but also by just being himself

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Awe I just saw your Valentine's Comic and it's so cute ✨ I can just imagine Sasuke eating the fish one by one being a blushy little dork while he walks to class. If Naruto catches up to him he'll try to snag one but Sasuke just holds it out of reach/threatens him with a "boi don't even" look ( ー`дー´). Thanks for being a cute bean artist 🌷

omg /// thank-you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it haha! Also yess, for some reason Sasuke being a blushy dork and a doofus while having a secret crush on Sakura has been a favorite idea. I’m sure he kept the fishies to himself and maybe shared with a cat on the roof. 

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Hello Tink, how are you doing? :) I was just watching old Destiel scenes, and I came across the confrontation scene from episode 4x22, and Cas says: "I see inside you. I see your guilt, your anger, confusion..." Which makes me think, Cas can see these emotions and recognize them inside Dean, right? Which means, maybe he can see in later seasons the love Dean feels. The question would be, does Cas recognize this love is romantic and directed at him? I'd love to know your thoughts. :)

I think this is something lots of people throw ideas around on, so please do add to this as this is just my opinion if I’ve missed something!

For me, Cas doesn’t try to read Dean on purpose these days, he respects his privacy. However he clearly could if he wanted to and this was brought up to us on purpose when Ketch told Cas to read his mind and he did - something that seemed to make Dean a little uncomfortable may I add.

I think Cas does know Dean’s feelings up to a point but Deans feelings are COMPLICATED. They are a whole hoard of all over the place. The overriding point being that although he loves Cas he probably is desperately trying NOT to, to hide it and repress it even from himself, for his own reasons, of which the most prominent being that he doesn’t think he deserves love, he doesn’t think Cas is capable of loving him without breaking himself (that scene with Kevin in s8 is so important to show this, that Dean thinks loving him would break Cas, and then in 12x12 Cas says being with Dean has changed him and there he is - breaking and DYING in front of him, it just CONFIRMS this for Dean, no wonder he still won’t say anything and just… is a MESS). Plus the whole “he’s a dude” thing. 

So well, this was the list of issues before season 12, it’s obviously changed now though over this season and there are so many less obstacles than there used to be in his mind after this season and 12x22′s culmination… hence why Cas had to die in 12x23 *sigh*.

Therefore I think Cas does kind of know, in a way, but it is so complicated that it is not clear (don’t forget that as an Angel his understanding of love is not simple and his emotions are also dulled, so sheesh how strong is his love for Dean given how blatant it is already how wrecked he is in s12…). I head canon that Cas only realised that his feelings towards Dean were LOVE when he himself became human in s9, and that was a whole heap of painful, so he may not think it is a good thing for Dean to love him back EITHER.

They both kind of know how the other feels, of course they do, they have to at this point, Dean knows what Cas did for him and how he did it all for him in the early days, how he has offered repeatedly to die with him so he wouldn’t be alone… But they both think the other would be better off NOT loving them so they don’t bring it up, thinking it would be best for them if it just went away, but it DOESN’T because they freaking love each other despite EVERYTHING and URGH.

On top of this he needs Dean to address the issues within himself rather than forcing him to face them by just flat out telling him he knows, that would anger Dean and make him feel violated rather than it being a positive thing… Cas knows that Dean needs to deal with stuff within himself, HE KNOWS THAT 12x22 NEEDED TO HAPPEN YET HE DOESN’T KNOW IT HAS BECAUSE HE DIED IMMEDIATELY.

So it just is a big circle of love and pain and feeling rejection and always wanting to protect and have good things for the other while not fighting for it for themselves, even though precisely doing that would help the other…

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Also, they’re a bit busy, apocalypses and all… ;)

GOT7 Reaction // To their S/O being the main vocalist in their group.

as i said before, I have so many scenarios go through my head right before I go to sleep and this is one of them.


Jaebum would be jamming to your songs everyday like he would be obsessed. He’d be so impressed whenever you sang live and made sure to buy all your albums the moment they came out. Biggest fan ever.

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Let’s be honest this boy would buy your albums several times to support your group. He’d always give you advice so you wouldn’t overwork your voice and late at night when the two of you were in bed, Youngjae would def ask you to sing him to sleep.

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For being a singer himself, he’d give you advice on how to properly take care of your voice since it’s so pure. secretly wants to do a duet with you. He also loves hearing your voice live since it’s so natural and beautiful. Jinyoung would praise you so much because of how well you did onstage.

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He’d be so in love. He just can’t get over the fact that he found someone so talented. Mark would buy just about everything you put out and blast that shit on repeat. Every now and then he would ask you to sing for him since your voice was so beautiful

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Would be the biggest fan/fanboy ever and would fight anyone who tried to prove him wrong. Jackson would buy 10 copies of your content and hype the shit out of you. Also he’d ask you to sing for him everyday. Morning, afternoon, and evening.

