but after that conversation she starts pushing herself even further than normal just to feel like shes earned the right to be in love

Your Savior - 8

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Chapter 8



As you followed Negan to the mess hall you began to realize the actual size of your new home. You walked past building after building, in total awe of what he had built and managed to maintain.

“How did you do all of this?” You finally asked, gesturing to the compound around you. “How are you still doing it?”

Negan grinned with pride before answering, “Honestly, getting it wasn’t that hard. Me and a couple of guys stumbled across this place not long after it all began. We claimed it, secured it, and set the new standards for life in the new world. Now keeping it going? That’s the fucking hard part. That’s where the rules come in. Not everyone likes the rules all of the time, but rules are fucking important, they keep us alive.”

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Sleeping On His Shoulder | Michael Clifford Imagine

Over the course of your friendship with Michael, you’ve gained a habit. It can almost be seen as tradition now, there’s few times where you’re sitting next to Michael on a couch or on a floor and it doesn’t happen. It’s never really on purpose even though you’re completely conscious of it.

After a long day of walking around the rather large festival, you and Michael sat down on the soft grass to take a break before you got hyped up for one of your favorite bands to perform. You sat behind Michael, facing sideways as he faced the artist that was currently playing on the main stage.

“It’s so humid out here, it’s making me sleepy.” you said before yawning. After bringing your legs into your chest, you softly laid your head on Michael’s back, earning a chuckle from him.

“Y/n are you sleeping?” he asked.

“I just want to take a little nap.” you replied. Your eyes were already closed and the process of slipping further into dreamland had commenced. Thanks to the heat, it didn’t take long for you to fall asleep. As soon as Michael noticed your steady breathing and decrease in movement, he chuckled again.

“Is she really sleeping?” he asked Ashton, who had been sitting on his left side. He turned his attention from the performer and to you, taking in your peaceful face as you slept before giggling himself.

“Yeah, she is.” He reached for the smartphone in his pocket and pulled it out before unlocking it and going straight to the camera. He took a picture of you and Mikey in the funny situation, a wide smile on Michael’s face just to make the picture that much funnier. It became a picture that Ashton, Michael and even you eventually shared, captioning it “I take a nap right here” to quote one of your favorite internet videos. Ever since that day you’ve made a habit of using Michael as your personal bed or pillow without his verbal permission.

Lately that’s changed, though. Michael isn’t single anymore and loves to bring his girlfriend around. You didn’t dislike her, you thought she was really pretty and nice. It’s just that you didn’t have your favorite pillow when she was around and none of the other boys’ shoulder felt quite the same so you couldn’t be as comfortable as you were when you slept on Michael’s shoulder. Of course you could always just sit on the other side of Michael and lay on that shoulder but it felt weird to you. You and his girlfriend didn’t know each other that well and it’d come across like the two of you were sharing him or something. You didn’t want her to be uncomfortable or think that you didn’t respect her or her relationship so you just made due with what you had which at the moment was the couch in the back of their tour bus that was really soft but still didn’t compare to Michael.

All of the boys and Mikey’s girlfriend were hanging out in the back of the bus. It was your first day visiting so everyone was fighting their sleep even though the four of them really needed their rest. So far you were right along with them, staying up just to laugh and talk and hear stories of your life before you’d stepped on the bus. Now, the tiredness had started to kick in for you. You let out a loud yawn as you stretched your arms above your head.

“Well, guys, I think I’m going to sleep now.” you said before grabbing your blanket and curling into a small ball against the back of the couch. The boys laughed and said their goodnights to you, all leaving to get rest of their own. Well, except Mikey. His girlfriend had fallen asleep next to him and he didn’t have the heart to wake her so he decided that he’d be sleeping on the couch adjacent to the one you were on.

