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@freyalor, you’re a specialist here on Cinq-Mars’ plot but I just want to put it up here for the mere delight of this imaginary. :D

My Louis is straight, so Cinq-Mars would be the candidate for his BFF rather than his lover, but the rest of the details mostly fits with the historical version… Except that the idiot Henri tries to pull Treville into this mess with the help of his charm, because he’s a pretty boy and rumor has it that Treville should like pretty boys, right?

I mean. Look at his head; he thinks he has the qualification.

Treville turns him down, FIRMLY, because first of all, assassinating Armand, what the fuck, and on a whole separate note, honestly, what this child wants of him? He’s the same age as a fresh musketeer recruit, the mere awareness of this makes Treville’s skin crawl.

Treville runs to Richelieu then and our dearest cardinal learns that:

  • Cinq-Mars is trying to assassinate him,
  • he also has just tried to convince Treville to join him by straddling him and girding against his crotch while sighing lustfully and seductively.

Cinq-Mars is of course dead but he really should pray that it’s Treville who gets him first.

He should really PRAY.


shiro being there for his team when they need him

Perche sei mia              (Because you’re mine)
Perche ti voglio             (Because I want you)
Perche mi vuoi              (And because you want me)
Un mondo si apre         (A world is opening)
Intorno a noi                 (Around us)

- Andrea Bocelli’s “Cantico

I think of this song whenever I think about these two skating together.