but also one of the prettiest

A very pretty picture of Luke up close (featuring David and Hunter in the background) Also, can we talk about Luke’s eyes? They are 10 out of 10, would stare into forever.

YALL NEED TO START WARNING ME OR SOME SHIT I WASNT PREPARED FOR THIS ONE AT ALL!!! his eyes are the Prettiest™ they make me very mad n hes just,,, soft i cant believe im dead yall

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Putzie . I only wanted to reminds you that maybe you did not so brilliant choices in the past but always did what was the best for others,even if it meant hurting yourself. I also wanted to tell you that.. Your smile is pretty and is love to see a real one someday ! in sure it'll be the prettiest smile ! Who ever gain your love is part of the luckiest ! I really hope you'll be able to smile and laugh for real , soon! <3 I'm not really good at cheering up but think what I wrote (cheer up anon)

“What? This is a genuines smile, tanks fer bein’ so nice ta me.”

The signs as characters & beasts from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Aries: The Niffler

A small, independent, and defiant creature that has an obsession with anything shiny. Absolute scene-stealer, everyone wants one but not everyone can handle one.

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Taurus: Swooping Evil

A large creature, much like a butterfly, emerges from cocoon and kicks major ass. 

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Gemini: Jacob Kowalski

A really lovely human. Friendly, social, and incredibly adaptive. Also, he makes some damn good pastries.

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Cancer: Pickett, the Bowtruckle

The Most Adorable™. Has slight attachment issues, but covers it up with sass. Is willing to fight for loved ones. The creature version of (ง •̀_•́)ง

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Leo: The Occamy

The prettiest of all. Fiercely protective, can change size depending on the situation.

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Virgo: Porpentina Goldstein

Boss bitch. Will always fight for what’s right. Sometimes acts like they know what to do, but they don’t. Clever and determined as hell.

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Libra: The Thunderbird

Can sense danger. Always ready to get shit done. Just wants to go home most of the time. So statuesque and pretty. Reliable as hell. 

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Scorpio: The Demiguise

Mysterious as hell, always knows what everyones thinking. Can literally turn invisible when stressed. Super cool grandpa.

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Sagittarius: Queenie Goldstein

Living ray of sunshine. Seems like she may be stuck up but as soon as she speaks is an absolute delight. Smart, clever, and adventurous. 

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Capricorn: Percival Graves

Can’t quite tell his motives until the end. Dedicated, will stop at absolutely nothing. Calculating and powerful.

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Aquarius: Newt Scamander

People that first meet him think he’s quite odd, but he’s the most kind-hearted person on this planet. Cares deeply for loved ones, curious, truthful. Quite the rambler, but who cares he’s adorable.

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Pisces: Credence Barebone

Please, just someone give him a hug and fix the injustice done to him. He is a sensitive boy and deserves the care. Long story short, if pushed to the edge he will SNAP.

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50 Films Challenge - First film I remember seeing in the cinema - Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron

I had been waiting so long to run free, but that goodbye was harder than I ever imagined. I’ll never forget that boy and how we won back our freedom together.

a while ago i was reading old stories from people who met brendon many many years ago and i just remembered my favorite ones

  • someone saying “i love you” to him when he was getting water on stage and him replying “Believe me, I love you too”
  • someone asking him to smile in the photo and him replying “I do not smile, i’m so emo”
  • him telling someone “you’re one of the prettiest girls i’ve ever met, but i’m definitely the prettiest girl here”
  • someone taking cookies to the concert and brendon asking if he can have some and then just taking the whole box and walking away
  • someone randomly meeting him with his pants down?? i have?? no context for that other than he was also drinking a capri sun



So the other day I realized I was only like 6 achievements away from finishing the Glory of the Pandaria Raider achievement, and so I decided to get help from a few friends and finish some of the ones that required a group, and I did the rest on my own. 

The result?

Quite possibly the prettiest noodle I’ve ever seen!

I’ve always been aware of the Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent mount, but I don’t think I ever really noticed her. I never really noticed how pretty she is and how well her colors work with the heavenly theme. I never see anyone ever riding this mount either. It’s usually the Golden or the Azure one. 

