieval war bow, is that it takes a very long time to master. We’re talking years, here. It’s also heavily dependent on upper body strength, particularly in the back, arms, and shoulders. You need a heavier bow to deal with heavily armored targets which requires more strength and more practice drawing.

Here’s Matt Easton’s rant.

Basically, perceptions about the D&D Ranger along with Film/TV have caused a problem when looking at the body types or strength quota associated with archery. In particular, medieval war archery. The hunting bow and the war bow are different. While someone certainly could kill another human with the hunting bow, the draw weight is such that it will have a much more difficult time penetrating armor. This includes the padded armor made from cloth. War bows have a draw weight of around 60-70 pounds. The famous English or Welsh longbow was notorious for it’s difficulty and weighed in somewhere around 100-180 pounds.

TheMiddleAges.net’s entry on the Welsh longbow. The Wikipedia entry.

Besides that, bows (and all weapons) require a great deal of care. You can’t just hide a wooden bow unprotected in a log for six weeks, come back and expect it to be useable. It must be oiled regularly to maintain it’s flexibility. It must be unstrung between engagements and restrung before the next one, thus requiring a fair amount preparation time. The must also be carefully wrapped when traveling to protect it from the elements. This is before we get into the required type of arrows, (heavier with a heavier head), and the difficulty in acquiring them. Which, if your characters are schoolgirls, may have a problem convincing the local fletcher on why they need bodkins rather than broadheads.

Regardless of how they get presented in fiction, the bow is not any easier to master than a sword. Your characters are better off with crossbows. However, it should be noted that the crossbows fire much more slowly and take more time between shots. They can be learned quickly, within a few months, rather than the years. They’ll still need to learn how to care for it and shoot it though.

Taekwondo black belts come in a few flavors which heavily depends on the system employed by their school and who trained them. Given how young they are, I’d peg them at starting their training between 5 and 8 with their black belt testing between 12 and 14. The average recreational martial arts student takes about 4-5 years to reach their first black belt rank. Sometimes you get the outlier earlies between 8 and 10, but a lot of programs institute a specialty curriculum for the really littles. (Our school had a special class for “Little Turtles”, which were for kids between 4-6 that had their own belt ranks and camouflage belts with colored stripes to denote their rank in the system before they were introduced into the regular white belt class. I think it ran white to red.)

If they tested at 12 then they were probably preparing for their second degree test at 15, if they tested at thirteen then they were moving up on training crunch time, and if they tested at 14 then they’re still about a year off their second degree test.

Worth remembering that recreational martial arts are still recreational. They offer up some good skills and are helpful for self-defense, but they’re not on par with trained professionals and they’re still going to need to adjust to the psychological effects of combat. I’d give at least one of them the rudest awakening. You can probably get away with giving them the quarterstaff because they should’ve had some training on the bo staff. The two aren’t comparable, they’ll be used to training on the rattan staff. Quarterstaves are actually heavier, thicker, and made of oak rather than bamboo. They are very solid and can do a great deal of damage. The range will also lend an advantage over enemies wielding swords.

I’d think about daggers, crossbows, cudgels, quarterstaves, and other varieties of low end but easily acquired equipment that don’t take as much time to learn. If you’re willing to have them take the time to learn and depending on the time period/country/rules at play, then it’s possible one might find someone willing to teach them the sword and buckler. It wouldn’t be a weapon with a shorter hilt that was primarily wielded one handed like an arming sword rather than the longsword.



I’d go through Matt Easton’s Youtube Channel for ideas.

Wiketenaur is a library of European 0martial/weapon treatises collected by HEMA. It’s helpful if you know what you’re looking for and are willing to slog through Medieval and Renaissance language.

You can also check out Skallagrim’s page.

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none of my classes are on the same floor as the last omg my legs are gonna get toned but at what cost

I’m kind of tempted to quit reading :re for a few months until my next break from school because then i’ll be able to read a bunch of chapters back to back with no cliffhangers and in the meantime focus on school…but then i remember
a) i would miss out on all the great posts and theories and discussions on tumblr every week
b) i am addicted this is my life now

🌙🎉Happy birthday to me!🎉🌙

Today it’s my 16th birthday. It’s been nearly one year since I found out what dermatillomania is and that I had it. I thought that in a few months I would have overcome it, but of course I couldn’t. Now I’m one year stronger, physically, mentally and emotionally. I have got also more strengths. My weaknesses are different. This year I learnt a lot of important lessons and I will treasure them forever. Because this is growing up. Changing but still remaining yourself, to find out who you really are. Acting when it’s possible, and accepting when it’s impossible. Trying to appreciate everything you have because there will be a time when you won’t have it. Growing up for me it’s like recovery: I have to accept it to do it in the right way, I have to do it with positivity, I have to know that it’s more difficult than what it seems, I have to accept changes, I have to go through hard choices, I have to know that it will take time, I have to struggle, sometimes I have to lose and sometimes I must win…but the most important thing it’s that it’s always worth it. Because it’s true that hope can be found everywhere.

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Senior year is gonna go by so fast!Even if it doesn't feel like it immediately, trust me you'll blink and the next thing you know you're moving on with life. It's also a year that will challenge your strength and dreams, so hang on for the ride. Looking back at it from the finish line will feel like an accomplishment (you probably know this already but just sharing my thoughts idk). Keep being an inspiration K?<--- sooo not a question sorry

Thank you so much for the tip! it means a lot

Im scared but Im ready! xoxoxo

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Kane Williamson lays emphasis on teamwork

Kane Williamson will lead the New Zealand side against South Africa

New Zealand batsman Kane Williamson, who will lead the side in the absence of the Brendon McCullum has laid emphasis on teamwork as his side’s biggest strength, ESPNCricinfo reports. The 25-year-old also said that captaining a relatively inexperienced Kiwi side will be equally enjoyable and challenging.

The World Cup finalists are set to kick off their tour of South Africa with the 1st T20 international that takes place in Durban today and they are missing several of their key players. Apart from McCullum, who gave the series a miss citing an “intense period of cricket dating back to the World Cup,” New Zealand are without the services of experienced batsman Ross Taylor as well as their pace spearheads Trent Boult and Tim Southee.

The absence of such key players have increased the pressure on Williamson, but he is confident that he can handle the expectations and is excited about the prospect of captaining the young side.

“I think captaincy is separate to batting. In the field, it’s applying yourself more in terms of thinking, whether it’s bowling changes, fielding positions, the whole lot. And it’s an enjoyable challenge, particularly in T20 cricket where there’s so much happening and things happen quickly so you need to stay on your toes,” Williamson said. “It’s enjoyable and a challenge as well with a new-look side.”

Williamson, along with Virat Kohli and Steven Smith, is considered one of the brightest young batsman in the game, but he stressed that he has never played for records.

“It is about playing for the team in any situation. I am a believer that sometimes results or figures that you try and reach can be a distraction to achieving it. My focus is contributing playing a role that I’m given and if you are able to pass milestones along the way, that’s great,” he said.

Williamson added that it hold true not just for himself, but for the entire team.

“It’s more about looking to contribute to a team performance, a team win, and that’s where we want people playing their games. Whether that means one or two guys consistently perform and hold a position, that’s great, but ultimately we want a bunch of guys that are going to be giving to the team and moving the team forward,“ he said.

"That’s a lot of what we talk about: playing for the right reasons, playing to move the team forward and being able to somewhat remove too many selfish endeavours – which can be a challenge in the game. There’s so many stats around that they can come into individuals’ mindsets, but the biggest thing for us is that when we play for the team the obligation is purely to help the team and move the team forward.”

Originally published on Sportskeeda.com here