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Disposable pt. 7

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Yoongi x Reader

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Warning: this chapter has a knife in it and a minor injury. If you are concerned about it, please message me and I’d be happy to give you a summary of what happens in the chapter. <3

Yoongi didn’t think of himself as a disagreeable person, he just never seemed to agree with you, specifically. He put this down to you being so stubborn, and ignored the part of him that said maybe it was also because he might be subconsciously sabotaging any chance of the two of you being friendly. As long as you didn’t even get along, there was no chance of feelings, right?

He was being a coward and he knew it. He could rationalize it into him doing you a favor. He hardly knew you (he realized this only after finding out that your brother was his boss), but he knew you well enough to see that you didn’t need someone like him. Not that there was anything wrong with him (he was fantastic, thank you very much), but he wasn’t exactly a “boyfriend” kind of guy. If you were to develop feelings for him, you’d just get hurt.

So really, by acting shitty towards you all the time, he was actually being quite considerate of your feelings.

God, this was ridiculous.

He wasn’t sure if he was more annoyed at you at this point or himself, but he had to make a conscious effort not to slam the door when he left your shared room. You had just called him a snot-head, and he didn’t appreciate it. Hadn’t he just helped you clean up the glass? Hadn’t he finally agreed to sleep in the same bed as you? But no. He made one comment about the weird picture hanging on the wall and suddenly he was a snot-head (whatever the hell that actually meant). How was he supposed to know that you drew it when you were eight?

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fav happy stelena scene from each season and why? :)

1x10 for season 1, after their love scene

I just think it’s a really feel-good moment and they’re both purely content and I always loved that Elena was wearing Stefan’s shirt and cuddled with Stefan at the same time, like she’s completely enveloped in him and there’s such a warm and happy intimacy between them and it makes me thinks of the Cinderella lyrics, so this is love, mmm mmm, so this is love…

2x16 for season 2, morning make out

I grew to love this scene even more when an anon pointed out to me that Elena is only wearing one shoe:

Because I have a headcanon that Stefan went to himself, “I’m not letting her put on the other shoe…” and it was a very quick scene but it was short and sweet, like they’re just being in love, there isn’t anything particularly special about what’s happening, they’re getting ready for school but they also can’t keep their hands off each other because they’re quite simply in love. I also really enjoyed how it’s as if Elena lives with Stefan, like she acts as if they live in the same house and I never quite got that with Damon.

3x14 for season 3, the dance

I love this entire dance sequence but I enjoyed this smile particularly because it really substantiated the lyrics of “Give Me Love”, it’s been a while but I still feel the same, because so much has happened between Stefan and Elena by this point, so much angst and carnage and pain, and when she bumps into him there’s this intensity and an instant connection but then she’s a little bit nervous and tries to put up a sort of defence but Stefan cracks a joke and she can’t help but smile and everything comes rushing back and there’s an ease now and a relief.

4x04 for season 4, training

It’s a simple gesture but this shows how much they love each other, how much they want each other and trust each other, it’s an endearing forehead touch and Elena has to wrap her arms around him to enclose him, it’s little details like this that made season 4 infuriating because then 3 episodes later she’s sleeping with Damon? HOW?

5x18 for season 5, fireplace

Because this solidified for me that they will never be able to connect to anyone the way they connect to each other. There’s a natural intimacy here and Elena is so at ease with Stefan that she’s able to lean on his shoulder and then she asks if she and Damon will ever get to this level of connection and even though Stefan has to say the transparent and ridiculous “I think you can be friends with someone or in love with them” line, the fact of the matter is, he said no.

6x04 for season 6, the proposal scene

Because they were both so giddy and they were just having fun, living, and those vows felt like real vows.

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Headcanon of how babe handles Bones being sick. Also congrats on 500!!!

(Sorry about the wait. I have a nasty head cold so I just took a 4 hour nap. I relate Bones, I relate.)

-You’re definitely shocked at first. You would’ve never thought that your boyfriend, Mr. Clean himself, would’ve caught a common cold.