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Deadass would be the only member who found it as a turn on and you know what I mean by that. BamBam is so amazed by how well you sung. He’d probably be that one member who shows you off too much. All of his attention would be drawn to your voice.

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Words could not express how much he loves hearing your voice. In your ballad, he would shed a few tears and praise you with kisses and stuffed animals. Sometimes he didn’t even have to ask you to sing for him since he asked so much you just did it naturally.

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So this was a fluffy kind of thing I came up with, I hope you enjoyed <3

Also my requests are currently open so dont forget about that :)


And Just Like That... Everything Changed Part 5

I was going to wait til tomorow to post this but I’ve kept you guys waiting so long and I really like this part so I had to post it now! Hopefully I can get part 6 done tomorrow where the plot really picks up!

Here is the link to part four which contains the links to all earlier parts too- https://wordsonpages1.tumblr.com/post/161059892742/and-just-like-that-everything-changed-part-4

A catastrophic bang, followed by a blood curdling scream was what woke her up. Her body going rigid as it flew up from its awkward positon resting against Jughead’s sleeping form. Her breathing was laboured and her skin clammy as her eyes took a moment to readjust to her surroundings. Her hands trembled where they held Jughead’s and Betty felt a lump in her throat begin to form as mixed emotions infiltrated her system. Part of her was relieved it had just been a nightmare and that no one was actually facing the barrel of a gun before her eyes. But the other part of her sunk and splintered again at the recognition that her nightmare had in fact been real. The broken body of the boy in the bed before her being proof that the traumatising scene had played out hours ago.

Feeling disoriented her eyes searched frantically around the room, her hands gathering the loose strands of her hair into a dishevelled pony tail.


“Betty?” A gruff voice asked. Looking beside her, Betty saw Archie stir, his own body becoming more alert as he was further enveloped by consciousness, a frown of concern forming on his face. Noticing her tears Archie’s body went stiff, panic invading his thoughts.

“Jug, he didn’t-“

“No!” she cut off quickly with a furious shake of her head. Archie relaxed slightly at that, before his body turned toward hers, placing a hand on her knee. She tried not to visibly flinch at the contact. The gesture was friendly,  and one meant to be a show of support- which she truly appreciated- but her skin felt too tight and she was so wound that it felt searing instead. It’s not his fault she reprimanded herself. It wasn’t Archie’s fault that every touch was a harsh reminder that Jughead was incapable of reaching out to her in that moment.

“What happened?” his tone was full of worry and genuine concern. It implored her to answer.

“Bad dream.”

“Oh. Was it….” He swallowed audibly.

“Yeah,” her eyes looked away.

“It was like I was living it all over again,” She admitted after a beat. Her voice sounded weak and on the verge of tears and she took a steadying breath.

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im not just defending chris because i defend everything he does. i can admit when my faves do things that are wrong, and it’s not fair on the fans that he’s cancelled last minute but it’s also not fair to just hate on someone because of an assumption when you don’t know the truth. let’s be honest, we’ve all been worried about chris’ well being for a while, he’s lost his spark, he’s completely inactive on social media and he just seems like a shell of himself. he doesn’t have the support from the rest of the cast (bar mel and sparingly david) and i feel like he feels really alone.

he’s not just someone on tumblr getting a few hate asks, he is someone who is getting A LOT of hate from people who have no justification and he doesn’t have anyone defending him. this is a man who has been called a homophobe, an abuse apologist, sexist and racist. how would you react to being called that time and time again? never mind the fact that he’s constantly harassed about his talent and looks aswell.

all im asking is that you take into consideration what chris has been and might be going through before jumping on him for ‘cancelling because his gf did’. you don’t know what’s going on with him right now, maybe he’s been struggling and especially since sunday was worried about the con, and then when mel had to cancel he couldn’t face going on his own (and the fact the people are laughing about that and calling him a coward disgusts me)

i feel like the fans who paid to go and see chris and who were so excited to see him deserve an explanation, of course i do, but unfortunately because he’s been bullied off social media, i don’t think he’s going to tweet about it (because let’s face it, he’ll just get hate for whatever he says anyway)

so i guess my point is: be mad, be upset and be disappointed that you’re not going to meet chris or that we’re not going to get any new content, you have the right to feel how you want to feel, i was mad and disappointed too (im still disappointed now, but mostly upset) but please don’t just assume things and assume the reasons why chris cancelled when we really don’t know the truth. all i can do is hope that chris is ok and if he is feeling down or if this is affecting him, he’ll do the right thing for himself (which imo is leaving supergirl and finding something else)

also please if you’re disappointed and upset try not to direct it at chris on twitter just incase he’s lurking, i don’t want chris to feel like his fans hate him too.