Tldr; The Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent is absolutely stunning and I’m going to figure out a way ICly for my mage to have her.

Also, I changed Mei’s transmog and gave her back her buns. 

Will probably do another edit similar to this, but with Tejin and a heavenly jade serpent ♥

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your art deserves so much more attention than it gets, im happy youre getting so many lovely anons in your inbox !! gosh it's great, you must've worked hard man, love it


what if even gets an instagram account though? 

  • every single one of his posts are literally just really bad and blurry pictures of isak sleeping or isak eating or isak in the middle of doing something 
  • and all are extremely unflattering but his captions are always something like “isn’t he beautiful” or “the prettiest boy i’ve ever seen”
  • there are also a couple videos of isak doing something really stupid and even laughing in the background 
    • like attempting to jump a bush and just. falling flat on his face
    • or spending 38492 years debating between which snap back to buy
    • or tripping on absolutely nothing
    • or eating something and spitting it out all over his shirt
    • even still captions them with the sappiest things. except one that is just a super blurry close up of isak’s face with: “rarest cryptid spotted at your local kebab place”
  • isak & e-box’s first mixtape debuts as a thirty second video on even’s instagram account
    • isak’s rapping? so terrible it’s almost good, just like the cardamom toast. even’s beat boxing? actually decent 
    • they call it “so terrible it’s almost good” after the cardamom toast. isak argues about it though because he is still in denial about his rapping skills
    • denial is the first step in the grieving process, isak. and i am sorry to say you’re rapping skills were never alive in the first place 
  • occasionally though, even will show the true side of his photo taking skills 
  • i mean, this boy is in artist. he probably knows angles and colors without even really trying 
  • so sometimes he will post a beautiful picture of isak, with perfect lighting and a perfect angle. isak isn’t looking at the camera, doesn’t even know it was being taken, and it just looks so real 
  • all he captions it with is ❤️
  • sometimes he’ll post a couple doodles, too, or short guitar covers, or just. a video of him zooming in on isak’s face for no reason at all 
  • when will even get an instagram account 
The Prettiest Girl in School

Beneath decorations of pink, red, and white, girls danced with their sweethearts. My sights, however, were set upon she who sat alone at one of the tables, her chocolate brown eyes scanning the crowd. Between her thumb and index finger she twirled a pink rose. Her name was Vanessa, and she was, without a doubt, the prettiest girl in school, not just because of her looks but also because of her sweet, innocent disposition. From the moment I first saw her, I was lovestruck, though I could never muster up the courage to tell her how I felt. At least today I could leave her a Valentine’s Day gift.

“Did your date stand you up?” I asked, approaching her. “I guess.” she sighed. “I don’t even know who it is, only that they left this rose at my locker. It has this card tied to it that says, ‘To the prettiest girl in school’.” “Ooh, sounds like you got a secret admirer.” I teased, nudging her shoulder. She smiled timidly, her cheeks turning red. “Punch?” I offered, holding out one of two cups. “Thank you.” she said, taking it. We continued conversing, all the while watching others dance to the music that played. After about fifteen minutes, Vanessa began to grow disoriented. “Hey, are you alright?” I asked as she slouched over, head in her hands. “I…I’m not sure.” she groaned. “I feel…lightheaded all of a sudden.” “Here.” I said, helping her up. “Let’s get you outside for some fresh air.”

Outside the gymnasium, I knelt by Vanessa as she tried to regain her composure. “I think…I need to go…home now.” she managed to say. “I’ll call my parents; I can’t…drive like this.” “Well how about I bring you home?” I suggested. “Are you…sure?” she asked. “I don’t…wanna be a…burden.” “I have nothing better to do.” I answered, shrugging. “Well…okay.” she mumbled as I guided her to my car and buckled her into the passenger seat. As I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot, my heart pounded with excitement; I was looking forward to bringing the prettiest girl in school home…with me anyway. “Thanks again….for…helping me.” she slurred before her eyes fluttered closed. “Anything for my favorite student.” I replied.

