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What if they’ve been making Steven look younger/cuter because he’s mentally regressing in age? Like….what if he’s so afraid of facing the problems that Rose caused that as he finds out more and more of what she’s done, his physical age regresses more and more as he tries to run away from them. To the gems, to Greg, to Connie, to anyone, really, just so he doesn’t have to face the problems.

I think there’s gonna be an episode where he talks about this, how he’s terrified of solving the problems his mother caused, and how he doesn’t want to face them. There’s gonna be a speech, presumably from someone like Garnet, saying something along the lines of “you need to face them and move on–you can’t run forever.”

And in that moment he ages like…5 or 6 years. He’s done running from his problems and ready to face them like an “adult” in his mind. The “big head” style was purposeful to make him look younger.

Alright, I thought about romances for awhile, but I’m afraid I got nothing. Sorry.

Cassandra: Doesn’t comment on their age to be polite, though she frets over them a bit more. At some point, if they’re annoying her, she might mutter “Why don’t you just crawl into the Grand Necropolis right now?”

Blackwall: He’s very respectful of them, seeing them as wiser than him. If he gets more comfortable talking to them, he may start teasing them lightly now and then about aching limbs.

Iron Bull: Isn’t fazed by their age– under the Qun, everyone works until they’re about halfway in the grave, and it’s not unusual at all for him to see someone older with the title of Inquisitor. Nevertheless, he sometimes jokingly calls them “old man/woman” if they don’t get offended.

Sera: Constantly pokes fun at their age. “You’re almost as old as Solas!” she cracks, and she and the Inquisitor cackle at Solas, who just rolls his eyes.

Varric: After getting past the initial prodding jokes about them, he actually helps them out more than they would like, but he keeps them from numerous injuries. “Watch your step, it’s too damned steep here.”

Cole: “They ache in places, but they’re not as old as Solas.” he says, befuddled when someone mentions how old the Inquisitor is to him. The others (most of all Sera) laugh, thinking it’s a joke, while Solas sweats and makes a mental note to have a word with Cole.

Solas: Tries not to smirk when people refer to the Inquisitor as the oldest member of the Inner Circle. Beyond that, he makes no comments or reacts much to their age. He may offer a spell on occasion to keep them spry.

Dorian: He actually doesn’t comment much on it at first, but later on, he asks them if they’re having any physical problems like arthritis or whatnot. He offers to help with his magic if they do, and if they ever feel flustered about how old they are or look, he tries to cheer them up. “Come, now, you’re more than twice my age and you look almost as good!”

Vivienne: Is actually pleased by the fact the Inquisitor is older– wiser and less naive, in her opinion, than a younger person may be. She doesn’t make many comments about it, and the most she does is offer a poultice or potion if they’re aching.

Leliana: They remind her of Wynne, and she is nicer to them as a result. If they ever feel down due to their age, she tells them about Wynne, and about how great she was, no matter how old she got. It makes the Herald feel better, and as they ask for more stories, it takes some effort on Leliana’s part to not tear up.

Cullen: He never comments on their age, ever, to be polite. Secretly, though, he frets a bit over their health, and tries to direct any healers that come to him for lyrium withdrawal to check on the Inquisitor instead.

Josephine: Is hardly moved by their age– she’s met dowagers and nobles decades older than the Herald. Nevertheless, she sees that all their needs are met, and arranges for a healer to look them over more often than the others, much to the Herald’s distaste.


I’m preparing for a D&D session as a GM for the first time in my life and I chose Dragon Age (because it’s my favourite fantasy setting  and I’m really passionate about this world, I can talk hours about it). I’ve created NPCs so they would fit with the setting, made up a story about warden recruits, darkspawn and demons, riddles, moral choices, all the stuff. Even a proper soundtrack.

