but ahhh so many feelings


Goryeo’s Best Dressed: Hae Soo as the King’s Woman

Headcanon that at the end of the journey in his own heart, Natsu will meet Lucy.


Redrawing that iconic conversation with Sora no Woto’s (more serious and sober) setting :”) IM READY FOR SEASON TWO. 

Also I made a speed paint video here!
The full res of the first image can be downloaded on my Patreon :D

honey / “when I saw you, I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” — william shakespeare

a range of sweet songs I attribute to loving zen. [listen here]

1. honey and the bee by owl city feat. breanne; 2. bright by echosmith; 3. you and I by ingrid michaelson; 4. missin’ you like crazy by michael alvarado feat. carissa rae; 5. I do adore by mindy gledhill; 6. I choose you by sara bareilles; 7. the way by ariana grande feat. mac miller; 8. right there by ariana grande feat. big sean; 9. sweet talk by samantha jade; 10. I’m yours by alessia cara; 11. change your ticket by one direction; 12. lovebug by jonas brothers

writing an essay about LGBT in Poland vs in Japan and i’m almost crying 

why did i even choose this topic



♛ !!!

I can’t believed i finally went this Low and shallow-no, DEEP OCEAN OF SIN


And all this started from all the many Pictures i’ve been seeing around everywhere about Sans, BUT WITH FANGS




Tho Like Little FRISKY HERE,

i bet alot of us feel the same way over this..





Ignis Dialogue
  • Ignis Dialogue
  • Fire Emblem: Fates

For sweaternub and four anons!

OH BOY IT’S THE RETURN OF THIRSTY NOHR BOYS. Ignis has game. Who taught him this!? Certainly not his dad… On a side note, some of his lines are surprisingly sad.

Disclaimers per usual!

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 So before I read this chapter I was thinking only of the near-certainty that my son Zandeh would reappear, but the Gieve-Daryun interactions in this chapter? NOW ONE OF MY FAVOURITE MOMENTS (don’t worry I am still gonna fangirl a lot over Zandeh, haha).


He’s actually about to praise him, lol.

To see Daryun acknowledge what Gieve has done in his absence and give him his sincere thanks warmed my heart in a way that I wasn’t expecting. Of course it’s tinged with the typical Gieve humour but is no less meaningful for it. I loved Gieve’s admission that having his worth acknowledged is a good feeling. He looks so surprised when Daryun commends his behaviour - he’s not used to doing good deeds for the right reasons! I live for this kind of steady character / relationship development. And did you see the smile on Farangis’s face when they shake hands? I swear she’s proud of Gieve.

Wow I marathoned the whole thing today. Totally worth it! I have so many Basara feels right now, AHHH!!! I won’t give away any more spoilers for the dub, since a bunch of you are getting it anyway and will soon have your own feels-filled time watching it! LOL!

The english dub was brilliant! Spot-on! I was kinda comparing the wording of the dub against the subbed version and it’s nearly identical! What blew me away was Mitsunari’s speech a-top Osaka Castle near the end of episode 8. Word-for-word it’s the same! Amazing!

I’m so impressed, not only at the quality and accuracy of the dub, but the fact that the producers/voice casting gathered all of the original best voices from the anime and the english dub game Sengoku Basara 3 Samurai Heroes. Sengoku Basara: End of Judgement dub gets an A++ in my books!!! Even tho yes, it’s not the same animation quality as what Production I.G. made first, but End of Judgement / Judge End is the closest story-wise to the game story canon. I loved it!!!! 

Thank you all for indulging me in this liveblog. I’m such a weeb for Sengoku Basara, but you guys already knew that. LOL LET’S ENDLESS PARTY!!! YEAAHAAAAA!!!!

PFL era mainewash, with Wash being such a needy worry wart that he sneaks into Maine’s medbay room at night to sleep with him. After the fourth or fifth morning they’re found cuddling on the bed obviously too small for both, the staff just let him right in, completely disregarding the ‘no late night visitors’ rule and providing him liberal access to the linens closet. If having Agent Washington curled up close and small and drooling on his shoulder makes it easier to administer treatment to Agent Maine then so be it.


random sorting hat meme: emma swan - gryffindor

You want people to look at you differently? Make them! You want to change things, you’re gonna have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world.

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Omg gurlllll I cannot! Like...Jaebum is my ultimate bias right?? And then Mark was always my side bias not even making my bias wrecker list!!! But you are clearly changing my mind!!! To right To be Wrong is amazing! I can't wait to find out what happens next!! 💗💗

I’m so glad you like it babe!! I’ve always had a little thing for Markie (he’s my bias wrecker) so it’s easy for me to right about him 😉 but JB is my ultimate bias too so at the same time I’m like ahhh how can you not wanna be with JB. So many feels, so many more to come 💋

Ahhh so many feels! I cried so much during the video, just for that 1 minute where I got to see everyone again ^_^  I cleaned an image of HDWM! Tsuna to celebrate and two others :D Hope we get a better quality video :)

So yeah, I was so happy to see Tsuna ! Gosh, he is just so wonderful *kyaaa* I love his eyes in HDWM. I started to cry and I had to take a small break to regain my composure…it didn’t last long because I kept sobbing at the second viewing for Gokudera. I just love those two! (ah, i can’t believe we get to see him smoking!  Honestly, it was a major part of who he was and his fighting style damn it, the anime needs a remake with him smoking cuz i still remember that scene in the manga where he jammed so many cigarettes in his mouth :)) It was a bit disappointing in the anime because IIRC there was no explanation on how Gokudera ignited them….)

You tried Gokudera :) We are proud of you! (Well, if it’s not Juudaime, he won’t put on his biggest smile~ ahh I really hoped for that scene to be animated. I really wanted to see that enthusiasm he displays whenever he is with Tsuna. It was nice to see Hayato at the part-time job that was mentioned before in his profile.

Last but not least, this adorable scene :)

The girls are so cute here and somehow they look younger?  Chrome and Yuni are my favorites and I just loved seeing my adorable princesses (^▽^). Yuni-chan is so smol~

I just hope they will consider re-making the anime with all the good stuff from the manga. I want to see Enma animated and the whole Shimon arc, and just…the whole story!

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Saw an AkaHina DJ on ebay and now I?? I have no idea how I feel about this rarepair send help.

Those two would be so cute together omg
Akaashi’s already used to handling Bokuto, and Hinata is p much a tiny Bo, so he’s already fine to deal with Hinata’s excitement and passion. Can you just imagine Hinata doing something to make Akaashi laugh like his bf is already super pretty but then he smiles and Hinata just kinda malfunctions bc that just isn’t fair??? And Akaashi is just blown away bc he’s dating this lil ray of sunshine ahhh I have so many feelings for AkaHina ovo

latest owari no seraph episode gave me so many feels ahhh /// i could not resist (;A;) MIKAYUUU ! ! not quite satisfied too much with this but i’ll try to take better pics ! hope i’ll be more confident with my mika cos when i have his outfit~ (TAT) sorry for bad lighting (> <; ) bonus video on my instagram @hotarucosplay ! (´∀`*)