The Signs as Crushes you have in your life.
  • Aries : This really beautiful girl you have in your class who you are scared to talk to because she always speaks out what she thinks and is really loud and sarcastic.
  • Taurus : This cute guy who works in the shop you always go to who always looks at you with his puppy eyes and smiles at the ground once you catch him looking at you.
  • Gemini : The stunning girl you meet at an internship who is actually the funniest and wittiest person you know but you're totally stuck in the friendzone.
  • Cancer : The friend you always had since childhood days who is not only the most caring but also one of prettiest people you know but you lost contact to after you went to another school.
  • Leo : The most popular girl in your school who is the leader of the "cool clique" of your school, she's not only an absolute stunner, she is also totally out of your league.
  • Virgo : The shy, nerdy boy in school you never really noticed but as soon as you started talking to him you notice how clever, adorable and interesting he is and you fall head over heels for him.
  • Libra : The charming, handsome boy in your friendgroup who always seems to be completely chilled out and balanced - you totally fall in love with him but it never works out.
  • Scorpio : The freaky girl you meet in your summer holidays. She is a bit mysterious and always comes up with new ideas - you two start a hot affair but never see each other again.
  • Sagittarius : The reckless, bad boy who always stands at the bus stop when you're there. He is extremely hot and you are probably never ready to even breathe next to him.
  • Capricorn : The first crush you have in kindergarten, this cute, little girl you share you very first kiss with and you never really forget.
  • Aquarius : You two started out as best friends. He is intelligent, loyal and the most beautiful person you know. Later you two kiss drunk at a party and both of you never admit that it meant more to you than "just friendship".
  • Pisces : Your one true love. This girl you meet at one point of your life and never forget because she is everything you ever wanted : she is sweet, beautiful, caring and kind. You two grow old together.

“listen..our commander on the Kerberos mission was the smartest man i’ve ever met. And he always said:

If you get too worried about what could go wrong, you might miss a chance to do something right.



- the one who tells everyone to chill before the exam but actually stresses about it the most himself

- always proud of himself when he answers correctly

- is also proud when his friends answer correctly

- whishes luck to everyone before exam

- popular af

- the captain of the basketball team


- pretends to be smart and gets mad when someone can prove that he’s wrong

- the one who’s always asking other people what they got from exam

- girls are jealous of his beauty

- is whining about how people ask to see how the homework should be done when they haven’t done it

- is whining about everything else too

- is always SHHH’ing when people are being too loud


- loves to help others do their homework

- has the prettiest notes

- is pretty good at every subject

- probably a member of the pupil council

- presses a pen against his cheek when he’s thinking

- always preaching about how important studying is and how everyone should work hard to get good grades and get to a good university


- always jamming to music while doing exercises (even when there is no music playing)

- is always asking for a pen, an eraser, or something else from others

- takes selfies during lessons

- takes selfies everywhere else too

- writes good essays and they’re probably from his dad’s binder

- he talks to people but realizes that nobody’s listening but still keeps talking because he doesn’t care


- screams a lot during the breaks

- gets decent grades

- confuses the art teacher with his strange and unique sense of art

- makes the team spirit of the class better

- gets a paroxysm everytime he gets a good grade from the exam and makes weird moves and weird noises

- the one who’s always asking if he can go to the toilet during the lesson


- actually likes school

- lives in the library

- gets good grades and is active during the lessons

- asks people a lot of guestions before exams and makes them feel like they have forgotten something important

- asks questions from the teachers after the lessons

- gets to read his essays in front of the class


- always headphones on

- salty af to everyone

- is a little evil who hides people’s stuff all the time and laughs and claps when they are desperately trying to find it

- hates presentations

- comes to class exactly when school is starting, he’s never early and never late

- laughs when people fail their exams and cries when it happens to himself


- smiles when he answers correct, smiles when he answers wrong, smiles when other people answer correct, smiles when other people answer wrong, literally just can’t stop smiling

- panics when teacher asks him something he doesn’t know

- loves to be in spotlight during the english lessons

- panics before exams (still smiling tho)