But now that I’m almost done I feel so nervous that my friends (players) won’t get the message. They wouldn’t tell me that it was horrible because they’re too nice, but at the same time I’m afraid they won’t enjoy the dark atmoshpere I’m creating. I want them to have fun as much as I did creating the story but also to feel responsibility for their actions and live the characters and not just the guys at the table throwing dice. Maybe I’m asking too much and this will be my first and last session as a GM but I hope I’m just being too pessimistic. Wish me luck!

Mod Note: Wishing you luck Confessor!!!!

Lovable - Thor Odinson x Reader

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Words: 887
Pairing: Thor Odinson x Platonic!Reader
Requested by anon
Hai! I just found your blog and I love it! So I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader has a panic attack/asthma attack (you can choose which one) and Thor is there to help the reader through it? (Can the reader be like 14-15ish, thank you so much!) If you’re not comfortable with that sort of thing I get it, I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with *hugs*
Author’s Note: If you ever need someone to talk to, my inbox is open! Don’t be afraid to send a message, I’m a good listener at the least :) Also, I never totally specified an age, I did say ‘teenager’ though. And I chose a panic attack since I know more about those than an asthma attack. I didn’t want to write it wrong.

Masterlist. Request List.

You scrolled through your phone as you sat on the couch. The facility was lonely since most of the team was out on different missions, and maybe that was a good thing. You weren’t in the best mood, and not feeling like doing anything. Steve had noticed this, so he advised you to take a break.

“It wasn’t like I was going to go on the mission, anyway.” You sighed to yourself. “I’m too young.” You groaned as you scrolled through social media. The others that were left in the facility were busy doing other things. Resting up, training, or even some behind-the-scenes work, nothing you were in the mood to do.

“(Y/N)?” You heard a deep voice boom. “Ah, there you are!” You turned your head slowly to find Thor walking into the room.

“Hi.” You said, quietly, not really making eye contact.

“How is your day going?” He smiled as he stood behind the couch.

You shrugged. “Fine.”

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)?” Thor rushed over to sit next to you.

“Nothing, Thor…everything’s, fine.” You broke apart your speech, which just made Thor more concerned.

“No,” Thor started. “Tell me what’s wrong, please.” His voice sounded softer and worried.

“It’s just a dream I had… It put me in a bad mood.” You sighed, not looking at him.

“Tell me about it?” He asked you, not really sure what to do.

You sighed, and gave into telling him about your dream. “It was about the team…” You started.

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im in a kikisadie mood today if u cant tell so:

  • sadie and kiki becoming friends and bonding over being stuck in food service hell / having well meaning but overbearing parents
  • they get along so well with each other because all the other girls their age just wanna talk about boys all the time!! whats with that!!! i mean we’re still straight but
  • strictly platonic sitting on the pier talking abt their feelings holding hands
  • steven realizes the reason sadie isnt into lars is because she has a gigantic crush on kiki, changes game plan immediately (garnet helps)
  • nanafua keeps inviting sadie over for dinner and telling her all the stuff kiki said about her, begins calling sadie “miss sparkling eyes”
  • kiki already kinda knows she’s gay but is afraid to tell anyone, sadie hasnt figured out shes not straight yet
  • kiki and sadie both go to jenny for advice for asking the other out
  • boardwalk dates!! watching horror movies together!! smoochin!!
  • sadie goes to all of kiki’s track meets and shes too shy to cheer for her so steven makes her a flag. (sometimes barb comes along and cheers for both of them)
  • lars goes on vacation to sweden for an indefinite period of time

Imagine that, when you were only few days old, your mother promised you to the God of mischief, when you come of age. You live years, only having learned about Norse mythology in school. Your mother finds it too difficult to talk about and postpones it until it’s too late.

On the day you turn 18, Loki comes after you and takes you to Asgard. You have no idea, who he is or where he took you. You are afraid, confused and miss your mother.

Loki is very understanding and sweet towards you. He explains the whole situation, tells you that you have to marry him and gives you few days to let the information sink in.

But very very soon you get married. Way too soon in your opinion.

