but also really embarrassed

do you think Keith snorts when he laughs?

this is for science i need an answer


I recently did some fanart for the Crunchyroll contest and thought I’d share with you all


So Tony owns the Avengers merchandising rights and he starts pushing them hard, and there’s a lot of crappy stories going around, accusing him of being money-grubbing and making a dime anywhere he can.

Only it comes out pretty quick that a.) Tony doesn’t see a dime of the money, all the profit is going to children’s advocacy charities or something along those lines. And b.) Tony really only did this, it’s evidently clear, so he could completely deck out his life in War Machine merchandise.

He hasn’t been seen in anything but his War Machine hoodie in a month and a half now. His sunglasses are War Machine. He has a War Machine bobble-head on his desk. When he visits kids in hospitals, he brings them War Machine-themed toys.

Rhodey is horrifically embarrassed but also really, really pleased and maybe just a little bit more in love than he was before, as hard as that might be to believe (although if he could just get Tony to wash that sweatshirt now, that would be great. It’s starting to get gross).


this took longer than it should have

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Things I didn’t notice the first time watching eyewitness: after saying ‘you’re awesome, I mean, you’re amazing’ Lukas leans towards Philip a little bit, as if he wanted to kiss him and then just couldn’t go through with it?
Am I the only one who’s noticed it??


TG: your point?

TG: its still good

EB: blegh.

I’m back from the hospital. all my test results came out clean!! my body is healthy despite my not treating it right for so many years??? but anyway, as I assumed, I have terribly high level of anxiety that keeps me from functioning, they gave me Xanax while I was there cuz I was just like all over the place lol. they prescribed more to take for the next week, and then after it runs out I just go back to my doctor and get more. I don’t wanna be on meds, but I realize now that I can’t just sweep this under the rug and deal with it as I have been. I never addressed it, never sought treatment ever, and was sort of clueless for a while, despite it running in the family.

I’ve had high levels of anxiety since I was a child but never sought treatment, and it built up so much with my depression that it snapped and this was probably the worst thing I’ve ever felt in my life lol I have to treat it now or I can’t even function properly. it really prevents me from living my life, and it effects my body so badly, to the point where it makes me feel like I’m dying or can’t move or do anything for myself . this has been a wake up call for me, and I’m going to get the proper treatment . thank u guys for ur well wishes. I’m so glad it wasn’t anything life threatening, but it sure felt like it. I’ll be OK for now. I took my meds, I feel calmer, and I’m about to eat. resting too. I’m also still recovering from a middle ear infection so I hope I heal properly as well . love ya all ❤

Today, for the first time ever, someone asked me what my pronouns were in a non-LGBT+, non-internet space, and I was so thoroughly jazzed about it happening that I said, “WHAT! Dude! Hell yeah, man,” and just kind of clapped him on the shoulder really enthusiastically without telling him my pronouns.

It was embarrassing, but also super cool! I really hope that in the next few years, it becomes a common occurrence.

Also, I guess WHAT/dude/hell yeah are my pronouns now, since I goofed so bad.

Fugue in Three: III

@ansgiftexchange @shxdowofclarines This is the last chapter! It was a pleasure writing. Please enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day!

You were born for this. The face he remembers poorly, but the voice is as clear as though it’s emanating from within the physical bounds of his own head, not from mere memories, sounding in his ears. Your fists, the knife in your hand, the target. You were born for this. This is what’s real.

He’s not much of a believer in second chances.

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I’m not sure if I talked about this before, but I really love the relationship Recovery Girl (Chiyo) and Toshinori have.

Sure, we didn’t see that much of them together, and we don’t know anything about their past. But seeing that Chiyo was one of the very few people who knew all about All Might’s secret and the familiarity with which the two of them treat each other, I like to think that they have known each other for a long, long time. And their, like, so cute together?

Chiyo isn’t afraid to scold the Number One hero if he screws up, or doesn’t react like he should. And look at him - he looks like a boy being scolded by his Mum! He’s really embarrassed, and takes what she says very seriously.

Also, as already said, Chiyo knows all about Toshinori’s secret. And by the way she almost “mocks” the part of “Mr. Natural Born hero” she makes it sound as if she’s disappointed that Toshinori doesn’t have the possibility of being honest with the world. She knows what he’s doing, and why, but she kind of wishes that he could be who  he is - quirkless Toshinori who gave his everything to rise to the top and protect society.

And this. Even though she scolds him, is sarcastic about the fact that he has to hide behind All Might, she also understands him. You can see the way her expression softens. And then, Chiyo gives him really useful advice. And again, Toshinori takes it to heart.

This is one of my favorite parts of the whole series. Look at them - she just chops him, and he could dodge her. Come on, he’s the Number One hero, he has the reflexes of a hero, he could easily dodge an elderly woman on a swivel chair. But he doesn’t. He takes it, because he knows she’s right, he knows she wouldn’t hurt him for real, and she knows that he knows.

(Also, love his hair in the left panel, it’s so fluffy.)

And this? “He said you were there, too…” “That’s a good thing…”

They’re both not looking at each other as they say it. They’re lost in thought, worried (?) about what Izuku’s observation could imply - and again, there is this silent understanding between them. Chiyo knows more about Toshinori than most people do, and he’s completely okay with that. There also rings this quiet worry in her words, and it’s really heartbreaking to think how much Toshinori must mean to her - and how often she already had to worry about him.

And we’re back to the scolding again. Look at her! She waves her needle / stock / umbrella in All Might’s direction as if to say “Get over here, I wanna slap you over the head, you silly boy!”. And Toshinori refuses to meet her eye, not answering her. Honestly, he looks so embarrassed and uncomfortable. He doesn’t even protest or defend himself - again, he takes her words for granted and agrees with her. He feels bad for what he did, and Chiyo is the one person who is able to tell him all of this in a way that doesn’t make him clam up and defend himself, but where he is able to accept it.

The two of them very much remind me of family. Perhaps not like mother and son, but something very close to it. Chiyo is there to guide Toshinori whenever he needs it, to patch him up again, to worry about him and to scold him if he screws up. And Toshinori knows this, trusts her to do just that - it seems like he is used to it, perhaps even counting on it.

While Nana and the mention of her got a very strong reaction out of Toshinori, I think Chiyo is basically the second most important woman in his life. She’s very much the caretaker of him, and he is glad about it, I think.

What I’m trying to say is - I really want to see more of them. Chiyo for Toshi’s second Mum all the way


She’s also a really good Grandma, watching “movies” with her grandson.


dunk me in the trash because im a sINNER

I have this head canon that Grillby DOES have a visible mouth at times, but it’s very monster like with little toothies that are like fire tendrils, and the inside of his mouth is like lava. He finds it unsightly, and that’s why he hardly talks at all/barely above a whisper, or tries to cover his mouth with his hand when he laughes.

He probably wouldn’t be laughing at Sans’s terrible pun, but I just wanted to have his laugh hysterically at something Sans said, and couldn’t cover his mouth because something was in his hands. Sans sees his mouth for the first time and thinks it’s just the bEST SHIT, and Grillby gets really embarrassed after while Sans reassures him but also in his mind is thinking about much he’s into the flaming bartender.