but also by just being himself

//I know I’m a terrible person for this, but I hc that in high school, Harrison becomes an alcoholic and drug addict. Like, it first started off because Neil introduced him to weed (Neil was using the weed to chill himself out cause he’s in all advanced placement classes), but instead of being a casual smoker like Neil, Harrison went hardcore on that shit. The pressures from his teachers to do well in school combined with the fact that his parents are really strict and treat him more like an object rather than their son, made him stressed to the point that alcohol was his only escape. It was his only outlet for dealing with his mental health because, although Nerris and a few of his other friends begged him to go see a therapist, he felt that this was his only way out. 

//Now, because it was Neil who introduced Harrison to this stuff in the first place, Neil blames himself for every time Harrison mutters “I’m so fucking stupid” under his breath whenever he receives a bad grade or doesn’t understand the class material. He blames himself for every high or drunk laugh Harrison has, because Neil knows it’s fake. He blames himself whenever Harrison skips school or gets sent to the office for not doing his work in class. 

//Neil blames himself for the nights where Harrison shows up drunk and crying on his door steps.

//Because of this, however, Neil becomes oddly protective of Harrison. Neil isn’t exactly all sunshine and rainbows towards his friend (he’s dealing with his own depression and half the time can’t even get out of bed without Max or Nikki running to his house and dragging him out), but Neil shows his affections in other ways. If Harrison wants to go to a party, Neil goes too. If Harrison wants to skip school, Neil goes too. Who’s the one holding back Harrison’s hair when he’s throwing up from drinking wayyy too much? Neil is. If someone makes fun of Harrison for being really “stupid” or not seeming very intelligent, Neil steps the fuck up and calls them out on their own bullshit. 

//All of Neil’s affections do not go unnoticed by Harrison. He feels guilty because on one hand, this is great! Someone actually, genuinely gives a shit about him. On the other hand, though, he feels like he’s bringing Neil down with him. He feels like he doesn’t deserve someone like Neil in his life. If Harrison isn’t even trying to do well in life, why is Neil so hellbent on making sure he does?? It’s confusing and scary and part of Harrison hates it.

//And part of him loves it.

so new zealand’s own littlefinger just made the stunning decision to align with our major left wing party to form a government, which will inevitably mean a coalition with our environmental focussed party also, thereby saving himself from future execution by sansa stark. also he specifically dragged capitalism in his announcement speech. big bottles being popped tonight folks.

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(same person who sent in the 'SO has badly damaged soul and knows and is ashamed about it' ask uvu) okay but the SO has basically been broken inside this whole time due to,,,, past mistreatment by ex lovers. but SO tells the skelebabes that their soul used to be a smudge bit worse before they met the skells. aka; the skells have helped by being in their life! (same skells from my previous ask)

Kinda cute here really. ~Mod Feral

Continuation of this post.

UF Sans

He’s… amazed. He honestly didn’t think that was even possible. He didn’t know that the SOUL could restore. You do a great job hiding the fact you’re broken inside, unlike himself. Part of him wants to check and see if his own SOUL is in better condition now then before. Also, he never saw himself as someone who could help another heal, especially by basically just existing.

SF Papyrus

He’s glad to know he’s helped you get better, but part of him wants to find those exes who hurt you so bad that you were in this condition. He’ll hug you and say how he was glad that you were getting better because if him, and he’ll help you in any way he can. Don’t tell him who they are. Bad idea if you don’t want them dead.

US Sans

He’s so happy! He wanted to try and heal you and, with you’ve told him, he’s been successful! He’ll keep giving you hugs and everything like always!

US Papyrus

He’s not sure how his… basically just being there is helping, but he’s glad. He’ll ask for the information on your exes at some point. He’s not dangerous, but he is pretty petty and has a rough time letting things go. He’ll probably be passive-aggressive to them and warn anyone who starts to or is dating them now.

Aside from the fact that I think he’s kind of lost it, I do feel bad for Robert right now. He’s living this completely fake life (of his own making I know) but it’s even worse than when he was with Chrissie during the affair. There he was living like half a fake life because somewhere he still cared about her a little but then he’d get to escape and spend some time with Aaron, not pretending, being himself. Now, he’s just fake all the time or he’s yelling at people to play their own parts better to make his schemes successful. He hasn’t had a moment with Aaron for weeks. It’s no wonder he spends his spare time drinking alone at the pub, hoping for a little non manipulative conversation. It’s also no wonder that he just burst out with all of that stuff when talking to Liv.