At first you are still afraid and confused and try to push him away, but as time goes you actually fall in love with him.

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I think I'm falling for you, falling so far that you take up my daily thoughts , every single thing reminds me of you. Everything. You say that you feel this way about me too but I'm afraid. Afraid because everybody ends up leaving me. I'm a very replaceable person so I learnt at a very young age the art of being distant to people and cutting them off. It petrifies me that I don't want to cut you off because that gives you the ability to leave me.

Go on/off anon and pretend were the person you want to talk to and get everything off your chest

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Hey I'm considering transitioning if I still feel this way at 26-28, but I am afraid that I won't pass if I transition so late, or at all. Is there any (large) collections of before and after pics of ftms that aren't cherry picked for the good passers so I can know what actually to expect with testosterone, especially ones that list the ages that they started transitioning?

Hey, I’m not sure of any large collections but if you search the ftm tag on tumblr youll find plenty of diffrent guys and folks who have started t. Also there is YouTube which a lot of folks talk about there journeys and experiences on t and most of them update monthly. So i’d start on YouTube searching 1 month on t, 2 months on t, etc.


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isn't botw link meant to be an adult, though? people might not know the official ages, and older link is always referred to as "adult"... the age/species difference seems more questionable, because most people don't really see nintendo's stated heights/ages/whatever stats as canon. is it a really popular ship then?

hi! mmm link is never older than 17 in canon! nintendo talks about how link is supposed to be very youthful and how they designed him off of peter pan etc, so they always keep him young, u know? also whether u see nintendos stated info as canon or not doesnt make it not canon…but yea. the ship has some reblogged porn going around so i assume people are digging it or whatever but ill just do my best to avoid it 

Weirdest discourse I’ve seen on this site is someone getting an anon from a teen that said they were afraid they were predatory/sexualizing minors for being attracted to people their own age and they were like obviously really torn up about it? And the person just responded with “Idk I’m not a minor so I don’t think I’m qualified to talk about that.” Wrong answer!! Please tell this kid it’s ok to want to kiss people the same age as them!!

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And I don't see the abuse in it, considering my experience, and I not happy with my ship anymore, I dont think i ever was, and I just need help. There's so much hate towards Karamel, I don't want to face it honestly...

First part of the ask:  Hi, I need help. I saw your posts and you seem like a lovely person, so I felt like talking to you. Thr thing is, I’ve been trhough a very abusive relationship, really abusive, and it took me ages to get over it. I’m in the fandom and was kind of taking by the Supercorp fandom, I liked their scenes but went along with it, because a lot of them kep pointing how abusive it was and that all. But I started to ship them a lot, and I’m afraid my fandom might react because I don’t want to get hate.

Hi babe, how are you? First of all, I wanted to say I’m sorry about what you’ve been through, and I hope that you can heal and find happiness because you deserve it. I understand why you might be afraid, I truly do, this fandom is incredible toxic, I know that we all do.

You said that you’ve was taken by the wave, and that’s normal and fine, is normal to change ships and ideias, and even more normal to let yourself be engulfed by this. But it’s also fine to see that what you like is different from what they like. Is only human. In this world, is easy to loose sight of who you are, stick to your real beliefs is even harder. People who ship Supercorp have their reasons, those who ship Karamel and Sanvers do to, those who hate Mon-El also have their reasons, those who love him see in him a chance of redemption. If you feel like you’re not being true to yourself, than let it go.

You are afraid of the outcome and that’s okay. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned is that everything in life has it’s cost. Life isn’t easy, sometimes we loose hope, we give in to hate, to anger and fear, but that makes us human. What you do with that is what matters. 

But, if their are really your friends, they will accept who you ship because, unlike some may believe, that doesn’t define you.

You can be ace and ship Karamel, or be bi and ship Karolsen, or be straight and ship Supercorp. You’re actions are the things that define you, you’re choices. Don’t let anyone say you’re a bad person if you ship Karamel, they don’t know you, they don’t know you’re story and let alone who you are. Some of the most hateful people on this fandom are being exactly what they claim to fight. I know that eventhough some may be angry for you leaving, most of them are going to accept you, so don’t be afraid of it.

