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Organ theft

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Complete and utter hopelessness and dismay

i’m kinda obsessed with the idea of kaikana grif getting tex as an ai

wait… do certain superstitions originate from people with OCD?

“Step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back” for example?

Walking under a ladder, or opening an umbrella indoors is considered “bad luck” - stuff like that: do you think that’s where they possibly came from?

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oikawa x suga is one of your favorites? why not daichi x suga? that's so strange.

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Ahh, I know, I know. But hear me out. I love, love angst stories and stories that heal. They make my entire world. So, there’s this premise within two of the very few Oikawa x Suga doujinshis out there with this pairing. 

It tackles the concept of Oikawa and Iawaizumi not ending up together and Suga and Daichi not ending up together either. Oikawa and Suga, heartbroken by their true loves not returning their feelings, seek comfort in each other.

And they focus on some terrible habits to try to heal themselves and it’s just the journey of their interactions that reel me in. Think about it! What happens when the OTPs you love don’t… happen? It’s similar to real life. You may feel like you know you’re supposed to be with someone but real life doesn’t always make that work out, right? Sometimes the ending you get isn’t the one you had expected. 

I love this concept and I love the fact that Oikawa’s character usually gets knocked down a peg or two and he’s shown as pretty vulnerable around Suga because he knows that Suga feels the same way as he does, and he’s able to find comfort in just that. And I think it’s a breath of fresh air when Suga’s vulnerable side also peeks through and his collected personality crumbles. In a lot of the manga, anime, fan works, etc., you see Suga caring for others. But here, it focuses on how Suga feels. What he’s going through. And I can’t get enough of it! I feel like it’s such a unique and raw pairing under this premise.

If you want to know which doujinshi’s I’m referencing to, I’ll link them! I definitely recommend you read them! They’re some of my favorite doujinshis of all time. It’s from the same creator, but one of them is Suga’s story, while the other is Oikawa’s. 

Light Friend (Suga’s POV)

Night Friend (Oikawa’s POV)

These two doujinshi’s have made me fall in love with Oikawa x Suga completely. It’s pushed Kuroo x Tsukishima out to my number three spot and nestled into my number 2 spot easily haha. All because I love this concept SO much. (Kageyama x Hinata will always be my number one but that’s besides the point.)

If you’re interested in the only other three doujinshi’s with Oikawa x Suga that I’ve been able to find, I’ll list them here and here and here! I’m not a huge fan of these ones, especially the last one, but since this ship is pretty much a crack ship, I’ll take what I can get. :’)

I found some interesting things about some of the stuff that Dan Stevens has been in:

  • He starred in the movie The Guest
  • In the newest movie for Beauty and the Beast, “Be our Guest” is one of the songs
  • He plays a character named Nick Guest in a show called “The Line of Beauty
  • He plays David Haller in the new show Legion and “David” In The Guest.
  • In Downton Abbey, Matthew’s cook is named Ms. Bird and in Legion there’s a Melanie Bird
Control - Jongyu

Pairing: Jongyu
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1726
Warning: None
Description: Superpowers aren’t rare anywhere around the world anymore. The major part of humanity possess something. 

A/N: This is a snippet of a Sky High inspired kind of AU that I’ve wanted to write for a while and I’ve got a lot that I want to do with it but I’m not sure if you guys like that kind of writing?? So I wanted to post a little bit so you guys can tell me if you’ll actually like it before I dedicate a lot of time and effort on it. ^3^

“Do I really have to go?” Jonghyun sighs one last time already knowing the answer while he looks at his mom’s sincere expression.

“They’ll help you sweetheart.” She says, smiling albeit a bit tearfully. “It’s already a miracle I managed to keep you this long.” She adds, hugging him.

Before, Jonghyun didn’t think he was scared of going away from home but as he sees a bus stop in front of the house, his hand tightens around his luggage and he has to take a deep breath to calm his nerves.

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Who was the author of all those funny food-related columns? They are hilarious :)

His name was George Martin and he was a United Press Correspondent. He also wrote more serious stuff, especially after America entered the first world war. 

Aside from his views on things like cheese, string beans, and spaghetti, I can’t find out much of anything about him, but I’ll keep digging! 

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// do you not have any art that isn't rick n morty?? //

[ i do, but not online h aha. i’d like to keep this blog associated w just rick an morty stuff anyway u know?? like just iddk…… also im like super embarrassed w my more “””serious””” stuff LMAO i’d like to improve a lot more b4 i start posting anything aH.


