but also the mayor

NU'EST when Minhyun is gone
  • Aron: *poured orange juice on all his clothes and refuses to do laundry or get dressed* "there's orange juice everywhere" "but you did that" "Mnet did"
  • Baekho: *hoards noodles* "gotta ration our food supplies" *Aron made him pasta* *he won't eat it* (it's warranted since Aron isn't wearing anything)
  • Ren: *screaming a lot* *calm otherwise*
  • JR: *calling Minhyun* *puts on speaker phone to hear the screams* "do you see what's happening?"
  • Minhyun: "It isn't my fault, Mnet did it, Aron is right"

woooh i got inspired by an animal crossing au i saw earlier today so i decided to do the inuyasha gang \(T∇T)/ i wish i could find some way to incorporate both inuyashas ears and his hair into one animal but i just couldnt lolol 



fallout week 2017:  Amber or green?… without radiation there wont be these cool ghouls n mutants

….I wanted to draw just Harold but ended up doing this stupid thing… I always loved how is Lenny excited about meeting the Vault dweller and how he regretted not going with them..that he wasnt part of that big adventure…Also Harold must have been really….great…mayor. 

You’re a real flower fan, right mayor?

Haven’t painted anything for my friends in a loooong time, and I’m super into the fact that it’s almost spring here so happy spring to my dear friends @sprungit and @1211am!

UPDATED! mayor ref (thanks to @mayor-aby​ for the tutorial!!)

✨ always worrying about somethin

✨ kinda lazy and easily confused

✨ very enthusiastic and reassuring

✨ empathetic and easily emotionally drained


✨ kerokerokeroppi pins + round glasses

✨ this dress by @pigeoncoffee

✨ leg warmers and pompompurin shoes

✨ often wears the bulb bopper too!

* skin is usually a little darker than in the photos!