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“Is that my shirt?” Kylux if you please <3

(Oh nooO you’ve discovered my weakness! College AU for ya.)

There’s a reason the university’s debate team is so highly ranked, and that reason is Hux. He has led their debate team for the last two years and they are now competing several states away, which is fine and good for the university but not so fun for Ren, who has not had to suffer for seven entire days without his boyfriend since they started dating. It is remarkable how Hux maintains a 4.0 while double majoring and whipping the debate team into shape, basically singlehandedly, and still finds time to indulge Ren. Now, draped over his bed, Ren finds himself woefully unspoiled, and he doesn’t even have anyone around to force him to put his laundry away.

The Skype call song rings out from his laptop and he reaches over to answer it without getting up from where he’s lying on his stomach. 

“Are you in a god damn laundry pile?” Hux asks without saying hello.

“It’ll get put away eventually. And speaking of laundry, is that my shirt?”

Hux, several time zones ahead, is already dressed for bed, and is wearing flannel pajama pants and a shirt that is 100% absolutely Ren’s. It’s big even on Ren, and on Hux it’s hanging off one shoulder. It has a snarling wolf’s head on it and is so fully unlike anything Hux would normally wear that it’s obviously pilfered. 

“I wanted a good nightshirt,” Hux says simply.


“Will it ease the pain of being robbed if I tell you I did it because it smells like you?”

It does. Ren can’t help but smile. “You should have left me one in return.”

“You’d have torn the seams, you oaf.”

“Hux, I’ve done yoga for like nine years. I’m graceful as shit. You can’t call someone an oaf just because they’re twice as thick as you.”

Hux hmphs. “Hulk, then. Also, I’m pretty sure most yogis don’t say ‘graceful as shit’.”

“Call it what you like, but just remember which of the two of us has fallen off a bench trying to sit on it.”

“I was drunk, Ren!” The look on Hux’s face is so wonderfully prissy, and the gleaming white of his exposed shoulder is so beautifully bare that Ren wishes he could reach through the screen and bite it. 

“Well, so was I, and I managed to stay put.” Ren laughs at how Hux’s expression is only getting prissier. “Anyway, I’ll just steal a blanket or something out of your room. You use the good detergent. And the good cologne.”

“Don’t I deserve nice things?”

“That’s why you have me.”

They have more to talk about, a lot more, because Hux likes to talk and Ren likes to listen (and tease) and for all their snarking, they have missed each other a lot, it’s day five of seven and soon, soon enough, Hux will be back and get him to hang up his clothes. This little Skype session, this nest of clothes, it will do for now.

I just realized a thing. You all know how in AOU Tony is like “so you’re just going to roll over” and Bruce is all “Only when I’ve created a murder bot.”

Bruce hasn’t actually created a killer robot before but he absolutely HAS seen his work turn vicious in a way he wasn’t expecting. He’s speaking from <i>experience</i> there. This isn’t the first time made something that he thought would help the world only to have it turn on him in the worst way. It’s no wonder he left at the end considering how much that must have weighed on him. Most people focus on Tony’s guilt because we’ve seen so much more of it, but wow, there is no way Bruce would let himself off that easily.

(I also think it says a ton about his relationship with Tony that he was willing to go back and try again. Obviously it turned out okay but talk about trust.)

I know we’re joking a lot about Matt Murdock being pulled from a dumpster but tbh I’m pretty sure most of the Avengers and associates have probably been pulled from a dumpster at least once.

Like, you know preserum Steve was getting dumped in trash cans right and left and Bucky was fishing him out of them. (and Winter Soldier Bucky probably does surveillance from them, here have a sad)

Clint, obviously, dumpster trash.

But also Kate Bishop because I feel like that’s a Hawkeye thing, being thrown off buildings and out windows and into trash cans.

And Sam gets thrown into one helping Steve out once (it’s not really Sam’s fault, ok.)

And Tony found himself in many a dumpster in his youth. (occasionally next to Rhodey. it should be said that it was only once Rhodey’s fault they landed in the trash)

Reed Richards probably gets thrown into dumpsters by other Avengers on purpose. (and Johnny too probably)

If Bruce de-Hulks in a dumpster he considers that a good day.