I don’t know, even though it’s all his own fault that he’s in this current mess, pregnancy aside, I still just feel sad for him.

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dad might and izu, fluffy 39. also can you make toshi comfort izu withtou even knowing it. i just really like the idea of izu being a nervous wreck and toshi fixing it without meaning to or realizing anythings wrong, hes just being himself

Stability (½)

All Might is Izuku’s safe haven.

39. You don’t have to stay.


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Would deadass kill for Ardyn to have a moment of clarity and realizing he's being evil. Then he cries for a little bit before the whole mess of daemons and hate takes over again.

It would depend on whether one believes he’s even out of his own mind because I don’t really think he is. His entire perception seems to have just become totally warped over centuries upon centuries of isolation and bitterness and regret and grief.

Not that I don’t think being hoarded by daemons had zero influence in that because I think they did. But I wouldn’t say he has moments of “clarity” but maybe just… really fucking wishes he could change things. I’m convinced he’s disgusted with himself and what he has to do but he also rationalizes everything under his contempt and the trauma he’s endured for so long.

This is why I still say he has the most advanced case of PTSD ever known and it’s just gone on in him untreated and unaddressed for centuries. So like… it’s not that he has moments where he’s like “oh I’m suddenly back to my old loving healer self and wow I can’t believe I stabbed the Oracle”. More like “I should have done something then. I should have known this was coming. I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m tired. I want to go home.

But yes. I would DIE for a scene like that.

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Hi, there, I'm sure you've answered this before, but what exactly is Lludd's problem with Gwyn? I mean, we all know why Crielle hates him, he damaged her irreversibly and goes completely against her heartsong, but does Lludd dislike him so? Was he also not happy about Gwyn being Unseelie? Or was he just naturally abusive and Gwyn was a convenient scapegoat?

Gwyn is Unseelie.

It jeopardises everything Lludd’s ever aimed and strived for in his thousands of years of being alive. That alone is enough of a reason for someone whose heartsong is Ruthlessness.

look i STRONGLY believe that keith was the one who carried lance to the healing pod when he was blasted by that fake rover bomb

shiro was barely able to stand up on his feet by himself. there’s no way he could’ve been able to carry another person. heck, he needed to get into a healing pod himself after being tossed around here and there like a basketball. poor dad can’t have a break

hunk and coran were still on their way to the castle

pidge is obv out of the equation man

and allura was the only one available at that time who could/knew how to prepare the healing pod so she couldn’t have been the one to put him in it either

um so yeah it was KEITH who not just cradled but also carried lance to the healing pod bye

Here’s the thing about body-shaming: you can’t do it on an individual basis. You can never body-shame only one person. If you make fun of a physical feature of someone you hate, it’s going to affect everyone who shares that feature, regardless of whether they share the trait that made you want to mock them in the first place. 

If you make fun of a racist actress’s lips, you are implying that that feature is bad, and then anyone who shares that physical feature is going to be hit by that, regardless of whether they are racist themselves.

If you make fun of an evil politician’s body type, anyone who shares that body type will be hit by that. 

When you body-shame, you are tying personality traits or evil actions to physical traits. You are tying racism to fatness. You are tying misogyny to big noses. You’re taking morally neutral traits–physical ones–and attaching unnecessary moral weight to them. Attractiveness is not synonymous with goodness. Unattractiveness is not synonymous with evil. 

Suddenly being fat isn’t just a physical trait–it’s an indicator of moral worth. 

It doesn’t matter if someone “deserves” to be body-shamed or not. There is no way to mock their appearance without it also hurting innocent people who happen to share features with that person. 

When people say, for example, “stop fat-shaming Donald Trump” they’re not saying “you’re being so mean to Trump and he doesn’t deserve it.” They’re saying “you are inadvertently hurting people other than Trump, including some people who are already hurt by Trump himself.”

Why People Ship Reddie

I’m finally getting around to writing this post!! Thank you so much to all of you who messaged me (@richietozzzier @nikkiesea @coraz0n-delator @ardentverdure @fandomtrash2405 to name a few as well as a bunch of anons!). I just wanted to list some scenes from the movie and book explaining why so many people ship Reddie, so here you go! Please feel free to add stuff on :)


- A good majority of the time when either Richie or Eddie are on screen, they’re interacting with one another. Not only do they have hilarious banter back in forth, it’s very obvious they also care about each other immensely.

