but all i can draw is poop



*send me a DM on here or twitter or something! my twitter is @axolotlpop

*im basically the worst person and will draw anything! NSFW is def ok, with exception of poop. pls no poop thaats all i ask

*(if u want, i can send u more of my art for examples!!!!)

*all payment needs to be done through paypal! if ur request is more complex, i might need to bump up the price a little if thats ok!

*you’ll need to have an e-mail i can send the final product to, since tumblr messes with image quality.

even if you can’t commission me, i would greatly appreciate a reblog to help signal boost this !

Ivy By Dreamy 94

I drew them based on a ref sheet @dreamy94-poop-infos @dreamy94 made of them one time. I believe they are supposed to be a kid of one of the many Charas and Frisks Dreamy has (which mind you are all the most precious babs)

Check out their blogs blogs if you can and I don’t know why I decided to draw her in a grass skirt and dog leggings. 

Probably becuase I think its cute x3



 Kind of spoilers for episode 24 of Osomatsu-san but also this doesn’t actually happen, haha.

I DUNNO, This is pretty messy, as you can see it’s mostly floating heads and white backgrounds but I just really wanted to draw this scene I had in my head..


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I think my old snon deserves a level 3 badge in poo art. He escaped his cage and while he was climbing out, he pooped ALL over the wall down to the floor. I have to applaud him for that lmao

I’m genuinely shocked at the level of response I got for what I thought was a cute but kinda silly idea.
Like, SO MANY people have reached out asking for Snek Scout badges and/or stickers.

So, my lovely friends, it’s going to happen. I got myself a drawing tablet and I’m learning how to use it (slowly) and I can’t promise it’ll happen right away but it’s for sure going to be a Real Thing. 

I started with one of the easier ones: Hide Really Good. You can see my super terrible first attempt below!

Thanks for being so vocal and encouraging about this, everybody. I’ll keep y’all in the loop as this silly project progresses.

In the meanwhile, please feel free to initiate your Snek Scouts using the following Snek Scout oath:

On my honor, I will do my best:
To keep my eyes open at all times, 
To grow strong,
To be a snek

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Hey I love the way you draw hands Do you have any tips?

omF thanks and god i’m actually terrible with hands but i guess i can give you a tip :^D

i always practice until i get better! i’m sorry my tips r super lame lol. i’m not really good at hands at all but ay, it’s cool to teach some tips and maybe tutorials and stuff hehe. i’m sorry if this is poop haha i’m really sorry pls dont kill me i’m not sure if this is even helpful ah aha..

Submit a Magical Item!

Hey tabletop fantasy lovers. I’m probably not gonna continue this project for a while but a lot of you seem to like the idea, so I’m gonna try opening it up to you.

If you have any cool ideas for Magic Items, you can draw a picture of it, give it a detailed description of its lore and function in the style and rules of D&D and send it over. If the quality is decent, I’ll approve it for the blog so everyone can see it.

For some basic guidlines:

  • Good quality image (600x600 minimum)
  • More or less balanced so players can use it in game
  • Keep it “Fantasy” themed
  • Nothing offensive
  • Try to be mature (silly items are fine but no Poop Wands or Rings of Enhance Butt)

Looking forward to so what y'all bring in.

You can submit at:


go to the menu in the upper left and select “Submit a Magical Item”

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How do you draw hair? I constantly struggle with it....T_T I can most of the time do the "outer part" but when it comes to the inside it turns out weird

Oh goodness, I am so not good at explaining this kind of stuff. I am the worst tutorial. But I’ll try. So first of all, I figure out the part, or if there isn’t a part, the swirl of the hair, like where the hair direction is originating.  Like this ( I guess?): 

Then I just start clumping the hair, following the same general directional flow. Like this :

So rather than coming up with like an outline for the hair, the whole head is compromised of all of these clumps that build up on top of each other. Then once all the main shapes of the hair are down I’ll add little fly away hair that go against the general flow of the hair, just to give it some interest.

So when it’s all put together and inked it comes out like this:

And also note that there are so many different textures to hair that will change how it behaves. This is just how I do all the kpop hair that you see on my tumblr the most. Also also, I don’t necessarily take all these steps so I could be explaining this horribly ( I did say I’m no good at this). I just kind of shit it out. But I hoped this helped? 

Also also also, and this is the most important/annoying thing I can tell you. Look at reference. All the reference in the world. And not just real world reference, look at other artists and steal their ways. I promise you you are not stealing someones art by stealing their techniques. Anyone who says otherwise is just an asshole who doesn’t remember learning how to draw. Steal steal steal. It’s how you develop your own way of doing things. No one poops this shit out like it’s the newest thing in the universe. 

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hi!! i was wondering if i could get your advice on something-- i really really love and admire your art style, it seems like no matter how simple or quick a piece was they all have such a sense of movement and fluidity! i've been working hard on my art lately but it tends to look pretty stiff and unnatural, if you get what i'm saying? do you have any tips for working on movement? anyways, again i love love ur art style and hope u have a great day!

Sure I think I can give some tips!

Without going into a 2year long art education riff I think I can break it down into a few things. I’ve got a sketch file already on hand so I can at least show you some process. 

1) Gesture. At school we learned “Fast loose long lines”  Basically you see the thing or imagine the thing that you want to draw and imagine a line that goes from the top of it to the bottom.

More or less you’re finding the shape. This is sometimes what I do when I’m first just fleshing out what I want to do or even just getting marks on the page to get me going. 
Its hard to break it down because sometimes you don’t even really do this after a while but its a good starting point. Especially if you’re life drawing (WHICH YOU SHOULD DO) to help you measure out kind of the whole shape of the body on the page.