Sometimes Thor gets knocked out of the air and can’t course-correct. (and Tony once threw Loki into a dumpster, so)

Peter Parker, yeah, he’s been in a few dumpsters, both to evade authorities or enemies and also because sometimes baddies have good aim.

Wade Wilson, jfc, he throws parties in dumpsters, probably. If you’ve been tossed into more than one dumpster, there’s a 90% chance that one of those times you were thrown into a dumpster with Wade in it, or had Wade thrown in on top of you.

Like, the only Avenger that I am 100% certain has never been thrown into a dumpster is Natasha because throwing Natasha into a dumpster would be the last thing you ever did. (also, she’s Natasha. You might aim her at the dumpster, but she’ll parkour off the fire escape and land neatly next to it while Clint goes sailing in. )

The Darkness In Me (Part 3)

Hey guys! Here comes Part 3 of “The Darkness In Me”. Hope you all enjoy! @belleetlabeast THANK YOU, as always for being a sweetheart ♥ and editing this! I wouldn’t have come so far without you!!! ♥♥♥

Summary: From the outside you seem to have everything. Everything other girls want to be. Good looking, beautiful and an amazing singer. But no one sees what really blooms inside you. The darkness is about to consume you every day a little bit more. Can this handsome stranger who was there when you needed him the most also save you from the darkness lurking inside you?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Cursing

Word Count: 1217

Y/H/C = Your Hair Color       


◄••• Part 2          Part 3          Part 4 •••►

After a long hot shower, I finally released all the tension that stiffened my muscles for the last hour. Bucky stayed long enough to make sure I would eat something. I can’t help but question his motives. We met for the first time yesterday, under really terrible conditions and still he appears to think he’s responsible for me.

My mind scrambles to find a plausible reason for his behaviour towards my well being. Bucky is clearly different than any man I have ever met, but I definitely suck at first impressions when it comes to people.

All because of him. The thought of my ex-boyfriend causes an uncomfortable shiver to run down my spine. He was the one who caused all my insecurities, my anxiety attacks, my nightmares. I refuse to let my thoughts wander back to that dark part of my life. He’s gone and I have nothing to fear anymore.

Somebody must have been in the room while I was in the shower, to put clothes for me on the bed. I pick up the small note on top of them.

Wanda gave me these clothes for you. They should fit, cause you’re about the same size. Take as much time as you need to get ready. The team would like to meet you later. When you’re ready just ask F.R.I.D.A.Y. where to find us.


Fuck! I’m about to meet the Avengers! The world’s mightiest heroes… “Who the hell is F.R.I.D.A.Y.?” I ask out loud to myself. I jumped, startled when a voice suddenly appears out of nowhere.

“Greetings Miss [Y/N], my name is F.R.I.D.A.Y. I’m the artifical intelligence unit designed and created by Tony Stark. Let me know when I can be of any service.”

“Uhm…thanks…I guess.” I try my best to ignore the feeling of being monitored by the A.I., while I put on the short dark blue sweatpants and white top over my own underwear. I decide combing my [Y/H/C] hair with my fingers would be better than nothing. I don’t have any makeup to cover the dark purple bruise evident on my right cheek, so I have to hide it as good as possible with my long hair. I would never have guessed the day would come, where I would meet the Avengers in person. And definitely not in short sweatpants, wet hair and a prominent bruise on my face. Before I ask F.R.I.D.A.Y. where to find Bucky and the others I try to smile at my reflection, but it looks more like a grimace. So no smiling then.


“Thank you, F.R.I.D.A.Y., I think I can walk the rest of the way alone”, I say to the A.I. after she guided me through the halls and floors of the Avenger Tower. “You’re welcome Miss [Y/N].”

A melodic tone rings out, the elevator doors open, revealing a large space with all the Avengers gathered in the same place. I slowly approach them in the large living room. I probably look like a little child seeing Disneyland for the first time, but hey can you blame me?! They were all sitting on the biggest couch I had ever seen, right in front of an even bigger TV, like a happy family.

Bucky is the first one that catches my eyes. He’s really a sight for sore eyes. He is sitting on the left side of the couch, on his right his best friend alias Captain America. They’re still too captured in their own conversations to notice me. I take that time to let my eyes wander over all of them one by one. Right next to the Captain is Falcon, Black Widow, Hawkeye, the Hulk (well obviously not in his green version), Ironman, War Machine, the Maximoff twins and then the android named Vision.