-When he refused to get out of bed, you knew something was up. He had kicked off all the blankets, claiming he was hot, and he sounded congested. It was easy to diagnose him, since you had had many colds yourself, which meant you were also an expert on treating them. Well, not treating them, but softening the symptoms. Like your dad always said, “You can either not treat your cold and get over in 10 days, or take medicine and get over it in a week and a half.”

-When you told Leonard you had gotten both of you the day off, he instantly got up and protested, insisting he was okay. He was tripping over his own feet as he tried to put both legs in his pants. You had to force him back into bed, threatening to tie him up if he didn’t sit still.

-After he finally relaxed, you spent your time replicating soup, grabbing medicine, and dabbing at his sweating forehead with a wet towel. He complained constantly about his pulsing sinuses and his clogged nose, which made him talk funny. You only laughed at him, feeling proud that you weren’t the sick one this time.

-For the most part, Leonard slept the day away, occasionally waking for more food or to go to the bathroom. Other than that, he stayed in bed, tangled in the bed sheets, hair disheveled, and pillow lines marking his skin. He was embarrassed about his state, but you thought it was the greatest thing. You especially loved the scruff that grew over the days, having never experienced it before since he never let it grow on the ship.

-You moved to the couch for a while, refusing to get into bed with him in fear of getting the cold yourself, since your immune system seemed to attract colds then repel them. Still, Leonard managed to tug you into the bed on more than one occasion, claiming that if the two of you spoon instead of sleeping face to face, it wouldn’t effect you.

-Somewhere in your brain, you knew his claim was complete horse shit, but you ignored your brain and spent a few hours with him pressed against your back. As expected, his cold went away nine days later, and he became the old Leonard again.

-Also, as expected, you got the cold in return, and Leonard apologized profusely, saying he wasn’t thinking straight while he was sick. There were pros to your sickness though. Since Leonard had already had the cold, it meant you could cuddle him as much as you wanted, and he wouldn’t get it again.

I’ve been starting to wonder what happened in the years after Hanzo left the Shimada clan. I mean, we know he began working as an assassin (and likely fended off his own). Much of his time was probably spent just surviving, cut off from everything he once knew. But Hanzo’s capable, and took care of himself. Aside from the other time spent brooding and being haunted by his mistakes, I hope he at least found some happy moments here and there. Where Hanzo doesn’t particularly seem like he would enjoy the company of children (especially so if they reminded him of Genji), I could also see him becoming reluctantly close with a kid or two. Maybe he was hired by a family once or twice, whose kids needed protecting.

Or if he was ever forced to rethink his feelings towards Omnics when he takes a job for one.

I mean yes, Hanzo was ‘alone’ those ten years, but I hope he made at least a few connections to other people- for better or worse…

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Oh he finally confirmed he's not lgbtq, even scott said "he's an ally" yeah ok this is sad :/

“Ugh sorry but I want to ask what do you think about chris’s new tweet? The way he used words is very telling :(((((”

You are missing a lot of things here.

Do you know the meaning behind the term “ally” in LGBTQA ? It stands for closeted people. They want (are) to be part of the community but or reasons they can not do it openly. I know that not everyone knows the meaning behind it and some just assume it stands for “supportive straights”, but I think we can safely assume that scott, being part of the lgbt community himself, knows what he is talking about. I would be very surprised if he really meant “straight ally”.

Also saying he is “family” doesn’t only have to mean biological family, it’s also common for lgbt+ to call our community “family”. 

Chris wanted to show his support for the transgender students who were affected by the withdrawal of the protection by the trump administration, but assuming he is closeted himself, he could obliviously not say anything more than that, so i don’t know why you are “sad”. 

He voiced his support and scott explained it for the ones who know. I wouldn’t be surprised if the subtweet was arranged by chris and scott. 

