but also how freaking talented he is

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i have no idea how the fuck is it possible to be such diverse person... he can be crazy pink guy freak rapping about dicks and titties, dirty talking filthy frank who is throwing nasty food at friends and cracks jokes about everything, be a sweet cinnamon bun silly baby bean, be an adult, mature man and also do serious music tracks. i hardly manage to get out of bed in the morning... wow. he is amazing.

He is amazing! He is so talented and I adore him

I just need to say this because I feel like people don’t say it much but
I know he acts extra confident and cunning on-camera, but that’s him being real and being playful! He’s not trying to say he’s better than other members or other members are lesser than him, he’s just playing around so that the members will loosen up a bit. He’s literally trying his hardest to make the group/broadcast feel a little less nervous and serious whenever they’re on broadcast. ㅠㅠ  And i’m sure what we see on-air is diff with real life, because, as the members have said before, no matter how much he claims he is sangnamja, he actually worries and thinks a lot esp nowadays… ㅠㅠ 
Aside from that, we all know his talents are not showcased enough (at the moment) but I wish that it wouldnt stop us from giving him the support we give the rest. It breaks my heart that whenever YT is focused on cam or when it’s his part, and the fan chants arent as loud ㅠㅠ and it makes me worry sometimes. I hope he doesnt think of himself as someone who is lacking because he doesnt have parts in the album single, or because the chants arent as loud. ㅠㅠ  He’s freaking talented and handsome and I’m sure he’d do great in variety but ofc he has to trust in SM’s timing and I hope when it happens, it wouldn’t be too late ㅠㅠ 
And it’s funny how people often forget that he’s also a foreigner in the group, yet he acts and speaks like a korean local but no one mentions how good he is enough ㅠㅠ  Yuta wont probably ever read this, but you guys will and I hope we can show him that he is as important as everyone else in the group. ㅠㅠ  

CREDITS TO THE TRANSLATOR (ily for supporting Yuta) 

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could you do a halloween/costume party scenario with youngk (a.k.a. brian lol) of day6? throwback to his vampire outfit last year. c;

to celebrate their new release, here’s some halloween!youngk!!

  • youngk has always been popular on campus
  • from good looks, to book smarts, to talent - he’s one of everyone’s favorite guys and you’re no exception, you’ve known him since forever
  • but you also know,,,,,,,the real youngk
  • and you’re talking embarrassing childhood secrets, goofy faces, and 2 am skype calls where youngk does something absolutely silly and makes you swear to never tell anyone
  • which is why when he goes “i want to throw a halloween surprise party!” you’re not in the least bit surprised
  • “how are you going to throw a party, sungjin will freak out if you get the house dirty.”
  • youngk, whose laying down on his stomach in bed frowns on the camera, then looks over his shoulder to see that his roommate jae is fast asleep
  • “ill just bribe him, or get wonpil to take him out and distract him - but c’mon you have to admit a halloween party would be killer!”
  • you look at him for a moment, scrunch up your nose but decide that once youngk wants to do something he really wont let it go
  • “ok, but halloween is like,,,,,,in a week. what about costumes??”
  • youngk shifts, getting up off the bed and using his long body grabs a bag from the top shelf of his closet
  • coming back into the camera’s view he pulls something out 
  • for a second you think it’s some kind of toy but then youngk smiles and you see them - corny, fake vampire teeth
  • you burst out into laughter and youngk motions for you to quiet down
  • “i had to mute you, i don’t want to wake up jae”
  • “jae sleeps like he’s dead”
  • youngk agrees with a small nod, but grins “keep the party a secret till the day before halloween ok? then tell some friends to come over and we’ll have fun!”
  • you promise and tell youngk to go sleep, isn’t his first lecture in like,,,,five hours???
  • youngk gives an unbiased shrug, but you roll your eyes and wish him goodnight anyway
  • the night of halloween,,,you look down at your costume with a small hint of pride. for a last minute ditch effort, it’s good. bloody nurses are always a classic
  • a couple of your friends are with you when you ring the doorbell of youngk’s shared house
  • the outside is decorated with cheap looking plastic pumpkins and a skeleton hangs on the door, but you can hear the loud music and voices from the inside already
  • youngk opens the door, and to your surprise he looks good. like,,,,really good
  • dark eyeliner, blood red lips, hair slicked back and a victorian age shirt covered by a long, black velvet cape - for a second you think, did he plan this costume in advance,,,,,like months in advance
  • but then youngk smiles,,,,,and the mysterious, dark beauty of his costume reminds you of your friend underneath
  • he steps aside and your friends parade inside to join the crowd, a couple of them stop to flirt with youngk and shower compliments
  • all of which he answers politely back, but his eyes turn with excitement to you
  • “sungjin went to visit his family yesterday and won’t be back till after tomorrow night - how lucky?”
  • you shake your head and come inside too, following youngk through the mass and to the kitchen where wonpil, dressed as a mad scientists eggs wizard dowoon to eat three slices of pizza at once
  • leaning against the counter, youngk pours you a drink that you take and sniff before looking up at youngk
  • “sungjin would not approve”
  • “sungjin,,,,,,,isn’t here”
  • the party is,,,,,,,crazy. college students allowed to roam free through a house in costumes and dark lighting has never yielded pretty results
  • which is why you don’t get really mad when some guy dressed up in toliet paper to look like a mummy elbows past you and gets the drink you were holding spilled all over your costume
  • which happens to be covered in blood spatters, but also,,,,,,,is white
  • so whatever doesn’t have red on it,,,,is no basically see-through 
  • and usually, you’d be horrified - but it’s dark and crowded no one can really see or care to see, but the wet stickiness makes you cringe
  • and when you do catch the eye of some creep looking you up and down,,,you decide ok,,,,maybe you are a little bit horrified
  • but then you feel something drape around your shoulder, the velvet fabric of youngk’s vampire cape
  • “pull it around yourself” he leans down to say into your ear, as he turns you away from the prying eyes and leads you up the stairs to the more quieter part of the house
  • after kicking a couple out of his bedroom, youngk tells you to sit down
  • you pull the cape around you and shiver, the wet clothing makes you feel colder
  • “here, change into this.”
  • throwing down a pair of flannel pajama bottoms and one of his old math olympic shirts, youngk takes the cape from you and motions that he won’t look
  • you peel the wet clothes off and change into youngk’s,,,,feeling warmer,,,,but slightly embarrassed
  • “im sorry, you should go back to your party. i can stay up here or sneak out of the windo-”
  • youngk pulls his fake fangs out and shakes his head “it’s fine, someone lodged a noise complaint so jae is gonna shut this thing down in a couple minutes.”
  • he sits down beside you on the bed and you look at him again, in profile he really does look like some kind of vampire prince from years ago
  • regal high cheekbones, mesmerizing eyes, and flawless skin
  • when he moves to look at you, you drop your gaze to the floor and pretend like you didn’t just stare
  • “im always dragging you into these things,,,” he says suddenly and you manage to laugh
  • “it’s fine, you make life fun.” 
  • youngk seems to be taking a long time to collect his thoughts,,,,he seems more nervous than ever before,,,
  • downstairs you hear the music shut off, jae’s loud voice shouts something about campus police showing up unless everyone scatters
  • and you can hear the shuffle of feet, urgent voices till,,,,,,,the party is over
  • jae passes by the door only to say that he’s crashing over at kevin’s
  • and youngk and you slowly realize,,,,you’re alone together in his room
  • “you look,,,,,cute in my clothes”
  • he states,,,,and you think that after all that silence that’s what he says,,,but at the same time,,,,it makes your heart melt
  • and before you think that it’s a bad idea, you lean in and kiss youngk’s cheek
  • he seems shocked,,,but not upset,,,
  • instead he leans forward, hand on the side of your neck as he presses his lips to yours
  • you can taste the flavor of whatever he used on his lips to make  them so red and you fall into it,,,,,into youngk
  • and he pulls you closer, the collar of his costume’s shirt tickles your chin and when you pull back he touches the corner of your lip
  • “my makeup got on you,,,” he chuckles and you wipe at it with your hand before youngk moves in to kiss you again
  • “hey,,,maybe get the makeup off first?” you laugh against his neck, but youngk shakes his head as he hugs you close
  • “i will,,,,but for right now let me have this.”
  • in the morning, you wake up cuddled into youngk’s chest,,,,,
  • but also sungjin is at the door of his room like “i see it was wild last night, youngk would you like to explain?”
  • swallowing, youngk looks to you for support, but you just kiss his nose and shuffle past sungjin telling youngk to call you if he manages to survive sungjin h e l l 