This was something that really stood out to me in this video. You can change someone else’s world by just simply making them smile or feel a little happier. Positivity even in it’s smallest forms can have the power to give people more energy and motivation which can also give them the strength and inspiration they need to change their life in some sort of way for the better. 
By making people happy you can change the world. 

The reason this stuck with me is because this is what I constantly try to do everyday for other people and this is what Seán does for me too. 
No matter what kind of day I’m having Seán by just being himself and making me smile through that can give me so much positivity. Which helps me stay motivated and inspired to keep going and to keep trying even if it feels like my life is going nowhere. Just by helping me feel a little more happier it’s given me moments where I look at my own life and want to try to make it better in some sort of way and to make the most out it in any way that I can. Even on the days when I feel completely awful about myself Seán, just by being his silly self and making me laugh still makes me feel like I can do anything that I set my mind to because I constantly see so much of myself in him. Speaking 100% serious, he helps me make my own life worth living every single day just through those tiny moments of positivity. Which honestly I could never truly ever describe how much that really means to me. I don’t say this kind of stuff to get attention from him or to make him sound greater then how he actually is. It’s just that this is sincerely and genuinely how he’s made me feel about my life and myself and I want to be 100% honest about that. I really hope that me saying all that doesn’t come across as anything negative or loose it’s meaning because I’ve said it before in other posts. But still, he seriously has help me changed my world in so many ways in this whole time I’ve known/watched him just by making me feel a little happier. :)  
One of the biggest reasons I make my posts about Seán’s videos every single day is because I want to make other people happy in some sort of way. I want to spread more positivity in general and spread the positivity that Seán gives me every single day through his videos too. I don’t know if I make anyone else’s life happier per say through my posts. But if I can help someone else smile or help someone else feel better about themselves with something I made or wrote out on here then that seriously makes me happy because I genuinely like making other people happy and seeing other people happy in their own skin. I seriously just want to see more people feel and realize that they matter just by existing and that life seriously has so much to offer them. :) 

So I believe that what Seán said at this part of the video is 100% true because that’s exactly what he’s done for me personally. By making others happy you CAN change the world! :D Or at least you could possibly change someone else’s world by just simply making them feel a little bit happier. :)

Real quick tho

Okay real quick tho, I think Jimin was so serious the whole time on the Magenta carpet and such because from what I’ve seen, he seems like the type that is very hard on himself and self disciplining. I think he wasn’t trying to be confident in them winning or was nervous to look ‘stupid’ about being excited incase they didn’t win. Bc if you notice he slowly turned back to his mochi mode when he heard all the fans screaming BTS while they were watching the awards and after they actually won their award. Also he seemed more comfortable talking and such in their interviews after the bbmas apposed to the interviews at the bbmas. Idk just something I was thinking about. I wish he wasn’t so hard on himself but it makes sense to be nervous about being at your first foreign award show and being nominated for an award a previous artist won 6 years in a row. ‘Love myself, love yourself’ the boys are great and are only going more and more up! We need to help boost their damn confidence ARMY! Let me know your thoughts!

  • ratbert: *kills katie*
  • ratbert: *cheats on chrissie, stages a break in, treats her like shit*
  • ratbert: *outs lawrence multiple times, taunts him for being traumatized, steals from him & manipulates him*
  • ratbert: *tries to kill paddy, threatens his wife & son, tries to kill aaron*
  • ratbert: *manipulates rebecca, forces her into multiple abortions, also treats her like shit*
  • ratbert: no one ever forgives me :((((((((((((((((
hear me out....

okay so when Jughead and Betty first enter the trailer at the end of last episode of season 1, Jughead takes off his hat for the first time all season. Which he referenced as a part of what makes him weird back in episode 10 during his birthday party when him and Betty are fighting. Maybe he just is home and so he is making himself comfortable but also WHAT IF the reason they included this is (theory 1) because he doesn’t feel weird around Betty and it is supposed to emphasize that when he says “I love you”. OR (theory 2) he is changing because he now lives on the south side and can be himself without being”weird” or “misunderstood” which we did see him fit in better (at lunch at least) in the south side than we ever saw at Riverdale.

I’m really hoping it’s the first theory because if not Bughead will probably end up being squashed during the civil war of season 2. Especially now that Archie wont be 100% there to support Jughead while his dad is in prison because Fred got shot. The whole thing kind of set up both relationships to fail but honestly I would rather see Veronica and Archie break up than Bughead. Not because I dont like the pairing but bc Bughead has a healthy relationship were they went to one another even when things got rough but it was more than just that and I think that is so important. Plus Veronica and Archie are still in the honeymoon phase and it would be better if they broke up now before everyone is super invested in them.  

On Adrien discovering LB has a crush on him...

