but all these rose references are so obvious

Run. - Dennis

Continuation of Run. Or my take of the fusion xyz swap AU. Leo set up his base in XYZ instead of Fusion. Academia is the Resistance. 

This isn’t necessarily compliant with everyone else’s headcanons. 

Dennis centric, sfw, gen, angst

“From now on, we will be using code names!” Dennis exclaimed, both arms in the air, “I shall be referred to as Eagle One!”

Grace was the only one who clapped politely.

“Yuri, you will be Rose, because Lily is too obvious, but a rose is just as beautiful,” Dennis winked, conjuring a fake rose from his vest and tossing it to Yuri’s direction. Yuri caught it with a snicker.

“Serena, you can follow each of your message with a ‘Nyan’, so we’ll know it’s you!”

Serena responded with a middle finger.

“Gloria, Grace, you two will be Beauty and Wonder, because you fill all our hearts with awe.”

Gloria smirked, Grace giggled.

“Commander Asuka-“ “If this is your excuse to flirt with everyone in the room, Macfield-” “-You’ll be called The Brave, for what better name is there for our fearless leader?” “Well, thank you…”

“Sora-“ “What?” “-You’ll be Eagle Two.”

“Oh thank god,” Sora rolled his eyes in relief.

“What about me?” All heads turned to Edo Phoenix, Fearless Leader #2.

“Hmmm…” Dennis considered for a moment. “How ‘bout… The Ultimate D!”

Grace laughed until she fell out of her chair. Asuka face-palmed.

Edo stared at the screen before him.

There’ll be an attack at South Dock, 2PM.
- Eagle One.

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RWBY + The Wizard Of Oz

So, obviously RWBY likes to reference legends and fairy tales. That much is obvious, and a lot of people tend to see the Wizard of Oz as a fairy tale due to its timelessness and all that. 

I feel like this connections may play a role later in the story.

Obviously, the first few connections are easy: 

Ozpin is the Wizard of Oz; and, there’s a chance that maybe he has a connection to the wizard mentioned in the Maiden’s story. He’s the one who pulls the strings, has the most secrets (as far as we know) and is generally considered to be a good guy, even if there’s a chance he may not be… Also, he’s connected to the color Emerald Green, like the Emerald City.

Glynda Goodwitch is, of course, Glinda the Good Witch of the North. She helps Ozpin and is one of the first people Ruby meets, who helps her get into Beacon (aloing with Ozpins help). 

As for the others?

Qrow is the Scarecrow, from what I can tell. Other than his name, he also uses a scythe, which is a tool used in farming things like wheat and grain. He has a close relationship with Ruby, who may  be our Dorothy, and generally sometimes seems like kind of an idiot–but he isn’t. 

James Ironwood is the Tin Man–who was also a woodsman. In the Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man needed the others to help him by oiling his joints, and in this case, I guess he needed some help learning that he wasn’t in control as he thought. Plus, Ironwood’s half robot, so there’s our little tin part. 

So, now all we’re missing is Dorothy, The Cowardly Lion, and the Wicked Witches. 

As I mentioned earlier, I think Ruby may just be our Dorothy. Yes, yes, I know she’s supposed to be red riding hood, but she can allude to more than one character, right? There’s no rule she can’t. Plus, she is the main character. And is going on her own lil journey with three other people! Who also could fit into the archetypes a little too… (jaune = lion (points at season 1), ren = tin man (hes v reserved so he may seem heartless)  and nora = scarecrow (often comes off as a ditz)) 

On top of being close with the Scarecrow, who is the first person who joins Dorothy on her quest to see the Wizard, she even has her own Toto, Zwei! And as I mentioned, Glynda is the first person to help her from a ‘witch’ and set her down the path she’s on now. 

I’m not too sure about the Cowardly Lion…. It could be a new character we’ve yet to meet, but perhaps it’s Taiyang Xiao Long? He’s got the yellow hair which you could consider his “mane”. But he also seems to be very anxious and overprotective at times; not necessarily cowardly, don’t get me wrong, but it may make him more reluctant to go and fight and do dangerous things like Qrow does… plus, poor guy lost one love and god knows what happened between him and Raven. So his story may follow something similar to the lion, and he tries to go help save his daughter….

As for the Wicked Witches? Well, it’s possible Cinder may be a Wicked Witch, particularly the Wicked Witch of the East.  She is the first ‘witch’ we meet along with Glynda, and she isn’t the true big bad, just the witch who helps set the plot into motion. But she could also be one of the lackeys of the witch, much like Roman and the others were (tho maybe Neo is the real witch of the east? Who knows).

However, the Wicked Witch of the West is the real villain, and well… We’ve just met her. Putting it under a cut for those who can’t see the episode until tomorrow:

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