- Richie is always seen worrying about Eddie’s well being and putting himself at risk to make sure Eddie is okay. During the projector scene, he grabs and hugs Eddie and rubs his back. At Neibolt Street, he holds Eddie’s face to calm him down/make him not look at Pennywise (despite the fact that clowns are his biggest fear!), he rubs Eddie’s shoulder when his hand gets cut. Just to name a few, there are many other moments in the film.

- Richie’s always using Eddie’s mom as the butt of the joke or playing his jokes off of Eddie (ex. when they go to the well, Richie asks Eddie if he has a quarter)

- Cute little moments they have together! Eddie getting Richie ice cream, them talking about something funny when walking into Ben’s room, being the only two that hug at the end

- Richie goes into the clown room (again, his biggest fear) because he thinks Eddie is in there. In reality, Pennywise is presenting himself as Eddie to lure Richie in. Pennywise shows itself as a person’s biggest fear, so at least for a moment Richie’s biggest fear is losing Eddie. He will risk everything to save him.


- Richie always calls Eddie nicknames, whether it be “Eds”, “my love”, or just calling him cute a lot. Eddie always says he hates it, but in the book he thinks to himself that he actually kinda liked it, too.

- Richie always making suggestive jokes to Eddie and winking.

- One day when they’re hanging out alone, Richie tells Eddie about all of his ambitions of become a famous ventriloquist as an adult. Eddie says he really admired Richie (although he saw flaws in his plan, since Richie’s ventriloquism wasn’t very good) 

- Richie literally tells Eddie that he saw how cute he was the first time they ever met.

- In the book, too, Richie is often making sure Eddie is okay. (During the Rockfight, after it’s over Richie is the one to get Eddie’s inhaler and put it in his mouth for him, Richie is holding onto Eddie when they’re running from Henry and into the drainpipe)

- Stephen King literally wrote a scene into the book where Eddie is licking Richie’s “rocket” ice pop and it’s very suggestive and it does not seem like that’s an accident. All him not me.

- When Eddie gets his arm ripped off, his last words are to Richie. Richie is holding Eddie and Eddie is touching his cheek. His last words are “Don’t call me Eds… You know I… I…” 

- The other Losers are sad about Eddie dying, but Richie is freaking out and sobbing and holding him. Richie tries to carry Eddie out and the others tell him to leave him. Richie nearly refuses to leave Eddie there, saying that it’s too dark and Eddie wouldn’t want that. 

- When Richie finally has to leave him, he kisses his cheek before screaming “Fuck you, bitch” and kicking the door shut. When Bev asks why he did that, it says: “’I don’t know,” Richie said, but he knew well enough.” Take that as you will. 

There are other things that make people ship them, including the amount of things in the book that point to Eddie being gay, as well as some moments they had in previous versions of the movie scripts. If you want me to make separate posts for those lmk! 


ok so with Hiveswap out ive been thinking about Homestuck a lot lot more. I refuse to let myself fall into the state of obsession I was once in but I had a thought and I couldn’t not share it. I was thinking about the role Zodiac signs play in Homestuck and that lead me to think about the Tarot. Where I had a realization, the 22 sburb players and the 22 major arcana have waaaaaaay too many similarities. Here’s my thought process:

John: “The Fool” not only is it the first Arcana but also John tends to know nothing as we mainly learn the rules of the universe through him. Also his character is mega centralized around comedy and practical humor, Sassacre’s text being the prime example.

Rose: “The Moon” this is due to her mysticism with dark yet benevolent forces such as the Horrorterrors as well as Grimdarkness

Dave: “The Hanged Man” the part of Dave’s classpect that makes him so powerful is his use of the Doomed Dave’s (prime example being Davesprite) existence. They can lead him in the right direction and assist him as well as harm him but they are always sentenced to death regardless.

Jade: “The World” her classpect manipulates the physical and spacial properties of the the universe, as well as her actions in minimizing the worlds of the inciphisphere and leading them to the new session.

Aradia: “Death” The role the concept of death plays in her character as well as her constant infatuation with the concept of funerals and corpses speaks enough.

Tavros: “The Chariot” so obviously Tavros uses a lance and a wheeled machine but beyond that, Tavros’ entire character development, as well as his role as a Page is based around moving forward and looking straight ahead.

Sollux: “The Lovers” a little less obvious but hear me out. Sollux’s whole character is centered around duality, and every major point of conflict for Sollux is based around failed romance, his matespritship with Aradia that lead to her death, as well as his budding moirallegience with Feferi that lead to her death, and his (½) death.