Gesture isn’t intended to take a long time. You’re finding the shape of how you want something to look. (I’m drawing on top of a finished sketch so its a LOT cleaner than what I normally do)

Things to remember for gesture and movement/rhythm/fluidity in general are the S Curves and Straight against curves

2) Rhythm. Finding a Rhythm is also important to a nice fluid drawing or showcasing movement. Longs vs shorts. A Long side and a pinched side. 

Rhythm is….sometimes something that is hard to explain. But with practice doing mechanical practices you get more used to it. I’ve always loved really flowy lines (practicing sailor moon hair and stuff like that) so it comes fairly naturally but with practice its doable. You can practice doing master copies of people like Mucha or Aubrey Beardsley 

3) Exaggeration. Some teachers or artists will call this “Pushing it” and while it makes a great Salt n Peppa song it doesn’t really explain what you should do unless you kind of……know what they mean.  This Sponge Bob example is what they mean. This really helps get movement. 

Depending on the kind of style you’re going for (Don’t freak out. Style isn’t that important but there are types of genre of art you can be working with. Example the difference between anime or Disney or TV Cartoon styles. You don’t push Judy Hopps the same way you push Sponge Bob because of the reality of the world they live in. Sailor Moon doesn’t work in Little Mermaid. stuff like that) ….er..

depending on the style will depend on how FAR you push your pose. But you still gotta push them past a point to make the movement work. 

4) Practice practice practice! This is the annoying one but you have struggle. You don’t have to beat yourself up but think of it like playing Pokemon or a game like that. When you start out its really easy to level up. Hey this eye is in the correct spot awesome. Level up. But this pose isn’t doing what I want. So you practice until you kinda get it. 

GO TO LIFE DRAWING CLASSES. DRAW FROM REAL LIFE. YOU MAY HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE This will help you get a more natural feeling to your work even if you do something goofy like Sponge Bob.

You don’t have to enroll in a full time art school and go into major debt. Find an life drawing classes in your area. Most aren’t usually very expensive. Depending on the instructor you can get some really solid advice. Life drawing is the start for everyone. People who draw cars should be taking life drawing classes. Its a hand eye coordination thing. Drawing a picture of Fassbender/McAvoy/GayForPay dot Com from your phone won’t do it. Your eyes see better than a photograph and you can differentiate muscle forms that way. If you can’t try going out and about to cafe’s or places like that and draw people. If they move GOOD. That’ll help you learn to get forms quickly. Your sketchbook doesn’t have to have a masterpiece on every page. Don’t get wigged out because you see someone’s Cal Art Portfolio Sketchbook that was drawn with the INTENTION of being amazing. Trust me they all have poop drawings in their real sketchbooks.

Practice traditional work with traditional tools! (I noticed on your blog you draw traditionally. GOOD.) You don’t have to be fantastic at digital or fantastic at traditional to be good at the other BUT IT HELPS. 

Here’s another post about fluidity and movement 

Also you can check out Griz and Norm’s book. Its more than just how to draw figures it has some great tips on composition and storyboarding. And they’re pretty cool people.

Try doing master copies. “BUT LYDIA. I HATE MASTERCOPIES” TOO BAD SUCKAH. Everyone does master copies. A master copy doesn’t mean you’re cheating its a way of learning. 

At Art Center for our Figure/Character class we do 300 character expressions from Disney movies (The good ones like Milt Kahl worked on). Watch a movie and still frame it and try drawing an action sequence.  Check out Cory Loftis or Al Hirshfield. 

I can’t find the post about practicing mechanical/technical practices but you put two dots on a page and draw from one end to the other in one fluid line. Like this

Sorry this went really long but I hope that helps

I now have two adorable, jerks laughing at one of the other mercs, most likely Scout. Maybe Archimedes pooped on Scout or Heavy punched him randomly for talking too much. Pyro can’t even stand, all he can do is point and laugh.

I love them. I did a sketch of this yesterday and I redrew it on the computer and added more body and also color. But for my first time drawing Engineer I think I did pretty good.
I think I’ll try to make this one a print and have my friend sell it at a con next month

I see all these posts about hippopotamuses on my dashboard today including in depth symbolism drawing on Ancient Egyptian mythology and all I can think are two things:
1. Hippopotamuses produce sticky red sweat that looks like blood.
2. How they twiddle their little tails to throw their poop around behind, around, over and under them, to spread it as widely as possible in their patch of the river.
As the old song goes: Fling it here, fling it there, everybody who’s watching will all get their share


hnggg i realized i’ve been slowing down a lot with how much art i upload so I’m gonna post this before it gets any older???

She’s an ‘Ava’s Demon’…demon. yeah

She doesn’t have a name yet but her human/pact-mate is named Pria and I was planning to post them together but I haven’t made like. An actual good drawing of Pria yet. so. lonely crystal antler ghost alien for now i guess

crystal is rlly hard/fun to paint btw

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hi!! im a uh shy 5'1 female!! uh i have brown wavy soft hair with poop colored eyes?? uh;; i get anxious rlly easily and i cry a lot but im rlly cuddly and stuff ~ i like to bake and will most likely make you sweet things ~ i like to draw and im learning to play guitar !! ill most likely take you stargazing or to the movies or smthng/ im chubby and squishy so i can assure u my hugs are nice and warm! im bilingual as well so maybe bonus points ?? (i speak spanish) and uh 💖 have a good day/night

I already love you with all my left big toe omg you sound absolutely wonderful 👌 DATE