I was flabbergasted to say the least. Seeing all these powerful people sitting their like it’s the most normal thing in the world. A loud groan must have left my lips, because suddenly all eyes are on me. I didn’t like all the attention. Their differing expression made it all the worse.  

Curiosity, astonishment, sympathy, sadness, anger, happiness. The first one to approach me almost gives me a heart attack. Pietro Maximoff, also known as Quicksilver because of his quickness, just appears in front of me out of nowhere. Without hesitation he takes my right hand into his bigger ones, leans down and places a featherlight kiss on my knuckles.

“You must be the poor girl who almost got raped yesterday”, he said bluntly, his low voice, thick with accent. “Pietro!” His twin sister Wanda scolds him immediately, apparently embarrassed of her brother’s forward behavior.

She rushes to my side with an apologetic expression. “I’m really sorry for my stupid brother. He didn’t mean it like that. We were really shocked when Bucky brought you to the Tower yesterday. He was so worried about you. That’s why we all couldn’t wait to meet you. How are you feeling? Oh and I’m Wanda by the way.”

We shake hands and I even give her a small smile. I already like her. She’s so full of energy and life. I feel like a moth attracted by the light. “I’m [Y/N]. Nice to meet you. I’m feeling alright so far, thanks to Bucky”, I say with a quick look in his direction. But that was already enough to make me blush again.

Damn it! I’m normally not the shy type. I only can hope he doesn’t notice my red face. Don’t want him to think I’m awkward or I have a crush on him. I mean, I’m not even attracted to him. NO! No. Not one bit. Absolutely not…

“Guys, please be gentle. You are overwhelming her. Take it easy,” Captain America says while pushing Wanda and Pietro smoothly to the side. He offers me his right hand and giving me an encouraging smile. “I’m Steve. Nice to finally meet you. Bucky kept talking about you all morning.”

“Shut up, punk!”, Bucky says, flushed with shame. “[Y/N] and Bucky sitting in the tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”, Sam Wilson commonly known as Falcon sings along.

None other than Black Widow, the beautiful redhaired Russian comes to my rescue, saving me from my discomfort. “Sam! Shut the hell up you idiot”, she gives me a sympathetic look, interlocking her arm with mine. “I’m Natasha. Sorry about the boys. They’re always like that, don’t think about it too much.”

Natasha guides me to the large couch, planting me right next to Tony Stark. “Hi, I’m Tony”, he says immediately, putting my hand up to kiss my back of the hand. “Can I offer you something to drink, darling? Coffee or tea?”, he asks with a raised eyebrow and a dashing smile.

I giggle nervously. “I would never have imagined Tony Stark offering me to bring me something to drink. A coffee would be nice. Milk and sugar, please.” He laughs amused at my remark. “Don’t be silly, gorgeous! Tin Man will bring you the drink”, Tony says with a wide grin on his face and a mischievous glint in his eyes.

PART 4 •••►

Well, I hope you all like it! Let me know what you think about it. Feel free to message me anytime!



Let’s talk about Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

And how fucking great it is. Let’s go down the list:

The Writing: It’s fantastic. Lots of humor, lots of really good development of the main character Lunella “Moon Girl” (so nicknamed by her classmates because, being super smart she’s considered a “space cadet”). The basic gist is that Lunella has Inhuman DNA, and is desperately searching for a way to neutralize it so she doesn’t have to worry about becoming something…inhuman. So she finds a macguffin that she thinks might do that but she’s not the only person that wants it. It’s the driving force behind her decisions, and several times she talks/thinks about never letting others make decisions for her/control her body. She’s written really well and I love her character.

Devil Dinosaur, despite not having actual speech, is wonderfully expressive. He’s basically if a dog happened to inhabit the body of a super-strong t-rex (he fights Hulk to a standstill, so he’s obviously stronger/more resilient than a normal t-rex). He also seems to understand human speech to a degree, so he’s fairly intelligent as well (fairly: he still tends to break stuff a lot).

The art: It’s gorgeous. I mean, just look at this page:

Slick, stylish, if this were a cartoon I’d watch the shit out of it.

I picked up the first issue on a lark and went back the next day and bought issues 2-6 (because 7 wasn’t out yet, need to get that one now). Basically if you want a comic that’s set in the Marvel universe but isn’t superheroes, pick this up. This pair would fit right in with Big Hero 6 and I mean that in the best way possible. Highly recommended.