Instead of him being upset that LB doesn’t like Chat, his “real self”, which even then I don’t quite see. Seems to me Chat is more Adrien allowing himself to have fun and be at eased with those that he’s comfortable with and doesn’t really separate the two sides. So! How about:

  • Adrien being super DELIGHTED that LB has a crush on him. 
  • on him, Adrien Agreste. 
  • she notices him, and likes him and he is delighted and giddy he can barely stay still. 
  • she likes him.
  • his lady really does has a crush on him!
  • and he gets so damn smug when LB teases that she could resist him when he’s untransformed and he knows the truth.
  • “Yes, sure Bugaboo, whatever you say.”
  • And he has that dumb smug smile that he knows something that she doesn’t and she’s just all, what? 
  • but there’s a job to do so she won’t think about it too much. 
  • and Adrien, flirting with LB as a civilian, watching her get flustered and shy and so damn cute around him. 
  • it’s too much for this lovestruck fool; he’s just falling more and more in love. 
  • and since he flirts through puns, LB kind of mentally crying
  • Adrien is punner
  • she still loves him but he puns too
  • she can never escape puns it seems 
  • and Chat noticing LB fondly staring at a poster of Adrien
  • and he’s blushing
  • so delighted, but also so sheepish cause that him she’s admiring and adores and loves
  • And Adrien, being unable to resist, constantly reaches out to touch LB
  • touches her shoulders
  • leans into her space, just to watch her blush cutely, and to be close.
  • and once, while gazing at Adrien’s poster, she asked Chat, “Have you ever seen anyone so amazing?”
  • LB you’re killing this boy.
  • just, Adrien being super happy that LB has a crush on, that she does love him and he so wants to reveal himself so they could be together but he resists because there’s solid logic in keeping identities secret and he does agree with it. 
  • but he’s also so wishful
  • and knowing his lady does like him is just so torturous. 
  • but she loves him, she really does
  • and it just sets his heart aglow
  • and like the romantic that he is, he believes with all his heart that they’re meant to be and will be together
  • this romantic nerd
  • this lovesick fool 

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i cant believe we just witnessed one of the most iconic amazingphil videos ever to date?? this was literally one of the best videos and there were so many parts that stood out like..

for one, the tarot cards literally indicating the idea of dan basically coming to terms with his own identity and sexuality and being able to express himself more openly?? it was just interesting to see a cynical skeptic like dan be so in awe of these tarot cards actually hitting home. dan has been on a constant journey to self discovery and i’ve honestly never seen him more comfortable in his own skin, so the quote “you won’t always have to protect your personality with battle armor” couldn’t have been more appropriate, esp considering dan has lowered his barriers quite dramatically in comparison to his past self and has been letting his genuine self shine through. also with his decision to kill danisnotonfire and the sense of freedom he received as a result of that decision.. got dam

uh… yall… idk if you noticed… but phil deadass made a sex joke about phan on his main channel? it was an innuendo but it was also completely literal and it directly involved him and dan.. plus there was no weird behavior from either of them after phil made the joke, they didn’t do anything in an attempt to overshadow the joke, they just rolled with it? this is history in the making what the fuck

dan and phil and mocking “masculine creative energy” ?? name a more iconic trio

THE BANANA PRANK. the banana prank. the banana prank. this was the cutest shit i have ever seen. dans willingness to go along with whatever phil said even though he was starting to doubt it was so endearing?? phil was so proud of himself for successfully pranking dan and he was laughing so genuinely while dan was just smacking him with the banana peel trying to make it seem like he was mad but failing miserably because he was actually impressed by phils pranking skills and he only tolerates getting pranked if its by his wonderful boyfriend.. i have never experienced more intense third wheeling in my whole entire life! that scene was not meant for us at all, that scene was jus phil being a sly little shit and dans immediate reaction to phil being a sly little shit and they kept it in the video cuz they sappy as shit.. it was just dan howell and phil lester being gross and in love and jfgkdkjg@!1!! also funny how this is the second iconic scene involving a banana, yall mind if i remind you of the banana scene from the pinof 8 bloopers.. ya.. interesting..

conclusion: fuck

Sorry for all the langst if ya don't like it buttttt..