Karkat: “The Emperor” Karkat makes a very clear point in being the leader of the situation, his rancorous nature, as well as his strife specibus being sicklekind also speak to this.

Nepeta: “The Hermit” Nepeta often keeps herself isolated due to Equius’ wishes, she even lives in a cave.

Kanaya: “The Sun” this is due to her relationship with the green sun as a rainbow drinker as well as her being the only troll to ever enjoy sunlight.

Terezi: “Justice” I find this one is fairly obvious from her introduction scene with the scalemate trial as well as her confrontation with Vriska.

Vriska: “The Wheel of Fortune” her powers and her weapon both rely on her good fortune. Her strife specibus revolves around the idea of rolling a dice, or alternatively, spinning a wheel

Equius: “Strength” Not only is there the obvious implication in his muscles, but Equius always has infatuation with the strength of others, as to why he despises many lowbloods and refuses to lay a hand on highbloods.

Eridan: “The Magician” From the first moment we see Eridan he constantly refers to his hobby with magic, his strife specibus for a period of time is wandkind, and even though he states he doesn’t believe in magic, he also is known to state many other things about himself that are clearly denial. The part he plays as an angel slayer also brings black magic to mind.

Feferi: “The High Priestess” Originally I believed Feferi was the Empress but with more thought I find that role goes better toward another player. Feferi, although royal, never rules, instead she heals all, not just the royally blooded.

Jane: “The Empress” Her assosciation with the “batterwitch” and The Condensce, the real Empress of Alternia, is enough to speak to Jane being represented by the Empress Arcana.

Roxy: “Temperance” Her entire arc around recovering from alcoholism.

Dirk: “The Tower” His early character revolves around being hard to approach and distant from the rest of the group.

Jake: “The Hierophant” His intrigue with ancient ruins and treasure. His whole reputation as an adventurer really.

Calliope: “The Star” Kind and bright she supports the Alpha kids from afar and spreads positivity.

Caliborn: “Judgement” Lord English plays the role of a god-like figure, administering what ever it wants to do and believes it should.

Thoughts? It seems too damn convenient for it to just be a coincidence.

EDIT: oops, forgot, Gamzee is the Devil Arcana for obvious reasons

tony being a confused puppy after peter refuses his offer to join the team


Let me just make you an exhaustive list of why I love this video:

-it was spontaneous
-it’s one of my favorite classic rock songs
-robbie and his boys
-starts out with jensen teasing jared’s tendency to drop microphones
-speight being helpful with the microphone
-rob setting everything up carefully
-just rob and speight being awesome kings of con in general
-the audience’s support from the very beginning to the end
-jensen’s voice (better than most real versions of songs)
-rob’s voice (loved him since “eskimo”)
-robbie and jensen knowing how to sing together
-huddle of dude friends supporting jared’s first time playing
-jared’s legendary bravery
-just jared, in general
-jensen altering the “america” lyric for the audience of australians
-jensen’s rockstar-quality passion
-speight’s “everybody!” to get the audience involved
-the clapping, which jensen always encourages
-the audience singing and making it sound even better
-jared’s smile when jensen jumps up
-jensen adding “that’s where we killed ‘em” to the lyric about vampires (he might be confusing himself with his character…again)
-the a capella part
-jensen watching jared play
-someone yelling “yeah jared!” and making him smile
-jared’s “you know the words” to the audience
-all the guys hugging jared at the end
-jared kissing rob
-the fist bump
-jensen being an actual big brother and grinning proudly for jared
-the standing ovation, which big bro ackles also encouraged
-jared’s modest “i am surrounded by some talented people”
-jared’s forever blowing kisses at everyone who catches his eye in the audience
-jensen’s gracious farewell
-“wayward son” blasting at the end
-how it was basically just an enormous family singing a pretty song together
-bonus: jared’s jeans are really cool

okay i also need to discuss Lotor’s scene with Zarkon because it was just so fucking weird and gave some interesting insights.

Lotor puts on a whole act in front of Zarkon, one that is obviously cultivated and a normal part of their interactions. And the act itself  is him being?? a hero-worshiping son trying to prove himself but who’s timid, over-eager and almost emotional and wants to be accepted. His speech is all formal, referring to his own father as ‘Lord’.

And Zarkon’s reaction to it is to be cold and disregard him completely. He doesn’t CARE. Even when Haggar mentions she’s suspicious.

It makes me wonder if Lotor was genuinely like this when he was young, pre-exile. Just wanting to prove himself and gain his father’s approval and to follow in his footsteps and the result was always hurtful to him. 

