but also makes me wonder what show some of them are watching

there’s a myth that teachers work seven hours a day, nine months a year. there’s this joke: name three reasons to become a teacher - june, july, august. 

if you’re worth your salt, you know better. you know the day usually is at least nine hours long, if not twelve (thanks, staff meeting that ran late again), you know that you spend your summers locked in small rooms learning and re-learning the smallest tactic that might help your students; endlessly on Pintrest because oh my gosh, isn’t that just the best idea for a sensory table. or a new name board. or this would really help them understand the activity; yes it’s going to cost me but gosh, isn’t it lovely. you know that being a teacher also sometimes means being a parent, kind of, and being a jailer, kind of, and being a hardass, kind of, and being the kindest person in their life. you know sometimes your role is “you gave me the hope i needed to keep studying” and sometimes it’s “you showed me i needed to work harder.”  being a teacher is watching the entire series of my little pony just because it’s what’s cool with the kids and you think you could make a curriculum from it and it’s also deliberately pretending you don’t understand cultural references just because it makes kids squirm. it’s giving “a little extra” all the time, every day, a little extra points for that one student who needs it, a little extra hug, a little extra thought, and time, and emotional labor, and heart, and heart, and heart.

the interesting thing about being both a student and teacher at certain points in my life means that i came face-to-face with the idea i was going to lay down my life for a student before i’d even hit 21. at 19, taking lessons on how to distract a shooter should-it-ever-occur; a cop looked me in the face. “are you ready?” he asked. “will you die for them?” he had a gun on his hip. i hadn’t even met my class yet.

sometimes, i don’t match perfectly with my students. i mean, you always like them, a little, even if they drive you nuts, but some kids just won’t click with you. it’s kind of a hard thing to learn; you assume it’s because of you, and your failure to become some movie-star teacher who touches the life of every bill and sally. but the truth is, kids got stuff going on at home and in their bodies and in their friends and they don’t always have time or energy to be patient and listen or whatever you need from them. but you try, you know. and then you’re asked. hey, this kid that won’t listen, that hits other kids, that uses slurs. you’ll die for him, right? you’ll give up that big beautiful future you got, that family that loves you, that home and that slice of cake. you’ll give up that summer cruise you’ve saved up for since july and your brother’s wedding. for this kid? 

i do have, like. a gauge about things. sometimes, and i mean this truly and deeply, i am simply not paid enough for certain nonsense. no, no, who cares i’m not paid enough for crayons or markers or books or literally half the supplies i have in my classroom (i’ll find a way, in my budget, to provide, always, every time, no matter what it takes out of my mouth). usually it’s inter-community drama or parents who are somehow standing in the way of their student’s education or administration yet again slashing an important lesson/curriculum/whatever-they-get-their-hands-on. i’m not paid enough for a lot of things, but i still do them. i’m not paid enough to make your children extra food or be sure they get their vitamins. i’m certainly not paid enough to die for them.

often the argument “just bring a gun” comes up. how silly to anyone who has worked with children. there’s safety risks, huge safety risks, and then there’s anything in a classroom. if you think something is safe, it is not. kids will find a way to hurt themselves on nothing but an empty floor if you give them the time. i wonder if this what they tell police officers who were shot in the line of duty - well, it sucks but you should have had some type of superhuman reflex and simply not been shot. after all, you had a gun. this personal gun somehow cancels out the bigger automatic gun. two wrongs make a right. my personal gun would somehow empower me in such a way that i could not only predict the movements of a shooter but also have the aim, calm, and consideration to shoot him before he shot me. my teaching degree did not come with a CIA training course. i have bad vision. i know, faithfully, in the pit of my stomach, where the tiny terrors are that, should i even have a gun, i would not shoot it. i wonder, always. what would that look like. the police don’t know who is the hero when they break down doors. and, should i die in that classroom, my death will have a whisper: don’t politicize it. let it, the others say, remain meaningless.

sometimes a cop will look at you and ask, are you ready? are you willing? are you comfortable knowing that this humble job, this often-thankless, often-joyful job: it has a policy expecting you to face a man armed to the teeth. and die for each child in that classroom, even the child who drives you nuts, even when you aren’t paid enough, even when you’re giving up your family and your love, even when people will blame you for not having a gun. and you know, somehow, the minute you step into a classroom. you know the minute you see them. it rings in your chest like a second heartbeat: yes, yes, yes, i would gladly do it, i would die twice if i was allowed to do it, if i could save one, if i could save any, yes, of course, unhesitatingly. because you love them, even when you hate your job, and you love them in a way that means you know would stretch out your body at 19 years old and give it up, because, somehow, you understand “protect and serve” in the core of your bones, in the grit of you, that these children are yours, are an extension of your twelve-hour days and hungry belly and endless working, and that the love you have will make that choice effortless, easy, a promise you make even if nobody ever asks for it.


three days ago, my second graders came in from the cold when i got the first question. a tug on my sleeve. “miss raquel?” her eyes are dry. she’s just thinking. “when a shooter comes, are we ready?”

and i realized: we’re asking them to die, too.

I am so here for the Ineffable Husbands being protective godfathers and I’m gonna go ahead and explain why. 

Firstly, obviously they were raising the wrong child for Eleven years but you bet your ass they were still raising that little sucker. Theoretically, their involvement in this child’s upbringing could have been the bare minimum; Nanny Ashtoreth very well could have been neglectful at her job and only really interfering when she needed to encourage evil. This she didn’t do. She was in Warlock’s room tucking him in at night. She was playing his music box for him. 

When Warlock asks for a lullaby what does she say? 


Of course, Dear 

And you bet your ass she sings to him. 

This isn’t the routine of a person only interested in inspiring evil into a child. Crowley is here to make sure the antichrist grows up normal so we can assume he is also here to actually be a nanny. 

Can you imagine what kind of hijinks they would have gotten up to in those eleven years? You bet Nanny Ashtoreth was kissing scraped knees and Gardener was showing Warlock fox cubs that were born in the bottom of the garden. They were both just generally involved in him as a person. 

Then you have Adam. 

Granted they got off to a bad start when Aziraphale!Tracy was literally aiming a weapon at him while Crowley egged him on. But in their defence, it was a pretty desperate last attempt to avert the end of the world and they hadn’t realised Adam had chosen humanity too. 

When they do come around, though, after Aziraphale is gifted a new body and three of the horsemen are defeated we get some truly amazing moments between the angel, the demon, and this child they have known for maybe thirty minutes. 

Aziraphale moves to defend Adam almost immediately. 


He looks at Crowley first like he is very much expecting the demon to do something, and then instantly steps up. He could have made his point about the Great vs Ineffable plan from where he stood but he chooses to step up to Adams side and confront his higher-ups head on like he’s afraid of what they’ll do to the child if he keeps saying no to re-starting armageddon.  

Then we get Crowley doing exactly the same; he moves to Adams other shoulder and we get this wonderful image of them practically standing guard over the boy. 


I don’t think I even need to explain this one. 


That gif without context looks like some proud ass parents with their son at a science fair and no one will ever convince me otherwise. 

But that isn’t the end of things. 

In a fit of anger both respective leaders, Gabriel and Beelzebub, say some pretty unpleasant things to Adam. And on my first watch, this moment grabbed me as inherently protective; it’s also a moment I think is a tad unappreciated. 


Look at their faces. 

That tiny little purse of Aziraphale’s lips. He’s just recently come to the realisation that angels aren’t that great and he’s watching Gabriel literally insult a child. Antichrist or not, he looks uncomfortable with this interaction. Even a little annoyed by it. 


That’s the face of a man biting his tongue so as not to start a fight. 

And I mean. Crowley probably looks at Gabriel (or any archangel) with disgust as a general rule but he looks extra infuriated at that moment like he really can’t believe what’s coming out of his mouth. We’re probably about one insult away from a full-on sneer. He is not a happy demon. 