I mean, just LOOK AT THIS COVER.

Imagine the marvel characters as teachers

Tony Stark

General Attitude : He would probably be the kind of teacher not afraid to tell the truth to student’s faces to motivate them. Let’s say if he were to teach in sensitive schools he would end up being like “Well if you don’t want to be here go away, your parents would be proud of you, after all the struggle they went to to put you here, and now you’re out sniffing coke and getting into fights, do whatever the fuck you want, but when in twenty years, when you’re still in this shit area, and you’ll watch your kids grow up here, remember it was your choice.” And that would motivate students to get better, he wouldn’t be afraid to get physical or verbally abusive if the students were to provoke him. Not to mention he would be insanely smart.

Probable Subjects: Maths, Physics, Technology

Bruce Banner

General Attitude : He would be a very kind teacher, always eager to help. He would always see hope in students and never let them down. He will be very passionate and will try his best to explain his subjects, he will not let his students fall behind and will always try and inquire about why they are having bad grades, are they having problems at home, with friends, are they facing depression… He will be the kind of teacher that students would go to if they need help, or counselling in personal matter. He does not get into fights and if students are being verbally abusive or insolent towards him, he’ll have a tendency to throw them out, because well, he would be afraid to hulk-out on them.

Probable Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science

Natasha Romanoff

General Attitude : She would be very strict and severe, her class known to be the quietest around the whole campus. Obviously she would cause boys (and girls) to swoon over her and be the typical ‘teacher crush’ around. She wouldn’t hesitate to be manipulative for students to perform their work correctly. But she would also tend to look and reach out for the outcasts and the shy ones and help them to affirm their presence and knowledge in front of others.

Probable Subjects: English Literature, Languages (but she could replace any teacher in any subject, her knowledge being very thorough)

Clint Barton

General Attitude : Up until this day, no one really knows how he ended up in the teaching body, but well… he did. He’d be the teacher in a foul mood at 8am cause he hasn’t had his dose of caffeine yet. He wouldn’t take shit from students having an attitude and wouldn’t hesitate to exclude them. He’d try and help the scrawny kids to master some physical exercise, he wouldn’t get involved to much in students personal life, but if he ever witnessed students being bullied he would run to their rescue and would scare the bully away, in a way that they would never bully anyone again. He’d take extra care for children with handicaps because it would remind him of his own childhood and would motivate them to believe that their handicap could become their strength, pushing them to develop other abilities. His female students would tend to develop crushes on him, but he’d barely notice, probably to busy on flirting with other teachers, mainly trying to get the English Literature one to go on a date with him.

Probable Subjects: Physical Education (PE)

Thor Odinson

General Attitude : He would be the kind of teacher in his own world. He would be nice and helpful but could turn from an angel to a thunderstorm in a matter of seconds if students were disrespectful and he understood it. He would be very passionate, but only a few students would understand and seriously follow his subjects as the others would be lost in their complexity.

Probable Subjects: Astronomy, Ancient civilizations, Religions

Steve Rogers

General Attitude : He would always have trouble witnessing young teenagers displaying affection in public and would tend to blush, look down and walk away. Some of the student’s outfits would get him flushed and the way some of them the openly flirted with him would make him uneasy. He would be a bit of an awkward teacher, not really knowing how to get everyone to listen to him, and at the beginning of classes, it would take a good ten minutes for everyone to stay quiet and listen. But as soon as he would begin, everyone would get enthralled by the way he explained the situations, he made them alive as if…. he had been there when it happened ?

Probable Subjects: History

Phil Coulson

General Attitude : He would be a kind and caring teacher. Always encouraging students to do better and never giving up on them. He wouldn’t hesitate to help some students after hours with homework or extra work. Students would rarely cause havoc in his class because they knew he cared about them, and that tended to be a rare thing. Although most students found his subjects uninteresting, they would oblige and try and comprehend to make him proud. He almost has a fatherly relation with a couple of them.

Probable Subjects: Geography, Geopolitics

Pietro Maximoff

General Attitude : Why he ended up in the educational system is bit of mystery really. He wouldn’t be very close to his students, keeping distance and never prying into their personal lives. He would teach his classes and leave. Just an ordinary class nothing to boring or to special. Students do not pay to much attention to him and he does the same with them.

