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I found some interesting things about some of the stuff that Dan Stevens has been in:

  • He starred in the movie The Guest
  • In the newest movie for Beauty and the Beast, “Be our Guest” is one of the songs
  • He plays a character named Nick Guest in a show called “The Line of Beauty
  • He plays David Haller in the new show Legion and “David” In The Guest.
  • In Downton Abbey, Matthew’s cook is named Ms. Bird and in Legion there’s a Melanie Bird

i’m kinda obsessed with the idea of kaikana grif getting tex as an ai

Control - Jongyu

Pairing: Jongyu
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1726
Warning: None
Description: Superpowers aren’t rare anywhere around the world anymore. The major part of humanity possess something. 

A/N: This is a snippet of a Sky High inspired kind of AU that I’ve wanted to write for a while and I’ve got a lot that I want to do with it but I’m not sure if you guys like that kind of writing?? So I wanted to post a little bit so you guys can tell me if you’ll actually like it before I dedicate a lot of time and effort on it. ^3^

“Do I really have to go?” Jonghyun sighs one last time already knowing the answer while he looks at his mom’s sincere expression.

“They’ll help you sweetheart.” She says, smiling albeit a bit tearfully. “It’s already a miracle I managed to keep you this long.” She adds, hugging him.

Before, Jonghyun didn’t think he was scared of going away from home but as he sees a bus stop in front of the house, his hand tightens around his luggage and he has to take a deep breath to calm his nerves.

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Who was the author of all those funny food-related columns? They are hilarious :)

His name was George Martin and he was a United Press Correspondent. He also wrote more serious stuff, especially after America entered the first world war. 

Aside from his views on things like cheese, string beans, and spaghetti, I can’t find out much of anything about him, but I’ll keep digging! 

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// do you not have any art that isn't rick n morty?? //

[ i do, but not online h aha. i’d like to keep this blog associated w just rick an morty stuff anyway u know?? like just iddk…… also im like super embarrassed w my more “””serious””” stuff LMAO i’d like to improve a lot more b4 i start posting anything aH.

Many years ago, on this day, a baby appeared into the world, and many years later that baby is not a baby anymore. But he is an amazing buddy and a spectacular artist

I have had so much fun talking about goofy (and sometimes also more serious) stuff with you over the short time I’ve known you so far. I also love seeing your work from time to time and I’m enjoying running our Flowisk blog.
You’re funny and friendly and you have SO many great ideas. I am very glad to have gotten the chance to talk to you and get to know you, and I look forward to many more ridiculous conversations and such in the future.

Here’s to many more, and best birthday wishes, my friend!✨


ROTBTD AU >> Ouran High School Host Club
From Episode 8: The Sun, the Sea, and the Host Club!
Rapunzel as Haruhi & Hans as Kyoya

Let’s say the reason Rapunzel still has her long, blonde hair is because it’s a wig, and the Host Club wanted her to wear it or something hehe.


CookieBunsTM presents you, the Chinese Buns saga.

We, cookiekrio, lilia and junky are showcasing a series of hot, steaming Chinese buns.

By one of our most talented chefs @liliachuu (ur a friggin’ star)

We have the Cheek Buns

The Bun-buns


and lastly

There is a limited edition for your eyes to feast on only by yours truly @junkpilestuff​ (not-so-angry peanut by @borurou​) 

Bone appétit :^)

and this is mine:


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What other Ru Girls is your girlfriend then and why?

Well, definitely they’re Alyssa Edwards because they are loud, proud and never afraid to be random and silly and they care for everyone so also very much a mawmaw figure for many. They are also Violet Chachki not only for being gender fluid, but also for their love of vintage burlesque and the fact that they can make me melt into a puddle cause they’re both so pretty. They are also Adore Delano, but the more serious and deep stuff that Adore writes. And lastly, they are Trixie Mattel because the way they scream-laugh and the way they tolerate my constant Contact references, sex jokes and anxiety problems

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I've read all the way through my favorite character's tag on this blog at least eight times I think I may have a problem. (I'm also gonna keep requesting more stuff about the character.) But on a serious note, thank you mods for running this blog, it brightens my day often!

hHGKG, props to you for getting through the tag 8 times, wowie!! We’re happy to hear that, & we’ll do our best to keep things running smoothly!

- Mod Mellow

Skincare Basics: Why you need to Remove your Makeup

Playing with makeup is great fun, there’s nothing like having a buffet full of eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes and eyeliners that you can get creative with, but it’s important you also remember the more serious stuff like removing it all at the end of the day.

Whether you choose to breakup your makeup with a cleansing oil or start the first step in your cleansing routine with a makeup wipe is up to you, but one things for sure: removing your makeup is an essential step that shouldn’t be ditched. Need convincing?

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cutest dad in the commonwealth looks at cutest reporter like she’s the world, more at 7

i feel like i haven’t drawn in a while so i did a quick attempt at some new coloring stuff… yeah this is sloppy…. 


Sometimes I forget how hard John and Hank work to make good Vlogbrothers videos. I always see it as something that they ALSO do, along with other more serious, regular-job like stuff (like writing, or crash course or running businesses etc.) 

It’s wonderful that they see Vlogbrothers as a real job too (really seems like they do, even though it doesn’t pay), and put in so much effort and creativity and humour and awesome-ness into it.