but admitted he had a soft spot


@cheshirerabit said: Shit, your teacher Bakugou idea is something I never considered but now think would be really cool. Cuz he would not stop being a hero but he wouldn’t half-ass being a teacher so it would be like how All Might attempted to hero and teach but could actually work. Plus, I’m all for Bakugou’s role model switching with time to Aizawa. 10/10 idea.

Anon said: OMG Fran now i want to see Teacher or Older Bakugou or or Bakugou with Aizawa

Bless both of you for giving me a reason to talk about this cause honestly I love this idea way more than striktly necessary - this!!! is how I like to think it would go down:

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This is How it Happened

This is how I believe the Drarry proposal happened:

  If there was one thing Harry and Draco knew how to do, it was argue. They’d been arguing with each other since first year, and that didn’t stop when they finally got together after the war.

  Most of the time they argued about little things: whose turn it was to wash the dishes, which movie they were going to watch that night, whether or not their living room needed a giant bear statue (Harry hated it. Draco loved it because Harry hated it). Sometimes their arguments were more serious. Neither of them would soon forget their biggest fight. It ended in Harry leaving their flat for five hours (the longest they’d ever stayed mad at each other). They were both a mess by the time he returned, and they spent the rest of the night making up.

  They always made up.

  Harry and Draco were always arguing with each other, so it wasn’t really a surprise that their engagement was the result of an argument.

  “I’m sorry, but I am not naming my child Reginald.” Harry and Draco were laying on their bed, it was a rare lazy day when neither of them had anywhere to be. The dreadful London weather gave them an excuse to spend the whole day wrapped up in each other. Somehow, they’d found themselves in a discussion about their imaginary house in the mountains with their imaginary children.

  Harry absently ran his hand through Draco’s hair again. It was something he always did when his boyfriend was anywhere within reaching distance. The feeling soothed them both. Besides, he had to make up for all the years that he wasn’t allowed to touch it.

  “Fine,” Draco sighed. “It doesn’t have to be Reginald. It can be Chauncey, and the girl can be called Gertrude.” Harry visibly cringed. He was starting to wonder if Draco was just messing with him, but when he looked down at him, his face showed no trace of humor.

  “It’s like you got these from a list of terrible baby names.” He remarked. Draco sat up and gave Harry one of his unlimited supply of dirty looks.

  “Well what do you suggest?” 

  “What about Lily and James?” Harry bit his lip and avoided making eye contact with Draco. He’d actually been thinking about baby names a lot lately and he couldn’t think of a better way to honor his parents.

  “After your parents?” Draco asked, incredulously. “You want to name our daughter and son after your parents who were married? Don’t you think that’s a bit weird? Why don’t we just call them Lucius and Narcissa then?” Harry was sitting up now too, obviously annoyed. Draco knew that he had hit a soft spot, and he knew he should back off, but he was never one to admit that he was in the wrong.

 “Because, you hate your father! And you know I respect your mother but- I don’t know. It was just a thought, but those are my parents’ names. Do you have to look so disgusted at the suggestion?” Draco felt his face crack. He knew they were drifting into dangerous territory, and they’d just had such a nice day… he didn’t want to spoil it.

  “I wasn’t trying to look that way, honest. I just think maybe we should try something more regal, y’know? So the kids at Hogwarts know that our little ones come from the best.”

  “Are you kidding?” Harry asked, a small smile playing at his lips. “These are the children of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy we’re talking about. Everyone will know who they are before they walk onto that train.” He shook his head, trying to gather his thoughts. “I don’t even know why we’re having this argument. Maybe when we adopt, the baby will already-”

  “Excuse me?” Draco interrupted him. “When we adopt? I will not be getting my baby from a muggle orphanage. How do you expect him to be top of his class at Hogwarts if he has no magical abilities?”

  “I mean,” Harry started. “I wasn’t really thinking ab-”

  “Exactly,” Draco cut in again. “You weren’t. We’ll get a surrogate. I already have a list of the best witches available to do the job.” Harry looked at his boyfriend, completely stunned by this announcement.

  “And I suppose you’ll be the father?” He asked.

