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  • FCC members who are for repealing net neutrality: Nothing would really change. The only difference is that big name companies would be able to censor content to websites that they don't have a partnership with.
  • Me: ...Do you hear yourself?
  • FCC members for repeal: Oh, and you would need to pay extra for some other websites.
  • Me: So...everything would change?
  • FCC members for repeal: NOTHING CHANGES!
  • Me: I don't know what's more offensive: The fact that you don't find that contradictory to the idea of a "free Web," or that you think I'm that stupid.
Cockatiel Keychains!
Did you know? The creator of Lunar Eclipse Jewelry also is the creator of Its A Birb Thing! After a successful kickstarter, shes been able to make keychains for her fans! Each charm is an inch and a half tall, and is waterproof! They hang from strong key rings, making them the

Hey everyone! I sent out all the rewards to my kickstarter backers, and wanted to share the extras I have with you guys! I only have five as of right now, but I might be able to make more soon!!

These little Cheeks are an inch and a half tall, and are three inches with the keyring attached! They’d make great stocking stuffers (if you stuff stockings!) and are a wonderful way to help support a small artist!

anonymous asked:

how did you know the thing about the representative introducing legislation cuz every post on tumblr ive seen says the opposite :///

oh hhhh my god

oh hhhhh hhh h my god it takes literally two seconds to google “net neutrality” or “net neutrality congress” or “net neutrality next steps” and click on news

stop getting all your information from tumblr. if you see some news on tumblr that seems concerning to you, google it. do your research. if you can afford to be on tumblr you can afford to spend ten seconds looking into the very real issues impacting people today.

so as a muslim brit who has been surrounded and bombarded by christmas every year, I’ve gotta say, there are some things that still confuse me. for example, is eggnog actually made of egg? because for years I thought christmas was the one time loads of people did what my mum tells me my grandpa used to do - drink a couple of raw eggs. I know now that that is probably not true but is there an egg element or is it just called that because it looks like egg?

also what is actually in a mince pie because I thought it would be… mince? like minced lamb or beef? but then someone told me they have it with tea? like dude what is going on there?

and on another note - when you put up those christmas lights, is the electricity bill a bitch or do you manage to sweet talk your provider every year because my mum yells at me for leaving the bathroom light on so like I can’t even imagine how expensive it is to have lights. and like do you guys turn on your christmas lights on manually every night once it goes dark? or is it automatic? and how are you not broke?

like I am genuinely not taking the piss here. these are legit questions.

i always wonder how efficient ** *** creams are…… like if ur gonna charge me 1k for 250ml of cream i want my skin to look photoshopped !!!!

Hey all

If the net neutrality bill passes, and STAYS passed, I just want you all to know:

it’s been a good ride.

You all have been great friends, entertainers, teachers, and supporters. Tungl is a hell of a fucksite, but there are awesome people on here. Before the bill passes, and I’m unable to come back and talk to the people I like, I wanted y’all to know that

you are all amazing!

I’m glad I got to know you all and I love the things we’ve talked about and shared. Never stop being open minded and amazing - and never stop resisting. 🏳️‍🌈

If you see this message again, that’s it. That’s the end of the line. I’ll reblog this a few times until tomorrow, and then queue this. If you see this message again, then my queue is empty, and if the bill hasn’t been repealed or changed, there won’t be any more from me. If ANY of you want my email or whatnot, please PM me soon with your address and I’ll send one out.

Stay cool, y’all! ✌🏻