- judges people who don’t follow the school rules

- always wants to play something during breaks


- the one who’s often late

- doesn’t get anything when it’s explained for the first time

- has no idea what’s the next subject he’s having

- always clumsy; drops chalks, his pencil case and kicks the desks, falls when he has to go in front of the class

- ‘’when is the lunch break’‘

- has always sticky notes on his back and he doesn’t realize it


- never says a word during lessons

- pretends to be cool to become popular but everybody think he’s cute

- living meme, even in school

- stresses about math lessons

- during exams, he’s always peeking answers from other students

- never gets caught tho


- pretends to be dumb when someone is asking questions for the exam but then gets a good grade and confuses everyone

- the one who’s always telling stories about his life during lessons, and although the stories are related to the subject the teacher is talking about, they are seldom true

- makes everyone laugh, the teachers included

- loves to explain things to others so he likes presentations and usually makes them way too long

- has strange, random things in his pencil case (like dog food or toilet paper)

- just confuses everyone all the time


- the one who forgets to do his homework

- also probably the one who forgets about exams

- the one who everybody is waiting for during the lunch because he eats way too much but also doesn’t want to be left alone

- is popular but doesn’t know it

- is always copying other people’s answers to the exercises during the lessons

- always having some snacks in his bag


- the one who’s always quiet during lessons and pays attention

- can’t think clearly before exams

- always whining about his grades, no matter if they’re good or bad

- always the first one to sit in the classroom

- has a book with him even at lunch

- after exam he always wants to discuss about the answers and often ends up having a fight with someone about which is the correct answer

We were bored so we made this! Hopefully you liked it!

Which one of the members are you? 8)

Payed to Date (1)

(Based on 10 Things I Hate About You film)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually), College AU

Summary: As soon as Steve starts going to his new college, he’s infatuated with Natasha Romanoff, the prettiest and one of the most loved girls in the school. However she isn’t allowed to date until her ‘shrew’ older sister does and Steve is determined to find someone for her. Eventually, he does, but will his plan work? Or will it go down the plughole?

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 1.111

Author’s Note: So, I decided to write a series based on the film named ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ but I changed the title because my ongoing series also has a similar name. The POV will alter every now and then. And god damn it, it was a great movie I loved it so muchhhhhh!!! AAAAAAAhhh!!! Anywayssss, as always, enjoy and I hope you like it! (By the way this gif suits this part perfectly im so happy omg)

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Steve’s POV

“Oh wow, nine school in nine years.” the guidance counselor Maria Hill’s eyebrows formed a two-sided triangle as she read the paper in her hand. 

“Yeah, my dad, uhhh-” Steve stopped, looking for the right word to continue his sentence, “is an migrant worker. We always move-”

The counselor shrugged stopping him, “Well, I don’t care. You can tell those fairy tales to someone else.”

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Nobody asked, but in case you ever wanted close ups of my engagement ring headcanons for eremin~

  • The band is made of Eren’s cut and smoothed Titan armor; its kinda like a gold colored quartz crystal which is why it’s translucent and sparkles all throughout 8); he worked his ass off to make these for Armin lmao; the armor makes the ring very much a part of himself❤️ 
  • The stone in the center is a slightly off pink very iridescent saltwater pearl cuz they’re Armin’s favorite (since he adores the sea lol); Eren also specifically loves that pearls are beautiful gems formed in layers from years and years of growth inside an oyster (hopefully that symbolism goes without say lol); Eren made sure he found the 2 prettiest ones possible for their rings (which match btw) 
  • The 2 side stones are precious opals, Armin’s second favorite gemstone cuz they’re freakin gorgeous. But Eren also specifically chose opals because Armin explained that they form where fossils of dead things decay, and it’s to remind Armin that even when Eren is long gone from the titan curse, his life, his love, and his dreams with Armin are still there with him, so Armin should continue to live on. 
  • The stones are set in gold, and, again, a LOT of work went into making them, as you can imagine, even with assistance.

And of course Armin ADORED THEM, through and through, he couldn’t believe his eyes❤️❤️❤️ (and when Eren explained all the thought behind them, he bawled his big blue eyes out hehe ;w;)