Probable Subjects: Economics, Social Studies

Wanda Maximoff

General Attitude : At the beginning a couple of students used to make fun of her because of her accent, but they stopped very soon. They realized that she had a caring nature. She was a kind teacher and tried to help out most of them. She would also be quite open allowing some students to come up to her for personal matters, where she would not hesitate to help them out. She always looked out for the children who did not have much of parental affection, because it reminded her of her own childhood. She is a very encouraging teacher and rarely gives up.

Probable Subjects: Languages, Arts

Loki Laufeyson

General Attitude : He would look down on most of the students, and would not be very kind. Lets just say that he definitely wasn’t born to teach and share knowledge. Short tempered, and quite scary when he wants to be, students tend to stay quiet during his classes and count the seconds left for the bell to finally ring. He noticed some children that were outcasts and left to stay alone during breaks, although deep down he had the urge to go and help them, and tell them that nothing was wrong with them, he never did, and always hid within his walls, not showing any emotions. He barely spoke with any teachers, and his personal life was a mystery to everyone around him. He is insanely smart.

Probable Subjects: Philosophy, English Literature, History


General Attitude : He would be severe, strict and quite denigrating towards students. His blunt comments would often lead to students being hurt and humiliated causing them to fall into a spiral of depression. He would be overly attached to some students and pick favorites.

Probable Subjects: History, Latin, Ancient Languages

Maria Hill

General Attitude : She would be very professional and efficient in her job. She would also be quite dedicated in it and spend a lot of time preparing her classes and correcting students work. She would push students to study and get better, and have a tendency to give a death stare to students who were not listening, instantly causing them to go back to studying and remain calm.

Probable Subjects: Geopolitics, Economics

Nick Fury

General Attitude : He would be the principal no one dared or looked forward to face. He would be quite strict and if you were to be sent to his office, you knew you were going to have bad time. But he also loves and is very dedicated his school and wants his students to succeed in life.

Probable Subjects: Principal, can replace in some subjects if other teachers were absent.

Logan (Wolverine)

General Attitude : Quite mysterious, and solemn, students tend to be wary of him. He is not overly fond of teaching but does develop a close relationship with a certain Anne - Marie.

Probable Subjects: Physical Education (PE), and replaces his colleagues if he has to in History or other.

Erik Lensherr

General Attitude : He would be strict but efficient and never over bearing. Some students would have the guts to flirt with him, and he would not have any problem playing along. He encouraged students to accept their differences and be who they were meant to be instead of trying to fit in the social standards.

Probable Subjects: Social Studies, History

Charles Xavier

General Attitude : Definitely born to teach, he wouldn’t hesitate to take from his time off to help his students further. Incredibly dedicated to his job and very passionate about students, he would do his best to help them in their academic and personal life. Students tend to rely on him for advise and counselling.

Probable Subjects: French, Literature

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gimme dem hiccstrid children headcanons pls!!! maybe some art?

I was literally in the middle of saying i wasn’t gonna draw them, but then i got too into my headcanons and i just had to!!!!

ok so stoick II/the oldest the far left, idk what to name him is the big guy in the middle rn i’m just gonna call him baldur, you have to see my headcanons it makes sense, then the youngest will be called gerdie for now. middle child and third child will get better names in the future hopefully, i want them to have classic berk names, like “dirt“ haha, something to go with hiccup