So he puts on the act to keep Zarkon from being suspicious.

and like Lotor doesn’t care? that he gets kicked off the throne. Zarkon realizes that Lotor’s plotting against him only NOW. 

Idk i’m now plagued with these images of Young Lotor just wanting his father’s attention and being constantly cast aside or punished for it.

well I was bored and decided to take a look at the Missing Richie Tozier poster whle writing a Reddie one-shot and I notcied something.

If you look at the height and weight, it seemed a little weird to me. And I know Finn is a pretty skinny kid, so I decided to see what the BMI was just to see.

So 61 inches equal to 5′1 and it says he’s 90 pounds. So Richie Tozier is freaking underweight. And I know he could just be someone who has a hard time puting on weight. But we all know that Richie’s parents being terrible is literally cannon. 

So, I had sort of a headcannon. Richie’s mom is an alcohloic and his dad is straight up neglectful. It is also cannon that his dad pretty much bullies him and cna be emotoinally/mentally abusive. So, most of Richies meals are what he can get and make for himself. But his parents don’t really give him money. He only gets what’s leftover from his dad’s cigerette money and what he can find left around the house. His mom doesn’t go food shopping, she’s too busy drinking herself into a stupor and his dad simply doesn’t care. So there are days were Richie’s only meals are what he can get from school and mouch off his friends. Hence being underweight. 

When the other Loser’s find out that Richie is practically starving at home, they always bring him extra food. they know he’s too embarrased and proud to simply accept help, so they disguise it. The pack extra food at lumch, and say they’re too full for it. After offering it to the group and everyone says no, they ask Richie. Richie, who is hungry, will of course take it. They invite him to dinner at their houses, saying their parents insist on it, when really they told theur parents and their parents are more than happy to help. THey even make extra food for Richie to take home as leftovers. Richie kinda has an idea what they’re doing, and tries to thank them because he really loves his friends. But they’re like “what are you talking about, Richie? We just have extra food.” and he loves them even more. 

I just love The Loser’s Club and I love Richie Tozier because I see so much if myself in him. They all must be loved and protected. 

The Final Chapter

Woah…okay….whew. Trying to collect my thoughts after watching that is…well it isn’t easy. First off, MAJOR PROPS TO TEAMIPLIER. This story has had so much heart and soul put into it, and there’s been an incredible dedication to quality and detail. Bravo, Mark and Co., bravo. 

So wtf just happened? After reading some theories by my friends at @wkm-theories and considering it, I’m gonna take a stab at unravelling this tangled web. 

So, #Markiplier lives. Does he? It’s gone far beyond that now. Maybe in the beginning it was that simple, but it isn’t anymore. There are parts I got right, and parts I didn’t. There are parts the community got right, and parts we didn’t, so let’s go through this piece by piece. 

First off, obviously at this point, this is indeed the origin story of Darkiplier, and of Warfstache too. But it’s a much sadder origin story than I think anyone was expecting. We know from the Colonel (whose first name I think must be Wilford) and Detective’s argument that Celine was in fact Mark’s wife, and that Colonel Wilford had an affair with her. While the Detective calls it “stealing” and “sick sexual exploits,” I think it is clear that he loves her very much. In the spirit world/afterlife/whatever place at the end, Celine says “I never thought he’d fall this far,” and that Mark took everything from them “from his twisted quest of vengeance.” With that in mind, this is my theory on the backstory:

