but also really embarrassed


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while

The Adrien Diaries...

Okay, so this is particular entry is a Valentine’s Day special… that’s over a week late. Deal with it, inspiration for the most awkward scenario only struck yesterday after talking to both @animatedsuperchick19 (who suggested the game they are playing) and @mr-hawkmoth (who talked me into this being an Adrien Diaries/Aftermath Addendums). Blame them for sunshine boy’s suffering.

 Now, this has an Aftermath Addendums coming, as well as ANOTHER Adrien Diaries Entry… Although if ya’ll are hoping to get poor Mari’s POV anytime soon, keep waiting XD


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Here Comes A Thought (Cover)
Madi Hodges

Haven’t had much time to draw for myself lately so I couldn’t help but indulge myself after watching that episode. It was absolutely beautiful and hats off to the crew and to Takafumi Hori for such a gorgeous episode.

(sorry I don’t have enough musical instrument prowess to play accompaniment)

EDIT: I can’t believe I posted this and I forgot the butterflies *facepalms*

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Yuuri: Viktor, is your name Google? Cause you are everything I've search for :)

Viktor turns fully towards him with a swirl of his skates, and he’s every inch of those unfairly good looking models from shampoo commercials, hair flipping in front of his face only to be swept back by an impalpable breeze (they’re in a closed ambient, how is that even possible).

His mouth slowly stretches into a full toothed, beaming smile, and that’s definitely a blush, isn’t it?

“Yuuri!” is the only warning before he’s got his arms full of excited russian man, and he would fall on his ass, had he been not so thoroughly trained for this particular occasion (that is, Viktor deciding to launch into his arms despite being on a very slippery surface perched on knife shoes). “Did you look it up for me?” Viktor inquires into his neck, sounding incredibly smitten and awed.

Yuuri sheepisly nods, and Viktor makes a squealing noise and starts rubbing his cold nose on his cheek, cooing and swaying them on the ice like a ship in rough sea. “You love me so much,” he tuts, super embarrassingly.

“Yeah, yeah,” Yuuri says, because it’s absolutely true and his husband is a giant baby, and Viktor hugs him even more tightly and makes a high pitched noise, like he’s about to start crying.

Yaaaaakov,” Yurio hurls, skating past them with a grimace “they’re being disgusting again!” 

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Hi! You seem to enjoy cute asks, how about RFA/V/Saeran sharing bed with MC for the firstest time? First is always special; will they be super nervous and self-conscious? Spend a sleepless night afraid their love might stop breathing? (happened to me once!) Or just immediately relax and cuddle all night? Hog the blanket? Or would there be instant passion? But definitely MC won't take "i'll sleep on the couch" for an answer!

A/N: This is so cute i do enjoy cute thANK YOU (mainly because I can’t do angst i kinda just…. *slowly slides the angst inboxes to 626*) ~Admin 404


-He’d be pretty self-conscious about moving or snoring or something
-He’s so scared and tries to stay awake
-But that doesn’t work out, he falls asleep pretty quickly
-He likes to roll himself up into a blanket burrito and subconsciously forgets that you’re in bed with him
-It’s like fighting to the death to get into that blanket burrito just so you don’t freeze
-He’s used to cuddling a smaller stuffed animal, so he isn’t used to the fact that you’re a normal sized person
-You end up being the big spoon but that’s okay because he’s such a cutie omg

-Cool Calm Collected™
-Until it acTUALLY CAME TO IT *Internal screaming*
-He holds you close and absolutely loves the feel of you there
-You’re like a little heater and just WOW laying with you is way different than laying with Elizabeth
-But he just cannot sleep? No matter how hard he tries?
-He’s tried counting sheep, focusing on his breathing, focusing on YOUR breathing, but nothing worked out
-Gave up and accepted that he wasn’t going to sleep that night, he’ll have to drink a lot more coffee in the morning than usual
-It’s just what he’s used to, so it’s really hard to get comfortable enough to sleep
-He couldn’t help but admire how cute you looked when you were asleep, he couldn’t look away (though sometimes he forced himself too because wow jumin that’s a lil creepy stop that)
-Never once let you go though. If it seemed like you were waking up in the middle of the night, he’d hold you closer and internally freak out. He wanted you to have a perfect night’s sleep! Waking up would ruin that! HIS DARLING MC NEEDS TO SLEEP EVEN IF HE CAN’T