Can we just talk about the comic for a second? I would first like to pull into attention this panel

here they are talking about the sphynx’s riddle. Its a little hard to see, but that is in fact Lance talking. he mentions how his heart has been broken before but is now stronger. First of all, I thought like, holy quiznak thats out of character?? but maybe its not, maybe he is for once being real? I dont know, I might be over thinking this one, but its okay becuase overthinking is fun. To me it also sounds like maybe a cry for help, given the probable context of the next one.

okay, when I read this page, my entire being pretty much died. like, okay. Its pretty damn obvious here, not only is the sphynx calling lance out for being pathetic, but Lance doesn’t disagree. Again, something that is pretty out of character for this kid, given how he acted when they were rescuing the princess from earlier. This guy knows what goes on in Lance’s head, and after saying that, Lance couldn’t argue because he views himself as pathetic as well. this rounds back to season two when they are trying to get Slav out of prison, when he talks about being a seventh wheel.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is, Lance obviously has something going on. Not only is he homesick, but he can also feel himself being pushed aside, like he kinda was in season two, and kinda in general. and none of that helps with the self doubt and possibly even hate that he already has for himself. He is very good at not letting it show through, but I honestly think there are some serious mental issues happening with him. And, seeing as though this show isn’t afraid of making Shiro’s PTSD clear, I’m pretty sure that Lance’s insecurities are much much more than just that. That they are so bad that he feels he has to pretend to be someone else just to seem happy. 

But I could be completely wrong, he could simply be thinking about the thousands of hours hes probably wasted  watching cat videos. I guess we will find out though, huh? Just some food for thought, good night everyone!

(on a lighter note, I think o see some Klance goin on in the first pic too~)

Long rant about Portugal winning cuz I’m salty and can’t sleep

First of all, to all the people who’re gonna say 

“You don’t appreciate good music!”
What music I like and what would be considered “good” music is not for you to decide.

or “You’re just jealous that your fave didn’t win!” 

You are absolutely right, and here’s why:

  1. The song itself was pretty forgetful and boring to listen to. Literally ASMR material. It was different, yes, but just because something is different, it doesn’t make it exceptionally good.
  2. The singer blantantly disrespected the contest itself and acted as if his music was superior to everybody else’s. 
    Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova: “Bitch, hold my fucking poodle.”
  3. Actual quote of him: “Music is not fireworks, music is feeling.”
    Music can be anything and that’s the beauty of it. All the other contestants that you bashed in your speech put just as much feeling and effort into their songs, maybe even more than you. Stfu.
  4. Actual arguments by ppl defending the song:
    -He sung in Portuguese
    -He performed despite having a heart condition
    -The audience was quiet during his performance
    -He looks cute

    Let me take em one by one..
    a) There were other songs, who sung in their own language as well, what’s your point
    b) Good for him, but that was pretty reckless, considering smthg serious COULD’VE happened
    c) They were quiet cuz the dude was whispering and maybe they were even *asked* to be quiet
    d) Kristian looked 10x cuter, thank you. 
  5. People saying that “A song with meaning won”, did you actually read the lyrics in English? His song was about love, the most generic topic in a boring ass ballad.
  6. You want a song with meaning, that isn’t sung in English and is quite memorable?
    Did anybody even bother with Hungary??
    Traditional music, traditional dancing, traditional clothing (partially), bilingual singing (none of it in English) AND the song was about the racism that Romas (aka Gypsies) face. PLUS THE SONG WAS ACTUALLY QUITE MEMORABLE AND VERY UNIQUE
  7. People were angry and pissed at Portugal winning, not because they hate Salvador or even the song, but because there were so many others that deserved it much more.
    No matter HOW you look at it, this was by no means a “winner” song. It sounds like no-copyright Coffeeshop music. And if the jury and the viewers voted for him because of him behaving in a peculiar way or because of his heart condition, Idk what to say to you. This isn’t the first time this happened, Conchita also won because of her being a drag Queen, however, her song was not that horrible tbh. I’ve already forgotten the rythme of Salvador’s song, that’s how forgettable it is. 
  8. And finally @ all the people being salty that Bulgaria didn’t win: I feel your pain.
    Compared to Portugal, Bulgaria was heaps better and idc what Salvador thinks about other artists, but you cant tell me that Kristian didn’t put just as much heart and soul into his performance with even better vocals and an actual good song all around. Both songs were about love, so you can’t argue with any difference in lyrical content. He was also very angry at himself and apologized for not being able to make it 1st place. He apologized for being ONLY 2nd, which is very admirable for a 17 year old to even GET this far. You deserve the world, boy. Your song will actually be played on radio stations and may your records be purchased by millions.