  “Well, I thought-”

  “Unbelievable!” Harry burst out, standing up. “So you’ve already had all of this planned out?”

  “Of course, I-”

  “Do I not get a say in any of this? Do I not get a choice in-”

  “I thought this was the future you wanted for us!” Now Draco was standing on the opposite side of the bed, mirroring Harry’s hurt expression. They were both yelling. “Isn’t this what it’s all for, Harry? The life? The kids? The bloody happy ending? Excuse me for thinking about our future.” Harry tried to ignore the way Draco spit out the words “happy ending”. Of course it was all for the happy ending. Neither of the boys had even considered that they would get one. They both thought they would die at the hands of Voldemort. So now that they had a chance at one, it was all either of them could imagine, but Harry’s version didn’t end like this.

  “I want that more than anything, Draco. I want the life, the kids, the future, but you don’t get to make all of the decisions. It has to be a compromise.” Harry threw his hands up in the air, his voice rising with every sentence. “You can’t just not include me in your planning! Besides, you’re getting way ahead of yourself. When were you planning on us moving into this big house? When did you plan our wedding, do I get to know that? When did you even plan on us getting engaged?”

  “Tonight!” Draco exclaimed.

  Then no one was yelling. The silence stretched on between them for what felt like hours. Without a word, Draco reached into his bedside table and pulled out a small, navy blue box. When he spoke again, his voice was barely above a whisper. “I was planning on proposing tonight.” Harry was stunned into silence. Draco dropped down on the bed, facing away from him. “I’ve been trying to work up the nerve for a while. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, or when, I just knew that I needed to ask you. Because you are my only plan, Harry.”

 Suddenly, he felt something drop into his lap. He looked down to see an identical navy blue box, and before he realized what that meant, Harry was wrapping his arms around him from behind.

 “Mine too,” He whispered in Draco’s ear. “You’re my only plan too.”

That was the end of that argument, and the beginning of a lifetime of them.

A Soft Spot (Montgomery De La Cruz, 13 Reasons)

There was an annual scavenger hunt that took place every year at a local park in your town. You’d gone every year in your childhood, and it was now your turn to take your three year old niece. You’d convinced your boyfriend, Montgomery De La Cruz to go with you. He didn’t want to go necessarily, but he had a self admitted soft spot for not only you, but young kids.

“Zach is taking his little sister, and Bryce is taking his little cousin. I said we could meet up with them.” He grabbed your hand. Your niece sat comfortably on his shoulders. She loved Montgomery. Or “Monty” as she called him after hearing you call him that quite a bit.

“That’s fine. Where are they though?” Montgomery gestured to an area a few yards away. Sure enough, there his friends stood. Bryce stood with a young boy who couldn’t be older than five, while Zach stood with his sister who was a few years older than that.

“I told you I was too old for this, Zach!” His sister crossed her arms over her chest, she looked embarrassed.

“Oh yeah? Stop acting like you’re two.” Zach said in a kidding tone, bringing her into his chest for a hug. This seemed to lighten her up, though she still rolled her eyes and pushed him away.

“Let’s go Monty.” Your niece jerked his head towards the sign in table.

“You’re letting a little girl order you around?” Bryce laughed. You sent daggers his way. He knew this was your niece. You two didn’t like each other, plain and simple.

“We came here to do a fucking scavenger hunt, we’re doing a fucking scavenger hunt.” Montgomery rolled his eyes at Bryce. They were friends, but not so much after you two had started dating.

“Language, Montgomery.” You said quietly and sternly. You didn’t need your niece running home and dropping F bombs after hanging out with you and your boyfriend.

“She has you by the balls, doesn’t she?” Bryce nodded in your direction. Monty looked like he wanted to lunge at him, but you simply grabbed his bicep and led him to walk in the opposite direction.

“You’ve worked so hard not be such a hot head, you can’t let someone like Bryce ruin this for you.” Montgomery mumbled something before nodding in agreement.

A few hours later, after finding a few things on the scavenger hunt’s list, you guys had reached the words “sea shell”

“I see it! I see it Monty! Auntie!” She chanted on and on excitedly. Once you and Monty caught what she was looking at, you both turned to walk that way.

