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i’m sure this has all been said before but it’s so fucking tiring to read article after article and post after post by straight (or even just non-lesbian) feminists waxing poetic about the bechdel test. like yeah, obviously it’s indicative of a massive issue w the representation of women in media and a useful tool to gauge the failings of hollywood and big time show writers or whatever

but that wasn’t what it was fucking intended for. it was never about all women, it was about the lesbian experience. it was about the overwhelming loneliness of the lesbian identity and how far removed you feel from media. i feel this every day, and i have for the last decade that i’ve been out

it’s infuriating to watch straight women talk about the bechdel test at all (“my show is different – even though they’re talking about men, the story is about their friendship. it’s like turning the bechdel test on its head”) and even MORESO when they’re fucking criticizing it (“the bechdel test isn’t the end all be all… films can still be feminist and not pass it. films that don’t pass can be even more feminist than films that do!”)

it’s like…. the name of the fucking strip has the word “dyke” in it. have you all ever considered once that the original comic wasn’t ever meant for your consumption at all? have you ever thought about the fact that alison bechdel was writing as a lesbian about her lesbian experiences and that maybe, just maybe, this isn’t some generic feminist concept but instead a description of a lesbian-specific experience?

and the thing is that the liberal feminist application of the bechdel test has been criticized for not being intersectional – which it isn’t! movies about gay men and men of color are still incredibly groundbreaking and significant to our culture even though they “fail” the bechdel test

and that is LITERALLY BECAUSE the bechdel test wasn’t ever fucking MEANT to be the Generic Feminism Test Of Diversity And Equality – it was commentary specific to the lesbian experience when engaging with media

straight feminists historically hated and excluded lesbian feminists (and many do to this day lmao) but still, as always, want to co-opt and misappropriate our writing, concepts, and experiences to suit their needs

new star wars: *casts a bunch of gorgeous talented men of color in complex, heroic, charismatic roles*

new star wars: *casts a couple of weedy white dudes as smug genocidal bastards in the enthusiastic service of a galactic dictator*

fandom: …….. anyway I think the most fascinating and deeply sympathetic, perhaps the ONLY sympathetic character in this opus is the weasel-faced space nazi with affluenza


we had a lovely conversation!

“So, where’s your LGBT fiction?”

It’s no big secret that a large portion of the LGBT fiction market is online. Many books aren’t even available in print, which I know frustrates some readers (and authors!) who would like to find books in bookstores, libraries, etc. And heck, some people just like paperbacks.

But they aren’t in bookstores. Not in significant numbers, anyway. Even as larger publishers branch out into LGBT, they’re sticking to ebooks.

After talking to publishers, agents, authors, and booksellers over the years, I’ve come to understand one of the primary reasons for this is, quite simply, that queer lit doesn’t sell in bookstores.

With that in mind, I went on a mission this week. I visited five bookstores around Seattle and Portland - Powell’s, Half Price Books, and Barnes & Noble - and I asked the same question: “Where would I find the LGBT fiction?”



This is the LGBT Fiction and Non-Fiction section at a Barnes & Noble. The entire section.

But you know what’s extra aggravating?

This is where I found it:

I mean, great. Glad it’s near LGBT & Gender Identity (Though it’s literally the bottom shelf. The top three are Native American and African American non-fiction, which apparently are part of Cultural Studies but don’t warrant a sign despite occupying ¾ of the space…? IDK.)

Signage weirdness notwithstanding, look what section I’m in. I mean, if you’re looking for LGBT Fiction, you’d expect to look…in the….fiction section, right?

No. It’s in the non-fiction section. This is the view of the fiction section from the LGBT section:

Those are Graphic Novels, followed by SFF, followed by Romance. So if you’re in the mood for Gay Romance, you’re not even in the right ZIP code if you start perusing the romance section.

And if I wander over to the fiction section and look toward the LGBT section…

That far wall? The shelf with the LGBT books is perpendicular to that.

See what I’m getting at? There are literally only three ways someone will find the LGBT fiction section at Barnes & Noble:

1. Ask. Which is fabulous for people who are closeted, kids who aren’t comfortable asking, and people who don’t even know the genre exists.

2. Stumble across it. Which you’re totally going to do if you’re looking for a novel because you’d absolutely wander out of the fiction section to find one.

3. Already know where it is.

Can’t imagine why LGBT fiction doesn’t sell.

At Powell’s, the situation wasn’t any better. Powell’s is enormous. It’s multi-level with color-coded rooms because it’s just….huge. I made a valiant attempt to find the LGBT Fiction on my own, but after a full hour of browsing, including scouring all the rooms containing fiction, I finally had to go ask.

There was a reason I couldn’t find it - it wasn’t in any of the rooms dominated by fiction.

It was in the room with all the history books, tucked back behind Military History. Because God knows that’s where I go looking when I want some LGBT fiction.