I think that’s all I had to say. Eurovision has become a disappointing joke. 

interviewer: what are you passionate about?

me: the fact that kim taehyung is an actor, singer, composer, and songwriter who
• goes to art museums to actively appreciate art
• he provides insightful reasons as to why he loves certain photographs and paintings (e.g. ryan mcginley’s photographs remind him of youth, freedom, and happiness)
• he watches american and british romance movies and recommends them to his fans and members
• he wrote and composed his successful song hold me tight
• he gave jimin a handwritten letter for his birthday
• and despite his limited knowledge of english he is always so willing to learn more
• bUT BEYOND THOSE THINGS he is such a pure fucking person who genuinely cares about his members bc he is so perceptive of their needs like,,, he praises and adores jimin all the time, he spoils jungkook so much, he was the one who said yoongi would be a great speaker bc his voice is nice, he goes out of his way to make sure hoseok feels appreciated, he was the one who brought up jin’s graduation when everyone else was asking about jungkook’s, he admires namjoon so much
• he places his family before himself without fail. all. the. time.
• he taught me to embrace who i am without being ashamed
and yet bc he’s optimistic and bc he’s bubbly and bc he has a hard time w words, some ppl only care to see him as stupid and that just breaks my heart

interviewer, in tears: you’re fucking hired

Hey there everyone! WHOO! Finally got a reprieve, as I’m done with my drawings for my final project, now I have to continue typing the written parts.

Done largely in part because I love the lore, practice drawing human characters, and to pass the time whenever I need a breather from from college.

While researching for the lore of Dark Souls for my In-progress AU Comic, I noticed how LARGE the mythology of Dark Souls and the deities that reside, along with the fan speculation of which god corresponds with whom and etc. In spite of all this, from what I can tell, outside of Gwyn’s family, there has never been a, for lack of a better term, “compendium piece” of the gods and goddesses of dark souls, so I made my own :D

Because some gods are not represented in imagery, I decided to design how they might look if they ever showed up amongst mortals. I owe a lot to Tumblr, Reddit and the DS fandom as a whole, the amount of theory and lore discussions are always gold, and of course, the lore-lords like @vaatividya and @silver-mont, their vids are always interesting to watch :)

From the Top Row: The Bearers of the Lord Souls

Gravelord Nito: No need for an explanation here xD

Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight: Drawing him was easy, but here I wanted portray a very stern, no-nonsense god king who really, REALLY is someone you don’t want to piss off, and someone who is almost NEVER happy and/or satisfied.

The Witch of Izalith: I’m honestly surprised there’s not much fanart of how her face might look like, so I pitched in. She basically resembles her daughters, but with a more matriarchal vibe, with a stronger jawline and sharper eyes to reflect that. She’s also very tall, towering over Gwyn and just slightly edging out NK in height.

The Furtive Pygmies, featuring Manus and a Pygmy Lord: With the Ringed City revealing that there were SEVERAL pygmies, I had quite some fun with the speculation and possibilities of how the Pygmies as a whole looked like.

Personally? I simply interpret them as humans but more, with more power over the dark soul, but otherwise having different roles in society like regular folk, the Ringed Knights are Warriors, the Lords are the rulers, etc.

I put Manus amongst them, why? Because no way should ONE man be able to have THAT much abyss power just because he’s a human. Since the dark soul is divided amongst humans, I interpret him having a huge chunk of the Dark Soul (as per these two threads), and thus was simply a mighty sorceror who happened to be really, REALLY old, even by Pygmy standards. Plus I always wondered… How does one torture a dead man? The Mad King was described as undying, so according to my own logic, he wasn’t totally “dead” when he was buried. His grave could signify him wanting a modicum of peace, after all, his entire race was basically put in a glorified prison by Gwyn… Sensing the growing madness within him (probably due to sheer isolation), he probably decided to “die” on his own terms in Oolacile… then future idiots proceeded to listen to TOTALLY NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL SERPENT and dug up his grave.

The random Pygmy Lord is basically representing one of the first Pygmy Lords.

Second Row: The Children of the Gods

The Nameless King, Firstborn of Gwyn, God of War: In a short period of time, has become my favorite character amongst the gods… There’s so much of a story to tell from him, his relationship with his family, the reasons as to WHY he betrayed the dragons, and thanks to lore threads a-plenty, I interpret him as one of the most honorable and dedicated of the gods. He watches over his warriors of sunlight even if they ARE humans (whom Gwyn HATES) AND he protects Dragons. Despite meI head-canoning him bigger than Gwyn and is in general a wall of muscle and armor, he’s STILL shorter than his sisters.

Gwynevere, Goddess of Fertility: Gwynevere here I interpret as one of the nicer gods, so I made her expression to reflect such. Because Gwyndolin’s illusion of her may be simply him projecting what he remembers most of her and thus potentially exaggerating certain aspects, I toned down a lot the “Aphrodite-esque” glamor, in favor of a more personable look, though still decked out.

Filianore: The daughter we know even less of than Gwynevere, but thanks to a certain reddit thread that discussed how dedicated NK was to her via the floral carvings that is present in Archdragon peak… She must have been someone who NK was VERY close with, so I interpret her as the “Always trying to bring life to the family” kind of sister, though closest to her eldest brother.

Gwyndolin: The Dark Sun himself. Not much else to say here, I just wanted to draw him happy for once… Because WHY FROM? He really, really needs it.