The face of a demon trying not to throw punches tbh. 

Let’s not forget the look of utter concern on their faces when Adam’s satanic father gets mentioned. 


Everything about the interactions in the other plain is absolutely perfect. Everything they say to him first of all, the soothing tones and the whole Human Incarnate speech was a brilliant representation of them being supportive godfathers. 

But there was still something that struck me as sweet. 


Crowley immediately puts his glasses on before trying to address Adam; up to this point he’s not bothered. Not since Hastur broke them. So I’ve always interpreted this as Crowley trying to make himself less intimidating to the child by covering up his eyes. 


And I am of course such a sucker for the For good or for evil, we’re beside you interaction. The holding his hand was almost too much for my fragile heart to take. 

Both Crowley and Aziraphale continue to shout words of encouragement to Adam during his interaction with satan. Say it again, Adam. 

We round it off with one of my favourite moments in all of the Adam + Ineffable Husbands interactions and that’s Crowley’s immensely proud little face when he realises that Adam defeated satan and rewrote reality. 


He’s so pleased. Look at his little grin. He’s so proud of their antichrist godson. 

And that is why I will go to the grave insisting that after the Notpocalypse, Crowley and Aziraphale 100% kept in contact with Adam Young. AND they sometimes still get letters/emails from Warlock, to which Nanny and Gardener OBVIOUSLY will respond to. 

Ineffable Godfathers. 


- Clean your backpack and organize your books, notebooks, laptop and study materials you will be needing for the week

- Clean your pencil pouch in case you have random things that have ended up there

- Meal prep- if this is something you don’t do at all, maybe see how it works for you for a week. If you are not a meal prepper, try setting aside the food you’ll have for breakfast the next day

- Clean your bedroom and study space- this will help clear your mind. Having a clutter-free space will relax you aswell

- Update your bujo/agenda with the upcoming events of the week- also, remember to re-write any tasks that you haven’t done from the previous week

- Make a to-do-list for Monday- categorize according to priorities. Also, try starting your list with a task you know you will easily accomplish, such as “eat breakfast”, so that you are motivated to keep on crossing tasks

- Work out- maybe go for a walk to breath some fresh air and fuel your brain with oxygen, or do whatever helps you move a little bit more than what you usually do during the weekdays

- Have a set beauty routine- paint your nails if that’s what you like, apply a hair or face mask, exfoliate your skin, have a bubble bath, or do whatever you know that will relax you and set you in a good mood

- Review your goals, short, medium, and long term- if you have not written any, this is a good time. It’s always a good thing to check your accomplishments and remind yourself of your future plans. This will help motivate you and will give you an extra boost of energy for the start of the week to keep yourself focused on working on your dreams

- Check the weather for the next day and prepare the clothes, makeup, perfume, etc, that you’ll be wearing for the week- having some extra time in the morning is always nice, as you don’t end up wasting 30 minutes of your time deciding what to wear (as it has happened to me plenty of times)

- Have a tray dedicated to store all the necessary things you can’t forget before leaving your house- gather all of them, such as your keys, your wallet, a water bottle or anything you know you will be needing and place them on the tray

- Water your plants- if you don’t have a set schedule for watering your plats, Sundays are the perfect days for that

- Empty your binders, notebooks or bag from lose pieces of paper and place them where they should be- this way you’ll make sure you’re not misplacing any important information that you might need in the future

- Check your fridge and pantry, make a grocery list and go shopping- by doing this, you’ll be certain that you won’t be running out of the foods you mostly eat in the middle of the week. If your grocery shop is located at a walking distance, you can take advantage of this and use that opportunity to breath fresh air

- Finally, have some time for yourself!- watch a movie, catch up on your favourite show, watch some youtube videos, read a book, write on your journal, play your favourite instrument, have some tea, or do whatever makes you happy. Taking care of yourself will never not be a productive thing to do.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


In our latest Music Spotlight, we’re highlighting writer, singer and performer, Ariana and the Rose. She’s released a series of singles and videos that we can’t get enough of, and we were lucky enough to catch up with her and discuss her aesthetic, advice and inspirations.

The month of May marks Mental Health Awareness month. If you could tell your teenage self about mental health, what would you tell them?

I would say that maintaining your mental health is an ongoing process. It’s never just a quick fix, or feeling like you’ve got everything together for the moment and then it stays that way forever. I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned recently is to say no to things when I feel like I need a small respite. In a world where fomo is so real, saying no in the name of self-preservation is an amazing tool.

Who and/or what influences your overall aesthetic - from your music to your style to your fashion sense?

My music and fashion is fusing a lot of different things! I’m really influenced by different cities and the street style and energy of them. Getting to travel and take in other people’s fashion and speed of life is something that bleeds into my music, visuals and personal style. Living in London definitely shifted my aesthetic and merged with the New York energy I’ve always had to make something new that never would have come out had I not gotten to spend time in both cities. I also love films, my visuals and music always pull from a cinematic quality, which is really about storytelling and wanting to give the audience an experience to get lost in. I love me some drama!

Favorite TV show growing up?  

Dawson’s Creek! :)

What’s the message you hope people take away from your newest song You Were Never My Boyfriend?

That sometimes choosing yourself means walking away and being alone will always be more fulfilling than staying in with someone who doesn’t appreciate every piece of you.  

One thing you’d never leave the road without?

Face cream and chapstick! It gets dry in those vans and venues.

You’ve already had the opportunity to collaborate with many creatives across all industries. That being said, is there one piece of advice that has stuck with you most?

Something that has always struck me is that whenever I’ve been fortunate enough to meet creative people who are super successful, in certain cases my heroes, every one of them still has a sense of wonder and curiosity. They all at the heart of it, just love what they do. You can see it in how they speak about what they make, whether the medium is music, film or theater, the length of their careers has not dimmed the fire that makes that want to create. It’s never been specific piece of advice I’ve gotten but it feels like a huge lesson to learn and take with me.

Want to hear more from Ariana? Yeah, we know you do. Check out her official video for You Were Never My Boyfriend here and then swing on over here to listen to her music (including her brand new cover of Bye Bye Bye).  

blvckwidow  asked:

Okay but what abt Tony going in to Peter’s school for career day? Like where the parents talk abt their jobs?

lmaooo this was supposed to be a quick prompt but then it turned into a full-fledged little fic and now it is 2 AM, so I will finish the rest of these prompts tomorrow (later today technically I guess)

“Hey, May?”

May looked up from spreading butter on her toast.

“Yeah Pete?”

“I was just wondering,” Peter started, fiddling with the fork in his hand, “next week is career day at school… they’re having a bunch of kids parents come in to talk about what they do, you know, try and give the students some idea where they might want to work after high school. Do you… do you think you could do it? They asked our class to bring our parents, so….”

May sighed as she sat down her knife. Peter dropped his eyes back to his eggs, disappointment burning in his stomach as he already knew what May was going to say.

“Peter, I… I wish I could,” May said softly, “I really do, but I can’t afford to take off work right now. Money has been a little tight lately, you know? I can’t afford to lose more shifts than absolutely necessary, you know?”

“Yeah,” Peter said, gesturing with his fork and trying to appear nonchalant, “yeah, I get it. Work is more important.”

“Peter, that’s not what I–”

“No, no,” Peter rushed to reassure her, guilt burning through him at the pained look in her eyes, “I didn’t– I didn’t mean it like that. I just mean, you know, money is important for… for living, so going to work is important. Besides, it’s not like everyone’s parents are going to be able to show up for the same reason, right? It’s alright, May.”

“I’m sorry, Pete,” May said quietly, reaching over to place a comforting hand on Peter’s arm. “I know its hard for you when these kind of things happen. You know if I could, I would.”

