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Goryeo’s Best Dressed: 13th Prince, Baek Ah

Gosh darn it I missed the livestream because it airs at 2:00 am here and I can stay up late if I wanted to but I can’t since I have exams next week and life is unfair I can rant all I want is Pewds gonna record all of it I highly doubt that can someone record it please why


i had someone ask me about my ocs a while back so here is This…. i’ve been putting off answering bc honestly i’m still unsure about their designs and they didnt have names until like. today. merope is a princess who, due to political turmoil in her country, has been sent elsewhere with her favorite guard for safekeeping. theyre supposed to be incognito but merope is really enjoying her new carefree way of life. scorpius and merope eventually cross paths with orion, a friendly local who INSISTS on showing them around. scorpius is Extremely suspicious of orion, but merope trusts him. she also is unabashedly attracted to orion’s sporadically appearing/disappearing sister. trouble seems to follow the quartet wherever they go– food poisoning at restaurants, floorboards giving way beneath them, buildings collapsing, always nearly killing merope.

I just wanna say thank you so much for making me wanting to play The Last Guardian @therealjacksepticeye cause you got so excited about it that it makes me excited to even start my very own journey playing it and not jut watch it through a playthrough. I gotta say it is cool to see your favorite YouTuber playing an amazing game that’s so pretty but I think playing the game on your own would feel much more of an experience than watching someone play it. But besides that I’m getting it for Christmas and I have to wait till then to play it. I’m really pumped up because I never played a game that has a story to it so I’m quite in the hype here. ^W^

Also I’m no longer watching anymore playthroughs of it cause what’s the point in playing the game when you know everything about it already? It’s not fun anymore if you already know everything about it.

Colouring with pencils after a while sure is relaxing~♡