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Control - Jongyu

Pairing: Jongyu
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1726
Warning: None
Description: Superpowers aren’t rare anywhere around the world anymore. The major part of humanity possess something. 

A/N: This is a snippet of a Sky High inspired kind of AU that I’ve wanted to write for a while and I’ve got a lot that I want to do with it but I’m not sure if you guys like that kind of writing?? So I wanted to post a little bit so you guys can tell me if you’ll actually like it before I dedicate a lot of time and effort on it. ^3^

“Do I really have to go?” Jonghyun sighs one last time already knowing the answer while he looks at his mom’s sincere expression.

“They’ll help you sweetheart.” She says, smiling albeit a bit tearfully. “It’s already a miracle I managed to keep you this long.” She adds, hugging him.

Before, Jonghyun didn’t think he was scared of going away from home but as he sees a bus stop in front of the house, his hand tightens around his luggage and he has to take a deep breath to calm his nerves.

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