The Daughters of Chaos

Quelana, Mother of Pyromancy: Due to her own title, I interpret her as the Studious Daughter, incredibly dedicated to her craft and always finding out ways to further her pyromancy… Until the Chaos Flame incident happened of course… Then she became wracked with survivor’s guilt…

I also interpret her as being the responsible one looking out to make sure her sisters don’t do anything too brash… Though in hindsight, that would make her suvivor’s guilt worse.

Quelaag: The most well known Chaos Daughter, and whom I interpret as The Aggressive Daughter, hence why she’s the only one of the sisters with a melee weapon. As the most in-your-face daughter I head-canon that she is the one who lowers down her hood the most, especially when she feels like challenging someone. Also VERY protective of her family.

Quelaan, The Fair Lady: Last but not least, I interpret Quelaan as always having been the shyest and nicest of the daughters. Her hood is more drooped down compared to Quelana, to highlight her shyness.

Fun fact, while trying to find her real name, turns out the name Quelaan was the name the community gave to her, and just became established fanon, so I just opted to name her just that.

Third Row: Other Members of the Larger Pantheon

All-Father Lloyd: Gwyn’s uncle, founder of the Way of White. Now there IS speculation that he’s not real, but here I interpret as the real deal, and thus looks like a wimpier, older version of Gwyn, yet still has an aura of authority. I used a bit of Paladin Leeroy for his crown, because I interpret that, when he REALLY needs to get his hands dirty, he too wields a mace, setting an example to all paladin-esque worshipers after him.

His clothes are tattered despite being the godly equivalent of a pontiff, to highlight two things:

One, despite him being a “lord”, his tattered look is to signify he is not “above” the rabble/his followers.

Two, I head-canon him becoming slowly more insane and full of hate toward the undead,as more and more of his family and friends either dies off or leaving home… He eventually disappears for unknown reasons and becomes forgotten.

Fina, Goddess of Love: The most popular candidate for Gwyn’s wife, or at least his first, I wanted to design her with the Embraced Set in mind, just modified to look more queenly rather than armor. Going by the general fanon, I interpret her as the mother of both NK and Gwynevere, but due to unknown circumstances, just up-and-left. Why? I dunno I haven’t thought that deep :(

Also wanted to try out and giving her a different look, skin-tone and facial wise compared to all the other gods and goddesses out there.

Velka, Goddess of Sin: My favorite goddess, her lore and weaponry associated with her is cool, but even with DS3 and all its DLC, I wish we got to know more of her and how she even became the one to hold the title of “goddess of sin” and how she absolves it. She is also, I noticed in fan-art and fanfic, the other most popular candidate for Gwyn’s wife.

Due to the fact that both Gwyndolin and Filianore are associated with illusions and magic, I interpret her as the mother of Filianore and Gwyndolin. She has sharp features and very pale skin, and share’s Filianore’s dark hair.

For her design, I compared aspects of the Statue of Velka from DS3, and both Oswald of Carim and Cromwell the pardoner. I didn’t want her to strictly dress like Oswald and Cromwell, so I incorporated more feathers to her outfit to give her a more “regal” look, as befitting a goddess, and not just pardoner. Funnily enough, with her book of sins and outfit, she also gives the aura of a medieval judge.

Caitha, Goddess of Tears: The third goddess associated with Carim, and one that I intentionally kept her eyes hidden. Mentioned in both 2 and 3, I want to reflect her constant “mourning” nature, and since ‘Gentle Prayer’ is associated with her chime in DS3, I thought her being in a position of prayer would be most appropriate.

Nahr Alma, God of Blood and Murder: Take Titchy Gren, make him more beast-like in proportion, now make him the size of Father Ariandel with the animalistic agility of the Orphan of Kos or Slave Knight Gael, and you have the God of Blood himself. I interpret him as a kind of god that is shunned by the rest, and is mostly treated as an attack dog, and nothing more. REALLY resents the other gods.

BNHA Omegaverse Translation

Art by @oksopi12  

Midoriya Izuku

  • (Recessive) Omega
  • Cannot control his hormones, irregular heat cycles. First realized he’s an Omega in middle school.
  • The box on top right: Trauma. Katsuki’s saying “disgusting.”
  • On his neck: Choker to prevent marking.
  • Izuku’s thoughts during his heat: ‘I can never let Kacchan see me like this…’
  • Him being recessive and with idiosyncrasy, the suppressants don’t work that well - causing him pain on every heat cycle. 

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Beta
  • He thought he was definitely going to be an Alpha, but turned out to be a Beta when tested in middle school. And Deku was Omega. Thoughts of Deku fucked and marked by some other asshole almost drove him crazy.
  • He really didn’t mean to say “Disgusting”. It just came out.
  • Forced himself on resisting Izuku, but being a beta, couldn’t mark him. Bakugou’s muttering “fuck”.

