but also without delightful phone calls

She wishes to be taken at more than just face value.
Yet so many never seem to get past that, past her sun-kissed hazel eyes framed just like the rest of her face by her curly hair.
Jaws still easily able to unhinge with eyes dilating at the thought of their hands gripping her voluptuous hips, they chase this magnificent storm for all of the wrong reasons.
Despite their words covered in sugar cane crystals that promise more than just physical gratification at the expense of late night phone calls only she would remember, she still knows their intentions.
She looks in the mirror and questions when she will find someone that delights not only in tasting her pink lemonade lips or their fingers gliding across her tawny skin, but also in understanding the mind that society holds captive, the ambitions and dreams the sky can’t seem to hold.
She questions when she will find someone that will desire her nude, not in body but in soul.
She questions when she will find someone willing to know her.
Without him in sight, she focuses on herself.
She is the epitome of unpredictability with a gaze stronger than the most powerful wind and unlike most storms, coming into contact with her from now on means definitely being struck by lightning.
The burns you sustain will be invisible to everyone except you but that is how she makes sure you will remember her, with her words that disregard any normal mental processes and go straight to long term memory, her voice with the fluidity of rain, strong enough to leave you scrambling for cover yet also lull you to sleep when against the windows of life and her laugh that thunderclaps it’s way into your dreams.
She is more than just stardust skin and bones meant to please.
She is a storm shrouded in ethereal beauty and she will make sure you know.
—  maxwelldpoetry, “Write about a person who has to make their personality larger than their beauty/For My Friend Amanda”