“Nah, it’s fine, it’s alright,” Peter said, staring at her hand on his arm. He tried to ignore the burning in his eyes, not really succeeding. It always sucked when he wasn’t able to participate in the parent-child functions the school put on, especially since Ben died, but he knew it wasn’t anyone’s fault. He knew May would be there for him if she could, but he also understood why she couldn’t.

He cleared his throat and glanced at the clock on the wall. Shoving the last of his eggs in his mouth, he stood and grabbed his backpack from the back of his chair.

“I should head out, I’m gonna be late,” he said, proud at how steady his voice sounded.

“Okay,” May smiled, pushing her glasses up her nose as she watched him go, “have a good day! I love you.”

“I love you, too,” he shouted over his shoulder as he rushed out the door.

May rubbed her hand over her eyes as she sat back in her chair. She knew it was hard for Peter when he had to be alone on days when parents were asked to visit classes, ever since he was a little kid. Her and Ben always tried to work it out so at least one of them was available to go with him, but they couldn’t always make it. She hated the thought of Peter sitting alone in class while all the other kids got to show off their parents and what they do, but they really just couldn’t afford to lose any money at the moment.

Looking at the clock and grimacing at the time, she got up to gather her stuff for work. She grabbed her purse off the counter, not realizing it was upside down, and cursing when everything fell out of it. She crouched down to gather all her stuff when he saw her phone light up with a text.

Tony Stark
Hey May, just making sure we’re still on for Peter coming to the tower after school today. Let me know if I need to pick him up.

She stared at the name on her screen, an idea popping into her head. It was probably a long-shot, Tony was a busy man, but it was worth a try at least.

Before she could change her mind, she unlocked her phone and pressed the call button. She held it up to her ear and waited as it rang.

“Hey, Tony? Yeah, it’s me. Wha– no, no, Peter’s fine. Yeah, he can go to the tower, that’s fine. Listen, I uhh… I kinda need to ask you a favor, if you’re willing. For Peter.”

{read more below}

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The Best Perfume Insults

I love people’s writing about perfume, because it’s forced to be so creative.  Scent is hard to talk about, so people have to resort to stories and metaphors, all of them intensely personal to the writer.

And when they don’t like a perfume, that creativity gives forth some of the best insults.  I have here curated my favorites from Perfumes: The Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez.  The list is long, but trust me, they’re all worth reading.

A disclaimer: The same thing that makes perfume reviews fun to read also makes them super subjective.  I have never found less of a consensus on anything than on perfume.  In other words, if you find your favorite perfume on this list, please don’t take it personally (and don’t blame me- I haven’t smelled most of these myself!)

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what i know about critical role, in summary

almost everyone i know is into this show except me, and this is what i’ve picked up by osmosis or them explaining things to me:

  • there’s some dude with like ten names (one of them is percy but goddamn if i know the rest) who wears glasses that have smaller glasses attached and a lot of people like him and are also really sad for him?
  • vex is the one with the bear and also probably the best?? i think she wears feathers?
  • also yeah there’s a fucking bear apparently, how can they sneak anywhere it’s a fucking beAR
  • I REALLY AM CONCERNED ABOUT THE BEAR, LIKE, is he okay even if he’s not sneaky
  • there are really cute girlfriends, somewhere (one of whom is blonde?)
  • the bard(?) made a shirt of that one meme of matt mercer pointing and possibly lost inspiration points for it
  • there was a dinosaur at some point?
  • i think their mage(?), keyleth, apparently has really big deer horns and i wonder constantly if she ducks every time they enter a room, does she do that
  • vex has a twin edgelord brother and i know nothing about him other than that my friend’s tag for him and some other dude is “pour one out for vax’ilmore” which already makes me sad for them
  • also yeah apparently gilmore would be my favorite according to… everyone i know, because he’s little and gay and grieving and inhumanly powerful, so probably they’re right and i’d cry about him
  • can the raven twins fly or what like do they actually have wings, because, cool, but also fanart is really confusing
  • peoples’ tags for this show make me laugh bc it’s like #vax’il’dan vas normandy and #percy longshanks prettyboots coconuts mcrolo and #grog strongjaw and then just fuckin #matt mercer as if matthew mercer was just chillin out with his friends, the ten fantasy demigods
  • wait i remembered the bard is called scanlan and i think he tries to banish boss monsters a lot?? i saw like three seconds of a random episode where he went “GET LOSSST OH MY GODDDD” as if through a horn which i appreciated
  • idk why i know grog strongjaw’s name by the way i know nothing about him but i trust him?
  • they have their cleric on skype which i just… love, as a concept, it’s like having a doctor on call, it just tickles me
  • how many characters honestly are there because there’s like five…six? seven? of them playing but i listed at least ten
  • lots of puns
  • found family bonding over their fear of matt mercer
  • it’s a good time
on the new Iron Fist series

So after binge watching a ton of Marvel’s new Iron Fist series, I went onto tumblr, wondering what the fandom was up to now, what with all these new gifs and stuff to make. ‘Maybe I would find some fan art or something’ I thought innocently to myself,


instead, I was greeted with SO MUCH DISCOURSE on how Iron Fist ‘needs a chinese-american actor’ or ‘has terrible dialogue and is slow’.

the best part is when I found out that some of y’all are trying to get this show boycotted like ‘????’

Now as a Chinese-speaking Asian female, living in Asia, with an Asian background and a good know-how of Chinese history, as well as a decent knowledge of comic books, (although I confess I got into the animated series first) I’m here to end the discussion before y’all get your full rage on and start fighting fans of the show like it’s Lord of the Flies up in here

So keep reading if you want to be educated or if you just want to fight me before you know what you’re even talking about


Uhhhh…no? I’ve seen a few episodes and I mean so far there isn’t really anything that screams ‘insult’ or even offensive in the slightest. Besides maybe the fact that they take the beliefs and twist them a little bit but honestly even that ain’t that bad as to what I’ve seen elsewhere.

I’ve read the boycott post and let me say that yea, they dressed him with an eye for Asian elements, but maybe that’s because it’s supposed to be resembling Asian clothing? I mean how is that offensive? Is it the part that it looks Asian? Or that you simply feel that white people that direct these shows should not be using Asian stuff for entertainment? Because I hate to break it to you but it’s still not offensive. Even the dragon tattoo is totally fine because it’s supposed to resemble Asian elements yea but also have y’all read the comics? Because he punched through a dragon and basically took it’s heart. So I mean a dragon tattoo kinda matches the theme.

I mean in the first episode they speak almost flawless Chinese for Pete’s sake! Hell, I was surprised that they even had it in them to have a non-Google translated line. Sure the accent was a little overdoing it cuz not even I have that thick a Chinese accent but I’ll excuse it since he was apparently learning and speaking 15 years. (I speak it maybe a few times a day for like the last 14 years or so only)

So no, the show doesn’t really insult Chinese culture, sure they might be ignorant, but you must understand that after generations of stereotypes and misconceptions that that can’t just go away with one show

“Danny Rand should be played by an Asian guy/be a Chinese-American”

I can’t even begin to tell you my frustration about this.

Y’all do know this show is based on the comics right?

You know, the one with the white guy.

I know Marvel is infamous for not including enough representation in their shows but seriously? This is like the Harry Potter thing all over again with Hermione being black, it’s not that we don’t want representation or anything, but it’s the fact that this hero that us comic fans have come to already love has been replaced. Or at least it feels like it. Like when a movie is made from a book and people go crazy because character XYZ suddenly has different traits or isn’t quite what was described as compared to the book.

Frankly, it sucks.

So even though yes, Marvel should have more Asians in their shows, don’t expect them to completely give the main character a makeover, even if the makeover was supposed to provide representation. And honestly? I don’t want them to change him because I really freaking love Iron Fist, just as he is.