  • As I said in my last theory, Mark, Damien, and Wilford grew up as childhood friends together. Mark went into the entertainment business, Wilford into the army, and Damien into politics. I also am now convinced that Markiplier Manor definitely used to belong to Wilford. Not just by his familiarity with the house, but by his conversation with the Chef just before Celine comes in in chapter two. As we know, the Chef calls him Private, and says “I don’t work for you anymore!” He then says in today’s episode that he’s been cooking for the people in the manor for 25 years, but he yells to Wilford that he quits. Why would he tell Wilford, wouldn’t it make more sense to tell the Butler at this point? But no, in some ways he still sees Wilford as his old boss…the old keeper of the manor. 
  • So anyway, the manor used to be Wilford’s home. And when he was a private in the army, Damien was at University (where you meet him) and Mark was trying to get his acting career started. Yes, in this universe, Mark is not just a YouTuber, but a flim/TV actor. This is evidenced by these photos from the Detective’s evidence room shown on @whokilledmarkiplier:
  • It is also worth mentioning that in the Meta Ending of A Date with Markiplier, Mark is an actor who is out on parole, working on a crummy side project. I think that these universes are connected, but more on that later. 
  • It isn’t easy to start an acting career, and you usually don’t make a lot of money in the process, so I think Wilford took Mark in and supported him while he was getting on his feet As he imitates Mark, he says “Forget all my FRIENDS or people who helped me along the way!” Wilford was one of those people. 
  • I also think that while Celine was friends with all of them, it was Wilford who loved her the most. While Mark in real life is a great guy, Mark in this story is kind of an asshole. Maybe Will and Celine once were dating, maybe Will never got up the courage to ask her. But Mark’s career took off and he married her himself before Wilford could. This obviously infuriated Wilford, and Mark grew distant. Then, to add insult to injury, Mark took the manor for himself, and even named it after his new stage name: Markiplier. This was the last straw for Wilford, and he secretly confessed his feelings to Celine, which she seemed quite happy to reciprocate and they had an affair. Maybe this version of Mark was once like the one in our world, but Fame and Money went to his head “Just look at my MONEY!” The Detective says that Wilford was also “squeezing him for cash” to fund dates with Celine. Will probably feels like Mark stole everything from him, so he doesn’t mind stealing back.
  • Damien, of course, being the politician and genuinely caring about all three of his friends, makes an effort to be on good terms with all of them. It is also likely that he is the one who introduced you to Mark. The two of you meet in college (You’re a DA, so you would have run in the same social circles), and when Damien and you both got jobs in the same city (LA, I assume) where Mark lived, the three of you formed your own friendship. 
  • Back to the affair: Mark obviously found out about it. Like Damien says at the end, he had been planning this for years. It’s even possible that Celine divorced Mark after he and Wilford had an altercation over her, and that it is after this divorce, which left her confused and hurt, that she sought solace in the arcane arts. Now, in this next matter, I was fairly close to the truth. Mark wanted to get back at Wilford, so he cam up with a revenge plan, and he hired the Detective to make sure that everything went down smoothly. However, the plan was not to discover who wanted Mark dead, but to frame the Colonel. And he used the Chef, Butler and Detective to help achieve that goal. 
  • There are multiple times they try to clue you into their plan, but they obviously don’t want Damien or Wilford to know about it, which is why they must be so covert. 
  • Mark’s plan was simple, but effective. Invite all of his closest friends to a poker night, fake his own death, and pin it on the Colonel. But what he didn’t count on was the supernatural getting in his way. 

There is some kind of force in that house. I’m going to call it Dark, but understand I don’t mean the persona of Darkiplier when I say that from here on out, I mean the entity that causes Darkiplier. Anyway, there’s no way of telling exactly how long Dark has been lurking on the manor, but it’s for at least 15 years based on George’s refusal to enter the house for that long. We also don’t know exactly how old our characters are. Suffice it to say though, Dark has been there for a long time. Again, this exposure to an extremely powerful evil entity could have contributed to Mark’s assholery, but we have no way of knowing for sure. 

