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This is a cute text scenario between you and J-hope. Sorry for any mistakes made, yeah I am talking about the last picture.

This was an adorable idea I had. Hope you like it. Requests and Ships are open!!!😆


Summary: You find Steve’s glasses and he finds you wearing them.

A/N: Hey! I just wanted to write something about Steve’s glasses on Captain America: The Winter Soldier (because he looks so good and cute with glasses), and the canon of how Steve Rogers is a big and adorable golden retriever. I found this picture (the first one) on Pinterest and I almost died from the cuteness, so I had to write this. So basically , fluff. 

*The picture and gifs are not mine*

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Words: 1,406 upps! Steve deserves it.

Warnings: none

Y/N: Your name

You shouldn’t take things that weren’t yours without permission (yeah that was basically what your mother told you when you were little), but heck! you couldn’t help it.  

“Hey Y/N, there’s gonna be a meeting with the whole team an- … ” Steve’s voice startled you when he came in into your room, it was open so he just showed up at your door.

“Are those… my glasses?” he asked with those innocent eyes and curiosity on his face, looking at the pair of glasses in your hands.

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anonymous asked:

Don't you think it's lovely that the new berena photos aren't actually berena, but just CR and JR being totally adorable!! Do you think it means jemma will be around for a lot longer?

I adore the new pictures of Catherine and Jemma! They’re so precious to us fans and the pictures were much needed right? After all of the angst and sad moments we’ve had recently, my dash is just full of us fans and how happy we are. 

Since it was the new cast photo shoot, I do think Jemma is going to be staying around for longer than we thought. I don’t now how long it’s going to be but the fact that she’s in the new cast photo makes me happy! 

:C i told my coworkers once that I’d like a hairless cat someday bc they’re adorable and a friend keeps sending me pictures of theirs and i lOVE THEM

my coworkers were like wh?? hairless cat??

I showed them a picture and they were absolutely disgusted and went on and on about how ugly and horrible they are and how they look like rats (nothing wrong with rats!! they’re great too!!!) aND IM LITERALLY JUST

guess i don’t wanna tell them i’d love to have a snake someday too

letstalkaboutwincest  asked:

Do you think dean's ever gotten amnesia and Sam had remind him that they're brothers but Dean just feels like there's more to it than that as he regains his feelings. But then he gets into a fight with Sam saying that they're not brothers. They're married, and he gets kinda crazy until Sam starts laughing and tries to explain that they're both. And Dean gets really frustrated until Sam finally just kisses him to distract him from his confusion and fighting. This didn't come out well..

LOL! Awwwww. 

That would be SO adorable. I can picture that completely, yes, and it came out fine, I understood. XD 

Sam had probably been waiting for things to ‘click’ in Dean’s mind and had expected an eventual outburst. It was likely easier that way vs try and force Dean to accept/feel a certain way about a ‘stranger’ from the get go telling him ‘you’re my husband’, etc. 

Sam didn’t want Dean’s regained feelings to be forced or feel obligated. 

AUs FTW, man. 

“Sam and the Tabby” - Digital Oil Painting

“I know it’s a little strange, for the guy who flies around like a bird to own a cat, but I found him setting off a perimeter alarm while on patrol. He was all thin and sick and, well… I got attached. And hell, I’m down for irony. So, yeah, the Falcon has a cat.”

Sam is a soft touch for poor, neglected creatures turning up on his doorstep. He lets the cat chase Redwing around for fun and exercise.

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