-Immediately falls asleep
-He has no problems sharing a bed
-He snores a little bit but it’s sooooo cute omg
-Rolls over and cuddles you as close as you can get to his chest
-Nuzzles his face against the top of your head and he’s just aDORABLE
- honestly he’s just glad he didn’t have any nightmares this time
-But he’s SUCH A BED HOG
-You wake up because??? Your ass hit the floor
-You throw yourself across him just so you can lay down and attempt to sleep and he just doesn’t move. He gets a good night’s sleep but you’re left strung across him, uncovered, annoyed

-He really didn’t want to because he’s very uncomfortable
-But he’ll give it a shot, just for you
-Absolutely no sleep at all (poor bby ;A;)
-What if you stopped breathing? What if something happened in your sleep? WhaT IF
- pls calm down saeran and just sleep
-He does like holding you though, won’t admit it, but he does
-When you put his head to your chest, hoLY SHIT
-He’s calmed down by the sound of your heartbeat cutie cutie
-Always makes sure you’re covered, comfortable, not too hot, not too cold
-Likes to drag his fingertips up and down your spine but if you make any sort of movement he practically throws himself away from you because he’s embarrassed

- but also really nervous???
- what if the beast comes out wHAT WILL HE DO
- he obviously wouldn’t do anything but still
- but all the nervousness goes away once he sees how sleepy you are
- totally not staring at ur legs
- and you find out Zen is a HUGE snuggler
- you should have known this???
- like he’s so affectionate when he’s awake, it just makes sense for him to treat u like a teddy???
- you’re dying cause he’s like a furnace and u jUST WANNA SLEEP but you can’t wake him up he’s so adorable
- since this your first time ever, of course he’s gonna be extra dramatic
- when he wakes up, he’s gonna stare at u cause ur gorgeous even with all the drool
- he showers you in kisses omg
- he just spends the morning spoiling you cause you’re his princess <3
- the first time you guys share the bed it’s totally an accident???
- usually after you two do the diddly do, you end up going home because you don’t have enough stuff at jaehee’s to stay over
- but over time all of your stuff magically started to collect at her place
- hell, the closet is is 75% yours
- so one night after the frick frack, you’re just chilling in bed with her, she’s drawing imaginary designs on you
- and you’re both so exhausted from work that you just fall asleep
- when you wake up in the morning, you find her snuggled up to her pillow and you burst out giggling
- you quiet yourself down though because you don’t wanna wake her up yet <3
- since she finally has a day off, you wanna let her sleep in and yOU’RE GONNA TREAT HER LIKE A PRINCESS TODAY
- you finally get up and make breakfast for two <3
- you and V take naps together all the time
- it’s like a hobby for u two
- so you thought sharing the bed the first time together wouldn’t be a big deal
- except you find yourself freaking out???
- he’s gonna see you when you wake up in the morning and you’ll look so ugly omg
- so you do everything you can to make sure you wont look to bad in the morning
- you use expensive perfume, you wear silk pajamas, you moisturize the heck out of your skin
- and when V walks in, you feel so ridiculous omg
- he’s just wearing normal pajamas, his hair is messy
- he knows he’s gonna look like a hot mess when he wakes up, he aint about to try
- when he sees you, his eyes widen cause damn u lookin fine, but he laughs because he knows exactly how ridiculous your thoughts must have been for u to do this
- so he just hugs you and you both go to bed and snuggle the heck out of each other <3
- you totally don’t set an alarm to wake up before him
- he also didn’t do the same exact thing

ok but….highschool au where jefferson is a jock but he’s bad at school and needs a tutor but is really embarrassed abt it,,,,also alexander thinking he’s showing friendly affection but is high-key swooning over him ft. alexander “im to tired to brush my hair” hamilton

i’m posting this in an effort to exorcise the demons:

draco malfoy losing a bet and his friends making him sing “i need a hero” at karaoke, scowling & staring firmly at the floor

harry potter, eyebrows raised and arms folded, watching

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Can you do a scenario on what kind of dads they would be pretty please?!

you got it anon! 


