but also the amount of time he spends trying to find an alternative route is like

As request by anon, from my tag - #inferior functions

Inferior Ne (ISxJs)

  • Healthy - The ISxJ will readily accept that there are other options than what they are used to. They’ll listen to the opinions of others, and though they’ll generally go the way they ultimately think is best, they will hear other ideas. They may be likely to brainstorm with a group, so that they can hear everyone else’s ideas in addition to their own.
  • Unhealthy - The ISxJ will refuse to learn what they do not already know, or have not already been introduced to. They don’t want to hear about other ideas – The ritual they’ve been using is working fine (Even if it’s not). They may, actually, take other ideas, but they’ll cite them as their own. They will likely refuse to accept that others can remember events better than they can, and may go as far as to gaslight someone because of it (“He ate the cookie.” “He did NOT.” [He did.]).

Inferior Ni (ESxPs)

  • Healthy - The ESxP will think about the future. Though their primary sense will be set on the present, a lot of their decisions will have far reaching consequences that they are well aware of and have considered. Though it’s likely not obvious to people outside of them, they more than likely have a long term plan – it just involves some wiggle room. They’re probably the type to say “Well, I want to take a road trip and end up in California. This is the day I want to get there and I’m going to take this general route,” but not plan out where they’ll stay nightly.
  • Unhealthy - The ESxP will be caught in the present. They won’t think about the future, or they won’t care. They probably won’t regard the fact that their actions have consequences, and may not think about the meaning of what they do on a day to basis. Another possibility could be that they get very anxious thinking about the future, and continue making bad choices, or none at all.

Inferior Se (INxJs)

  • Healthy - The INxJ readily receives information from the world around them, and it feeds their dominant Ni. They take leaps of faith when they need to, but are generally reasonable in their decisions and can explain why they made them.
  • Unhealthy - The INxJ may not have any idea how they’re getting their information, leading all of their decisions to seem unfounded. They may either repeatedly make terrible, impulsive decisions without any thought about it, and then leave people in the dust, or they may constantly be too scared to do anything.

Inferior Si (ENxPs)

  • Healthy - The ENxP follows nostalgic patterns. They may love to see movies that remind them of their childhood, or to go to candy stores with penny candy, like when they were kids. They likely will be a little bit less than neat and orderly, but they’ll generally have a system to remember where things are.
  • Unhealthy - The ENxP continuously follows routes to things that are no longer possible. They can’t find anything, and have no idea where they put their things. They daydream about what was, and aren’t really aware that they’re doing it. They continuously wish that they could be back to where they were before, even if it’s completely impossible.

Inferior Fe (IxTPs)

  • Healthy - The IxTP will recognize that they don’t have a natural inclination towards picking up the emotions of others, and will find ways around it. They’ll likely joke about it so that they don’t seem quite as awkward, and ask questions to make sure they’re not upsetting people. They readily grasp that others have emotions that they may or may not understand, and they work to better that skill and make sure that they can be sensitive to the needs of others.
  • Unhealthy - The IxTP will either not have any drive to develop their ability to pick up the emotions of others, or will not care, even if they can pick up the emotions of others. People’s feelings are negligible to them – They’d prefer it if they simply didn’t have to deal with them at all. They likely prioritize the logical outcome over the wellbeing of all others, whether or not they recognize that the wellbeing of others may be at stake. They also may notice that they’re hurting people, and not care. They may pick on people’s insecurities for fun, or continue the way that they’re acting when they realize it’s upsetting people.

Inferior Fi (ExTJs)

  • Healthy - The ExTJ has a moral system that they follow to be a good person. They’re aware of their emotions, and are able to tend to them in a way that hurts neither themselves nor others.
  • Unhealthy -  The ExTJ has a moral system that’s riddled with terrible, terrible things. They’re led by what their emotions want them to do, and frequently take things out on people around them. When people call them on it, they act as if they’ve been attacked.