“This show just villainizes Asians”

So you tell me that my race is being made villains because Marvel decided that most of their Asians on their shows are evil ninjas (aka the Hand) and at most there are like 3 sorta good Asians. Oh and I’m sorry, you want more Asian men that are good guys? You want a balance of Asian heroes?

Well I guess that would be kind of hard to fit into the story since, oh, I don’t know, everything happens in the USA?

If you want more Asian characters well then look no further because you do have them. Daisy Johnson from Agents of Shield? What about her extremely brave mom? Or maybe Colleen in Iron Fist? Everyone seems to be blatantly ignoring her badassery and only seeing the part where she’s a sorta love interest.

Facts are, there are Asian characters, you’re really just looking hard enough. I agree wholeheartedly when you say that more Asian men need to be in the Marvel universe that aren’t part of the bad guy team but you gotta say that they are still awesome.

Does anyone even remember the Japanese ninja yakuza guy from Daredevil? Dude got set on fire and STILL came back to kick ass. That’s a plus in my book because even though he’s considered bad, he’s been proven to be cunning, smart, and overall awesome.

“The show has terrible stunts/acting/dialogue/fight scenes”

From here on out it’s mostly just me trying to explain why the directors and writers of the show made decisions in the show to make it what it is, so let’s dive right into it.


Actually the stunts weren’t half-bad. If you’ve seen other shows or movies that are heavily reliant on stunts and action, and compare it to this show, they really aren’t that much different. Sure it might seem a little unbelievable sometimes like they’re breaking physics or something, but he already has a glowing fist. I think we’ve crossed the line of believable long ago.


I have nothing to say about this except that go and take some acting or drama classes before coming and criticizing these awesome men and women who did indeed try their best


Now I get the dialogue might be a little weird at times and what not, but you must understand that this show was partially written with the Defenders series in mind. So almost everything that was said in the show is meant to lead to something more. Thus, you must take it as a bigger picture. Sorta like how everyone said that Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them wasn’t as good as they thought it would be, that movie was also meant to lead on to a bigger story so you might want to excuse the weird speech and cryptic lines at times.


Okay seriously people, please read the comics. Danny Rand is supposed to be an accidental hero, one that doesn’t want to fight unless he really has zero choice in the matter. So yea, the fight scenes won’t be that interesting, but only because the character in question is more interested in ending the fight than anything.


So there you have it, my whole slightly angry info-dump on Iron Fist and Marvel’s representation problem in general. If you want to correct me or scold me even then by all means message me or shoot me an ask. But just keep in mind that Marvel can’t make all your problems go away in one show, and please for the love of all that is good read the comics before coming to rant okay?

Revenge on homophobic dad

So I came to visit my dad on Easter and I’ve never heard so many homophobic words in 6 fucking days. He went full on how gross and disgusting and all that homophobic bullshit and then - of course - he fetishised lesbians, because “they are nice to look at”. I got really pissed when he started to wonder if Church will let him change godfather for my brother, because the one he has Come out as gay couple weeks ago… I was like “what is wrong with you? I honestly want to know?!?!?”

I tried to use reasoning but it failed so now I’m in the middle of making my revenge in couple simple steps:

1. Go on yt and watch so many gay (les too but not two attractive models making out) videos ad you can so recommendation on yt will always show gays.
2. Go to his porn account (I just happened to know his login and password to everything so that’s not a problem) and also watch gay (this time male/male only) videos and like them, comment maybe so it will also jump on in recommendation.
3. Say you are gay. Bonus: Suggest having a gf and say that “those sleepovers you let me go to were total fun”
4. Trick him into watching gay movies(:
“Brokeback mountain” may not be a good to start with, because most people knows it’s gay. Better start with some less known movies) then watch him storm out the room when he reliased what he is watching.
5. Made him read gay ff - must be slowburn. I will tell him that I wrote it and he - as a good father and shit - should support my dreams and read this. Make him fully invested before he reliase it’s gay love story.
6. Find out how many celebrities he likes are gay. Watch movies with those people and when they appear on screen say “Did you know he/she is gay?”
7. Find out how many historical figures and his idols may be gay and destroy his image of them.
8. After this he will probably start to fight: “its not important that he is gay, because he did something and he is my Idol”. Make a face and make him understand what he just said.
9. If 8 happens give him a break because he starts to get it.
10. if 8 does not work just jump straight here and be as gay as possible. Mention things about pride during meals, show how much LGBT community suffered over the time, try to make him understand something (if he doesn’t plan vacation and place him in one room with gay uncle)

(I’m currently at point 2. Revenge Is on)

UPDATE (which i should add a while ago but I’m shit so yeah): https://futurepast56.tumblr.com/post/159791268652/revenge-on-homophobic-dad
Night in the Woods!!

I just finished this beautiful video game called Night in the Woods that I am now absolutely in love with and here is why: 

  • Casual LGBT representation - the protagonist is canonically bisexual (maybe pan!) and is best friends with a gay couple that have very lifelike relationship problems (that have nothing to do with being gay), and the protagonist continually refers to God as “they.” I’m a fan of the ship Maebea, but it’s not openly canon.
  • Deep talks that are accurate to life - emotions, relationships, beliefs, abuse, mental health, it’s all there and it’s all important.
  • The CHARACTERS. They are so unbelievably loveable and iconic, and have such a range of emotions and specific reactions to the events in the game that make them all very real as well. They are also all cartoon animals (the protagonist is a cat, and her friends are alligators, bears, and foxes, and her neighborhood includes penguins and raccoons).  There’s a character that just tells you a weak poem every day and has no other real significance but to tell you this poem. 
  • The plot is simultaneously about a cult of ghosts and a dissociative disorder, but more on this later
  • Good comedy at no one’s expense 
  • Lots and lots of fantastic one-liners
  • Fantastic graphics, fantastic game mechanics (platforming!! It’s so much fun because there really are no limits. You can walk on the sidewalk or on top of cars or along a powerline, whatever you want) 
  • A+ art style - it utilizes color to set mood and determine setting (or state of consciousness, considering the playable dream sequences left up to interpretation) and even converts to sihlouettes in some places where it’s most chilling to do so. They use the eyes of the characters to show most of the emotions. The music that was chosen for this game is absolutely perfectly placed to get the most out of the storyline. 
  • A+ suspense - the writing is beautiful and compelling. The comic relief is timed perfectly, but I still teared up in multiple chapters of the game. The game starts out where our protagonist just dropped out of college to go back home, and is hanging out with her old friends, but takes a lot of sharp turns to get into a much deeper plot over the little subplots we started. Part of me wonders if the game would change very much if I chose different dialogue options so I may find some playthroughs later, but for now I’d just like to appreciate how smoothly the plot progresses despite how quickly it descends into very deep topics.
  • It is a long game with a lot of story, but that’s part of what I love. It’s just long enough to be satisfying and I’m still sad I finished it already. Despite complications in the plot as the story continues, it’s very easy to follow. Anything that doesn’t make sense is intentionally confusing to highlight the mindset of the character you’re playing as, and I think that’s the best way to do it. 
  • There is also a lot that they don’t explain, a lot to reveal through theorizing only. I could think about this forever and not come up with every theory to be pulled from this. 
  • One of the topics they keep coming back to is the assumed mental illnesses of the different characters, even the protagonist (I only say “assumed” because they never directly say that the characters have any mental health issues, but the way they talk about their fears and the way they view reality points toward very well-portrayed and lifelike mental illnesses, mainly dissociative and anxiety disorders.)
  • Nihilistic existential dread (part of what I love about it, but could trigger some dissociation in people who are more sensitive to that kind of thing. Subtly breaks the fourth wall once to talk about how video games are just shapes and will never exist) 
  • P A R A L L E L S
  • Solid “moral” to take from the story, not even eye-roll-corny
  • What a beautiful ending

The game is about $20 on steam, but if you can’t afford it or prefer to watch games rather than play them, jacksepticeye has flawless voices for all of the characters and some good theories going so that’s the one I recommend


Here I am with some art after hardly posting anything ever, HI!! And with Tangled stuff no less. 