  • From what I can gather, this is a force that feeds off of conflict. So when Mark and his friends began fighting, it grew stronger. When Mark began to plan his revenge, it grew stronger still. And finally, it grew strong enough to strike. 
  • “He trapped us in here with this broken shell and now there’s no way out” is what Damien says to you at the end. I think that Mark’s body is in fact dead, and Mark has made a deal with Dark. There are two possibilities here: The first is that Mark planned it that way from the beginning, to kill his body, blame the Colonel, and take Damien’s body for his own. The second (and I think more likely) is that Mark didn’t want to drag Damien and Celine into it, and that he didn’t even know about Dark’s force. In this scenario, Dark killed Mark and trapped him in the void where we see Celine and Damien at the end. Then, Dark gave him a choice (Dark loves choices): stay trapped in the void forever, or have Damien killed and take his body. Mark is already hurt and angry, and the Darkness has been feeding those emotions. When faced with that choice, he chooses to betray his friends to save himself. This is when the rest of the events unfold in the manor. 
  • I think that when the Butler says “the body is cold” to the Detective, he meant it. Mark’s body was dead at that point. But the Detective doesn’t realize just yet that Mark is really dead, he just thinks it’s part of the ruse. The Butler also suggests calling the police. He’s really concerned now, and while it was in their original plan to tell you about the plot, they’re unsure now of whether or not to tell you outright, so they resort to cryptic hints and clues. For all they know, you’re the one who really killed him, which is why the Detective acts like he trusts you but at times expresses doubts. As the tensions in the manor grow, Dark becomes more and more powerful, especially since he has Mark in his possession. He can manifest lightning when prompted, and he is able to steal Mark’s body and bring it to the void. Yes, I think that the Detective really was surprised when Mark’s body was gone. That wasn’t part of the plan. That was all Dark’s doing. With Mark’s mind AND body now in it’s possession, he is more powerful than ever.
  • Then, Celine arrives at the manor. Maybe she sensed something was wrong, maybe Dark lured her there, whatever. She arrives and her occult knowledge immediately tells her something is wrong. She then does exactly what Dark wants her to do and opens a conduit to his realm. Through this conduit, he possess her, and tries to possess you but you stop him, pulling out of the seance early. I think that it is your body that he had decided on, which is why “Celine” was so mad that you wouldn’t let her finish. 
  • While you’re outside with George, Dark uses Celine to take Damien’s consciousness into the void, and spits Mark back out into Damien’s body. Dark then takes control of Celine’s body but he is thwarted by George before he can accomplish whatever it is he needed a body for. Now with Celine’s body useless to him, Mark in control of Damien’s body and Celine and Damien’s minds in the void with him, Dark is in a bit of a pickle. Whatever he has, it isn’t enough, and he can’t just take it by force. He needs to be let in to fully take control (Celine let him in on accident in her seance, and then Dark manipulated Damien’s trust in her to trick him into letting him in as well). So he does what he does best: manipulation. 
  • When everything goes wibbly wobbly and you walk around the house hearing voices, that’s Dark’s influence over you. He doesn’t have total control because you haven’t given it to him, but he can lead you in the right direction. As you end up seeing the Detective’s frame job for the Colonel and then their confrontation, things get out of hand. Poor Wilford is slowly going mad at the possible loss of his friends, and he kills the Detective in a fit of rage. When you try to calm him down and take the gun, he accidentally kills you too. This is exactly what Dark needed to happen, another person to die. I think that Dark is a being that exists entirely by thought; he has some sway over the physical world but not enough to do anything major. But if a body is dead and the mind is all that remains, he can easily pull that mind into his domain, where it’s pretty hard to say no. 
  • So you die, and Dark takes your mind and traps it, in the same place he has Celine, Damien’s mind and Mark’s body trapped. And it is in this scene that we see the master manipulator that Dark is. I believe that while Celine and Damien’s consciousness are present in the void before you get here, Dark convinces them that this was all Mark’s doing. He insists that their only chance is to use you, that the three of you can fix it. Of course, he says all of this to fool them. They blame everything on Mark, and tell you so plainly. Dark wants you to share their thoughts so that you’ll agree to his plan. 
  • Your body is out there, broken, but still present. Celine says that she can send you back, and implies that this is only possible if you let Damien in so that together, you can stay alive. But that’s a flat out lie, it’s Dark that is really sending you out, not her. Your body is not ideal to him, but it’s all he has left now. The Chef, Butler, and Groundskeeper have left, Wilford is going insane, and the Detective doesn’t trust Damien OR Celine enough to listen to them. But you do. (That’s why Damien’s character is so appealing to us, it’s why they designed him to make us want to trust him. If we trust him, and he trusts Celine, then we’ll do what Celine says.) All Dark wants is our body, and the only way for him to get it is if we let him in. When Damien says “let me in”, the screen glitches for a moment. Up until then, it was Celine and Damien talking, but in that moment it was Dark. Reaching out to you. Beckoning you to just. let. him. in. 
  • Celine then says that this is a choice. This is also Dark speaking through her. Dark is obsessed with choice, but not just any choice. He uses the illusion of choice to get what he wants. When he made Mark choose between living in Damien’s body or being trapped in the void forever, there was really no outcome that would work in Mark’s favor. And either way, Dark could have used it somehow. In ADWM, he gives the illusion of offering more choices than Mark ever did, but only one choice will continue the story. And according to Mark in his livestream, originally the links at the end of that video were supposed to all go to the same place. He doesn’t offer choices, not really. He manipulates you into thinking you’re choosing what you want, when really it’s he who’s getting what he wants. 
  • And it works. You let him in, he sends you back, and you get to see the shattered remains of Wilford’s sanity crumble completely. Then, Dark reaches for Damien’s cane, and looks in the mirror. He has a body now, but it’s broken. A reanimated corpse (a zombie, get it? It was more than a joke!) that he doesn’t even have enough power to control on his own. He is forced to keep Damien (and possibly Celine) captive in his mind to maintain enough power to keep the body running. But he doesn’t need you anymore, he got all he wanted from you. He traps you in the mirror, and leaves you there, because that’s what social manipulators do: they get what they want out of you and then abandon you. Dark’s mannerisms when in this body are so similar to Damien’s because pieces of Damien’s personality poke through the facade. 

