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Ah it’s okay it’s just I was watching black butler and one of the episodes reminded me of your au XD

okAY GOOd, thANK U I…. always worry about this sort of thing… i worry about it everytime i make a blog…..

i find it kinda intriguing that when jayfeather went back to the past and was jay’s wing, the latter just disappeared? like (based on my memory anyway) we never got an answer on why the three were reincarnated in the first place from these ancient cats that barely ever got screen time in the actual series. and the fact that jay’s wing was gone by the time they were about to trek to the mountains leaves a big question mark on what happened to him
and i wonder a lot, on what these cats were like and how they were the least bit connected to being part of the prophecy in the first place, 

well, the main point im trying to get to is that id be interested to see more backstory to these cattos since i love imagining warriors folklore and the like, especially since ive read dotc it was practically one of my ultimate favs of all time aaaa


in recent news, we bought Roy a ferret harness and I bruised my knuckles in self-defense class