So bit of explanation time: If you’re familiar with any of my old stuff, you probably knew about the “Tangled 2″ art I had with giant Eugene and the circus and in that originally it was the sundrop tear that transferred to him, and instead of his hair growing, it was in his blood and made the entirety of him grow.

Now fast forward to now and since the Tangled series came out… I had been waiting around wondering if I’d ever be able to bring it back or not based on whatever they ended up having within the show. I’ve loved the series so far and it’s close to being done so I finally thought to insert a tangent AU based on more recent events where I’d thought it’d fit ffff

So in this case here: Eugene, after finding out he’s the dark prince and whatever, is also supposed to be a guardian to the moonstone along with his bloodline. King Edmund would also have been giant in effects of the moonstone and using it to keep others from it’s unwieldy power and gave Eugene away not wanting that burden on him. Eugene obv doesn’t care about the bloodline stuff, but he does care about Rapunzel. He only accepts this fate as a way to protect her. So instead of Cass doing her thing and betraying and Gothel (which I have some issues with tbh..*), we’d go with what was made to be a red herring and didn’t really end up coming much to anything plot-wise or character arc-wise between any of them?? Lemme crank up the angst and make his existential crisis solo have more meaning. Still working out details from this point, but I wanted to try it.

*Don’t get me wrong tho, I still love this series as is and can’t wait to see where it ends up going. The animation has only gotten better with every season too; PLEASE FUCKING WATCH THIS SHOW!!!

anonymous asked:

Ahh since you want villain requests can I have some general relationship headcanons for Tomura, Dabi, and Toga?

Ooof I need to practice more writing the villains because I feel like I make them too soft.

Tomura Shigaraki:

-He is going to be so inexperienced so you’ll have to take a lead in the relationship for a while til he gets the hang of it. Also he will be kinda blushy whenever you make a move on him so he’ll have a hand covering his face so you don’t see it. His mood will be a lot less cranky with you around because to be with someone who genuinely loves him is a refreshing feeling to have that comfort in his life.

-He’s also clingy and wants you to be by his side a lot. You’re the only person who can prevent him from having a tantrum or stop him when he does. He’s not use to affection so he’ll have to get use to it. But once he does, he demands it all the time when you two are alone. He also loves it when you praise him for beating a level or a boss on a game.

-Get him gloves but for only like for two of his fingers. I saw fanart of this and it makes sense that way, unless you have a quirk that is resistant to his, so you can hold his hand. He doesn’t like when you kiss him or him kiss you because his lips and skin are cracked but just kiss him to show that you don’t mind. You might have to mother him and make him take a shower, eat healthy, and put on some damn moisturizer. He will find it annoying but you both know he needs the reminders.

-Dates aren’t going to be huge. You two are probably going to be in his room eating pizza and playing videogames and watching TV. However, on more bigger occasions, he will hide his face, and so will you if you’re a villain, and go to the movies or arcade. Beat him at a game and he will lose his shit.


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-He’s such a teasing boyfriend. He will tease you in every way he can. If he’s taller than you, then he’ll hold things over your head. He likes to tease you in public so you can blush. He also likes to tease you when you slip up something, but don’t worry its just playful banter. He just loves to see you tease you. You just get this pouty look when he leans in for a kiss just to lean back and boops your nose instead. He also loves how he can roll his fingers anywhere on your body and you’ll blush. Don’t even mention on how he’ll give you shameless kisses in front of people. So yeah that being said he loves PDA and doesn’t care if anyone sees.

-Despite him being such an intimidating guy, he will melt if you kiss over his scars tenderly. He feels your lips brush over his cheek, neck, chest, hands, and he’ll just wonder how he got an angel like you to love him. And he’ll get back at you for it. He’ll pull you in a deep kiss while his rubs a finger over your cheek and he’ll say something like, “Aren’t you lucky to have me?” Even if he believes it should be the other way around.

-He can get jealous sometimes. He knows that he can send the other person away with just one look at him, but he’s scared that you think there is someone better than him and will leave him. He’ll never admit it. He’ll brush it off with an, “He was bothering me, especially with that nasty ass face.”

-Kisses with him will always feel kinda rough, since his bottom lip is scarred, plus he just loves more rough kisses. He can’t get enough of your kisses. Your lips feel so nice and smooth against his and you can’t get enough of his. He can read you like an open book and know exactly what to do to get you weak. If he pulls back and you just look back at him with a dazy look with a brush dusted on your face, he’ll lose himself again and go back to kissing you.


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Himiko Toga:

-She absolutely fawns over you. She loves everything about you and will have a whole collection of pictures of you or you and her together. She will also probably steal some of your clothes to wear so it feels like you’re with her when you’re not. She can be observant so she will get jealous if she feels like you’re spending too much time with someone else. She will get up all in their face and then proceed to threaten them for talking too long with her beloved. That time could of been spent with her instead!

-Loves PDA with a passion. She will smoother you in smooches and holds your hand whenever she can. She’d probably by one of those necklaces like “I’m Her’s” and “I’m Their’s” just to show off the love you have for each other. She also loves to match clothes with you. Also she will tell everyone about you. It can be someone from the League or one of her victims. She will pull out her phone and show them her a background of the two of you together and gush about you. “They’re so cute! I love them so much! I’m already planning our wedding! I mean, they have to marry me! They can’t leave me even if they tried!~” Yeah, she’s borderline yandere.

-When you two are kissing, she will put those fangs to good use. She loves to leave her lovebites on you and loves if you do the same to her. She knows when an lovebite is good enough if it leaks blood.

-She loves gifts! She loves really girly gifts like a cute pink pastel skirts, lacey thigh highs, bows, flower crowns, jewelry, etc.. She will also give you gifts too like stuff you’ve had your eye on, and by giving I hope you know she means stealing, and things that remind her of you. She really likes romantic dates. Like a picnic under the stars, a candlelit dinner, or dancing with together. The more cheesey, the better!


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jisung (han) // fake dating au

if u were confused abt which jisung, i hope the title clears it up ASDHFASFD also i watched tatbilb and CRIED, so yes, if ur wondering, this is inspired by it | [masterlist]

  • to put it shortly, jisung owes u a favour 
  • u covered for his dumbass in sophomore year when he decided to visit tokyo and couldn’t come back a week before finals 
  • so u had tutored him over skype and written ur notes TWICE so u could give them to him when he came back 
    • “that was 2 years ago, y/n !!!”
    • (you, furiously pointing to your under eye bags) “PANDA EYES”
  • but u couldn’t be too mad at him
  • he was your best friend after all
  • but i digress
  • ur parents had been bugging u since the beginning of senior year to get a boyfriend
    • “u need 2 date while ur young or no boy will love u !!!!!!!!!!!”
    • MOM
  • so now u had to juggle studying ur ass off, ur social life, and ur MOM TELLING U TO GET A BOYFRIEND EVERYDAY
    • “good morning, mom”
    • “good morning my child with no boyfriend”
    • “????????????????????????????????????”
  • u know most parents want their kids to focus on school, not relationships
  • and u ?
    • “LOTS OF PEOPLE ???”
    • “LIKE WHO???”
    • “,,,,,,,,,,,”
    • H A N J I S U N G
  • u’ve been complaining to jisung abt this for a week straight now 
  • he’s already ready to rip ur head off and it’s only the first month of senior year !!!
  • honestly, the way u thought of this idea was vvvv stupid
  • and the way u just blurted it out was very much impulsive 
  • u opened snapchat to check out ur streaks and friend’s stories when the front facing camera was on ASHBDFLASNDF
  • u had a flashback abt that stressful sophomore year week 
  • and then it hit u
  • jisung 
  • owes u a favour (☉‿☉✿)(☉‿☉✿)(☉‿☉✿)
    • “hey,,,, jisungie (☉‿☉✿)”
    • “,,, w-what,,,,”
    • “(☉‿☉✿)”
    • “like what?”
    • “(☉‿☉✿)(☉‿☉✿)(☉‿☉✿)”
    • Y / N” 
  • HERE 
  • jisung and u pretend to date so ur mom won’t nag u about getting a boyfriend anymore !
  • simple !!!
    • “what don’t u get??”
    • “A LOT ????? WHY DO I EVEN HAVE TO DO THIS ??????”
  • it takes some small convincing (read: u had a debate with him for an hour)
  • and the promise of jisung being able to make a contract/list of rules for the two of u to follow 
  • but eventually 
  • jisung gives in 
  • “but only because i owe u for saving my ass sophomore year!”
  • “(´ヘ`() not because u love me?”