So for those wondering who Colton is and why everyone’s freaking out about him, here’s a video talking about his experience with theatre. He’s so, so sweet and has dealt with a lot and he’s! Only! 21! How amazing is that that this incredibly genuine, goofy, talented 21-year-old got to go on as Evan Hansen in Dear Evan Hansen and make his Broadway debut today? Basically, everyone SHOULD freak out about Colton Ryan getting to go on today and how incredible he must be feeling right now.

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Hi!! Can I request the RFA crew and none of them have released their identities to mc. Mc then goes on about being in love with them not realizing they are in the chat (ex: mc sees zen in a magazine and comments in the group of how much she likes him but the group doesn't tell her zen is the chat) if that makes sense. I'm sorry if it's confusing 😓

 aaaahhhhhhhh sorry this is so late! i’ve been so busy with ap tests :( but this was so much fun to write!!!

Not Recognizing the RFA


  • You told the RFA how there was this really cute boy in your biology class
  • He was kinda adorkable and overall really sweet and you really like that about him
  • When someone asked what school you went to you told them SKY University
  • Seven immediately asks what your crush’s name was and you told them it was Yoosung
  • Zen and Seven thought it would be funny to keep it a secret that the Yoosung you liked was also reading this entire conversation
  • After that chat, Yoosung gained a little more confidence in talking to you in person
  • He ended up being a little flirty with you omg this lil bean
  • Every time you spoke to each other, you gushed to everyone in the messenger about him
  • You go on a really cute study/coffee date!!!!!!!
  • zen and seven congratulate yoosung on becoming a man lol
  • When the day of the party arrives, Yoosung is super nervous but also really excited to see the look on your face
  • You get to the party and meet everyone but you notice they all have that mischievous smile
  • You realize there’s a member missing
  • *a wild Yoosung appears!* lol wHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE
  • “Surprise! I’ve been an RFA member all along and I’ve been reading everything you ever said about me hahahaha……………”
  • He’s red in the face and you’re red in the face and the members are placing bets on who’s gonna make the first move lol
  • After the initial shock, you both start laughing and you end up staying by each other’s side the whole time
  • The party ends and he gives you a goodbye kiss jasfhsjaikd
  • Zen and Jaehee just won 50 bucks lol


  • Your friend introduced you to some musical that starred Zen in it and you were immediately head over heels for him
  • When you told the RFA about this new up and coming actor, Jaehee started fangirling
  • She starts going on about Zen and recommends some of his musicals and sends photos of him to you
  • Meanwhile, Zen is watching this convo unfold all while smiling really smug to himself
  • He decides to have a little fun by pretending to not be the actor you currently have a gigantic crush on and may or may not actually be falling in love with
  • Also he can’t pass up an opportunity to talk about himself amirite
  • at this point, everyone but jaehee and zen have left the chat
  • He’ll send selfies of you claiming they’re secret photos he got off the internet and your heART GOES HAYWIRE
  • Zen is having fun with this
  • He ends up surprising you by telling you he scored front row tickets to his new show
  • You. Are. Dead.
  • You ask him how on earth he got tickets but he just says he has connections somehow or somethin idk
  • He thinks it’s really cute that you’re such a big fan of him
  • But he especially loves how it’s not just for his looks! You also admire his talent and how kind and devoted he is to his fans!
  • That’s how he falls for you but he doesn’t know if you’ll love him back or just remain a fan
  • Come the party day and he’s a little nervous to meet you
  • When you see him, you start freaking out because how did Zen end up at this party?!!?!?!!?1?1
  • He starts laughing as he explains that he was a member of the RFA
  • you nearly faint bc omg the amount of embarrassing things that you said
  • After letting the news sink in, he proclaims his love for you
  • You’re super happy because of course you love him too because you were able to get to know the real Zen in the chat and not just the actor
  • When you tell him that, he is sososososo happy!!!!


