but also kinda freaky

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well my opinion is that j//en is the creepiest v//inny fangirl. It's pretty obvious that she has a crush on him. Her whole Tumblr is basically art depicting him and then there's the whole fucking creepy daddy thing which makes v. uncomfortable. I liked her for a few years but now it's getting out of hand. Now I said it. Thanks for listening to me lol. I'll leave now.

ive felt that way for a long long time lmao. its just getting worse and worse. the t m g pics from last year she just kept like .. trying to be up in his space. it was kinda freaky. 

Kappa AU

Nobody asked for this but how about I do it anyway. One of my many AU revamps I’m doing, this one’s one of my favorites. 

(Excuse the old-ish art, but I really don’t feel like redrawing it right now. I’ll update it later.)

While watching “Tails of the Yokai” I had a thought that basically went ‘what if the turtles actually were Kappa and not mutants?’ and thus here we are. Basically, the four brothers are actual mythological Kappa, Kraang never existed, everyone lives in Japan, and Karai is happily living with her real father and the turts. Ok, ok, let me get a little more detailed than that. 

(It ended up getting quite long, however, so I put it under a cut.)

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People speculate about their superpowers, like, what power they would most likely have, not just the one they would want.

I already know mine. I already have mine. Unfortunately, it’s kind of lame.

I have SuperSmell.

It came to my attention today that other people cannot, in fact, smell most foods through the packaging. And that reminded me of the time that I broke our summer camp team-building exercise by sniffing our way back to camp after the leaders dropped us off in the woods, because I could smell the horse paddock…..from a mile away. Also, I smelled an onion going bad in our apartment 4 days before anyone else smelled it. I just couldn’t find it because everyone insisted their produce was still good–the nastiness of the onion had started on the inside and they only discovered it when it got through the skin. I can smell who is up and about in the morning based on the combinations of shampoos, soaps, toothpastes, and hairsprays. I can also smell what is in any food before tasting it, though tasting helps; I can recreate any food based on how it smells (and tastes), because I can smell my way into remaking it. I can smell what people around me in class have eaten.

It’s kinda freaky now that I think about it, but also kind of proud and kind of upset. Because hey, I have a superpower! But as far as superpowers go, super smelling isn’t necessarily super helpful. I don’t even know what my super hero name would be.

The Mighty Nose. Sniffer Supreme. SniffSnuffler.

No, there’s no way to make it sound good.