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Thinkin bout a Steter Twilight AU written through my personal dumbass lens.

Like Stiles shows up at school, get partnered with Derek in chemistry and is all “wow you definitely don’t look young enough to be in high school what the fuck.”

Derek just stoically stares at the whiteboard, wondering why he can’t hear this kid’s thoughts.

“You know if this were a summer blockbuster and I were the new hot chick, this is totally when you’d be falling in love with me.”

Derek continues to stoically stare at the whiteboard, no longer curious about why, only grateful that he doesn’t have to put up with whatever idiot thoughts are happening in Stiles’ head.

Lunch time rolls around, and Stiles looks over at the Supernaturally Beautiful Kids Club and gestures dramatically at them, saying, “Come on! Early 20’s AT LEAST. They can’t ALL have been held back four years!!”

Erica and Boyd snigger while Lydia and Allison glance apprehensively at Derek, wondering if the new kid knows something.

“He’s a fucking moron. Just let him run him mouth to distract from how uncomfortable he is to be in a new school. He’ll stop paying attention soon.”

Spoiler alert: He Does Not.

Stiles is always Stiles no matter what universe he’s in, so he goes into the woods near the Hale’s house to “gather evidence.”

“Evidence of what, Stiles?” the sheriff asks, not entirely familiar with Stiles Being Stiles.

Evidence. They’re not normal, Dad. My current theory is either aliens or escaped genetic experiments done by the government.”


“Don’t worry. If I get caught I can just toss my money clip in the opposite direction to throw them off.”


“Street smarts.”

And again, in the vein of Stiles Being Stiles, he’s climbing a tree to get a look into the upper windows of their house, thinking maybe that’s where they keep the cryochamber, when he falls and breaks his leg.

He’s just starting to get really inventive with his litany of “fuck” when he notices someone standing over him.

“You seem to be in a bit of a bind. I’m a doctor, would you like some help?”

Peter looks at this boy, the one Derek had grumbled about at dinner earlier this week. He crouches down, placing a hand on his arm to subtly draw away some of the pain. Derek had gone on at length about how irritating it was to finally meet a person whose thoughts he couldn’t read, only to realize that person never shuts up anyway.

Derek had failed to mention how beautiful he was. Too bad Peter was going to have to gaslight him. 

Stiles stares at him, mouth hanging open as the blood momentarily tries to redirect from his new injury to his dick, before suddenly looking furious. 

“You are in your early thirties AT THE MOST,” he says accusingly. “For you to have gone through medical school AND residency, complete the qualifications to become a single foster parent and then ALSO complete the adoption process for FIVE KIDS would be ABSURD.”

“… I can see your tibia.”

And then Stiles passes out. 

Peter may or may not add a touch of rohypnol to Stiles’ IV drip at the hospital. Just enough blur the memories a little, so that he might start to question himself and back off of the family. 

Did u kno that certain ADHD drugs reduce the effectiveness of benzos? Cause Peter’s about to be reminded. 

A week later, Peter opens his front door to see Stiles leaning on his crutches, leg in cast, already talking before the door is even all the way open. 

“-to say thanks again for getting me to the hospital and fixing my leg and thanks for giving me and Derek a place to work on our chemis…” his voice fades away as he watches the sheriff pull away from the house, and then turns to face Peter again. 

“All right fucker, what the hell were you doing to my arm before I passed out, huh? Were you laying your alien egg babies in me??”

Peter’s mind is working so hard to turn that into something that makes sense, that he doesn’t stop Stiles from crutching his way past him into the house. 

By the time Peter catches up with him, he’s in the middle of the living room looking around. Erica, Allison, and Lydia are sitting on the couches, tensed and clearly ready to attack, Derek and Boyd poised at the top of the stairs and ready to jump down at any moment. 

Stiles is looking around, eyes lingering here and there. His gaze passes over the lunar model on the mantle, the potted anise, and the lint brush hanging next to every door. 

“Oh fuck me, werewolves? Really?”

Peter can’t help his delighted smile. It’s not often that someone figures it out so quickly. 

“Sorry to disappoint,” he replies. 

“I was expecting weird genetic clones at least,” Stiles complains before plopping himself down on the couch next to Erica and carefully placing his leg on an ottoman. 

When Peter comes to sit down in the living room, everyone finally starts to relax a little, and it’s not long after that that everyone is showing off their favorite parts of being a werewolf. It’s not something they get to share often, so it doesn’t take much to get them talking. 

Stiles keeps coming over after that, but eventually he gets curious. 

“Why do you keep inviting me over?” Stiles asks. “I’m pretty sure I pose, like, a security risk or something right?”

“It annoys Derek to have you around. He can’t read your thoughts and it pisses him off,” Peter answers immediately. “That’s definitely worth a security risk.”

Stiles eyes him speculatively. 

“What about you?”

Peter smirks. 

“I don’t need to read your thoughts, Stiles,” Peter says, leaning into his space to whisper in his ear. 

“I already know what you’re thinking.”

Sugiyama Noriaki interview for “Otomedia” Magazine October 2017

Before we start I want to clarify 2 things:

1) I translated only Uchiha Family stuff (it’s about 80% of all interview). Maybe one day my laziness and self-confidence in my translating skills will let me translate it till the end (or someone else translates it) but for now only SasuSakuSara parts.
2) English is not my native language so if you see any grammatical, lexical and other mistakes or just don’t understand some parts feel free to write me. 

This story tells about the final of the difficult situation that has developed in the Uchiha family!

 Was Sasuke (even in his own way) as nervous as Sarada was? While emotions are increasing, the strength of their family’s bond warms the heart. Is it really because of the nervousness in the 23 episode he doubts whether he should poke Sakura’s forehead? We asked about this seiyuu of Sasuke, Noriaki Sugiyama.

“Without words he said to Sakura: Are you really willing to do something so embarrassing in front of your daughter?” It was funny to watch him teasing her (laughs) It seemed to me this shyness was very much in Sasuke’s style. Honestly, after the end of the recording, Naruto’s seiyuu, Takeuchi Junko, said to me: “No, I don’t believe that he could do otherwise!” (laughs), probably Takeuchi-san is right. “ 

We talked a lot with Sugiyama-san about Sarada’s Story. After reuniting with his family, Sasuke again goes on a journey. However, there is bento in his hand made by his family therefore even if they’re apart, their family’s connection is felt even more. 

- How it was to play Sasuke as father and husband?

In "Boruto” Sasuke Uchiha appears to be different from what we’ve seen before. So I often wondered how I should play him. Of course, in «Naruto» he and Naruto sorted all things out, his character somewhat “softened,” but if you change a lot the nature of the character, in the end you will ask: “Who is it?” (laughs). Therefore, to prevent this from happening, I had to think carefully how to express this softness in Sasuke’s style, how would he show it? I believe that it is unlikely that Sasuke would say a lot of gentle words to his daughter … at first glance, Sasuke could look indifferent, given his violent past, but I’ve felt that he certainly thinks about Sarada. And I thought it would be very difficult to balance.