  • You met this really cute girl at a coffee shop one day 
  • She was in a rush but she made quick small talk with you but you never got her name
  • When you told the RFA about her, you were super blushy and everything awww
  • But Jaehee is a super smart girl so she was able to kinda put two and two together and figure out that she was the one you met
  • Now she’s getting all blushy bc “wat MC likes me??? she thinks i’m cute?!!?!?”
  • Since that day, she makes an effort to go to the same cafe at the same time in hopes of meeting you again
  • And you’re doing the same thing so you end up meeting each other every day
  • You two claim it’s just a “coincidence”
  • calling u on ur bullshit
  • The both of you end up developing HUGE crushes on each other it’s adorable
  • Everyone in the RFA is rooting for you two lol
  • Especially Zen and he’s also trying to be that lowkey wingman for baehee in the chat without revealing who she really is
  • You thought it would be a good idea to invite Jaehee to the party
  • She accepts while trying to hide her laugh bc little did you know
  • The day arrives and you’re nervous to finally meet the RFA but even more nervous bc oh god Jaehee is gonna be there too you gotta look nice
  • You spot Jaehee right away and you give her a big hug before leading her around and trying to find the RFA
  • You see a group of men walk up to you and they introduce themselves as the RFA
  • You introduce Jaehee as the girl you’ve been talking about
  • “MC, there’s no need to introduce me. I already know them.”
  • lol wut
  • She giggles and explains that she is the other member and you nearly faint you’re so embarrassed
  • She takes your hand in hers and says, “Don’t worry, MC. I happen to like you a lot too.”


  • You had recently gotten a job at the C&R Company and had coincidentally been placed to work in the same department as Jumin’s
  • Despite the rumors and the crazy amount of workload, you had slowly started to develop some feelings for him
  • You never really saw him that much since he was so busy
  • But when you did, your heart would beat like crazy even though you knew that being with him would probably never happen in a billion years
  • So you vented to the chatroom one day after having a run-in with Jumin
  • You told them how you had started to fall for him even though you knew her could never have feelings for you
  • Jaehee was stunned
  • Yoosung and Seven fucking lost it
  • Zen nearly s c r e a m e d
  • When Jumin read your messages, he was shocked to say the least
  • How funny that the MC he’s falling for is also in love with him without realizing it
  • He immediately looked up your employee info so he could have a little fun with this 
  • The next day at work, you were surprised to run into Jumin but even more so that he decided to actually have a conversation with you that didn’t involve work
  • He was a lot nicer and relaxed and smiled more than before
  • You told the members about the interaction while Jumin fucking smirked the entire time
  • This continued for a while, him randomly running into you at work and chatting while you silently died inside
  • same mc same
  • Party day arrives and you’re looking around for the members when BAM
  • juMiN iS HeRE?!?!1/!?!!?
  • You slowly make your way towards him and the small group he was talking to
  • He sees you and smiles
  • “Ah MC, it’s so good to see you again. Let me introduce you to the other RFA members.”
  • O-Other members?”
  • The gears start working in your head before you realize that Jumin was a member
  • Which meant he read all your messages
  • Which also meant that today was your death day
  • He laughs at your expression when you figure it out but reassures you that the feelings are mutual
  • You both smile at each other as he kisses you on the cheek
  • meanwhile zen is now officially screaming


  • The agency you worked for partnered you up with Seven for a mission
  • Agents 606 and 707: The best hacker and best field operative the agency has
  • also fucking badass holy shit i might write a fic
  • Ever since your successful mission, you two have been partners on every single one following that
  • While kicking ass, you had slowly started to develop feelings for him
  • When you joined the RFA, everyone introduced themselves except for one who was a hacker
  • To you, it made sense that he had to hide his identity
  • Also for some strange reason, this hacker reminded you of Seven hmmmmmmmmmmm i wonder why
  • You introduced yourself to the group, though, and Seven nearly choked on the chips he was eating
  • As the days passed by, you grew more comfortable with the group and eventually told them about the troubles in your love life
  • You told them how you had fallen for your partner but you didn’t think he loved you back because he tends to push you away sometimes
  • Seven: Dead.
  • Little did you know that he was in love with you too
  • The reason why he pushes you away was because he didn’t think that you loved him
  • Since then, Seven has started to open up a bit more around you and you were really happy with that
  • In classic Seven-fashion, he thinks it would be hilarious if he kept it a secret that he was an RFA member
  • The day of the party arrives and you’re about to leave when you run into Seven
  • “Where you going?” He asks you
  • “Heading off to the party with the RFA. I told you about them, remember? See you later!”
  • yes you will lololol
  • When you meet everyone at the party, you’re all happy to finally meet each other 
  • But you notice that your new hacker friend was missing
  • In the corner of your eye, you see a flash of red and immediately recognize it as Seven
  • You confront him and ask him how and why he’s at the party
  • “For the agency’s best spy, you’re really bad at recognizing people.”
  • Putting two and two together, you realize that he was the last member of the RFA
  • *cue you slapping him repeatedly on the shoulder as he laughs his fucking ass off*

His phone chimes. Nursey sees the email notification on the lock screen and feels the air around him turn to stone. He breathes in shallowly. He breathes out. He breathes in. The rhythm is all wrong: he’s gasping for breath. 

“I thought it was tomorrow.”

His hands shake as he picks the phone up off the bedspread.

The email is from the Literary Arts Department at Brown University.

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What If? (Pt.2)

Title: What If? (Pt.2)
Summary: You indulge yourself in a harmless passion, following a train of thought, but when Mikey catches a glimpse it may not be so harmless after all.
Author: Velcr0Kitty
Characters: Mikey x Reader
Word Count: 1488
Warnings: Angst, fluff, body image… issues? I guess?
Author’s Notes: WELCOME BACK MOTHERFUCKERS I AM CAFFEINATED :) I was gonna post this as one big fic (I had hit like 3000 words) but I decided to split this up. It keeps growing :D (I took liberty and tagged a bunch of you people)

It was three agonizing days until you saw Mikey again. According to Raph he spent most of his time in the training room, relentlessly pushing himself to several limits. When one of the others could force him out for a little while he spent all of his time in his and Raph’s room “mopin’ over that weird book.”

Splinter had approached the others expressing his concerns and, until Leo mentioned your breakdown, he had nothing.

“My child?” Splinter slowly entered your room where you were laying, sketching away. You jump and try to hide your sketchbook, throwing it behind you. He quirks an eyebrow and extends his hand, motioning for you to hand him whatever it was. It was the first time since the fight you’d even touched a pencil and it seemed that all you could draw was Mikey. So, like a little kid in trouble, you hand it over. As recognition and something akin to pride swarm his features you shrink further into yourself expecting to be reprimanded. Instead he gives you a small smile and hands it back.

“Well done. That’s a very fine piece of art.” He pauses, giving you time to start explaining on your own. You sit with your eyes closed, hoping he’ll just go away. He simply stares at you, patiently, and sits. After a few tense, silent moments, you break.

“I’msosorrySplinter, I didn’t mean any harm! I draw. I was gonna go to art school then my- and then- and I just drew Mikey, Ididn’tmeantohurthim I’m sorry!” You blurt in one breath and start crying, again. Splinter had grabbed you mid-sentence and just held you. You sobbed and cried and rambled until you could breathe again. The whole time the rat who had become a father to you patted your back and waited for you to calm down.