  • 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl, i’m still trying to decide if i want the middle child to be a boy or the girl, maybe have the girl last to mix things up
  • the first boy, the obvi name stoick cause they totally would, and he comes out to be a blonde, thin, p tall boy, he’s cut out to be a leader, he’s the one that helps take care of the younger siblings. he’s very put together but he does have moments where the ‘hofferson/haddock” panic sets in, like he’s preparing to be chief and he does something and messes up and then hiccup and astrid are like “oooh cmon!!! its not that big a deal” but to him it is big deal. he can be kinda cocky, kinda always wants to be in charge, he’s kinda got a stick up his butt?? like a little one, but he is still pretty rigid, but when he’s relaxed he can be goofy and is easily surprised and honestly he’s just a good kid, a tired older brother. often agrees with his mom, looks like astrid but looks a lot like granpa hofferson. hiccup probably looks at this boy and he’s like astrid our son is more mature than us!!! we must do something!!! corrupt the child!!! keeps his hair in a ponytail cause his hair will POOF, and he looks crazy
  • OK listen, listen to this…. everyone designs the hiccstrid babies to look exactly like hiccup or astrid, with a few variations and i mean thats not a problem cause they’re their children so duh theyre gonna look like them… what if the second boy looked like stoick. i don’t mean spitting image stoick, but what if astrid and hiccup, the thin chief and his muscle chief wife walk in and then they have this giant kid that obviously takes after stoick. he’s big and ginger and a total sweet heart and is all about the rough and tumble, he’s very much a dorky hulk and astrid and him train all the time. he picks up his older brother to give him noogies and everyone thinks he’s the older one and Stoick II gets cranky because “that is inappropriate!! i was in the middle of something!!!” but he also respects his brother a lot and he’s got a very sweet face, maybe he has a beard before Stoick II, but the problem is he’s not good with responsibility, like he can do his own thing, but he doesn’t wanna be a leader like his older brother, he’s got a really good moral compass like his mom and dad. HE IS REALLY CLUMSY. he is very clumsy, he is big living with smaller people so don’t surprise him!!! he will knock everything over!! a lot like stoick when he was leaving the smithy in httyd after talking with hiccup. he’s also bad at lying and kinda dumb sometimes but thats ok, everyone loves him
  • the last but not the least, the freckly gap toothed grinning girl, who is shorter and always getting into some sorta trouble, not like picking fights or anything, but the kinda headstrong, twists what her parents say, very much takes after hiccup. she’s the one getting picked up by the back of the shirt by her older brother while stoick II tries to talk his way outta whatever she did (he’s very eloquent) so their parents wont find out, she mostly is with the middle brother, but often wonders out on her own, or with other kids her age, definitely brings a lot of animals home and asks to keep them, follows hiccup around when she’s board, has astrid do her hair into two big braids, she’s very cute. she’s got a cracky voice, and shrieks a lot and her bangs are always in her eyes but sometimes you can see 1 big wide eye, she often cuts her own hair and astrid is like “please…. please no, sweetie stop its hard to braid!!!” and hiccup laughs somewhere cause tbh he’s a chill dad and he thinks its cute while astrid is giving her daughter a hair cut to even out the 4 inches she cut from one place

i was really intimidated making this post because there are so many good hiccstrid babies, like @bgsdragons, @jennis41digsdragons, @avannak and about a million other have amazing designs for the kiddos, so i’d recommend looking at their hiccstrid kids cause theyre very good. brb, gotta procrastinate and design more babies for other httyd couples

Can we talk about this moment right here?

If you have seen The Avengers (and you totally should have by now XD) then you would recognize this part as being right after Clint (under Loki’s spell) shoots an explosive arrow at the Helicarrier, causing one of the engines to blow out and the team to be scattered to different areas. Bruce and Natasha were standing near each other when the explosion occurred and went flying through the glass window behind them, crashing down to the ground below. Bruce was already getting angry before the explosion (along with the other Avengers) so the explosion just added to the fire and caused him to lose control.

Before losing control, Bruce tried his hardest to fight the transformation. You can see it by his body language in the scene. The whole time Natasha is trying her best to keep him calm, but it just doesn’t work. She’s also very frightened by the Hulk, as seen in this scene and earlier in the movie when she goes to bring Bruce in, because he’s an uncontrollable force. When Bruce loses the battle going on in his own body and loses control, he shuffles backwards, obviously trying to get as far from Natasha as possible, and that leads us to the gifs here. Bruce mid-transformation looks at Natasha with such emotion in his face. Just reading his eyes you can see him saying things like “I’m so, so sorry,” “I didn’t want this to happen,” and a silent plea telling Natasha to run and get away. He knows Natasha is scared to death, and he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but especially her.

THIS is really a large reason as to why I want these two to have a closer relationship in Age of Ultron. They both need someone desperately, but are also both afraid of hurting or letting down others. Not saying there would not be hard times, but no relationship is perfect, right?  I believe that in each other, they can find comfort.

And that, my friends, is one reason I want these two to be together ;)


So this is something I’ve had on my mind for awhile that I don’t think I’ve ever seen mentioned on here before.

In “The Incredible Hulk”, when Bruce hulks out, the first thing that changes are his eyes. 

