Hey everyone! I’m trying to pick three of these keychains designs to finalize. I’d like to know which ones you like best. Reblog and rank them from your most favorite to least favorite to help me choose! In order, the designs are: Fennec Fox, Panda, Lammergeier, Axolotl, Hedgehog, and Griffin.

Finished keychains will be listed in my shop alongside the ones I already have, and will look like the designs below:


So I dont really have any finished art to share but I figured id show some Undyne sketches. Cause best gay fish and fave character and I am determined to find a way of drawing her that I like which I cant seem to do. Bleh xD The doodles range from two weeks ago to most recent(yesterday)
I may finish these at some point


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXAU8_TpllY)

watch this and be ready for The Crying

I just love how then mention Sarah getting out of the hospital but no mention of the drunk moms locked in the Dilaurentis house. Why write it in if you aren’t going to clear it up? I guess I will just ASSUME that after they found Jason and Kenneth passed out in Radley, that they went to the Dilaurentis house to discover the drunk moms trapped in the basement. Or who knows? Maybe they will still be down there five years later. 

(Not to mention, Emily sounded like she felt bad for Sarah being in the hospital. Why? Who cares? Lol.)