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for the au where jack is on broadway and davey wrote the book, can you do something with people flirting with Jack at the stage door? (bonus Jealous!Davey)

I really like this AU ^.^ I hope you like the fic! Thanks for the prompt.

Davey didn’t see the show of his book as often as he’d like to. There was something magical about seeing his characters brought to live and the creative team had done an incredible job with the score; it also didn’t hurt that his boyfriend was playing the lead and there was nothing Davey loved more than watching Jack act, even if he did always reflexively flinch when he had to kiss the other male lead. But writing another book took time and effort and he had a deadline that meant seeing the show more than once a month was impossible.

Settling for nightly feedback from Jack, Davey was kept up to date with who had fallen down which set of stairs or forgotten which line, laughing at Jack’s dramatic reenactments, but he was also informed on the nature of stage door that evening. A popular show with a young cast that was pretty active on social media was bound to draw a quick fanbase, Davey soon learnt, and that fanbase was mainly made up of teenage girls. As Jack told the stories they weren’t harmful in any way, they were just a little full on. There were definitely girls who had seen the show far more than he had himself and he couldn’t help but get a little jealous that these strangers had seen Jack with his shirt off close to 40 times in less than a year, if the numbers they quoted at stage door were accurate. Not that Davey didn’t get to see Jack with far more items of clothes off in a much more intimate setting on a regular basis, but the fact of the matter was that he didn’t like the way Jack described them. ‘Friendly’ and ‘keen’ could mean anything from genuinely just appreciative of the show to flirty and inappropriate. It took a while for one of Davey’s visits to coincide with the most zealous fans so he could find out which it was.

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Who is your favorite saint who was a pope? Do you have book recommendations for learning about the popes and apostolic succession?


I admire St. Leo because he was a brave and fearless man who helped to manage the city of Rome during a time of breakdown, chaos and foreign invasion. Leo also dedicated much energy to educating the clergy and giving them ideas for evangelization.

I admire St. Gregory because of his missionary zeal, and the energy he put into tapping certain people to go and preach, such as when he sent Augustine to preach to England. Gregory was also very kind to the Jewish people and tried to convert non-Catholics with the example of charity.

Although not canonized, I admire Pope Eugene IV, who when he heard that the Canary Islands were conquered and its inhabitants enslaved, wrote “Sicut Dudum” in which he ordered the Portuguese and Spaniards to free those who had been enslaved and to leave them in peace. Later on, Pope Paul III would also take a courageous stand against slavery of the Indians, even though slavery had becomes popular with both the Spaniards and the Portuguese.

I admire St. Pius V, who mobilized Spain and Venice to wage a naval war against the threat of an Islamic invasion to Europe. Pius V also carried out a fearless reform of the Roman Curia and other parts of the Church which had fallen into corruption and sexual immorality.

Although not canonized, I admire also Pope Pius VII who tried to deal with Napoleon in a conciliatory way, and finally opposed him, for which Napoleon invaded Rome and carried the Pope off as a prisoner. After the Napoleonic wars, Pius VII commanded great respect among European leaders and secured the rights of the Church in post-Napoleon Europe.

I admire also Blessed Pius IX, who had the longest reign in the Church, during a time of revolution and when the States of the Church were invaded and conquered by the armies of Garibaldi. Pius IX walked the streets of Rome, conversed with ordinary people, began the tradition of “papal audiences” in which he greeted tourists and pilgrims from all over the globe. When he died, Pius IX was hated for having opposed the unification of Italy, but within the Church he was beloved for having defended the Church and spread the faith with countless missionary projects.

I admire St. Pius X for having ushered the Church into the 20th century with a zealous program of catechesis of children and early First Communion. Pius X approved the founding of numerous orders of priests and sisters, and rebuked modern Catholic scholars who used literary criticism to water down the Bible as the inspired Word of God. 

I admire St. John XXIII for ushering the Catholic Church into the modern age with the reforms of the liturgy and of Church discipline at the Vatican II Council. He is hated by some as a “modernist” but he was the first pope since Pius X who had a gift for pastoral outreach and had his pulse on the thinking of modern people. 

I admire both Blessed Paul VI and St. John Paul II for all they did to keep the Catholic Church going during the most revolutionary cultural events of modern history, when the identity of the Church came under attack from all levels throughout the world. Both popes wrote copious amounts of Scriptural and spiritual advice to the world bishops to work tirelessly to evangelize in a time when many clergy and religious quit the Church.

So as you can see, it is hard for me to choose just one pope. As far as histories of the Papacy, it is hard to give a recommendation. My favorite was an old book written by Christopher Hollis in 1965, titled, “The Papacy: An Illustrated History from St. Peter to Paul VI.” The book has been out of print for many decades, but if you can find it in any large public library, it is a marvelous gem to go through, with numerous photos and illustrations that make for enjoyable study. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

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Have you watched the Tooru is the traitor theory by Joyboytheories? Do you agree with it? It's not based on her quirk, that'd be like all the people who were "complimenting" Shinsou's quirk. It's called The UA Traitor?


Hi yes I’ve watched it before and he made very convincing points. At the top of my head, aside from the most obvious one which is her Quirk:

  • Tooru was absent on the day they were voting on who would be the Class Pres, and that was the also the day Shigaraki destroyed the UA gate.
  • Tooru was missing in the USJ invasion literally, but she claimed to be with Todoroki who by some miracle did not freeze her.
  • The first point is already suspect because if she really was transported with Todoroki, then she would have been frozen since she’d be standing next to him.
  • When Kurogiri was warping them, people who are warped together are standing next together, but Tooru was far away from Todoroki! Making the likelihood of getting warped with him even less.
  • She was the one who suggested to go shopping at the Kiyashi Ward mall, and guess what happens there?
  • During Summer Camp and they were shown sleeping, on Tooru’s bed she apparently sleeps naked, but there were no indentations for her arms on the futon, so it’s most likely she had her arms on her chest. If she had the ability to make other things invisible, then maybe she was using that time to use her (invisible) phone.
  • In the villain attack in the summer camp, she most likely got herself knocked out so she’d be excused immediately from participating in fighting against the villains. (Actually I’m not sure if this is part of the video still or it’s just in my head. lul. Jirou and Tooru are the ones who got the worst condition from the gas attack, so Mustard could have deliberately targeted them first)

So yeah, the OP made a lot of good points! It’s not that I agree or disagree with these theories (I even made that old traitor theory with Kaminari), but like all traitor theories, it’s fun to speculate. All of us can’t be sure on who could be the traitor. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if there was no traitor after all and it’s just a red herring.

The video for the curious:

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Hello! by no means am I saying that you should like fics and aus because that’s you’re choice but can you please not call people who do invasive and disrespectful? Also, I love these people so much more that words can explain so please don’t say that we don’t see them as people because we decide to read about them in cute scenarios every once and a while :(

hello! no