ROTBTD AU >> Ouran High School Host Club
From Episode 8: The Sun, the Sea, and the Host Club!
Rapunzel as Haruhi & Hans as Kyoya

Let’s say the reason Rapunzel still has her long, blonde hair is because it’s a wig, and the Host Club wanted her to wear it or something hehe.

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Any tips on how to study for a GP rotation? :)

Hello! So we don’t really have a GP rotation, we sorta have it mixed in with everything else, but I just did my elective mainly in GP so hopefully I have some good tips.

1. Psychosocial. So firstly, bear in mind that there is a LOT of psych and social stuff in GP land. It’s not just diagnosing and treating, it goes beyond that. A patient might not come in because they have a symptom; they might come in because they’ve just got a divorce and don’t know what to do. Or they might come in because they are elderly and socially isolated, and want someone to talk to. 

So it’s really important to brush up on your consultation skills, especially for psych, and also know that there isn’t always going to be a simple answer.

2. Practicalities. Another thing that GPs have to deal that you don’t really learn much about in med school are things like fitness to drive, fitness to fly, time off work. We learn tons about diseases and symptoms in med school, but what do you do when a patient with COPD comes in asking if they can fly to Mexico next week? Or someone with depression says they can’t bear the thought of going to work tomorrow? There’s a lot of this in primary care, and it’s important to know about the rules and regulations of things like this. 

There’s also more serious, legal stuff GPs have to deal with - for example, what do you do if you suspect your patient is being domestically abused? So it might be good to look up guidelines about that sort of stuff.

3. Dealing with uncertainty. In med school, we learn that firstly, the patient comes in with symptoms. Then we investigate the patient thoroughly, until we reach the diagnosis. Then, we treat the patient. Well, that really doesn’t happen all the time in primary care. GP’s will often have to consider the differentials and go with what they think is most likely, even though it hasn’t been confirmed. You can’t just send every single patient off for all the investigations - you have to learn how to assess the risk of a patient and the chances that something actually serious is wrong. This is the main thing about being a GP - is it serious? Does this patient need to be referred or not? 

4. Following on from that, know your red flags!! This is so important for GPs - after all, they are the gateway to medicine, and it’s important not to miss worrying signs. Learn your red flags for back pain, for cough, etc. 

5. Differentials. This is probably obvious, but GPs need to be REALLY good at differential diagnoses for different symptoms! And especially focus on the more common ones. Common things happen commonly.

6. Brush up on your knowledge of common things seen in primary care and how to approach them. From what I’ve learnt and from experience, these are things like: Back pain, depression, MUS (medically unexplained symptoms), anxiety, asthma, hypertension. All the common stuff! 

7. Oh and knowing stuff about screening and prevention of disease is really important, as it’s usually GPs who deal with that. E.g. cervical cancer screening, checking things like blood pressure and doing risk scores (like QRISK) etc. Smoking and alcohol problems, and help with quitting, is also another huge thing.

I’ve probably still missed out loads of stuff but I hope that gives you an idea of what sortof stuff to study anyway! Also, I recommend the chapter on primary care in the Oxford handbook of Clinical Specialties, if you’ve got that. Good luck! x

Many years ago, on this day, a baby appeared into the world, and many years later that baby is not a baby anymore. But he is an amazing buddy and a spectacular artist

I have had so much fun talking about goofy (and sometimes also more serious) stuff with you over the short time I’ve known you so far. I also love seeing your work from time to time and I’m enjoying running our Flowisk blog.
You’re funny and friendly and you have SO many great ideas. I am very glad to have gotten the chance to talk to you and get to know you, and I look forward to many more ridiculous conversations and such in the future.

Here’s to many more, and best birthday wishes, my friend!✨

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The whole scene was heart wrenching. The whole crew was really worried cause Luffy had almost drowned, then he got shot after he started walking towards them again. They were all super upset but the way they sliced the angles is what really got to me. They had a shot of Luffy's face as the bullet hit him, then Nami, Usopp, and Foxy's reactions before having Luffy hit the ground right in front of Zoro. His little "hey" was like a kick in the liver before being being stabbed by his scream

And the fact that before that it took so much effort for Sanji and Zoro to even speak makes that so much worse. Half of them were panicked and angry and the other half were just dead inside. That entire sequence was so painful, the pain and desperation in every character’s voice just. hurt me. ugh.

But the scenes that hurt me the most are almost always my favorite… this might be an indication of masochistic tendencies but man. I just really, really like a quality portrayal of fear and grief and pain… that very possibly makes me a sadist instead?? Who knows, but that scene was painful.


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