“I want to get it.” She said quickly. Monty knelt down and let her off his shoulders. She trotted over to the shell. Just as she reached it, so did Bryce’s cousin. Luckily, your niece grabbed the shell first. She giggled happily, turning to walk back to the two of you.

“That’s mine.” Bryce’s cousin said with little to no energy, taking it, and turning to walk away. Your niece was feisty, however, and she never went down without at least a little bit of a fight.

“Give that back right now!” She demanded. She hopped up and down, as he held the white shell over his head. She finally yanked on his arm hard enough to where the shell went flying out of his hands. Before she could take off running for it, he shoved her to the ground and ran for it himself.

“You little shit!” Monty didn’t take any hesitation before picking her up and handing her to you. He took the shell from the little boy.

“What makes you think you can do that? Do you go around hitting girls a lot?” The little boy’s lip started to quiver before tears streamed down his pink cheeks.

“Did I seriously just see you take that away from my little cousin, Monty?” Bryce approached. He didn’t look angry, just annoyed.

“He stole it from her.” Monty said, shrugging and handing it to the little girl.

“Woah, I’m gonna have to ask you to give that back to him, it’s his after all.” Bryce approached the little girl. You whipped around, shielding her from him.

“Don’t come near my niece, Walker.” Your maternal instincts came out as you grew more protective of her by the second.

“You’ll be handing that over.” Bryce said simply. Montgomery scoffed at the comment, as though it was an unbelievable idea.

“Enough about the shell, who’s going to teach your cousin not to hit girls?” Montgomery approached Bryce.

“I’ve never met someone who’s fought more people than you, Montgomery.” Bryce let out a loud laugh before staring right at Monty.

“I may have knocked a lot of guys around, but never a girl.” Montgomery stated. He seemed to want to make that very clear to anyone and everyone who may have been listening.

“You’re telling me you’ve never knocked miss priss around?” Bryce smirked, pointing at you. Suddenly, a growl escaped Montgomery’s lips. You’d never heard anything like it.

“Absolutely-Fucking-Not.” And with that, Monty lunged at him. You didn’t stop him this time.

Long story short, you all got kicked out and only Zach and his sister finished the hunt. That night, after dropping your niece off, you sat, visiting with her parents.

“Did you need to eat dinner, baby?” Her mother asked her. The little girl shook her head.

“Absolutely-Fucking-Not.” She said in a sing-song tone, before prancing down the hallway.

You slowly looked at Monty, who was bright red and refusing to make eye contact with you, or anyone else for that matter.

~Don’t really know where this came from, but I hope it was enjoyable. Request guys :)~

Reader is a human cop with feelings for an oblivious deviant Connor.

You didn’t really think much of the android when you first met him. He was rather strange really──analytical, talkative and ignorant to social cues. Hank hated even breathing the same air as him, but you found him rather cute and quirky──for an android that is. It was strangely endearing, and even Hank began to warm up to the newcomer after some time.

Watching his failed attempts to make conversation with the lieutenant was a hilarious sight to see──he just seemed so lost and confused whenever it seemingly backfires on him. And then he’d look at you as if hoping you’d tell him where he went wrong, but you’re far too busy laughing at the sidelines to respond. He never understood why you’d laugh, but he found himself liking the sound of it without knowing why.

There was something…frankly adorable about him. He seemed so earnest whenever he tried to understand the things human’s did or why particular humans would react coldly towards him. It was strange to see an android so aware of the hostile environment around them, and you felt as if he was…well──human. You noticed how his stilted dialogue became more fluid, and how he seemed to read situations far better. 

You couldn’t believe your ears the first time you’d witnessed the android defend itself from Gavin with a snarky remark. Your laughter could literally be heard throughout the department, and the look of pure hatred on the man’s face was nearly comical. Connor looked all too proud of himself as he smiled at your flushed visage. You’d howled so loudly that Hank had to drag you away from the scene as if you’d committed a crime.

