but ali stop being so perfect

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Prompt where ali was invited for dinner at em's house and after dinner pam asks emily to do something and when emily returns to the living room pam was showing ali all of the pictures of baby emily and sharing embarrassing stories about em wanting to be naked all the time and running from her at the mall or whatever and em blushing and whining at the mom and ali saying she was the cutest baby ever

She’d been in the kitchen clearing the dishes away, only able to hear the faint sound of voices coming from the living room but not quite able to make out individual words – she pauses in the doorway as her eyes take in her girlfriend and her mother sitting on the couch together, is warmed by the sight of the two most important women in her life getting along (and at the thought of how far they’ve both come – Alison, for being able to accept her feelings for her and prove to Emily and the whole world just how much she loves her, and her Mom, for being able to accept her daughter and her relationships after the rocky start they’ve had) – and when she realizes just what, exactly, they’re talking about she’s over to them in a flash, looking down at the photo album held in Alison’s hands with dismay.

Mom,” she whines as she cranes her neck to see what page Alison is on (and what embarrassing childhood memory her mother had been telling the blonde). “Do you have to do this?”

“Yes,” she replies simply with a beaming smile on her face, and Emily groans as Alison turns the page gently and Pam taps on one of the photos with her index finger – in it she’s about one and half years old and has around six pairs of underwear on her head. “This one is one of my favourites – she used to rifle through my drawers and run around like that, and she’d cry whenever we tried to take them off her head.”

“Please can we stop this?” She’s blushing as she reaches down to seize the album from Alison’s grasp but the blonde is too quick for her, holding it out of reach, her eyes sparkling with amusement as they meet Emily’s. “Please?”

“Why?” Alison asks with a grin as she turns another page. “You were so cute.”

“Because it’s embarrassing!” On the next page she’s naked in every single photo, backing up her words, and Pam sighs with a shake of her head as she taps another picture and Emily groans because she knows what story’s coming next.

“On this day,” she starts, a smile on her face. “We were supposed be going to a friend’s birthday party, and none of them had met Emily yet so we told her she’d have to wear her nicest dress and be on her best behaviour. And then when we got there… within ten minutes she’d taken it off and refused to put it back on, and spent the rest of the party naked.”

“Mom, please stop,” she begs again, because the both of them are enjoying this far too much – she makes another grab for the book but Alison keeps it away from her a second time. “Ali,” she whines, pouting. “Stop being mean.”

“But babe, I’m always mean,” she says without looking up, but when she does and sees Emily’s pout she laughs, leaning closer to her to wipe it away with a kiss – Pam watches them with a soft smile on her face and Emily wonders when her life turned so perfect (embarrassing baby pictures aside). “Aw, look!” Alison coos, pointing to a photo of her when she was about three years old.

Her Mom’s friends little boy had been over, and in it he’s kissing her cheek – she has her arms folded across her chest and is facing away from him, a stormy expression on her face. “You were against boys touching you even then.”

“Ha ha,” Emily mutters but there’s a sparkle and a light in Alison’s eye that makes her smile because she looks so happy.

“C’mere,” Alison murmurs, stretching out a hand and dragging Emily around the side of the couch so that she’s sat down beside her. “Don’t spoil my fun.” She pouts, this time, and Emily heaves out an exaggerated sigh before wrapping an arm around Alison’s shoulders and tugging her closer, letting the blonde balance the photo album between them. “Next time we’re at my place I’ll let you look at my baby pictures so we can be even.”

“You don’t have to do that,” Emily murmurs back, remembering the time she’d found Alison crying in her bedroom a few weeks ago – when the blonde had turned to face her she’d had a photo of her and her Mom clutched tightly in her hand.

“No, I want to.” She smiles softly and Emily brushes a kiss to the side of the blonde’s forehead, and she smiles at the thought of seeing a tiny Alison. “But first let’s let your Mom embarrass you some more first.”