but ally

“Careful, kitten. You’re not the only predator in the room - snap at me again and I’ll take your teeth out.”

“Call me kitten one more time and I’ll do a damn sight more then snap.” 

They ended up, counter-productively, glaring at each other. 

The protagonist forced the tension to melt out of their body and offered up a sunny smile. “Ah, you prefer Honey bunny?”

30 Day OTP Prompt Day 17 - Doing Something together 

I picked growing older together because I wanted the challenge. I had a lot of fun drawing this. They both crack me up. 

I’d say this is Klance 30+ years of being back on earth together. They are in their late fifties, maybe. They love each other but they still like to rile the other up. 

Lance: Keith! Where the truck did you find that vest? It’s hideous. 

Keith: I like it. Ally found it for me. It reminds me of the jacket I wore when we were in space. 

Lance: I see. It does, kinda. For the record that jacket was hideous, too.

Keith: What? You liked that jacket. You stole it all the time.

Lance: What? Nope. Don’t remember. Didn’t happen. 


I’m sorry, but I had to lie to you. Mr. Stewart didn’t buy my story at all. He was on to me, but I think I found a way to protect you, to get you out. So get going, run like hell and clear your name. You need to prove your innocence. I need to do something else.


dan kuroto, honestly, i think is my actual favorite of the cast in ex-aid

simply because even though they pulled a redemption arc on him… he’s still totally evil??? still a gigantic, hammy, unrepentant douchenozzle???

he doesn’t regret his actions in the slightest he just prides himself on his work and that pride has carried him way past the goalpost and into the parking lot where he’s beating up someone on the opposite team because they’re in his way, but it’s all for a greater kind of good

Okay so I post a lot of political stuff on my Facebook wall and I post a lot of social issues stuff on my wall.
Whenever it’s something to do with race like “White privilege explained in 5 mins” or I shared a post from Martina Big where she details her plans on transforming into a black woman…only white people seem to comment on my posts and it’s always in support of me.
Like where are my black people supporting my posts? My black friends claim they’re woke but they seem like they don’t want to known for being woke as they hardly ever even like my posts.
A lot of white people are instead -whether it’s because they want to seem as though they’re not racist or they genuinely care - commenting, liking and supporting all the issues I need to share out and that’s good and all but WHY ARE MY BLACK FRIENDS ABSENT.
Black issues need to be discussed by black people.