  • “hi hungry, i’m dad” “pls dad i’m so hungry” “……………….. hi so hungry, i’m dad” 
  • drives around a minivan 
  • dad jeans swag 
  • those ahjusshi jokes he makes?? oh buddy they’ve upgraded
  • literally every sentence out of his mouth is a pun 
  • groans only fuel him 
  • makes him more powerful, the daddest dad
  • for the first 3 years of his kids life he always was holding them in some way, their feet have never touched the ground 
  • always packs their lunch for school 
  • stress bought all the baby stuff very early on in the pregnancy 


  • cried when he held his kid for the first time (*sobbing* i love you so so so much and your cheeks were so chubby and there’s no baby more beautiful than you ever)
  • cried harder when he saw their little feet 
  • lots of kisses
  • falls asleep a lot with them in his arms bc he doesn’t want to let them go 
  • hundo p took off work to be with his child 24/7
  • vows to never return to work bc this little ball of sunshine is his LIFE 
  • found out that his kid really really likes the monkey magic song so the other apartments can hear kim jonghyun just passionately belting out MONKEY MONKEY MAGIC MONKEY MAGIC MONKEY MONKEY MAGIC MONKEY MAGIC MONKEY MONKEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY at all times
  • can braid really well 
  • super supportive but also super embarrassing (“honey??? do you want to go bra shopping??? is it time for that yet???”) 


  • one of those people who says his kid’s age in months (minho: ”he’s two!!! just say two years old!!!”)
  • floods everyone’s newsfeed with pics of his kid (”seriously kibum pls stop posting their poops”) 
  • THE pta dad
  • once had a smackdown with another parent for talking shit about his kid 
  • you bet your ass he found out who it was and protected his baby. martha is banned from the pta FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!
  • what a fucking legend 
  • bought so many pairs of baby socks and hats 
  • his child is so well-dressed they were scouted as a baby model 


  • when he hears he’s going to be a dad, babyproofs the house completely
  • threw out all his knives, forks, and chopsticks 
  • he only owns spoons now 
  • is just so amazed he just made another human 
  • his fridge is always stocked with cartons on cartons of milk
  • motto: “okay but don’t tell mom” 
  • really good at doing the airplane thing with his legs 
  • keeps a really meticulous scrapbook and makes lots of home videos 
  • turns the living room upside to make forts and castles 
  • always down to play dress up and pretend, gets super into it 


  • “you can’t name your child taemin pt. 2” 
  • made a three inch thick baby binder with all the information he would ever need to know from newborn to early adulthood (”i just want to be READY”) 
  • honestly was nervous at first but he’s researched literally everything he knows what to do in all situations 
  • plays piano for his kid while they sleep 
  • baby food tastes gross 

sometimes season three is too perfect.


I recently did some fanart for the Crunchyroll contest and thought I’d share with you all

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Hi! How old are you and how long have you been drawing seriously? Do you have any old drawings you'd like to share? asdfghjkl, sorry, I just really want to see how much you've progressed throughout the years. <333

This was such a fun ask, and also really nostalgic/embarrassing flipping through my old sketchbooks (thank god I started keeping them!) They’re in order, but I’m not quite sure which year they’re all from, but 2007-2014 I believe!

I used to be in love with manga and anime. These are only one/two pages from each sketchbook, but the rest of the pages are flooded with characters in embarrassing cliche romantic anime and manga moments. I also loved game fan art at the time, especially World of Warcraft, so I drew a lot of elves and orcs and draenei, even going as far as giving them names and writing stories for them haha. 

In my high school years I started to shift towards so many different styles. I started to make my work more realistic, but I also experimented with more graphic style work like comic/superhero art, chibi art, hyperrealism and even abstract and surreal art. 

Eventually I settled with an art style that merged all my experimenting – the style I have today, which I’m pretty happy with!
I’m 21 by the way!

It’s two in the morning, and there go my inhibitions!!!  NSFW-ish under the cut lol.

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The sensation of cold finger tips on his face awoke him from the depths of slumber. As Luke opened his eyes he was awarded with the sight of his beloved, hair disheveled from sleep, shirt askew exposing his shoulder. He leaned forward placing sweet kisses from his loves’ neck up to his lips, pulling back a bit after hearing Ryan giggle.

“You know, I don’t understand why you still wear that damn eyepatch,” he sighed palming his cheek and running the pad of his thumb softly along the scar on and around his right eye. 