To their credit, Powell’s had an impressively large section, and it was decorated with a gigantic rainbow sign….but what good does that do anyone if they can’t find the section?

Finally, Half Price Books. Behold, the entire Gay & Lesbian Fiction section:

And yep, that’s the non-fiction section. The Gender Studies and Anthropology section. All the non-queer fiction was downstairs. Not even on the same floor.

So…you know…I think I might’ve figured out why LGBT Fiction “doesn’t sell very well in print,” and what a shock….it’s not because people don’t want to read it.

Ugh. Let’s talk about something less aggravating and something fun and positive instead.

Every time I see some of the art Ikuko Itō did for a few Sailor Moon episodes my lifespan grows by 5 years. She’s so talented and her art is so gorgeous. Please let’s just look at this for a second;

- An average episode of Sailor Moon.

Originally posted by mottarin

(cute. Nice to look at. Nice colours. Nice proportions and poses. The example used is Kazuko Tadano)

- An episode of Sailor Moon with Masahiro Ando as animation director.

(good at silly and cartoony expressions but honestly my least favourite animation director and I find these episodes to be really ugly. Sadly, Ando did a LOT of episodes…)

- An episode of Sailor Moon where Ikuko Itō is bringing her all


omg just!!! JUST!!!!

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How is she so goooooooood????

Edit: I can’t believe I have to put banners on posts talking about fucking animators now.

I own the place.

I own and operate a comic book store in a heavily trafficked mall.  The customer doesn’t approve of a toy her son bought, so she wants a refund.  But I can’t resell it now because it’s open.  So she has a fit, because I won’t take it back.  Wants to speak to my manager.  I tell her I am the manager.  Not good enough for her, wants to speak to my boss.  Sorry, I don’t have one of those.  So she insists of complaining to my corporate owner.  I show her the receipt, where the owner’s phone number is.  She calls it in front of me to get me in deep doo-doo.  She is stunned when my personal cell phone rings, and holy shit, I am the owner.  

Then she wants mall security’s phone number because they’ll want to know my policies are bad.  So I gave her mall security’s number, because I’m pretty sure they won’t give a flying fuck.

So she waits for security, and no they don’t give a fuck.  She claims she won’t leave until I give her a refund.  Security tells her if she’s not gone from my store in 60 seconds, they’re calling the police.

Happy ending for me but aggravating it took so long to get there.

I just thought of an EVIL dungeon.

Backstory: i work for a company that does vacation packages (I’m not a travel agent because im hourly with incentive not purely commission). One of the partner hotels gave THIS as a way to encourage us to book through them. It’s basically a six sided maze with pits where the ball gets stuck but the more i stared at the it the more i wanted to make it in a game.

So you’ll need one of these, that way you know your map is properly aligned. Photocopy it and trace it (to scale) onto grid paper. Let your adventurers go around on it.

The goal is to clear all the sides and get to be center. The pits i mentioned earlier are designed to get the ball stuck but i say make those lead to other sides like short cuts, and in doing so your players will see there is a portal to go through in the center they must find the right one. (They can’t go into the wrong hole see the portal and travel to it like by flying).

When they first begin they think it’s just a maze but when they get to the edge it looks like a cliff with canals cut into them vertically. As they attempt to scale down it it, the gravity shifts and they’re walking right side up. If they get to the hole and attempt to scale down it, same thing. If they throw something down the side it will land on the floor and reveal the gravity shift and the 3 dimensional nature of the maze.

Each side has some small villains, a mini boss (your discretion) and there’s a major boss blocking the portal in the center. “Find the path” and “guidance” doesn’t work, and you cant raise above the wall. Once they defeat a mini boss give them a hint which way to go so they can clear all six sides. Obviously give them some dead ends where they can rest and recover. This will REALLY aggravate your players but give them decent rewards along the way to keep them motivated, don’t skimp out on the magic items (if you don’t want to get too many magic items make them consumable magic items like spell scrolls and potions).

The maze is on a demiplane. Once they clear it and get to the center, perhaps they can use it as their own prison for future encounters.

Variant: if your players are god tier (in the 20 range) then maybe you can add a divine twist to it: those who know the Kobold legend know they constantly seek their god Kurtulmak who was trapped in an underground maze by the gnome god Garl Glittergold. But they’ve been digging for eons now and no sign of their god. Maybe that’s because Garl was a crafty gnome and didn’t hide Kurtulmak on the material plane but a demi Plane. Maybe your characters are in the same maze being chased by Kurtulmak and they must escape without freeing him.