Todoroki Shouto

  • (Dominant) Alpha
  • Knew Midoriya was an Omega. Almost had sex with him when Midoriya’s heat came unexpectedly, but Midoriya refused. (Deku saying “NO”) His mother was also an Omega, so he didn’t want to mark Midoriya if he didn’t want to.
  • Todoroki to Bakugou: “Stop trying to come between Midoriya and I, BETA.”
  • Later learns that Bakugou and Midoriya had sex, slowly losing self-control to jealousy and possessiveness.
  • Todoroki’s thoughts about the choker while holding Midoriya: 'If 'this’ wasn’t here…*Grabs*

→ BNHA Translations

epikegster 2k14 “Oh” au
  • in an au where parse never showed up to epikegster, i like to think jack had his “oh” moment in the hazy dark of that cold, loud winter night
  • (like, what could be more different than graduation? in the warm, bright day, scared but certain of his immediate future, speaking to his father in soft french while bells and birds sing overhead?)
  • it’s a different kind of “oh” – it’s not one last shot before everything changes, it’s one more layer of confusion and uncertainty as he enters his final semester at samwell
  • but it’s also…comforting.

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  • Aries: TRASH COMPLETE TRASH. He used to be really sweet and was pretty much the king of cute guys two years ago, but now he thinks being a jerk that only talks about having sex with his girlfriend is cool. IT'S NOT FYI
  • Taurus: Really chill and funny, but he gets randomly depressed at times and it makes me sad because this dude deserves to be happy.
  • Gemini: Great fashion sense and he always keeps it 100 percent, nothing more and nothing less. He's honestly one of my favorite people, but we don't hang out much these days. Hmm... sad.
  • Cancer: ALSO TRASH. Passive-aggressive and annoying. He doesn't like to look at himself as the problem and just blaming everything on other people. [Micheal Jordan voice] Stop it, get some help.
  • Leo: ANNOYING AND LOUD. Breaks up friendships too because some people (me) become super petty and annoyed when this person is around that they (me) have to stop talking to one of their best friends for a whole year.
  • Virgo: Comes across as really strange and probably has some weird fetishes, but he's nice so yeah.
  • Libra: Pretentious and douchey. Everyone seems to like this dude for some reason though. I can see why people do sometimes, but then he just does something and I HATE HIM AGAIN. He might be really successful in the future though.
  • Scorpio: Video game nerd, but not smart nerd, ya know? He gets a new crush every other week and has probably liked all my friends at some point in time. But he's super nice and gave me candy once so I'm not a hater.
  • Sagittarius: SUPER FUNNY AND SMART. But always seems to have a crush on someone and it's just sad seeing him try to flirt. I cringe as I type.
  • Capricorn: I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, HE'S THE LOVE OF MY LIFE (even though he doesn't know I exist oops). HE'S SO TALENTED AND SEXY I COULD DIE. But he seems to not think before he speaks (or tweets in this case) and it makes me sad. (Me: Doesn't know any Capricorn guys, so I write about my celebrity crush lolol)
  • Aquarius: He's probably always high or drunk. BUT still pretty cool... in small doses. If I had to spend more than an hour with this dude I'd probably die.
  • Pisces: Innocent and sweet. He is an innocent child, I will personally fight anyone who tries to corrupt this innocent baby. Ok? Ok.

I love Harry’s album. I love the music and I can enjoy the lyrics if I can manage to forget how they’re promoting them to the public (cough cough Carolina cough))

What I have a problem with is how they thought it would be a good idea to bring back Harry’s 2012/13 womanizer image and somehow make it 2000 times worse. STOP TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE LIKE HIM BY MAKING HIM LOOK LIKE SOMEONE HE’S NOT

I’m talking about the fact that this Harry Styles™ has no respect for his exes, writes songs about 17yo girls, all the other bullshit that came with this promo which, to be quite fucking honest, is completely unnecessary. You’re trying to sell him as someone who would make fun of his ex’ private life when all I can see when I think of Harry is this: 

Originally posted by bunskirk

People like him because THIS is the Harry Styles they got to know and THIS is the only Harry Styles that you should be promoting, not this 23yo fuckboy bullshit, you’re a decade too late for that, pal.

I know that the real Harry Styles can charm a room just by being himself. I’ve been in this fandom for 4 years and I’ve seen it, he can charm a whole fucking stadium just by doing his own thing. If you want creepy 30yo white men to like him (if that’s even your target audience, I don’t even know anymore) I’m sure there’s a way to achieve that without ostracizing his current fandom and insulting us over and over again. 

I’m angry and also disappointed. Call this a callout post to the very capable Jeffrey Azoff. We don’t deserve this. Harry doesn’t deserve this. Do better.