If you decide to come, know that the Karamel family will welcome you with open arms. We will give you all the support you need, and if hate comes, we will face it together. Remember that we become stronger on the broken places.

I hope I helped babe *u*

You know what else is good about Bull when it comes to writing
He’s always portrayed as desirable
Even if he is not conventionally attractive
Like we talk often about how pretty Dorian is
But in the game Bull is attractive because of his look but especially of his personality
Like people are so ready for it
Everyone thinks that Bull is hot

He’s this big, friendly softie who helps people and wants to kill dragons
(And is also a burned out veteran afraid of losing himself bjt that’s not the point at the mo)
And speaking of Dorian
I love that Dorian is the one both in Canon and in Fanon that’s insecure
You know what Hollywood would have done with Dorian and Bull
The usual “Handsome One is so Handsome that Average One is jealous” thing
But Bioware kinds of subverts it
With Dorian and Bull always comes down to their personality
That’s a thing that happens always in bioware games but I really likes how it was explored in Inquisition

people whinge about bull’s circus tent pants but seriously whAT ABOUT HIS RIDICULOUS POINTY CHRISTMAS ELF BOOTS ??!?!!!


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Niu ur making me want to read Wolf Guy, I did read some chapters, but I'm still iffy about the teacher/student relationship and... Inakumi guy does not comes across as a high schooler... would have preferred it if they were in college.....

Their ages are indeed a bit… YOUNG so to say. The new Wolf Guy is a redrawn from 1970′s comic so I always ponder how the time affects story telling itself.

I personally love Akira and Aoshika myself, so :D

And if the age is problem with Wolf Guy to you, eh ah, I’m afraid the future events will be too much as the age is THE LEAST issue with Wolf Guy when talked about hard and heavy stuff… It’s really dark series. 

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Hii!!! Idk if you'll read this or not but, there's one guy that i like. He also like me but he didnt know that i like him. The thing is our age gap is 5 years, and tbh im fine with it, but im scared if i told my friend abt this they'll will judge me? Im also rlly scared to tell him how i feel abt him:( smtimes i miss him even though he's still here, but around agust he need to go to japan for uni. Im going to miss him sm, but im afraid that he tought that i dont like him so he finds another girl

hello!! imo age gaps are okay provided the two people are a) are adults/in the same development stage and b) are consenting. idk i guess if you’re worried about that the best thing to do is to just talk to him about how you feel?? and discuss what’s going to happen if you want to continue the relationship since you guys will have to be apart for a few years

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ok but I feel like you keep saying bad shit about relationship with an age gap bigger than five... Why? I know that in some cases it's bad and it leads to toxic relations but you gotta know that it's not always like this. My mom met my dad when she was 16, he was 27. They were afraid to talk to their friends and family about it because of people like you, who made them feel bad for falling in love. Please, be kind.


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Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. my purse
  2. keys
  3. lipstick
  4. a little mirror
  5. umbrella

Five things in my bedroom:

  1. laptop
  2. my funko pops
  3. a shit ton of books
  4. my sbuk photos in frames
  5. usually a cat

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in life:

  1. travel the world
  2. have children
  3. learn a different language
  4. meet my idols (already met some of them so this one could be feasible)
  5. write a book

Five things that make me happy:

  1. food
  2. sleep
  3. laughter
  4. music
  5. going to new places and exploring

Five things people may not know about me:

  1. i had a scottish accent from when i first started talking up until around the age of four
  2. i am ambidextrous although i strongly prefer to write with my left hand and use my right hand for everything else like sport etc
  3. i used to play competitive badminton
  4. up until about 2 years ago i was going to change my name but eventually decided not to although i can’t remember why
  5. i am deathly afraid of heights to the point were just thinking about it will give me panic attacks

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