In “The Avengers”, his eyes are the last thing to change. 

Just that I find interesting, but it could also be looked at symbolically. Eyes are commonly considered windows to the soul.

In the first film, or at least in the scene above, Bruce is trying to bring out the monster. 
A. Because it’s the only thing powerful enough to stop the abomination
B. He figures if he learns to control it, he can use it to help people

Obviously he does eventually learn how to have a handle on it [see “I’m always angry”], but when Bruce first hulks out in the Avengers, it’s unwillingly.

It’s stress, and fear, and high heart rate, and “Oh no, I’m going to hurt someone.”

In the first GIF Bruce is channeling the Hulk as a hero.
In the second GIF, he’s resisting the Hulk as a monster. 

Previous Part HERE:

Bucky Barnes doesn’t like to dwell upon his infamous family history for too long. 

It’s really a lot easier to joke about it.  And he’s been blessed with the best straight man that ever lived, because Steve has an unholy streak of mischief that is an exact match for Bucky’s own. Sometimes, all Bucky had to do was to say lines from all those terrible Dracula movies in the right accent and Steve would crack up.

And back in the day, sometimes Steve would pretend to swoon… well, not the way a gal might do it, fluttery lashes, heaving bosom and all.  But. It had the effect of making Bucky catch his breath, give him this warm, funny feeling in the pit of his stomach.  Just. It was Steve and Bucky learned to catch himself before he gave the game away.  Made things weird between them.  Ruin everything.

But every so often, Bucky does need to take said family history and lore quite seriously and well –

Steve’s usually in the middle of that.

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There is a bunch of things regarding AOU I want to address right now but I am going to focus on one important point.

Anyone avoiding spoilers; Do not click the keep reading thingy.

Also anyone who hates Tony Stark or who sits on their mighty shit horses about this movie being bad. Any Pepper Potts, Pepperony and IM3 fans might want to not click this either.

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Another 12 Mind-Blowing Documentaries To Watch On Netflix

Assuming you’ve already powered through our previous collection of 12 mind-blowing documentaries to watch on Netflix, we’ve pulled together another set for your non-fiction viewing pleasure. Please binge-watch accordingly. “Shenandoah” …

Assuming you’ve already powered through our previous collection of 12 mind-blowing documentaries to watch on Netflix, we’ve pulled together another set for your non-fiction viewing pleasure. Please binge-watch accordingly.

In depicting the story of four high school boys who murdered a Mexican immigrant, “Shenandoah” dissects the mob mentality of the small town in which their atrocity took place. Whether or not you were familiar with this case when it ran through the news, the objective here is to take on a very specific form of racism, told through the disturbing reality of American life for those who don’t fit into the mold of “tradition.”

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“Girl Model”
“Girl Model” renders a startling look at an industry that does not flinch at the exploitation of children, as told from the perspective of an ex-model working as a Russian scout. Some of the more disturbing moments expose sexual abuse and exploitation of pre-pubescent females, but this documentary focuses its lens more closely on the way young girls are tricked into working for free and forced to support their families while lacking support for themselves.

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“From One Second to the Next”
Werner Herzog’s documentary about texting while driving has an obvious agenda: stop careless idiots from texting while driving. But that doesn’t stop this it from being a well-packaged and emotionally-moving film, perhaps because no matter how many times you’ve heard the stats, the extent of senseless deaths that are a direct result of texting and driving remain mind-blowing.

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“Bigger, Stronger, Faster”
Using himself and his brothers as the subject, director Chris Bell examines the conflation of steroid subculture and the more ambitious aspects of the American dream. Dealing in the dangerous effects of steroids, Bell also takes a look at what he identifies as “the side effects of American culture.” Obviously, both Hulk Hogan and Sylvester Stallone make cameos in the film.

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“The Revisionaries”
The former Chair of the Texas State Board of Education, Don McLeroy, once said of the kind of power he had: “It boggles my mind.” After no less than four minutes into the documentary, your mind will also be boggled. “The Revisionaries” explores the inordinate influence of Texas in buying textbooks, which affects the rest of the country and, consequently, its curriculum. Of course, this conflict boils down to the theories of evolution verses intelligent design, with the latter pushed so aggressively by the Texas school board, that it might not be readjusting only what kids are taught in schools, but the future policy that emerges from those lessons.