“Baby, we’ve been over this-“ 

“Yeah, I know, Luke, I just…” pouting he looked away and continued, “It sucks that I can only see all of your face when we’re alone.“ 

"Look at me, Ryan,” he paused, only starting up again when he caught sight of beautiful hazel eyes. “The guys think I’ve lost all vision in this damn eye, hell, most of ‘em think I don’t even have an eye…" 

He reached forward and around to the back of Ryan’s head to tug gently at the hair there as his face slowly heated up. 

"I…If I told them that my cat got pissed at me and accidently scratched my face, they’d never lemme live it down…" 

Ryan smiled despite himself, here his man was, right hand to the leader of an underground gang, face flushed cherry red, embarrassed to all hell. He pulled himself closer to his face, kissing the scar. 

"The, great and mysterious, Cartoonz,” he stopped, giggling slightly, before continuing, “thwarted by a cat." 

Inspired by this amazing fanart~ https://yandie106.tumblr.com/post/160435960931/ohmtoonz-office-style-wearing-classy-and-elegant

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talk to me about the shadowhunters musical


probably based on this post:

“if shadowhunters ever has a musical episode, alec has to be the character to somehow swerve all of the songs. He walks out of the room, gets away in the last second, just always manages to escape. And then when he thinks he made it…. in the very last scene….
he serenades magnus”

  • so the whole thing is prob a spell (either seelie or warlock)
  • which means magnus obv isnt affected
  • and when everyone’s like: fix this!! he’s like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ spell will stop once the day is over yall have to wait
  • the singing is caused by high emotions or sth and alec hears this and is like ‘nope’
  • so every time there’s some kind of indication that ppl might start singing, alec immediately runs out of the room
  • just hightails it outta there
  • fucks right off
  • jace either has a ‘bet on it’ number or a fun little thing with simon
  • izzy and clary sing about Friendship  (👀)
  • clary sings some angsty song about Finding Herself
  • maybe….val is affected too and we get a Villain Song
  • Luke sings the best fucking thing, the entire pack as background singers, there’s dancing, maia has a solo
  • meanwhile, during jace’s number most likely, alec is like lmao bye and makes his way to magnus’ (he thinks that the spell wont affect him there bc of the wards prob well think again buddy)
  • its night when alec arrives at the loft, he joins magnus at the balcony and they talk a bit and alec’s like ‘no emotion could compell me to sing tbh’
  • and magnus talks a bit more and then realises that alecs gone oddly quiet, he turns to him and alec is pressing a hand against his mouth and is looking Shooketh bc HE SHOULDVE KNOWN
  • the one emotion that could make him sing is loooooove~ 
  • and magnus is delighted and very dramatically says ‘do what u must, alexander’
  • and then alec suddenly starts singing,,,, A LOVE SONG
  • fyi its either ‘only us’ from dear evan hansen or ‘i see the light’ from tangled
  • and alec is looking so embarrassed but also really determined bc magnus deserves the world, so magnus just…decides to join in? bc he doesnt want alec to sing alone?

@kinglets eheheh… here’s the soriku fic i’ve been blabbing about… i’m sorry it came out so late, and it’s kind of really rushed at the end. ._. also i’m like the corniest writer ever so sorry about that too

the prompt involved sora going back in time to that scene with riku in the end of kh1. but i kind of changed things up a little haha

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So Tony owns the Avengers merchandising rights and he starts pushing them hard, and there’s a lot of crappy stories going around, accusing him of being money-grubbing and making a dime anywhere he can.

Only it comes out pretty quick that a.) Tony doesn’t see a dime of the money, all the profit is going to children’s advocacy charities or something along those lines. And b.) Tony really only did this, it’s evidently clear, so he could completely deck out his life in War Machine merchandise.

He hasn’t been seen in anything but his War Machine hoodie in a month and a half now. His sunglasses are War Machine. He has a War Machine bobble-head on his desk. When he visits kids in hospitals, he brings them War Machine-themed toys.

Rhodey is horrifically embarrassed but also really, really pleased and maybe just a little bit more in love than he was before, as hard as that might be to believe (although if he could just get Tony to wash that sweatshirt now, that would be great. It’s starting to get gross).