Astro notes part 3 👻👹🌪

* Cancer moons tend to be extremely emotionally stable and tend to be very private with their emotions which is why they seem very aloof and detached.
* Many surgeons usually have mars in Aquarius due to their ability to completely disengage from the act itself.
* An abundance of Neptune contacts shows a natural talent for acting due to Neptune’s influence of blurring conscious lines of ones personality(it’s easy for them to be someone else)
* Lilith on the ascendent can make men immediately obsessed with you but also repel them in the same way.
* The 2nd house determines how your voice will sound(its tone) the third house describes your mind and how you “speak” with said voice.
* Sun in the 5th house individuals are the personification of the sun but can be some of the most prideful people because of it.
* To many 7th house planets can show an inability to decipher your own personality from that of others.
* Air house synastry is actually important for rationalization in a relationship.
* A watery synastry can show an inability to disconnect from one another.
* It can be so dangerous for people with Neptune in the 8th to get involved with the paranormal as these people have such a thin grasp in the world of the living as it is.
* Pluto in the 8th house people can lose themselves in the act of sex and I mean this both metaphorically and litturly.
* Pluto in the 3rd house people can have disturbing relationships with their siblings(not sexual but toxic and or intense)
* Mars square Pluto can be a rape aspect ☹️ and both men and women with this position need to be watchful of transits involving these planets.
* Moon in leo are more inward with their emotions but also tend to lack emotional control. Leo suns don’t have a temper and usually take awhile to aggravate.
* Where ever Saturn or Capricorn is in your chart shows an area or place of your life that you will grow to not only master but become wise in.
* Aquarius in the 8th/Uranus in the 8th house people usually have something unique about there genitalia.
* Jupiter in the 8th house people are growers not showers and tend to be endowed depending on the aspects that hit Jupiter of course.
* Saturn in the 8th house people(guys) are not always small and can actually have big members but whenever Saturn and Jupiter interact a cancel affect happens and it makes things smaller or bigger then they should be.
* Neptune in the 8th house individuals tend to have as they say “unbelievable” bodies. Ex Marylyn Monroe.
* Joan Crawford and Betty Davis are a classical example of fire and air moon combos.Joan struggled with multiple copping mechanisms and often had varying public images that never aligned with her ego or her emotional desires, but changed the platform for women in television and film with her demanding and passionate nature.(Aries sun/gemini moon) Betty Davis whom was both a strong and talented individual with a presence like no other capable of leaving an audience completely swept away. But she often struggled with connecting with her daughter and often was to focused on gaining the wrong attention and failing to realize what she sought all along was the love from her own daughter. She constantly disengaged emotionally and struggled with the more tender aspects of being a mother.(Leo sun/Aquarius moon)
* Mars and moon aspects is a very passionate synastry aspect to have and is a huge baby naming aspect as it makes both involved extremely (in heat as they say) and very fertile😱 *wear protection*
* Mars in 2nd house synastry is also another sexual hotspot and can liturly make the house person want to devour you completely at every moment! Very sensual and constant sex.
* Venus in the 2nd is a beautiful placement but can cause possession on both ends and very sensual and touchy feely desires from both people.
* Pluto in the 3rd house synastry or composite along with 6th house Pluto can showcase an intense relationship that may have A very heavy and intense vibe that’s apparent “daily” in the relationship either through communication(heavy dialogue/sexual/angry and so on) or every day life(sex has to be apart of couples routine/constant testing of one another/inability to “relax”
* The yod configuration in the chart points to a divine lesson and or purpose one must grasp and understand in this life! Multiple yods can mean a life full of heavy duty to guide and lead the world in some way!
* A lot of generational aspects in your natal and synastry points to a life full of heavy past life karma.
* People with retrograde Venus can come across as emotionally disconnected and sometimes perceive themselves as more loving then they really are which tends to be the cause of strife in their relationships! Tends to be worse in water venus ex: drake.
* Jupiter retrograde people don’t tend to believe in luck or something “working out” by believing alone. Tend to create their own destiny.
* Uranus or Aquarius/gemini or mercury in the 12th house can point to multiple personalities and hidden parts of the personality that are hidden.. these people wear mask and are 1,000 different people all at once.(there’s a threat for mental instability if not kept an eye on here)

Hope you like this guys!! 💗💗💙 and let’s all get ready for the ridiculously long tag just below 😂

CASTIEL AND HIS SACRED OATH - 12x10, 12x12, 12x23

This scene here. This split second glance is so so important. I don’t know why people aren’t talking about it (I couldn’t even find any gifs of it and had to take pictures coz I’m computerly incompitent). But I wanted to give my own analytical response to this millisecond glance, because I think it demonstrates properly why Cas has never done anything about his feelings for Dean. 

First, some context from my behalf: I always assumed Cas had never admitted his love for Dean for one of two reasons, 1) he was an angel, therefore not quite understanding his feelings himself - perhaps confusing them with familial love, Dean style. Or 2) he was afraid his love may not be reciprocated. But after watching 12x10, 12x12 and 12x23, I can thoroughly rule out reason 1. 

Now, I’ll be talking a lot about 12x10 as that ENTIRE EPISODE and THIS LOOK are so closely correlated. 

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