- There was a scene where in his words to his wife Sakura you could feel a “trust”.

There is a reason why Sasuke was absent from the village, that is why I think that during their meeting you can feel how much their relationship changed, especially from Sasuke’s side. Although the atmosphere is similar to the one that was before… how to say it more precisely, there is a mutual understanding between them. At least, I felt it. 

- What’s about Naruto?

 In my opinion, one of the most notable changes was his attitude towards Naruto’s words. After they sorted all things out, instead of cutting Naruto off with words «it’s wrong!» Sasuke rather thinks: “Well, most likely this idea also can be right”. If you compare with the former Sasuke, you can get the impression that in his mind he’s indulgent to Naruto. I think, instead of “a little softened” (about a small change in Sasuke) it would be more correct to say: “Ah, he seems to have become a little kinder.”
  I think if Sasuke was too kind to Sakura and Sarada, Sarada wouldn’t have had all these worries. The image of Sasuke should have turned out to make Sarada think: “Does this man understand what kind of relationship should be between the father and the child?” And this is also difficult.

 - Sugiyama-san, what is your impression of Sasuke’s daughter, Sarada?

 I think with the way she thinks and her insight she’s just like Sasuke. And love. In the Uchiha clan, “they are penetrated with love, that’s why they try to avoid this feeling” and Sarada also inherited it with the blood of Uchiha (laughs). In my opinion, the child is very cute. From her mother Sakura, she gets both love and trust, but you can see how much she wants to know the truth, she want everything to be clarified. Here, the blood of Uchiha has proven itself especially strong.  

- Is there any scene and phrase in the story of “Sarada Uchiha” which really impressed you?

There are a few, but the most exciting of them, when Sarada asked: “Do you think your feelings are well and truly connected to Mom?”, and when Sasuke replied: “Because we have you, Sarada,” what surprised her. Even if he doesn’t say a lot “Sarada, Sarada”, his concern for her is evident. Sasuke’s position can be understood, because if he were in Konoha, it could bring danger to Sarada and Sakura, so he wanted to eliminate all those who sought revenge on him in the village or outside of Konoha. In the village, he has people dear to him, to whom he can’t return, and he strongly feels that he must protect them from the outside.

Translated from Russian to English by me
Translated from Japanese to Russian by SasuSakuTeam. Мастерская переводов

“The Real Thing Pt. 2″ Bakugou x Reader

Summary: Continuation of PART 1

Words: 3,744

Warnings: More bad humor, bad flirting, and smut…finally ;)

Author’s Note: YAY FINALLY PART 2!!! I’m so happy ya’ll enjoyed the first part!!! I’m sorry this took so long to upload, it is definitely longer than I expected. I tried to make it just as good as the first one(maybe even better?) Enjoy~ (pssssttt…don’t tell anyone, but I have a side story coming with the best friend and Kirishima. It’s just going to be another ‘x reader’ fic..shhh!)

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I binged The Boys on Amazon Prime yesterday. I’ve never read the comics, but I had read about them. I’m happy they changed some of the more problematic aspects of the story and that they toned down some of the violence. They also let some of the characters become more morally grey and not just clear-cut sociopaths and/or villains.

Other Thoughts:

 - I loved that Annie/Starlight tried really hard to stand up for herself and that she spoke up about what had been done to her in The Seven. 

- The changes with Butcher and his wife and that story line…it really left it all on a huge cliffhanger and I’m glad that it was changed. 

- M. M. is great. He’s wonderful. He needs to go back to his wife and daughter and watch Downton Abbey and just live life. 

- The fights between M. M. and Frenchie were the best. 

- Frenchie’s on-liners and little speeches were awesome. His father tried to kill him with a Hello Kitty duvet? He just said it with a straight face. 

- Hughie is very sweet, and I love that he is literally the best at being a spy/murder/liar - and it all seems to be a giant mistake. 

-Frenchie and  Kimiko / The Female are developing the sweetest relationship. Like he saw her and just decided: “She’s who I’m protecting.” I’m shipping them like FedEx. (Friendship/Family/Romance - whatever.) They need to change their comic ending and let them end with going to save her brother and than retiring in France. 

- Hughie/Annie - like, I wanted to ship it, because the show told me to, but…I liked the friendship, but didn’t feel the romance. Probably because he was lying to her and seeing visions of Robin the whole time. 

- Maeve needs to be explored a lot more in season two. She is amazing and I love that she told Annie/Starlight to just be a good person, because she was once someone who wanted to change the world, too. 

- I did feel bad for  A-Train, because drug addiction is terrible. But, I like that the show made it clear that a) he knowingly hurts people to feed his addiction and b) you can feel sorry for him, but that doesn’t make him a great person. 

- The Deep…like, he’s a terrible person, who can’t seem to do anything right. He sexually assaults Annie/Starlight on day one - and I thought he was terrible. I still think he is terrible. But, he’s also a useless idiot and he seems to know he’s a useless idiot that no one likes or cares about. So, I’m interested in where they go with him. Because, they could try for a redemption  arc or they could let him go down a darker path. 

- Translucent seemed like an interesting add to the cast, but he didn’t stick around long enough. 

-  Homelander is actually a really scary bad guy, because in his twisted mind, he believes that everything he does is right. He believes that he is a God and that he is saving the world and everyone from themselves. He creeps me out - even when he’s faking being nice to people.  And, I wonder if the story he told about he and Becca was try or just true in his warped mind. 

-The whole ‘superheros are really terrible people’ thing is nothing new, but it is something I always enjoy. Because, I just feel like super-powered people would be horrible people with God-complexes. I cannot say The Boys added anything new to the discussion, but it was an addictive and fun watch. 

Any self inserts having a rough day? I gotchu.

First off, some reminders:

  • Your faves love you!! Every single one of them!!
  • Guess what??? Your faves still love you, all of them. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise, because they’re incorrect, your faves absolutely adore you.
  • Having a problematic fave is okay! Having a villain/antagonist fave is also okay! (We all know they instantly become a huge softie around you anyways)
  • It’s okay if all you did today was a minimal amount of self care, or stayed in bed all day, or you did one productive thing today,  your faves are still proud of you. (They always will be)
  • It’s okay if you don’t draw self insert or write self insert fanfics, or make any other kind of content! You’re still a valid and lovely member of this community! 
  • If you haven’t been able to draw/write/make content that’s okay too! Your faves are proud of you for the content you make and they’re proud of you in general.
  • Your faves are the luckiest people ever, because they get to date you and you’re fucking wonderful.

Nice (self care-ish) distractions from whatever is upsetting you:

  • Feeling unmotivated? Sometimes thinking “(insert fave’s name here) would be proud of me for doing this” helps! You could even imagine them giving you some encouragement before doing the thing and/or imagine them praising you after doing the thing. 
  • Listen. To. Your. Fave’s. Voice. Don’t play the game or watch the series they’re from, just liSTEN TO THEIR VOICE. It’s the actual best thing ever to just sit and listen to your fave speak. If they don’t have a canon voice, listen to some fandubs or comic dubs! 
  • Make a folder on your phone/laptop/whatever and fill it with pictures/gifs of your faves! Or even make specific folders for specific faves or sources, make all the folders, go fucking nuts. Look through the folder(s) whenever you please. 
  • In addition to folders, make a playlists! No, not song playlists, i’m talking playlists of your favorite scenes, AMVs, memes, or anything else that involves your faves! Just… DO IT. (No pressure tho, but I 10/10 recommend)
  • Imagine your faves being there with you. This can be applied to literally everything. Crying/having a panic attack? BAM! your fave is there giving you a tight hug and whispering comforting words to you. Lying in bed? BAM!! your fave is lying in bed with you and you’re cuddling and it’s great. Just making some mac n cheese? BAM!!! Your fave is there, hugging you and resting their head on your shoulder like the big dork they are. 
  • Draw you and your fave! Even if you can only draw stick figures, draw those fucking stick figures dude I support you. (If you don’t have the spoons/motivation than that’s totally fine too, art is fun but it’s exhausting, even if it’s stick figures)
  • Enjoy whatever source material your fave is from! Whether it’s a game, comic, book or show. (If your fave dies in canon I recommend stopping before you get to the scene, since that will just worsen your mood)
  • Write a love letter to your fave! Type it out first, then leave it. Come back a little later and revise it! Maybe write it down on some fancy paper, fucking decorate that shit, make it all pretty, spray it with perfume/cologne if you’re feeling that extra, put that shit in a nice envelope and keep it somewhere safe. (If you don’t feel like doing all that then that’s totally fine! You could always just post it… And tag me in it because if somebody actually does this I waNNA SEE IT)