It was hard for him to get some rest, though, and that had little to do with the fact that he didn’t want to move and disturb the girl that was resting on his shoulder, but everything to do with the fact that the girl currently falling asleep on the couch next to his, wasn’t. It was a weird and new feeling for Michael. It was the same concept; a girl was using his shoulder to get rest. Simple. But for some reason it didn’t feel the same. It didn’t feel as pleasant. His girlfriend was a nice girl and really hot in his opinion but she didn’t readjust her position when she felt herself slipping off his shoulder like you did. She didn’t wrap her arms around his waist when she felt a chill like you did. And her hair didn’t smell like your favorite strawberry shampoo. As he sat there, watching your peaceful body enjoy your slumber, it all became too clear to him. The more as he tried to shake the thought out of his brain, the more plainly obvious it became that he wasn’t enjoying having to watch you from across the room. He wanted you right there with him, on the same couch, resting your head on his shoulder like you always had been.

The next couple of days were weird. Not for you, but for Michael. He broke up with the girlfriend he hadn’t even been dating for more than a week and she left the next day. After that he tried to act normally towards you, being the Mikey that you know and love so that you couldn’t pick up on the way he’s been feeling. It was tough. All he wanted to do was to scoop you up in his arms and kiss you at times. But instead he pushed the thought to the back of his mind and laughed at whatever you had said. So far you hadn’t picked up on it, and he was glad. He still wasn’t exactly sure how he was going to tell you about his realization.

“Mikey- I can’t believe I just noticed this, I guess I’ve been having too much fun with you guys- but where’s your girlfriend?” You took a sip of the freshly made ice coffee that be bought you in your hand and looked at him as he stood next to you in the small kitchen space to await his answer.

“Uh, she went… home.” he told you, fiddling with the many bracelets on his wrist. He could tell where this conversation was going and just the thought of it mad made him nervous.

“Really, that fast? What happened Mikey?” You say your ice coffee down and put a hand on your friends back, rubbing it softly. It was something you did whenever you thought he was sad or hurt, another habit you’d formed that you didn’t exactly pay attention to.

“I.. uh- I really didn’t like the feeling I had when I saw you sleeping on the couch the other night… It made me sad knowing that you weren’t sleeping on me like you always do.” You thought his sudden change of subject was slightly weird, but you didn’t question it. In your mind he’d tell you what was going on when he was ready, but you weren’t aware that this was his way of doing so.

“Well, you have a girlfriend now. That would’ve been a bit weird.. don’t you think?”

“But what if I didn’t?” he asked you. After a tilt of your head and a step back so you could see his face better, you questioned him again.

“What if you didn’t what?”

“What if I didn’t have a girlfriend? Or.. what if you were my girlfriend?” he asked. His eyes studied your face as he awaited your reaction. He swore to himself that’s he’d never been that nervous before. Not at his first concert or even the first time he let anyone other than his parents hear him sing. He felt like he couldn’t breathe as he waited for you to speak or react to him in some way.

“But you do have a girlfriend… right?” you said, questioning both yourself and him. At this point it was settling in that Michael liked you and just that fact had you confused about everything.

“No. I kinda broke up with her.. I only see myself with you now.” he admitted.

“Mikey, I… what? This is really sudden, what the heck Michael?! You’re serious???” Your sudden change in pitch made him really nervous. He was starting to believe that maybe this was a bad idea afterall.

“Well, yeah… but if you don’t want to be my girlfriend, I get it. We’re friends, it’s weirdo.”

“What?! Of course I’ll be your girlfriend! Why wouldn’t I?” you told him. His face lit up to reveal the cute smile you’ve known for years.


“Yeah, of course. I’ve never told you this, but I’ve always wondered what it would be if we dated. Now I finally get to find out.” You returned his smile before picking your ice coffee up. “Oh, but you have to take me on real dates. Especially for the first date. I want something nice. Not super fancy and not like us but.. nice. Okay?” you told him. He nodded.

“Anything for you.” was all he said. Your smile widened and you gave him a kiss on the cheek before walking around him. Without another word, you grabbed his hand with your free one and led him off the bus to go experience whatever your day had in store for you two. Michael couldn’t wipe the smile off his face the whole way there. Just the thought of him having the girl that sleeps on his shoulder as his own was enough to keep him happy for weeks.