but alex the sloth

The WIP of my drawing of Al “Equivalent Exchange” :) FINISHED DRAWING: https://kkzeroart.tumblr.com/post/154558406846/one-of-my-drawings-i-think-fma-is-one-otf-the

friendly reminder that

Greed: killed by Wrath then brought back to life then killed by Father. Wrath: It took Greeling, Fuu, Captain Buckiner and Scar to take him down.
Sloth: Alex and Olivier Armstrong and Sig and Izumi Curtis.
Gluttony: Almost killed by Greeling, Lan Fan and Gorilla Man then finished off by Pride.
Pride: After a long and difficult fight with Fuu, Lan Fan, Greeling, And the Chimeras he was finished by Kimblee and Ed.
Lust and Envy: incinerated by Roy Motherfucking Mustang.