but alas it's a national holiday


hiraeth; a welsh word for which there is no direct english translation. it alludes to a deep homesickness tinged with grief or sadness over the lost or departed

pairing: marcus flint & oliver wood
also readable on ao3!
(current word count: 12,786.)

part one

The aimless chatter and tinkling giggles falling from the lips of children that blossomed in the air of the parlour was a sound that made Marcus feel at home. Watching dainty little faces press up to the glass as their chubby fingers pointed desperately towards the flavour of ice cream they desired was a regular sight; Marcus knew his day wouldn’t be complete if he didn’t spend a total of thirty minutes running a cloth over the display case to clear off saliva or fingerprints. He knew that, if he had the time or desire, Marcus could set up a ‘Work Bingo’ where he ticked off events that occurred every day without fail. From young families rushing in, dressed in their shorts and sandals with a waterproof now covering their upper half, to escape the rain to a young child dropping their cone on the floor, there were endless scenarios that Marcus had become all too familiar with during his two years working at the parlour.

From a wizarding world war survivor to a Muggle retail worker, Marcus had found not only comfort but also happiness behind the counter of Pine Cones Ice Cream Parlour. Known locally as Coney’s, the parlour was owned, and previously run single-handedly, by dairy extraordinaire Mr Ernest Pine. Mr Pine had hand crafted all twenty of the original flavours sold in the parlour and prided himself in only using second-hand furniture purchased from the plethora of charity shops tucked in among the bustling high street to fill his shop. There were tables scattered within the parlour for families of all sizes, the most popular area being the strip by the wall of windows looking out to the North Shore and the lengthy promenade outlining the sandy beach. It was only as the parlour became more popular and Mr Pine came near retirement age that he began hiring external workers to help during the summer months.

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