But in the end…

The Detective wasn’t wrong, it was more complicated than “It was Colonel Warfstache in the library with the candlestick.” Markiplier either killed himself or was killed by Dark, but his mind lives on in Damien’s body. Wilford, devastated at the loss of his friends and the blood on his own hands spirals into madness, The Staff leave the house, The Detective is dead, and you…

Your body is dead, possessed by a bitter spirit who didn’t get everything he wanted. So he goes after who started this whole mess in the first place…Markiplier. He follows Mark, fueled partly by Celine and Damien’s newfound hatred of him, fueled partly by his own desires as a parasite to keep feeding and growing, and pesters him to give him back Damien’s body. But Mark has learned his lesson and won’t let him in again. So Dark, now using the name “Darkiplier” turns to the next best thing…his fans. 


Wow @markiplier, you really outdid yourself this time! Thank you for this great experience, it was truly a pleasure to witness. 

Thank you everyone for reading not just this theory, but my other theories, as well as those on @wkm-theories that I helped compile. Thank you also to @valleyofrogues for creating wkm-theories and inviting me to help admin it, it’s been a blast! And don’t think we’re stopping today, we’re going to keep responding to your questions, compiling your theories, and share our thoughts with you throughout October. Something tells me this story isn’t over yet…

I only recall that Jungkook is a SHY introvert when they go to variety shows. Normally he is the loudest around BTS and can’t stop making himself turn into a meme. But when they are around strangers he just stands behind the members and claps or stares at them proudly when they are talking (also win every game when challenged). So I am very thankful for the Bombs and all the content BigHit releases. If we just relayed on variety shows we may have never known this side of Jungkook. 

BONUS: I know there is a difference between being shy and introverted. And JK is both. And this post is in no way to harm anyone’s feelings. Just being thankful to know this side of Jungkook he shows to only close friends. To know that he is comfortable enough around BTS, their staff, and even ARMYs. Jungkook at the start was so shy he will only shower when everyone slept. He will run away from the staff wanting to film him and even Bang Pd was scared he will not debut because he was so hesitant everytime he was asked to sing. This is just a genuine post of a fan being thankful.

An important thing to consider:

  • Andrew likes the quiet and darkness of sitting alone in a playground at night
  • Smoking alone in the park in the middle of the night is calming and fits his loner aesthetic
  • Andrew likes swings, but he probably would never tell anyone but Renee and Neil about that
  • Sometimes he just goes and sits on them
  • Sometimes he swings as high as he can and debates jumping off of the swing and whether the rush of fear he would feel when he goes flying would be worth it
  • Other times he half-heartedly swings absentmindedly
  • He starts taking Neil with him sometimes and they sit on picnic tables and the play-structure and talk and make out
  • Now, for the important part
  • A lot of small parks tend to have the set of two baby swings and the set of two normal swings that has one perpetually broken one
  • So, there’s only one real swing there and Andrew takes it and doesn’t start swinging, but pushes himself around a little with his feet planted on the ground
  • Neil stands in front of him watching
  • Andrew says “Come here”
  • Neil walks over and Andrew checks if it is okay with Neil and then gets Neil to sit facing Andrew and straddling his lap with Neil’s legs hanging off the other side of the swing than Andrew’s
  • Andrew’s hands are on the chains of the swing for balance purposes, so Neil puts his on a different part of the chains, but then Andrew gives him permission to touch from the waist up
  • Neil wraps his arms loosely around Andrew’s torso to keep himself from falling and to be closer to Andrew
  • He’s careful not to hold onto Andrew too tight though
  • Neil waits a second to make sure Andrew is really comfortable with this, then buries his face in the crook of Andrew’s neck
  • Neil’s not even kissing Andrew’s neck, he’s just being close to him
  • Andrew pushes off with his feet for them to swing
  • They don’t swing high and they’re swinging super slow, but it’s so quiet other than the squeak of the metal in the swing and they get to have a little peaceful alone time
  • [Also, this is dumb, but I gotta make the joke: “I thought you didn’t swing.” “I only swing with you.”]