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UF and Sf bros meeting Reaper, Widowmaker and Sombra from overwatch?

(Gonna add Junkrat to those three because I love the explosive boy.)

UF Sans: He and Reaper just throw glances at each other from time to time. Reaper isn’t interested in him, Sans is wary of him, but more then he usually is about strangers.

He and Widowmaker don’t talk. She is a bit disgusted by his rather…not showered self. And he thinks she is such a cold, kind of high horsed person, that it won’t be fun to even prank her….ah, fuck it, he is pranking her.

He and Sombra get along ok. They can talk about technology on at least a basic level, Sans never hacked before since he is more of an engineer, to be honest. But he still knows some basic things at least that just got stuck in his mind since those days he actually cared about that kind of thing.

He and Junkrat aren’t really…interested in staying in one room together. Junkrat isn’t fond of Sans’ wary glances, Sans isn’t fond of Junkrat’s literally short fuse. Please leave the house in one piece boy.

UF Papyrus: He and Reaper are both Edgelords, so them not getting along too well is a surprise for most. They just have different world views, and can’t stop measuring their strength against each other.

He and Widowmaker get along…alright. They both have a sense for the…fine side of life, so to call it. So that’s at least something.

He and Sombra get along, but not good or bad..just neutral. They just don’t really interact. Papyrus isn’t really known for his knowledge of technology, and Sombra is..well, very well knows for that. So they just have no real ground for a conversation past small talk, both just interested in completely different things.

He and Junkrat really don’t get along. Junkrat is way too explosive and way too manic or Papyrus. Somebody calm this tall child down please before he blows the house up.

SF Sans: Reaper does his best to flee from this tiny, hyperactive skeleton. At first, they were on normal terms, but boy, when Sans saw Reapers ability, he just had to fight him. No matter if Reaper wants to or not. Poor masked Edgy McEdge get’s chased by tiny skeleton all over the Underground, the headline of the newspaper reads on the next day.

He and Widowmaker really don’t know what to do with each other, and Widows rather…cold attitude repels Sans a bit. No fun talking to somebody like that..

He and Sombra get along alright. She thinks he is rather fun to be around with, he thinks she is more interesting then Widowmaker to hang out with.

He and Junkrat are instant buddies. Both energetic, loud and having a burning passion for…..well, burning. Sans is more into fire and explosions, but hey, who is he to say no to a good explosion.

SF Papyrus: He and Reaper don’t talk a lot. Papyrus threw a glance at him and had to turn away so he wouldn’t openly laugh. What the hell’s with the barn owl mask? What are you? The feather of the night? The fighter of the owls? The avenger of the retched out mice bits? Reaper wasn’t amused at papyrus badly hidden, barely suppressed laugh.

He and Widowmaker don’t interact a lot either, he just loves to mess with her, by startling her. Oh, you think you can hear me sneak up on you? Nah, pal, already here. She hates him.

He and Sombra get along fine. Papyrus is more interested in medical science, but he knows some rather basic things about electronics, so what she says doesn’t fall on deaf ears…well, not completely. They both can teleport, well he properly, and she kind of to a beacon she has to place somewhere before. And they both use it to mess with Widow. She hates them both now, good job guys.

He is not extremely fond of Junkrat, but he can’t really hate him. Junkrat just reminds Papyrus a lot of Sans. Energetic and hyper and a tad mad….a large tad mad. The explosions coming from the kitchen don’t even bother Papyrus anymore, after a while. That happens when you let his brother and somebody like Junkrat alone for too long. Dynamite burritos. Great.


“Do you want coffee?“

When Geoff was recruiting a new member to the crew, he tried to intimidate him with the Vagabond. It just turned out that Jeremy knew Ryan but not the Vagabond. And Geoff didn’t even know his name was Ryan.


Gavin still got blamed for it…
(ebb is somewhat cool)

I had a lot of much fun w lighting and explosions which is the main reason for this. The other reason is “can i make a comic in this style in full colour?” and the answer is yes (the backgrounds r a bit plain but w/e)


WHEN U HEAR SOMEONE TALKIN SHT ABT UR LEADER [aka. mfw shujin students still gossiping 6 months into the school year mfff 🔥🔥🔥)

basically the guys’ days out turns in2 akira babysitting sessions… again

A small drawing to celebrate that first September 1st journey 🚂✨

it’s really fun to imagine fake ah crew ryan and jeremy being on the exact same level of “look how covert and ingenious and TOTALLY SUPER A SECRET my alter ego is”

and meanwhile, every civilian and cop and criminal in los santos: “of fucking course we know who the vagabond is. haywood goes out in plainclothes striking up conversations about the decomposition process with the dude serving him ice cream at twisty cone. rimmy tim? dooley fucking walks around with orange and purple hair.”

and ryan and jeremy are just like yes good job a+ we’re so good at being subtle


hhhhh a little sick today but im staying determined and stayed up until 2 am so i made a speedpaint woohoooo. oh ye its april fools here so april fools boiz. i hope ya’ll get to fool a lot a people later. i d i d m weheheheheh

cross!sans/underverse- @jakei95


I have a friend, he makes cocktails. He loves it.

(also he is a proper animator, have a look –> @benjaminwarnitz <3 )


7 Different Styles to wear your summer sunglasses. Good luck trying!