When you had quieted and stopped shaking Splinter lied your head on his lap, combed through your hair and slowly spoke.

“Child, you must tell me what has happened. I was worried about Michelangelo, but now I fear for you too. You must explain, if you can,” and so you did. You explained everything. Your past, how bad off you were when they found you, your crush on Mikey, that night, your idea, the drawing, all leading up to three days ago. You had to stop a few times at the more painful moments and had cried silently the whole time. Once you had finished Splinter sat silently. He drank in your words, rolling them around in his head and slowly formed a response. He does this often when spoken to so you give him time and just enjoy the comfort he provides.

“Given the circumstance, you should go to him.” As he speaks, you slowly sit up and match his gaze. “This isn’t something that can be fixed outwardly, but from the inside I believe it can heal.”



Mikey loved the feel of adrenaline coursing through him after training. It put a pep in his step until it wore off and his muscles started to ache. He figured, while he was still hype, that he’d go bug his favorite sweetheart. As he wandered towards your room he enjoyed the serenity of the lair. He could hear his brothers loudly speaking then quietly disbanding, each wandering off to their separate corners. He hears Raph’s music turn up, he hears the familiar beep of Donnie’s lab door, he hears the shower, probably Leo. His hands drift to his pockets and his mind drifts to his girl - uh, well not his girl but… god, he wanted her to be. He always knew there was something about Y/N but… lately? He couldn’t help but think of you.

He was surprised to see that you weren’t in your room, so he took the time to, well, indulge himself. He looked around your room at just how you it was. The furniture, the colors, lighting, nerd stuff littering every surface, fuck even the smell. The 19 year old’s chest tightened as he took in that smell and enjoyed the little energetic rush that spiraled from his chest, down his arms and settling low. His stomach turned over and he closed his eyes, starting to daydream. Out of a dreamy fog an image of burying his face into your hair as he held you tightly swarms him. He could almost feel your small arms trying to wrap around him and failing, but still tightening nonetheless, as well as you nuzzling into his neck. The ghostly press of a kiss or two sends another shot through his body and this one snaps him out of his dizzying day dream.

He jumps and sobers up, remembering you could walk in at anytime, and continues snooping. With his arms latched behind his back he wanders around the room. His eyes fall to something on your bed. It was a some loose papers, a couple pencils, and, near the headboard, a few peculiar books. Confusion seizes him while curiosity drives him to take a peek. He glances at the door frame, pausing to consider the morality in this situation. The little devil on his shoulder has been screeching since he saw the papers and the little angel has been rambling more than Donnie. Mikey shakes his head and turns back to the papers picking up a pile of about four. His brows furrow. His jaw drops.

The paper between his fingers showed a drawing of him and his brothers side by side. Perfectly. A low whistle escapes him. Angelcakes did this?

“It’s like a photo,” he whispers breathlessly. A gargantuan smile splits his face as he excitedly flips page after page. His brothers, Splinter meditating, him laying around, Raph and Donnie sparring. He ran out of his pile and practically dove for the others. Some of the drawings were higher quality, some merely sketches. It didn’t matter, he devoured them all with fervor. Pride swelled in him and bubbles over into small bouts of giggles. He barks a sharp laugh and covers his mouth when he finds a damn near perfect capture of Raph’s bitch-face. He grabs one of the actual sketchbooks and leans against the steel beam that comes down in the middle of your room, flipping it open.


You quietly approach the increasingly scarey curtain of beads separating you and Mikey. Splinters last words before you left the room ring in your ears.

“Of course, young one. Anything can be healed if you tend to it correctly. At the very least, you can mend the damage and lessen the blow.” You lightly chant this to yourself as you approach the archway to the shared room. Mend the damage, lessen the blow. Mend the damage… You’re met with a very grumpy Raph within the first few steps. He’s laying on the top bunk, your entrance catches his attention. The red tails of his mask flail a little as he looks at you, then snaps to Mikey for a moment (who is moping quietly in the corner, sitting on his drum kit’s stool leaning against the wall) and back again. He mouths ‘You dealing with this?’. You gave a curt, nervous nod.

“Oh, thaNK FUCK,” he groans, a little too loudly. Mikey swerves around, startled by the sudden outburst, locks eyes with you and confusion turns into a scowl. Raph slides off his bunk and moves past you, giving you two hearty good-luck-shoulder-pats on his way out. You reach out towards Raph a little as he wanders away silently yelling at him to not leave you alone. You begin to slightly tremble for the second time that day. Turning back, you find Mikey has turned around once more.

Alright. Fine. I guess it’s all on me.


Mikey had made it through 2 of your old sketchbooks before he got to a newer one (he figured they were old cause he hasn’t worn that in at least a year) and picked up on a, um, theme so-to-speak. This book was near full, the only one on the bed that was closed, and was chock full of drawings of him. Of course his family was in there but it was totally rare if he wasn’t also in the drawing. To be honest, he was too stunned that none of them even knew about this amazing talent of yours to freak out about how much of him there was.

So far his favorite was one of him casually standing, facing away from the viewer, arms crossed, relatively serious. His first thought was, of course, ‘wow,’ but then it was ‘is my ass really that nice?’ It was then he saw a cute little cartoon you in the corner with sunglasses on staring at his ass, biting her lip and making a really funny face. That one he promised himself he was gonna make a copy of whether you knew about it or not.


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Okay guys! So I just came back from New York, where I went to see Hamilton and let me tell you- oh my god. It surpassed my already high expectations. The cast was SO FREAKING AMAZING! The night I went Jevon McFerrin played A.Ham, Elizabeth Judd & Syndee Winters both played Eliza and the rest of the cast was played by the people who normally play them.

Here we go:

• BRYAN TERRELL CLARK PLAYS WASHINGTON BEAUTIFULLY, I mean- In my opinion, I prefer his Washington over Christopher Jackson’s. It is THAT exceptionally good.
•Elizabeth Judd is gorgeous and so freaking good.
•Alysha Deslorieux is so good. Peggy was adorable and Maria was soooo GREAT.
•Anthony Lee Medina is my new crush. He is so freaking gorgeous and his voice is amazing, he is hilarious and makes a wonderful Laurens.
•Seth Stewart is also so good, he tripped on some words during Lafayette’s rap but jesus- so would I. He was amazing.
•Thayne Jasperson stole my heart, I’m in love.
•I saved the best for last: JEVON MCFERRIN… Literally nothing can put into words how great his Alexander Hamilton was. His voice is similar to Lin’s, he was exceptional and I would 700% go see Hamilton again with him playing Alexander and I’d probably cry happy tears.