Inferior Te (IxFPs)

  • Healthy - The IxFP has an organizational system for the world around them that helps them be more efficient. They may follow something of a pattern to help them, but likely don’t spend as much time developing it. These people likely have a well-labeled area to help them do stuff without really needing to think about their method all the time.
  • Unhealthy - The IxFP either has no organizational system or is consistently panicking because they feel lost. They can’t become efficient by any means, and it upsets them. They may struggle to create a way to wrap their minds around the world in a way that can allow them to move smoothly and well.

Inferior Ti (ExFJs)

  • Healthy - The ExFJ has a consistent logic to their work. They consider whether or not what they’re doing makes sense. If they decide to have a lemonade stand, they think about the logistics of it – Probably not the type to not realize that to make lemonade, you need sugar, and you need to have proportions. Alternatively, they’ll be aware that they don’t have the logical mind to put parts of it together, and they’ll pull someone else in to do that.
    • Unhealthy - The ExFJ either will try to over-rationalize everything, or will not be able to rationalize anything. Their ability to analyze things and really understand them is nil. Even if they are really getting in and analyzing it, they analyze it to the point where nothing makes sense. They’ll make a lemonade stand, and spend all the time thinking about the prices that make sense for the amount of cups they have, what people will pay, and the amount they want to make, and never buy any lemons.

greetingsfromthenorthernsea  asked:

Hi, my birtday is december the 9th. I would be happy if there would be an everlark drabble. I love AU and sassy katniss. Patrizia aka @greetingsfromthenorthernsea

Originally posted by gameraboy

Happiest of birthdays to you!! To help celebrate your special day, the kind and talented @thegirlfromoverthepond wrote this wonderful little piece of Everlark fun just for you! Enjoy!

Downward Dog

My huge, huge thanks to @xerxia31 for betaing this story :) And to the Peeta-alike yoga instructor a my gym, for, well, the, ahem, inspiration. :)

Happy Birthday :)

Week 1:

“And slowly raise your arms into the Mountain pose, hands facing each other, fingers reaching for the sky. Let your mind focus on your breathing.” The deep voice of the yoga instructor echoed into the quiet room.

Katniss was focused - very much so. But not on her breathing. Rather, on the thin line of dark blonde hair she saw appearing just under the hem of the new instructor’s t-shirt to the waist of his shorts.



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Tips for Kuroko no Dash

EDIT: From beanieluvjae: “If you want to turn off the ads, just turn off wifi or turn on the airplane mode completely before opening the game (if game is already open, turn it off, then wifi off, then reopen the game) then you can enjoy the game withoud ads :)”

So I’m sure you’ve heard (or at least should hear) from HERE, there is a new game where you make Kuroko and co. run…and yeah, that’s basically it. The characters run by themselves, and you click once to jump and twice to jump again while you’re in the air. There are 3 obstacles: a tanuki, Nigou and Akashi’s freaking scissors that will basically kill you no matter what you do.

Anyway, I would totally download the game if you have a machine compatible/are willing to waste a lot of time with this. As Skye said, “This is the next flappy bird." 

I’m here to offer some tips in case you’re stuck. By no means do I think I’m better than everyone or whatever. I’m sure there are a lot of people who have higher scores. I just wanted to offer some help as the product of my findings for spending around 2 hours continuously playing. If you would prefer not to read it, feel free to just pass. Also, if you have extra tips, I’d be happy to hear them.

Anyways, tips under the cut.

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beers, booths, and bisous

for: piper // @whitetstyles
by: francesca // @fromherlips
a story about homecoming week, free food, and everything a dollar can buy you. 
word count: 5900+
warnings: alcohol
main pairing: harry/ofc

Harry has never missed a meeting for Student Life. He attends weekly meetings to discuss upcoming events on campus, helps organize and set up, and works the events if necessary. He sends e-mails, recruits at organization fairs, and serves his duties as a member to the best of his ability. Really, if anything, he’s a model student–as much as he hates to admit it.  

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