You could admit that you had a huge soft spot for the android, but even you were surprised whenever your heart would leap from your chest when he smiled your way or took the time to ask you how your day went. You’d often find yourself rubbing your neck, suddenly self-conscious from his attention, which only succeeded in perplexing him. He’d tilt his head to the side like a confused puppy and you knew you were smitten

It was hard to figure out what the android was thinking, and he seemed to enjoy your company. But you found yourself lost in thought wondering if it was possible for him to feel the same way for you? If he could even love? 

Your thoughts are cut off when Connor finally exits the Archive Room, and by the look of determination in his eyes, he found exactly what he’s been looking for.

“I’ll go with you,” you state in a matter-of-fact tone. He gives you a a pointed look and shakes his head.

“It’s too dangerous (y/n). Stay with Hank, I have to do this.” He places a firm, yet comforting hand on your shoulder, staring into your eyes with such intensity that your filled with overwhelming emotions. What if he gets hurt? What if he doesn’t come back

“I need you to be safe,” he suddenly declares and for a moment, his indicator blinks yellow. 

You bite your lip, afraid that your voice would waver, and gently cover his hand with your own. Lurching forward, you place a chaste kiss to his lips and pull away immediately, shifting from leg-to-leg nervously as your hand returns to your side. 

Connor is frozen in place, blinking absentmindedly, and you’re not sure if he’s staring at you or through you. His indicator remains yellow when he tilts his head slightly, as if in thought as he considers you. 

“Uh──you should get going huh? Just…just stay safe,” you mumble awkwardly, moving out of his way and looking to the side in hot embarrassment.

You jump as he suddenly takes hold of your face, his hands warm and gentle, forcing you to look him in the eye. His smile is soft and sweet, and his dark eyes almost seem to shine with something…different. 

“I promise that I’ll come back for you,” he says with new resolution. And he finds himself mimicking your earlier actions, kissing you softly.

Newest Addition To The Family

Summary: Emmett has a talk with Seth about his little imprinting act.

Pariring: Imprint! Seth x Imprint! Reader / Mother! Rosalie x daughter! Reader / father! Emmett x daughter! Reader / strangers! Pack x baby! Reader / family! Cullens x baby! Reader

Chapter 8

Originally posted by twilightsagadaily

Rosalie glare seemed to get worst with every given moment, Carlisle had moved the shape shifting pack to another side of the room so that nothing would happen to their young member.

(Y/n) who was still being held in her father’s, Emmetts arms was wiggling around trying to catch a peak at the shapeshifters.

Paul was glaring at Seth, Why? Because it felt like Jacob and Renessmee all over again.

“We always have to pay for someone’s mistakes.” mumbled Leah.

“Someone’s mistakes!” shouted Rosalie, “If I didn’t know any better, I would say it’s you mutts who have a problem when it comes to imprinting.

Emmett sighed, ‘Another fights going to break out soon.’ he thought.

(Y/n) red orbs stared up into her father’s flawless face before she looked around the room a but, her eyes landed on Seth and she started blabbing and waving her hands wildly to get his attention.

Seth eyes contacted with her’s and he gave her a small smile, praying Roslie didn’t see him do that. He hadn’t meant to start a problem between them all or cause all this tension in the room but it wasn’t entirely his fault either.

Sighing to himself, Seth moved away from his friends and opened up the door to the balcony to stand out there for a while. 

'Hopefully me being out of the room, will make the tension between everyone leave.’ he thought. 

Emmett walked past his family and Sam’s pack, heading towards the blacony door, opening it with one hand and holding (y/n) in his others he stepped out into the balconies deck.

"Hey kid-” Seth head looked towards Emmetts direction and he couldn’t help but smile a but, neither could Emmett. Though he would never admit out loud but he had a soft spot for Seth.

“Wanna meet your mate?” Emmett asked.

“Imprint.” Seth corrected, “But yes, I’ll love to meet her.”

Emmett stepped closer to the young shapeshifter and handed (y/n) over to Seth’s awaiting arms, “Now be careful with her, and don’t drop her.” Emmett playfully warned.

Seth chuckled and sat down on the chair that stood on the balconies deck a few meters away.(Y/n) leaned closer into Seth’s warmth, her head leaned back into his chest and she hummed in delight.

“Seems she's taken a liking towards you already kid.” chuckled Emmett, “Yeah I guess she did." 