More stuff:

•My mom is in love with Jevon McFerrin and Taran Killam. She got very mad at Alexander when Say No To This came around but she loved Lafayette, thought Jefferson is an asshole and would 100% go hug Eliza during It’s Quiet Uptown.
•I never realized that in The Election of 1800 when Madison says “Please” after Jefferson goes “Can we get back to politics?” he actually says it the way he says it cause he’s crying?? Am I late to the realization or what? Oops
•Hurricane has the most breathtaking staging out of all the songs
•Yorktown is actually very intense.
•I spent nearly $200 on merch
•It was the best night of my life
•I cried when “Alexander Hamilton” began

You know what had me on the verge of tears earlier? Watching an amv and Keith’s fight scene with the Blade of Marmora came up. I wasn’t upset because of Keith, but because of how awesome he was whilst fighting. And then it all clicked, this is what Lance sees everyday. Shiro was also really cool, so was Hunk and Pidge’s brain power. Allura is a freaking warrior princess and Coran is a vault of intergalactic knowledge. And all I could think was: next to these guys no wonder Lance feels inferior. I got hit by the realisation that the team is absolutely incredible and Lance’s insecurities just made way more sense. That’s because, though he is very talented, next to the others what can he say? “I have great aim”. And though that’s very useful it doesn’t sound as impressive as the others, it’s a skill that not many have but with his team he doesn’t really stand out because of it. And it’s honestly upsetting. Because I just understand that he feels inferior and untalented because he’s comparing himself to his team: “I’m not as smart as Pidge or Coran, I’m not as kind as Hunk, I’m not as gifted with close combat fighting as Keith or Shiro, I’m not as talented as Allura”. But it’s sad because it’s understandable, because he has a point. But their are qualities he possesses that are far more important then he gives them credit for like his charm, charisma, upbeat attitude, sacrificial nature, protectiveness over his friends, care for his family, desire to be helpful.

I guess it just saddens me that Lance, and maybe even his team, can’t see how valuable he is and how deserving of his paladin status he is. He’s blinded by his insecurities and it simply doesn’t help that they are founded in, well, truth.

Why I love the songs

ON MY WAY - I have to be honest I love the chorus where Corbyn’s voice becomes more clearer and suddenly there’s a bass drop and Zach is singing about the shooting galaxy and I’m crying. The instrumental part is pretty peng as well. I love how there is an echoing after every lyric. Corbyn’s voice is so sweet and pretty and cute. Jonah in the beginning really pulls me into the song like it draws my attention straight away. I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE THIS SONG BUT IT MAKES ME FEEL THINGS - IT MAKES ME REALLY HAPPY. I ALSO LOWKEY LIKE HOW THERE’S A SLIGHT PAUSE AFTER EVERY LINE.

JUST TO SEE YOU SMILE - This is one of my original favourites! I ADORE the beginning where Jack starts off because he sounds amazing and the actual message v cute, and then Jonah sings and his voice is like quiet and calm but at the same time powerful. I love Corbyn’s part where I don’t even know how to describe it but his voice kind of shakes/vibrates when he sings ‘you keep me guessing’ and I cry.

TELL ME - I’m living for Jack’s voice during first few lines of the song. Their harmonies are so good during the chorus. This song just makes me want to go outside scream the lyrics and kiss a stranger (not something I should be doing) - just because its so good, its hard to find words to describe the pure talent which created this song.

MADE FOR - IM SERIOUS FIRST TIME I LISTENED TO THIS SONG I WAS LIKE 'MEH’, BUT THEN I PROPERLY LISTEND TO IT AND FELL IN LOVE. I’m probably going to say this for every song, but I’m so in love with the background music. Daniel’s chorus is also one of the many reasons I cry whilst listening to the song. Also although this doesn’t really relate to the actual music, bUT I love when they’re singing the song and they act out the lyrics - iT MAKES ME LAUGH SO MUCH!! Jack’s solo part is also killing me. JONAH’S SMALL PART TOWARDS THE END OF THE SONG HAS ME WEEPING - LIKE FULL ON WEEPING, HE SOUNDS SO GENTLE AND SWEET AND JUST ADORABLE!

PERFECT - I love how the song begins straight away like there’s no instrumental introduction. I also love how majority of the song is them harmonizing with each other, rather than singing separately. ALSO ZACh’s voice sounds incredible and it sounds like more deeper than it normally does and I LIVE FOR IT!

I DEPEND ON YOU - Jack’s vocals are killing it through out the whole song. I also love the part where Daniel and Zach take in turns to sing a line - it feels as if they’re almost talking to each other. this is such an underappreciated song but lIKE WHY IT PHYSICALLY KILLS ME AND BRINGS ME BACK TO LIFE EVERYTIME I LISTEN TO IT. It’s just so sweet and encouraging and a mood lifting song!

WE THE PARTY - I love this because its just such a nice, happy and up-beat song!! Also when I first heard it I thought Daniel sang 'can you see a sweeter party’ so I went out that day and sang that line all day until I came home and realised that he actually sang 'can you see us we the party’. Jonah’s part I don’t even know how to describe it but its FREAKING AMAZING I love his voice so much. this is just such a casual song that I would like put on whilst washing the dishes, bUT AT THE SAME TIME IF I WAS HYPED UP I WOULD MAKE A FREAKING DANCE ROUTINE TO THIS.

RUNNER - I fell like this is a very special song that they would sing to someone who’s insecure - I just feel like the song fits the situation. and once again Jonah’s solo part has me dying like how can he sing so low but then also sing songs like this and sound pure and angelic??? there’s also a lyric saying 'something different’ and that makes me giggle. This is kinda a slow song but I AINT COMPLAINING.

WHY DONT WE JUST - I love how the song transitions into the chorus because of how casual it is but yet still sounds amazing. Also love how Jonah sings majority of the chorus!! - he adds a sense of gentleness to the song (I swear I say this for every song like). Every time I hear this song I’m reminded of that mashup where they sing the song an Jonah is just there laying about in the bean bag chair thing and it makes me feel all cuddly and cute for some reason.

ALL MY LOVE - once again I love the instrumental parts!! I love the way Daniel starts of the song, and I love the chorus and the way Zach sings it, it just sounds incredible. I really like the pre chorus hype up where Jack/Corbyn sing about 'taming’ and stuff and idk why but it sounds incredible.