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I like to think that Ardyn's wife was not a noble/rich girl, but some kind of fighter, maybe a hunter. And I also like to think that Ardyn, even in the past, was still flamboyant and eccentric - good guy and everything, but still in Ardyn's style. So the first time they met, out in the field, maybe during or after a hunt, he tries to impress her being himself and she's like "this guy? Our savior? Really? Six help us" Sorry I keep bothering you

You aren’t bothering me at all!! Please, you may send me head canons all day. :3

And I love it. I love her. Omg.
Also, I absolutely agree that Ardyn was just as flamboyant and weird back in his day as he is in the game’s events. But yeah just… Not in the mind of a man gone totally and horribly mad. Heh…
So she’s definitely right to react to him like that. Heheh

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"Um, it's... Nothing." Nico tried, not even sounding convincing to himself. He also realized how much the grayness of his veins looked like the shadows he got under his skin (it was probably linked to that). "It's um..." He was choosing his words carefully, trying not to worry Will. "I can draw the feeling of being cold and tired from someone, and it just... Makes my veins look like that." Nico knew he didn't sound convincing, and left out that he got the feelings himself when he took them.

Nico looked away from Will immediately, eyes skittering around the room without focus. “It’s, um… Not that big of a deal. It’s just- It’s, um… Something that happens when I- when I use my powers too much in a certain way.” Nico said, still not looking Will in the eyes. “It let’s me… Take away your tiredness and cold, so,” Nico failed to mention that he himself was feeling that cold and exhaustion now. “That’s dangerous, Nico!” Nico finally met Will’s angry, worried gaze. “I know.”

“It’s uh, it’s okay,” Nico tried to placate, extracting his wrist from Will’s hand. He didn’t need to mention the way he felt himself sagging, struggling to keep himself awake. Will would make him rest and they didn’t have time for that. Not when they had already spent so long in one place. They were sure to attract monsters soon if they stayed in the cave any longer. Will didn’t look convinced, but he let Nico pull his hand away, shoving it in his sweatshirt pocket. Will was still obviously worried, but he didn’t try to touch Nico. He probably sensed his further discomfort and decided to give him more space. Will let out a quiet sigh. “That’s why I don’t feel nearly as tired as I know I should. You took it, didn’t you?” Will looked over at Nico, who simply nodded, avoiding Will’s eyes. “Thank you,” Will sighed again. “Did it hurt you?”

As much as I like the idea of Yuuri winning gold and Victor getting silver and just being extremely proud of his husband, imagine Victor having a hard time dealing with his loss. Imagine him forcing himself to smile and encourage Yuuri on the podium because on one hand he’s so proud but on the other it hurts to get silver after being the undefeated champion for so long. Imagine him nodding and grinning at Yuuri because he knows that’s what he wants to see, but falling apart on the inside because it hurts to not be the best anymore, it hurts to be worse than someone else, even if he loves that someone more than anything else. Imagine Victor being happy for Yuuri but silently despairing over the fact that his own time is over and he is no longer relevant and if he doesn’t retire now then he will just fall behind more and more skaters because he’s just not the flawless, breath-taking young skater he used to be. He’s no longer the living legend he was for so long.

And imagine Yuuri seeing through his fake smile and realizing that he cares for Victor’s happiness more than about a gold medal, even if it’s the appreciation of his skills that he always wanted. Imagine him frowning and stepping off the podium and just throwing his arms around Victor and apologizing.

And imagine Victor shaking his head and biting back tears because this is Yuuri’s big moment, the thing they worked for for years, the victory that Yuuri completely and utterly deserved and he can’t steal his spotlight, not over something so petty, not now.

And imagine Yuuri just finding his hand and running his fingers over the gold band on Victor’s ring finger and squeezing his hand lightly and saying “You’ll always be the reigning champion to me.”

And imagine Victor just bursting into tears because it actually makes him feel better and remind him how much he loves him, how much he adores how Yuuri can be the bigger person during Victor’s moments of weakness even when he really doesn’t deserve it, and imagine him ushering Yuuri back to the highest spot of the podium and just extending his arms like he’s presenting the most precious thing in the word because that’s exactly what Yuuri is to him.

Imagine both of them accepting Yuuri’s victory and turning it into something that helps their relationship grow, and something that they’re both proud of.

A (not so) short summary of my obsession with lil cinnamon roll aka Newt Scamander

Okay so look

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He was literally beING ARREsted and he’s grinning because he’s so CUTE

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(also that niffler’s pretty adorable)

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I keep seeing that “At the moment, nothing” line turned into something romantic or Magnus being the best boyfriend ever (bc he’s so worried about Alec that’s why he’s upset etc) and…I mean he is worried absolutely, but full stop Magnus is allowed to be imperfect and human and that means despite understanding why Alec is freaking out and yelling at him, he can still find it all just too much and slam down those walls – his instinctive reaction whenever he’s emotionally stressed or wounded.

