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AEH @ Wild Wild West Con

SPG Song Ask Meme!
  • Brass Goggles: What got you into Steam Powered Giraffe?
  • Out in the Rain: What's your idea of a nice, relaxing day all to yourself?
  • Captain Albert Alexander: Do you like the ocean? How about fishing?
  • Ice Cream Parade: What's the silliest thing you've done with your friends?
  • On Top Of The Universe: What makes you feel better than anything in the world?
  • JuJu Magic: Do you believe in any kind of magical forces?
  • AEH: Most epic/coolest thing you've ever done?
  • Steamboat Shenanigans: Favorite milkshake? (If you don't like milkshakes, favorite beverage?)
  • Honeybee: How's the love life, cowboy?
  • Make Believe: What's the biggest, most positive change you've made in the world we live in?
  • A Way Into Your Heart: How has this band of beautiful bots affected your life?
  • Ghost Grinder: Scariest thing you've ver experienced?
  • Turn Back the Clock: If there was one thing you could change from your past, what would it be and why?
  • Go Spine Go: How do you pick on your friends? (In a nice way, of course. )
  • Bleak Horizon: What do you see in your future ahead of you?

mother mother im so fucked up - kaneki ken fanmix
listen on 8tracks :: dont delete text :: art from manga

ode to sleep - twenty one pilots ::  my turn to evil - letters vs numbers :: love in the time of human papillomavirus - andrew jackson jihad :: body - mother mother :: rama lama bang bang - roisin murphy :: mama - my chemical romance :: thiskidsnotalright - awolnation :: screaming bloody murder - sum 41 :: hatefuck - the bravery :: lights out - mindless self indulgence 

what have i become? im sorry.