NEVER KNOW - ONCE AGAIN JACK’S VOCALS HAVE ME QUAKING!! I also love Zach’s part because like his voice fits the song and the actual instrumental music and his voice just give me goose bumps!! I also really like the meaning behind the song, although this is just the meaning I have self interpreted but it just gives off the message that opportunities don’t come unless you make them, and I find that this is a really helpful message to hear sometimes (personally).

AIR OF THE NIGHT - I REALLY WANT TO LEARN HOW TO SMOOTH STEP SO I CAN PROPERLY DANCE TO THIS SONG! I’m in love with the build up to the chorus, because it really hypes you up and the chorus itself just makes you want to get up and dance. aS Always Jonah’s voice is killing me.

THESE GIRLS - THIS IS MY CURRENT BOP!!! I love how this song is based around their fans! I ALSO LOVE HOW JONAH FINALLY HAS LOTS OF SOLO PARTS BECAUSE HIS LOW VOICE FITS THIS MUSIC AND HE SOUNDS AMAZING. Also @ the boys where am I?? 'the emotionally unstable, socially awkward girl’?? Also the 0.25 seconds of cormeme has me SCREAMING - I love how its included, and also the small dance he does throughout the song and his glasses look dorky but sweet!!

SOMETHING DIFFERENT -HIGHKEY WILL NEVER GET OVER THIS SONG!! props to Logan because his music video is hella fire! Daniels beginning part has me crying because his voice sounds amazing!!!! Jonah literally actually makes tears come to my eyes because he sounds so sweet and pure - I will never get over how amazing he looked in the video and how his voice practically tears me to pieces!! Corbyn’s chorus also has me crying kinda sad because Corbyn doesn’t exactly get that many lines, but he still slayed the few lines that he got and still sounded amazing. Zach’s vocals have me dying all day every day, like I don’t understand how he is so talented and how his voice sounds so amazing.

NOBODY GOTTA KNOW -like in the beginning when Zach is singing by himself he SOUNDS SO FREAKING GOOD LIKE HOW, THERE’S NO AUTOTUNE, NO BACKGROUND MUSIC, ITS JUST HIS PURE VOCALS AND THE’RE SO GOOD!!!! Jonah as always has me dying! Their harmonies are so good!!! Corbyn in those glasses is my aesthetic, and I cant leave without saying that Jack’s vocals are still extremely amazing. Also the video concept is really pretty and cute.

TAKING YOU - Daniel sounds amazing in this song. And Jonah’s voice sounds so smooth and beautiful. Also really like how the idea for 'limelights’ came about from a lyric in this song!!

FREE - can I just say that their vocals are amazing not only in this song but in everything that they sing!! Also love Jonah’s solo part where he just sings 'we could be free’ because it just sounds incredibly amazing. and I feel like Daniel has a voice crack everytime he sings but that just makes the song a thousand times better!

YOU AND ME AT CHRISTMAS - Jonah beginning the song actually makes me cry because his voice is low and it sounds amazing and beautiful and I just cant. Zach'spre chorusing has me dead because he sounds amazing and I font even know how to describe his voice but it makes me want to cry because its incredible. Also ngl but I love the ending where they realist they all have the same girlfriend, and  Jonah’s face is just confused and all and Corbyns 'but the cookies’ statement has me crying.

OKAY, so I was listening to their songs the other day and I just thought that it’d be cute to just write down why I love each song. EXCUSE the extremely bad and unorganised writing - I will apologise. But yeah if any of you want to do this too it would be cute, so yeah do it if you want :)))

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Can I get a HC with Bakugou and Kirishima finding out their s/o can sing very well later in the relationship? S/o has been trying to keep it a secret from them due to them not thinking they're talented. (I LOVE YOUR BLOG BTW KEEEP IT UUUP)

awwwww ♥


Bakugou Katsuki

-honestly he would not understand why they would keep it a secret

-when he finds out, he’d just sit there and listen


-would fuck up anyone who says shit about their singing

-wants them to sing around him more, but he like doesn’t know how to say it

-”Sing me a song, damn it!” or something like that

-might treat his s/o like Alexa, asking them to sing specific songs

-might go to karaoke with just them, he ‘hates’ everyone else

-tries to sing with them sometimes

-is surprisingly good at singing

-swears his s/o to secrecy about that

-but loves that he knows another thing about his s/o that they consider private

-he feels like he’s closer to them somehow

Kirishima Eijirou

-adorable sweet boi can’t handle that his s/o got even better as a catch

-also doesn’t understand that they tried to keep it a secret

-probs a little hurt

-loves his s/o and tries to share things about him with them, so he doesn’t understand how they wouldn’t share their talent with him sooner

-when they explain that they don’t feel like they are talented, he freaks the frick out


-genuinely tries to help his s/o with their confidence

-wants his s/o to sing to him whenever they’re alone together

-eventually will try to get them singing around their friends

-also tries to sing with them

-not so good but boi does he try


-and probably makes it a fun group thingy 

-sings with his s/o every time so they aren’t alone

-is perfect little bb


Thanks for this request! It was adorable ♥

Let me know what you think ♥

monsta x: reaction to artist s/o

shownu: when you first tell him, he nods and goes “ohhh, i see” in a way where you know he has no idea what you’re talking about. he’s not a very artsy type of person, more in touch with expressing using his entire body as opposed to using his mind and hands, but he has an aesthetic appreciation for what you do. he’ll point out your work to visitors, if you have any art around the house, in that quiet way of his because he doesn’t want to brag but he is very proud. definitely respects your line of work because you’re an expert in your craft, just as he is with his own work.

wonho: he’s a bit child-like in the sense that he’s able to find wonder in everything. so when you bring up your career, he’d ask a lot of questions about everything, like how you draft your ideas and what the advantages and disadvantages are to using certain media. he’d be absolutely stunned seeing photos of your art and would get really excited over what you do. cue the loud “whoa!!!! you made that?” every single time you show him something new. he would have a more profound respect for you after learning this about you.

minhyuk: supports all of your work and photographs some pieces, so he can look at the photos and sigh happily over how talented and creative you are. if he happens to be visiting a place that’s displaying your art, he immediately (and unintentionally) grabs everyone’s attention by going “YOU SEE THIS ART? THAT’S MY HONEY’S YEAH THEY MADE THAT!” you’re flattered that minhyuk is able to pick out your art so easily and you’re also a little embarrassed that he freaks out every time but to be fair you’ve gotten several commissions from people who have heard him praising your designs and given him their card to give to you.

