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anyone else remember when chiyoh lowkey tried to tell will graham that he didn’t have to kill hannibal if he banged him instead, because i do

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Share your angsty Gabe headcanons! I feed off of everyone else's tears.

Okay but most these are gonna be post!fall ~

- The closer Reaper gets with a person the more he desires their soul, so he tries not to create bonds with others in fear he can’t control himself.

- He has a fear of being caught by overwatch/some other faculty to be experimented on or confined to some form of complete isolation.

- Loses his human form when feeling an intense wave of emotion whether it be positive or negative

- He believes there is no redemption for him so he continues to bring out the worst of himself so his old team would give up on him …. But they won’t give up on him.

- Touched starved so fucken touched starved, he gets flustered when Sombra or other Talon members get to close cause he thinks to much of jack and the other bonds he had in overwatch.

- Confrontations with Jesse, Fareeha or Ana break him, he doesn’t want them to get involved with his giant ass mess.

- It was Reaper who took Jesse’s arm in a fight not long after the fall of overwatch.

- When he was still in overwatch everyone found out about his ghost like powers and proceed to fear and hate him, he found it harder and harder to stay positive when his peers who once respected him now took every opportunity to hate and remind him how much of a monster he was. The beginnings of Reaper were starting to develop during this time.


Great News | Sneak Peek #1 | ep 2.13 “Early Retirement” 


Was a good movie with some good freaking music and Zendaya and Zac Efron’s characters were absolutely wholesome in it OH MY GOD

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yesterday my boss emailed me and was like, we should meet tomorrow, and I was like cool when do you want to meet, at which point i didn’t hear from her again

and then today the postdoc wanders in to tell me that the boss is planning on meeting with me today and I’m just like why???? did you tell him that instead of responding to my email???? also why is making a plan so difficult????? 

One of the students in one of my classes looks exactly like Thor. Not like Chris Hemsworth, like Thor. We’re talking incredibly long, perfect blonde hair, big dude, etc. I wasn’t about to point it out because as his instructor I felt it would be a weird thing to do. Saying someone looks like Thor is, to me, basically calling someone handsome. And even though most of my students here at a community college are adults, that’s just not something I’m comfortable doing haha. But we had a sort of “get to you know” session in my classes and all of the other students were enthusiastically saying, “And he looks JUST LIKE THOR!!” I’m glad others said what I was thinking lol because I needed confirmation that everyone else could see it too :P 

No real news today hehe but it’s time to mellow down. ..

Tonight’s callout is for @axisthewolf!! Hey pal. .. friend, guy, amigo. .. you’re so hecking nice holy heck akdhfjsgdkh really neato ideas and you’re a great supporter; also a shy fluff hehe you’re so valid and you like wolves?? So uhhh Extra Valid; thanks for everything! Awooooooooooo!!


New year New heroes Same old RNG

Happy summoning in 2018!