Some gentle thoughts on the Nikiforov-Katsuki wedding:

  • Have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? If not, you need to, because that’s exactly how it goes down.
  • “Viktor, why are there twenty pounds of beets in our kitchen?”
    “Oh God, you’re right.” Viktor stares in discontent at the pile of beets on the kitchen island. “Twenty pounds isn’t nearly enough. I’ll  send Yura to get twenty more.”
  • “I thought you said I was just meeting your family.”
    “This IS just my family.”
  • “So you’re converting?” Viktor’s great-aunt asks, eyes wide and beseeching. 
    “Oh, no, I’m–” over her shoulder, Viktor makes a series of vehement hand gestures. Yuuri coughs violently. “Yes! Yes, I’m–I’m converting. To Orthdoxy. Yes.”
  • Yurio tries to pull the whole “I have three testicles” joke on Yuuri but joke’s in Yurio because Yuuri majored in Russian in college and he knows how to say, “I’m eager to become a member of your family.” He also knows how to say, “Yura has four posters of me in his room,” but that’s neither here nor there.
  • Viktor’s crazy relatives carefully placing themselves between Yuuri and Yuri, staring into the middle distance for a minute, then smiling and walking away. This happens over and over again. Viktor eventually explains that standing between two people with the same name is good luck, and they’re making a wish. 
  • SO MANY TOASTS. Yuuri starts to wonder if people just keep making toasts so they can drink until Viktor tells him that yes that’s exactly what they’re doing.
  • Viktor wakes up on the morning of their wedding with a HUGE PIMPLE on his forehead and the conniption had is legendary. 
  • Viktor’s father, making a speech: “The root of Nikiforov is Nikifor…which is winner. And the root of Katsuki is Katsu…which is winner. So I suppose we’re all winners here…”
  • That tradition where one spouse has to come find the other and and then offer a symbolic ransom so they can take them to the chapel? That definitely happens. Yuuri shows up with every medal to his name, because he’s Very Serious About Marrying Viktor. He’s So Serious, in fact, that they give him Viktor on the first try–which Chris was very disappointed about, because he bought a silver wig and everything.
  • Russian Weddings are So. Long.
    “Kill me,” Yuuri whispers to himself as the priest just goes on. Someone in the crowd is snoring. Maybe Yakov.
    “Only if you kill me first,” Viktor hisses back. They both giggle. The priest glares.
  • Viktor cries as he watches the balloons with “Nikiforov” and “Katsuki” (Symbolizing the end of their lives as Viktor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katsuki, and the beginning of their lives as Viktor and Yuuri Nikiforov-Katsuki) written on them float up into the sky. Someone gets a picture of it. It’s the first picture of him that comes up on Google for the next three weeks.

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25 and nct lee Jeno (how about that bulling drabe some anon requested)? 😉😉

Hey that’s actually a good idea!! Are you the same anon? It feels like you are 😂

25. “What are you afraid of?”

Lee Jeno x Reader

Genre: High School AU, Mafia AU, fluff

Word Count: 879


Originally posted by jazzyjaemin

He watched you stuff your things in your backpack in a rush and quickly leave the classroom. A few other guys snickered and followed after you. The classroom was practically empty now but it seemed like for weeks you have been suspiciously waiting for everyone to leave before going out yourself. You two didn’t talk much despite being deskmates but he couldn’t help but wonder why.

“It couldn’t be. Could it?” he thought. But the others told him not to get involved in unnecessary business as not to give away their position. He tapped his fingers on the desk. After thinking for a few more minutes, he quickly texted Taeyong that he will be a bit late to the meeting. He needs to make sure, just in case. He took his belongings and went outside. The hallways were empty. He had no idea which way did you go but he soon heard voices coming from below. He started descending down the stairs. He stopped on the second floor and saw what was happening in the little opening under the stairway. The three guys had you cornered, your things thrown around on the floor.

“Could you leave me alone for one god damn second. What did I ever do to you?” you cried out in frustration. One of the guys came up to you and pulled you by the hair.

“No we cannot, there is no one else in this school so fun to mess with.”

That was it.

“Hey!” Jeno shouted, jumping the last few stairs to get to you. “Leave. Now.”

The guy let go of your hair and pushed you to the ground before turning to him. He looked like the leader.

“Or what?”

“You don’t want to find out,” he smirked. The guy ordered one of the others to attack but Jeno quickly punched him in the stomach and then kneed him in the face making him tumble backwards and hit the wall. He stretched out his hand and gestured for the other two to come forward. He quickly evaded the 2nd one, punching him in the face and probably breaking his nose before he focused on the main one. This one however was clever, he managed to land a few punches on Jeno’s body and one strong one right across his cheek, making him spit out a bit of blood. Jeno was about done with him, he threw the guy on the ground and got on top of him, lifting him up and slamming his whole body against the floor. The guy grabbed Jeno’s arms in an attempt to get him off, his eyes were scared, he was starting to panic.

“What? Are you scared?” Jeno teased after a few more hits. “What are you afraid of? Me? It’s me, isn’t it?”

He was never so violent or rather never showed what he’s capable of but seeing you like that made his blood boil.

“Good. You should be scared… Say goodbye to your teeth,” he was about to punch him again when somebody grabbed his hand.

“That’s enough,” Taeyong said strictly, dragging Jeno off. “I knew there was something going on, you’re never late to the meetings but what the heck kind of mess did you make?!!”

He looked around and saw that Taeil and Doyoung were also here, picking the other two bodies up. 

“We will talk to them, sort this thing out. Threaten if push comes to shove,” Taeyong explained. “But you!.. You’re grounded.”

“You can’t ground me, you’re not my mother,” Jeno explained but Taeyong just raised his eyebrow. He lifted him up but Jeno pushed him off, coming to your side.

“I will meat you at the gate,” Taeyong said before going outside.

Jeno bent down and helped pick your things up.

“Are you okay?” he asked. “How long were they doing this to you?” he was seriously worried but you just sat him down on the ground and took a handkerchief out of your pocket. You wiped off the blood dripping from his nose and then placed it on the cut on his lip. You definitely weren’t the one who supports violence against violence but this time at least somebody finally helped you.

“Thank you,” you smiled to him. Maybe this gesture was too soft after a fight like that or maybe it was the fact that your fingers were also slightly touching his lip but his cheeks turned into a cute shade of pink and he quickly stood up, helping you up as well.

“Ha ha, no problem,” he laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. He picked your backpack from the ground and gave it to you. “Will you be okay? I… I mean do you… Should I also escort you back home?.. You know… So nothing else happens?”

You chuckled because of how cute he looked, all shy like that. He seemed like a completely different person just a few minutes ago. You felt kind of bad you never gathered the courage to talk to him before.

“But I thought those people who just went outside are waiting for you?” 

“Who?” he got so distracted by you, he completely forgot about Taeyong. “Ooooh, those… You know there is more than one exit out of the school…”