kihyun: very interested in your career, specifically in what your work entails and how/where you get your inspiration. in regards to your pieces, he’d be similar to minhyuk…but way more smug. he is bragging, don’t even think for a moment that he isn’t. just as everyone does, you envision magnificent things in your mind’s eye. the only difference is that you’re able to create these beautiful things out of nothing, and that, to him, is worthy of fierce praise. whether you’re with him or not, expect him to slip in a “by the way, my significant other created that wall art hanging over there, they’re so talented…anyway, what has YOUR significant other been up to?” when he’s out and about.

hyungwon: supports you to the max. he’s out there, making his name as an idol, snatching photoshoots and modeling gigs left and right while you’re out here, working your way around businesses here and there, making art that moves people. probably asks you a question about your current project at least a few times a week because he’s interested in what you’re doing at work. so proud of you, even though he may not say it in so many words. but you know, from the way he smiles at you.

jooheon: delighted to hear that you’re an artist, since he is one as well. is more than willing to listen to you talk about your work and learn all about it. he becomes more open with you about his work, sending you bits and pieces of songs he’s working on, and hopes that you’ll entrust him with something as important to you as your art. he’ll be the first to congratulate you for finishing a piece and the last to stop gushing about it, even if the art has been finished for a while. he may even ask around to see if anyone would want to commission you for a project.

i.m: changkyun is very open-minded and knows that the two of you may have very different thought processes, but that’s why he respects you. seeing as how he would’ve wanted to become a scientist if not a musician, he’d enjoy more analytical, logic-based subjects while you excel more in the creative spectrum. you’re passionate about something very different from what he’s passionate about, which he thinks is really cool. he’d be very proud of you and give you a head pat and a kiss on the nose if you ever pointed out your art when you two were in public.

Exo Reaction~ Girlfriend fangirls over BTS

Anonymous said:Can you do a exo reaction to their s/o going crazy when bts won their bbma award? (I’m so proud of them! 😊) Thank you~

relatable bc i love bts with my entire heart!!~


“I’m still right here,you know, jagi, and I’m as cute as ever.”

But I also feel like he’d freak out with you, just because he likes being loud.

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“Aww they’re very talented, and you’re being so cute, jagi…Do you still think I’m cuter than RapMon?”

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“Okay, if you keep it up, I’m telling them you’re fangirling over their talent.”

jealous lowkey

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“Aww jagi you’re so cute…You still think I’m talented right?”

Originally posted by jonginssoo


“I know, they’re talented, aren’t they? But look how hot I am.”

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“(Y/N) you’ve been fangirling over them forever…can you pay attention to me?”

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“Whatever, so what they’re talented. I am too. Look at my group’s awards. . you still like me better than the bangtan boys right?”

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“Okay you were being cute at first, and I love you jagi, but you’ve been fangirling forever. I’m telling the BTS boys you love them.”

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“They’re very talented, jagi, you’re so cute fangirling over BTS. But you still like me  best, don’t you?”

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Requests for reactions are closed, oneshots only please~

  • Me: It's so weird how people freak out over people's looks, I mean freaking out about a celebrity or something in genreal, it's so weird, hah, I don't understand.

I saw someone on youtube do this and I thought the idea was adorable. Second thought was: Arnold would be a big enough of a sap to want to do this if he saw it. He’d also be artistically talented enough to want to paint it himself.

Helga was kind of ‘eeeh’ about it b/c it would be washed away afterward so what would the point be but she could tell he really wanted to do it so she was like ‘FINE’. She’s trying not to laugh at how focused he is, also it kind of tickles too. She ends up really liking it ‘cause it’s cute.

This is basically how they let everyone know what they’re having.

By this point Helga isn’t freaking out as much about the pregnancy or the impending motherhood, at least not as much as she did in the beginning. 

High school musical actually has a lot of social commentary on how the arts are treated in high schools across America #overanalyzingdisney like people only came to the show once the popular kids came on??? And then also like why are sharpay and Ryan even the bad guys in this??? They’re hard working they’re more talented they care about what they’re doing to the point where it’s the only thing they have and then troy and Gabriella just walk on and get the roles? Can you imagine though? You’ve been acting your whole life and then some mediocre actor wannabe basketball player and okish singing science superstar steals your role? I’d be rude too! They got no right. AND THEN FREAKING TROY GETS INTO JULLIARD IN THE THIRD MOVIE??? HE CAN SING! THATS IT! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO GET INTO THAT SCHOOL? YOU NEED TO SING ACT DANCE PLAY AN INSTRUMENT?? TROY CAN HIT A FEW NOTES AND BOUNCE A BASKETBALL HONESTLY??? DONT GET MR STARTED ON THE FACT THAT THEY THEN WENT AND TOOK OVER SHARPAY AND RYAN’S LAST SAFE HAVEN WHERE THEY COULD ENJOY SHOWING THEIR TALENTS DOING WHAT THEY LOVE AT THEIR PARENTS RESORT AS IF RUINING THEIR HIGH SCHOOL THEATRE EXPERIENCE WASN’T ENOUGH ALREADY I’m so mad right now y'all I am 100% pro Sharpay and Ryan and I’ll be sure to teach this to my kids and my grandkids and this will be passed on for generations one day

All the men and women merely players (1/??)

aka that trashy rethaniel high school AU I promised to write. 

All the love to @catty-words and @rebeccaplimpton for being excited for everything about this fic. The ship trash group chat has greatly improved my life and I’ll happily flail with you all the damn time. 

To all the readers: if you’re even half as far into this trash can as I am, please come talk to me!

CHAPTER ONE: Don’t let me be your star (AO3)

His father would not approve. Any after school activities had to involve money or networking - that’s why he’d been in Future Business Leaders of America since the fifth grade. It is why he’d started attending networking events in kindergarten. Diversifying his interests to appeal to colleges was completely unnecessary. His father would get him in anywhere close enough to keep an eye on him - Stanford was at the top of Plimpton Senior’s list.

So telling his father he’d been forcibly enlisted into Rodgers Academy’s theater program, yeah he’d prefer for this to remain a secret for the rest of his natural born life. Because if (please, not when) his father found out, that natural born life would end very shortly.

But not joining the theater program stopped being an option when he was caught deflowering the pastor’s daughter under the stands in the auditorium. Mr. Whitefeather was not above blackmail. 

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Lauren~ if yo ever have time and you want, could you give us (me) more Jean headcanons? (modern ones, because I love the high school things lol) *hugs*

Oh my goodness, of course I can give you (and you in particular) more Jean headcanons! Modern au is my favorite too, so here we go!