Like, Magnus has a heart he’s guarded fiercely for over a century. His refusal to let Alec risk his life isn’t just about it being for Alec’s sake. It’s also about Magnus because he’s falling in love with him, he only just got him, and he’s really not ready to watch a man he’d hoped would end his 100+ years of being lonely and unloved throw himself into the fire 48 hours later. And yeah, that’s a little selfish but also it’s okay for him to be selfish.

I was thinking that after being found Graves probably needs a bit of recovery time and this one odd little mooncalf takes to him
Graves is recovering in Newts bed in his little shack where Newt sleeps sometimes if hes busy working.
Next thing this FACE with giant eyes peers over the side of the bed and Newt comes running in after it
‘Out you get come on, shoo, back to your moon’ but it keeps coming in
Then one round Newt arrives in to see a weak Graves leaning over the side with an arm cupped under it
trying to pull it up because its been trying but it has tiny legs. Newt sighs and scoops it up and lays it on the bed and then WHUMP it just flops its head on Graves chest and goes to sleep
Newt’s magizoologist mind is like 'I MUST DOCUMENT THIS’ But also 'is he hurting you?’
So Newt ends up putting a few buckets down as steps so Graves wont hurt himself and so bub can climb up

Because imagine being Graves - where no one knew you well enough to realise you’d been replaced
Would you want to go back to working with those people? He just needs a vacay with Newt in his suitcase while he recovers his strenght

I like to think that Draco has this whole ‘I can’t stand Potter’ image to uphold but as soon as Harry is in trouble is just sort of crumbles every time. Like running into him when he’s sick and trying to make him feel better because he can’t help himself because he secretly really cares so he just acts really rude about being nice like and also he’s sort of in denial.

“I’m going to make you tea because you’re obviously completely incompetent and don’t know how to care for yourself.”

“Don’t slouch Potter, it’s undignified.”

“Honestly Potter, are you completely
useless? Just let me do it before you blow your bloody fingers off.”

“Merlin! You’re going to catch your death wearing that. -don’t argue with me just put the bloody coat on. Yes I’m aware it’s mine I’m not completely daft.”


every westallen scene ever (120/?)





Yurio knows Victor isn’t returning to the ice. He knows he’s properly retired and plans to stay with Yuri forever and he also knows that VICTOR HASN’T TOLD YURI THIS. Victor hasn’t learned his lesson from episode 7 properly and is still using himself as a weird motivational tool.

The thing is Yurio understands that this not a good plan and he’s giving a warning here albeit via angsty teen speak.

Which is why Victor does the face squish.

This is a “don’t fucking tell my fiance shit about this” exchange.

Just fucking what.


Yuri isn’t the shit in this moment. It’s Victor and it’s Yurio calling him OUT ON HIS BULLSHIT.

Listen to the kitten Victor! 

Hey do you ever think about the possibility of Kaidan just. Overhearing snippets of things in me2?

Like say Shepard is at a bar with Jack or Zaeed while the Normandy is at the citadel for a supply run. Kaidan also happens to be on the citadel to report in and has a few hours to himself, so he goes to the bar. And walks in right as Shepard and companion are discussing their close calls. But he doesn’t notice where they are- right at the bar behind him- until Shepard starts ranting like “and as if Horizon wasn’t enough(Kaidan spits out his drink at the sudden realization of who’s right behind him) THEN there was all that shit on the COLLECTOR SHIP and BEING AMBUSHED and how it JUST SO HAPPENS that THAT was the ship that ACTUALLY KILLED ME blah blah blah” and he just. Sits there like “what the fuck what they fuck oh my god what thefuck shePARD WHAT THE FUCK” until they leave