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“Orgasm, Inc." 
"Orgasm, Inc.” skewers “big pharma,” with an investigation into the way major corporations attempt to capitalize on women’s sexuality. Director Liz Canner catalogs the race to create an FDA approved “Viagra for women,” and ends up also lovingly explaining the “strange science” behind the female sex drive. Warning: this film includes sexual imagery lots of O faces.

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“Into the Abyss" 
Another addition to this list from Herzog: "Into The Abyss” examines why people kill, and whether capital punishment is ever warranted. In conversations with inmate Michael Perry and those affected by his crime, Herzog delves deep into the state of the the prison system, for an unflinching look at life, death and the value of a humanity, as impacted by a search for justice.

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“Life 2.0”
Examining the world of virtual reality, “Life 2.0” depicts the consuming nature of the site called “Second Life” (which, for many in the film, is given priority over what we might call “first life”). One of many stunning portraits tells the story of two married-in-real-life people who commit “emotional adultery,” when they meet and fall in love within the confines of “Second Life.” Overall, this is a haunting look at the need for human connection and clever ways in which we are willing to garner a sense of acceptance.

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“It’s a Girl”
This upsetting look at “gendercide” in India and China encounters the devaluation of females and the extent to which it has led to infanticide and violence toward women. In case you needed further warning as to precisely how grave this situation has become: the film opens with a woman who has given birth to and subsequently murdered eight of her daughters.

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In 2000, Mark Hogancamp was beaten senseless outside a local bar. He had to have his entire face rebuilt, and finally emerged from a nine-day coma, brain damaged and forced to re-learn how to walk and eat. After 40 days in the hospital, he was dismissed, because he could no longer pay for care. With nowhere else to turn, he enmeshed himself in the creation Marwencol: a 1/6-scale replica of a WWII-era town. This is not only his story, but that of finding unexpected beauty in tragic events; Jeff Malmberg’s documentary is (almost) as intricate as Hogancamp’s tiny town.

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“Terms and Conditions May Apply”
The title sounds about as boring as, well, reading the terms and conditions of nothing in particular, but this documentary is more eye-opening than it may seem. There’s a lot going on with all that fine print, and there are plenty of industries that rely on the fact that we do not realize it. For example, it would take approximately 180 hours per year to read all of the terms and conditions agreements at each of the various sites you likely hold an account, and consumers lose about $250 billion dollars annually as a result of what they simply do not know.

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“The Pervert’s Guide To Ideology”
Admittedly this one might be a bit hard to digest for those of us who are not psychoanalysis and philosophy nerds. “The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology” plays like a trippy college course taught by Slavoj Žižek, but if you can wade through his discussions of dialectics (and extremely heavy accent), the overriding messages about subconscious influences and our best strategy for a satisfying life are certainly worth the effort.

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hi, sorry if this is annoying but i was just wondering why you think whedon's gonna kill hawkeye in avengers 2? i'm just curious, bc it never occured to me and then you said it and now i can def see it happening but i was just wondering about your thought process that got you there or if i'm just completely unaware of my surroundings (not an unlikely option). anyway thanks, and i've loved your fics since inception days :)

Well, they’ve said they are going to kill somebody off, and the fact that they are talking about this already says to me that it is going to be an actual central(ish) character, and not somebody like Maria Hill (who is very cool but not exactly somebody in whom people are, for the most part, very emotionally invested). They’ve already pretended to kill off Fury, which I’d say leaves him out. They obviously cannot kill Steve or Thor, since they have Captain America 3 and Thor 3 in development. Tony has to be around for Avengers 3 because they’re clearly going to do Civil War, at which point they will write him and Steve out to let Chris Evans and RDJ be free. The Hulk is indestructible (and that would be a strange narrative choice anyway). Natasha is the only woman, so: out. (Also, she is too valuable a character to kill, in that she can be used in a variety of storylines, so getting rid of her would be really dumb, especially since they’re making noise about giving her her own film [DO IT, MARVEL].)

Which leaves Hawkeye, a funny weirdo character. Joss will make him loveable and then he will kill him, because that is what he does. Also, Renner is desperate to get out, so I think he and Marvel are probably happy to part ways. (Obviously, lots of people are desperate to get out, but Chris Evans, for instance, simply CANNOT; Hawkeye is disposable in the MCU by comparison. So: adios.)