but also notice the parallels


when you find a pawn partner, plans to dominate the world together taste so much sweeter

have you also noticed the parallels between throne of glass and now the last book in the series yet to come, both will be starting with Aelin as a prisoner being tormented and whipped. I don’t know why I just feel like this was very intentional and I’m sad because Aelin goddamn deserves to be happy and safe together with her mate and friends and kingdom, she’s been through enough pain.


“Who’re you?”

Beth didn’t speak, biting her lip instead. Her shoulders were squared and she lifted her chin. His eyes roamed her face and she allowed that too. They stopped on her forehead.

“What’s your wound? Did you get bit?”

She didn’t answer, but took a step forward. He lifted his machete higher in warning.

“Did…you…get…bit?” he growled out. She shook her head and his tension eased a little.

“What is your wound?” he asked.

“Gunshot,” she murmured. His eyes widened at that, and she supposed it was even more bizarre for other people to hear she survived such a thing.


It looked like a map out of Georgia and there was some sort of written scrawl at the bottom. The man’s next words caused her heart to stutter.

“Do you know Rick Grimes?”

The “yes” tumbled out before she could stop it. The man’s eyes lit up and he took another step forward. It didn’t feel threatening so Beth didn’t move away, but she watched him carefully.

“Is he a part of your group?”

Beth bit her lip before revealing: “He’s our leader.”

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Now that we see Rod rotisserie chicken Reiss titan approaching Wall Sina, I can’t help but wonder what his motive is. If he is a deviant, then he can’t just be approaching based on population. I’m also wondering if Annie and or Bertolt/Reiner will ever make an appearance again now that Eren has his new ability. I think it’s more likely that something would happen with Annie over Bertolt/Reiner/Ymir coming back now. But I’ve also noticed these parallels with Historia’s exchanges with her father and Annie. 

Remember the small flashbacks about Annie’s father?

Fathers and manipulative tactics.

Annie’s father doesn’t hug her in the manga, but the anime scene looks very similar to this one of Historia.

Remember Annie had those flashbacks as she was cornered by the survey corps in Wall Sina, and those thoughts of her dad telling her to treat the whole world as her enemy were the last before she crystallized herself. Maybe Annie could overcome whatever past relationship/trauma with her dad with the help of Historia? Or maybe she’s stuck as a foil character to Historia, idk I just want to find out more about Annie.

also everyone has noticed the parallels between kili/tauriel and bilbo/thorin, but have you noticed the parallels between tauriel and bilbo themselves

kili and thorin are both dwarves (obviously), but tauriel is an elf and bilbo is a hobbit so = race difference in both couples (also size difference lol),

and kili and thorin are both black-haired and tauriel and bilbo almost have the same hair color too… 

like i don’t know it’s almost like they created tauriel as a foil or a mirror for bilbo, and to have the parallels between the two couples

and tauriel and bilbo both have saved their lives (from the orcs for bilbo, the spiders for tauriel)

they both have seen them die tho

they both have received a “token” from them: kili’s stone, thorin’s mithril shirt (they both call it a token, kili “it’s just a token”, thorin words: “a token of our friendship”)

and obviously there’s the way botfa was edited, they kept alternating tauriel/kili scenes and bilbo/thorin scenes. especially the death scenes. thorin dies, bilbo sobs / cut to tauriel crying over kili’s death, thranduil explaining that it was real love and tauriel kissing kili / cut to bilbo completely silent and still (notice the little time gap, we haven’t seen bilbo leaving thorin so literally anything could have happened, yes i’m totally imagining bilbo kissing thorin and it’s killing me)

i know there are so many more maybe i’ll add some later but right now this all i can think of


These pictures are minor edits of Wil Wheaton’s recent [medium post] by twitter user [SpaceMidget75] who also noticed the unusual parallels between Wheaton’s apologetics and everyone’s favorite internet boogeyman, GamerGate.

The original post was made following some twitter drama where the infamous pseudo-celebrity was accused of misogyny and dogpiled on by twitter feminists and Hillary Clinton supporters. Why? Because he dared to call them “Hilary Harpies” in response to being labeled a problematic “Bernie Bro”…

Wheaton comes so close to having an epiphany that just because a bunch of idiots call someone a problematic misogynist and do everything they can do defame that person, it doesn’t mean that they are actually a problematic misogynist.

He’s baffled that he could even be targeted with such insults, even after everything he’s done to deify victims of (imaginary) internet harassment mobs. The connection between Wheaton and GG gets pretty tenuous when he starts whinging about privilege, but it’s still fascinating to watch him hang himself with his own double think.

Even as he wrestles with his own cognitive dissonance, there is a sliver of self-awareness, but he never allows himself reach the logical outcome of those thoughts. Instead, he just whines in the reply section to his own post that those problematic harassers at GamerGate are going to use this as evidence against him. And he’s right! Of course we are! We’ve seen this coming from miles away because this shit always happens. We told you so.

No matter how much of a spineless, pussy-whipped male-feminist SJW you are, Wil, you will still find a way to piss off these people that you’ve allied yourself with and they will turn on you without a second thought. One would think that you would have learned your lesson after they made to grovel for forgiveness because you used the phrase “spirit animal”.

But it’s all kind of moot, really. Wil’s career would be over in a blink if he ever admitted he was wrong about any of this. He’s so thoroughly entrenched in this kool-aid chugging nonsense that saying anything remotely apologetic towards GamerGate or calling out the hypocritical bullshit he’s so eagerly encouraged would have the angry mob ready to crucify him, and every other pseudo-celebrity and professional victim he’s cozied up to would publically disown his scruffy ass without a second thought.

So, perhaps the best thing would just be for you to Shut up, Wesley.

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GG mentioning Iris on Twitter!? Haven't seen that in awhile lol. Also, you mentioned you noticed some parallels btwn GG's current rl and his previous one. Care to elaborate? I mean to me he still seems rather different with L than HD.

I know, I’m still taken aback! 

Those parallels are more from lambchop’s end, but he’s part of them, too.