Or maybe he’s investigating some shit on Omega and Shep and Garrus and Tali walk by like "okay so you’re sure we have everything” “well I can’t think of anything we’re missing” “I hope you’re right bc it would suck if we went through the omega 4 relay and THEN realized that we’re missing heat clips or some shit” “haha yeah that would suck” and poor Kaidan is just shrieking on the inside because DID THEY JUST SAY THE OMEGA 4 RELAY. THE OMEG- OH MY GOD THEY’RE GONNA FUCKING DIE

Shepard walks right past him without noticing and he thinks they’re being petty until he sees Garrus chasing Shepard down like “shepard, SHEPARD, what are you DOING, you haven’t slept in a week and a half, this isn’t(hi Kaidan) the time to hunt down gang bosses shePARD WAIT” and they just. Keep stomping towards their goal. And Kaidan’s like “oh god dammit they’re not sleeping. Fuck. Fuck”

Or they’re in the same weapons shop and the little person goes up to Shepard like “you were just in here a month ago your gun shouldn’t be that severely damaged” and Kaidan’s like “what” and Shepard pulls out this melted and dented mess of a gun and just says “Tuchanka” And Kaidan has to duck out because he’s choking on laughter

Just random snippets of shit. Some of it is funny, some of it is horrifying and some of it is just…sad. it’s such a tropey idea but I can’t stop thinking about it

Also can I just say that it’s good Magnus and Alec are talking about this right now and not later on? Like in the books Magnus and Alec didn’t have conversations about Magnus’ former relationships until Book Four, until after they’ve been together for a while and have already had sex. Getting this out and talking about Alec’s potential insecurities with never having been in a relationship before is important. It is not childish or stupid of Alec to feel insecure, he is allowed to have those feelings. I think most people do normally feel insecure if they have no romantic or sexual experience while their partner has had a lot of experience in relationships. Them addressing it now is healthy, and obviously their date goes well so it’ll end in a positive manner.


So this is something I’ve been working on over the weekend. It’s dirty so if you don’t like spanking and dirty talk, this isn’t for you.

WARNING: Mature content

You were being ignored and you were also extremely horny and needy which didn’t go good together. Harry was in the home office doing god knows what and you had barely seen him all day apart from the quick breakfast together this morning and then he had locked himself in those four walls. You had agreed with yourself to give him time to do what he needed and then you would interrupt after a couple hours. You had given him plenty of extra time to deal with business and now you were just growing increasingly impatient by the second. You had checked your emails, read a book, cooked- everything you could think of but nothing could take your mind off the throbbing discomfort between your legs.

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Alec's reaction to Magnus magic was hysterical though. He was just like whoopsie, better lean sideways. I'm excited they don't show him intimidated though! Even though he probably couldn't defend himself against general magic on longer distances, right?

Anonymous said: Alec’s face in that gif when he dodges the magic though it’s like “yeah, okay, okay, I deserved that.” I’m crying.

HONESTLY LMAO he just kind of leaned to the side it was great. I’m sure Alec can defend himself just fine tbh; it’s magic, but he’s a Shadowhunter and an archer at that so long distance fighting is his specialty. Plus, he certainly knows how to duck.

Alec knows he deserved it tho for sure ajfowaj tbh I am loving that they’re already a bit like a married couple. I mean, a very powerful married couple, but still one. Like, can you imagine tho with all their powers how their bickering might go?

  • Alec drawing a silence rune on Magnus’s phone when it keeps ringing off the hook while they’re trying to make out
  • Alec’s keyboard suddenly typing WE WERE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE FOR DINNER AN HOUR AGO DARLING and he looks up and Magnus is there, casually leaning against the door frame studying his nails but Alec can see the smirk on his lips
  • Magnus plinking Alec with a little ball of magic, like the warlock version of throwing crumpled paper at someone
  • Alec glamouring a file Magnus has been going through all night so that it just says NO on all 50 pages; Magnus gets the message and comes to bed finally (Alec casually goes, How’s your research? and gets nicely pinned by a warlock for his trouble.)

I just really like the idea of the way they interact being amplified because of they’re both supernatural beings. And maybe to mortals looking in it seems a little bit startling, but to them it’s perfectly normal. Those are my favorite sort of details because these two aren’t human and I love being reminded of that. I hope we see them use their powers in petty and domestic ways alike, not just for saving the world.