  • Jean is an only child, and really dislikes it. When he was younger, his mom’s sister lived nearby, so he always had his cousins around to play with, but they moved away when Jean was five. And then he was alone. The Kirschteins lived in a neighborhood that was primarily older couples whose children were in high school or older, so Jean didn’t have many other kids to play with until he started school. 
  • Jean had a lot of imaginary friends as a kid, to compensate for his loneliness. His mom would watch him run around the house, on an imaginary adventure with his imaginary friends, and would marvel at her son’s creativity. 
  • It was also during his childhood that Jean was drawn to art. He would doodle pictures all over EVERYTHING as a child. So his father decided to channel his son’s apparent natural talent by teaching him how to sketch and draw. That was how Jean first made friends in school, with his drawing abilities. 
  • Jean is a very neat, organized person. He would always stay within the lines of coloring books, not wanting to upset the order. His room’s always decently clean, even in high school and beyond. He just likes things to look ‘nice.’ He’s not a complete neat freak, but disorganization irritates him.

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  • Ahhh okay this might be long
  • bc i bloody love this boy
  • but o well imma move along
  • hope you all enjoy
  • okay okay so you all met through school
  • Because like you were both music majors
  • Right? okay
  • So like you have never actually talked to each other
  • Bc like tae was a quiet boy who liked worked by himself most of the time
  • and like you had your group of friends
  • but like one of your best friends johnny
  • was on the same dance team as taeyong
  • so like you two have met before
  • but like no interaction whatsoever
  • until your teacher assigns you to get a partner
  • different from your focus
  • so like your focus is vocal
  • and tae’s is rap
  • and like the teacher pairs you two together
  • cause she’s like “work with someone you’ve never worked with”
  • either way, all your friends were already paired up
  • even johnny ‘thanks for leaving me hanging’
  • so like you and taeyong get together for the class
  • and it’s awkward as hell at the beginning
  • bc you both kinda like each other
  • but like don’t know what to say
  • so after an hour of basically almost silence
  • mr. johnny comes in
  • Johnny being johnny lighten up the mood
  • and finally gets you two to exchange numbers before they leave
  • so that afternoon you text taeyong “when can we meet against to work on the project?”
  • Like a sec later you hear a bing “tomorrow in the afternoon is good”
  • and your like surprised at how fast eh answers
  • progress
  • and like before you can send it he’s like “at the dance studio”
  • and you immediately answer “see you there”
  • the next day you get to the studio to find a dancing taeyong
  • and for like a good 5 minutes you just stand there and watch him dance
  • cuz it’s just so freaking beautiful and graceful
  • until he turns around and finds you staring at him
  • and like your whole face goes red
  • but like so does his
  • because he really really likes you
  • yet he’s a shy child
  • but he’s happy you two can work together
  • lol
  • So after the awkward meeting, you two actually get to work
  • and you realize how much more there is to this boy
  • who you thought was v shy and handsome
  • he’s also v kind and sweet and gentle and talented and thoughtful
  • you really like working with him
  • because like you find a new respect for rap
  • and him
  • and like in three hours you have the song written
  • and it’s about the youth in life and just life in general
  • and like a couple of days later you two present your song to the class and you get a really high grade
  • and though the assignment is over you still want to talk to him
  • so you two keep hanging out and the whole fricking world is like ‘date already’
  • but your both kinda scared
  • bc like what if he doesn’t like me back
  • that is until johnny sets you two up
  • what a great friend
  • but i mean he does it for both of your sakes
  • bc all you ever did was talk about each other
  • and with the help of mark they set you two up
  • and the plan works
  • and like you both finally confess to each other
  • and its sweet and cute and awkward
  • cuz your both smol
  • lol okay now into the actual bf part sorry
  • ahh taeyong would be so cute
  • like he would treat you like a princess all the time
  • and he would never want to let go of you
  • cuz he’s insecure that someone could love him
  • but you reassure him bc who couldn’t love taeyong
  • he’s sometimes protective but it’s kinda cute
  • whenever you’re sad he hugs you and everything feels a lot better
  • he would be such an amazing and good bf
  • omg
  • he wouldn’t be like huge on pda
  • bc hes a reserved person yet you would always be holding hands it makes it feel like your together all the time
  • ooooohh he would cook for you so much especially when you’re tired or sick
  • this boy would drop everything in a second to get to you but sometimes it feels lonely bc he has to go in tour and promotions a lot
  • and there’s also practice and interviews
  • and sometimes you question yourself why out of everyone he chose you, and he can tell you doubt yourself like he does sometimes so he reassures you, saying that nothing in this world could be better than you “for you make all that i have all that i work for all that i miss worth it just to make you smile. just to see you again and be able to call you mine”
  • you two would be a power couple
  • he would also always kiss your forehead or the back of your head
  • and like a lot of just sofa dates bc why not??
  • you would just become really close with the members
  • and the dreamies would be like your younger brothers and they would treat you like a mom bc taeyong is like a dad
  • small fights will rise sometimes bc he is being v reserved or bc of stress
  • but though there are sometimes fights they rarely happen bc you hate to see him sad and same goes for him
  • so like playfull bickering does happen a lot bc its fun
  • it would basically be almost perfect
  • bc this boy is a literal angel that needs to be more appreciated by the world and i love him v v v much and really just want to hug him
  • and okay im done
  • hope you all enjoyed this
  • can you tell he’s my ub
  • lol
I really adore my dental team tbh??

Okay this is an uncommon appreciation post, I know it’s odd to do?? But my main dentist and the whole dental team who helps me is amazing ;-; my dental assistant (of course I asked if I could write about her in my blog, because otherwise that would be kinda rude and respect is important!) just married her long time gf, and she opened up to me about their adorable cooking sessions and how amazing her wife is at cooking and she gave me some zucchini bread muffins??!! When I told her that my girlfriend @becauseimawesomethatswhy also loves to cook and is so talented at it, we both freaked out and had a really gay moment, omg. Then we talked about hummingbirds and beak sizes across populations! !

Also my dentist is rad as hell. We discussed a ton of the science behind dentistry and the chemistry behind my personal dental proceedures!! It was so interesting!! He’s always so concerned about my health, and he loves my teeth/compliments them a lot; even though they’re a pain in the ass to fix minor problems (my teeth are apparently in great shape, but my molars are abnormally sharp and have very deep ridges which makes fixing tiny decay issues difficult). He did a bunch of extra work for free for me today because he knows I’m not independent/I’m jobless, uhhg.

They are so kind. After all the literal torture surgical proceedures I’ve been through and all the bad doctors I’ve had, I just -REALLY- appreciate medical specialists who are helpful and kind.