but also daaaaaaamn


“Remember, there was once a day when you couldn’t walk or talk or laugh or eat real people food (Lauren still kinda can’t). However, I can almost guarantee when you took your first step, you were so happy… So let’s celebrate the small stuff. Each and every step.”

Every Starkid actor: [12/???] - Denise Donovan

I’m super duper aware that the Daddy au didn’t win but I am not gonna go through this thirst alone NOT TODAY
Look at Oikawa his glasses just seem to be perfect daddy material to me because daaaaaaamn. Also I just realised I didn’t finish the watch WHOOPSD

Don’t worry, there’s always the chance for redemption for next month’s AU! But I’m honestly in love with this! Oikawa looks so good with a tie and glasses, mm hmm! 😩

-Admin Lana