Seth wore a sidewards smile on his face and he just enjoyed the moment. "You better not break her heart.”

Seth looked up at Emmett and said “Huh?" 

"I said you better not break her heart, when she’s older of course.” Emmett replied. 

“You know imprints don’t always have to date, we can be bestfriends, I could be like a brother to her or she can tell me to stay away. It’s her choice really.” said Seth.

But for some reason thinking about those other choices caused a pain to erupted in Seth’s heart.

“Trust me kid, I know that look-” Emmett chuckled. “You two will date, and if you break her heart.”

Emmett paused before picking up a break crushing it in his hands, “I’ll break your face, alright kid?”

“Alright.” Seth gave a nervous laugh in return.

“How long have you wanted this?” (pt.1)

Pairing: Tony Stark x reader
Warnings: smut, unprotected sex
Word Count: 2.2k+
Summary: You and Tony have been experiencing some sexual tension, but he refuses to act on it because he thinks you’re way too young for him. 
Notes: I’ve been wanting to write this for forever! hope you guys like it

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anonymous asked:

Prinxiety. Soulmate au where you can here the others thoughts and Roman's are 98% Disney songs

Love this au

Musical Minds

Fandom: Sanders Sides
Pairings: Prinxiety
Warnings: None

Tagged:  @existental-crises @jordisama @here-to-vent @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @novagalaxy4real @thomas-must-get-to-sleep @emo-space-trash @evanisonfire @lollingtothemax @all-the-fand0mz

Today was going pretty well; the sky was overcast, traffic wasn’t bad, and the workday was clear.  But Fate just had to spite Virgil at every chance she got.  He’d never been too worried about finding his soulmate.  He knew that their psychic link would connect the second they met, but nothing could’ve prepared him for Roman.

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Bad Boy! Tom AU Part 2

i mean you don’t have to but if i were you i’d read part 1 before i read this

Pairings: Bad Boy!Tom Holland x Reader

Warning(s)?: A N G S T Y but also F L U F F Y, ((drugs))

Word Count: ~1,900

Summary: Tom and Reader try to make the most of their last day together before he has a flight to escape from his hometown.

A/N: y'all asked for it.. so here it is!!! i didn’t proof read this at all before i posted so hopefully it’s not trash

It was a Saturday morning you woke up entangled in a pair of arms. Opening your eyes, you found that Tom was still sleeping, his face gleaming ever so slightly due to the sunlight peaking in through your blinds. You couldn’t help but admire him and how peaceful he looked, his hair disheveled and his bare chest rising and falling. Studying the various scratches and wounds on his body, you trailed your finger down his ribcage lightly. You tried not to wake him as you slowly pried one of his arms off your waist so that you could slide out from under the covers.

You walked over to your bathroom and stood in front of your mirror, taking time to inspect the mess atop of your head that you called hair. Your eyes trailed from your hair, to your face, and then to your neck, where multiple subtle spots were scattered on the side of your neck. Your lips turned upwards as your fingers grazed the bruised area, remembering the night before when Tom’s lips were attached to your skin, leaving kisses all down your neck lazily as you lied in bed on your phone.

This had been you and Tom’s relationship for the past few weeks. There were constant sleepovers, spontaneous outings, and an endless amount of kisses. You didn’t dare ask Tom what you guys were, because any type of commitment scared the shit out of him. When you’d hear him get home in the untimely hours of the morning from doing who knows what all day with his friends (he still wouldn’t tell you), you’d scurry down to your front door, ushering him inside and sneaking upstairs into your room where you would lie in bed and cuddle, kiss, or both. Really you just wanted to spend as much time with him as possible before he left for New York, and the days had snuck up on you; he was leaving today.

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Kang Daniel | Doormat

Originally posted by fydaniel

prompt: you’re tired of seeing the school’s sweetheart, kang daniel, get taken advantage of.

note: a precious anon requested this - i’m so sorry for the delay! school’s been a bit busy for me but i really wanted to write so i hope you enjoy!!!

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My Sunshine - Jaemin

A/N: Okay, this is not that fluffy, there’s not a lot of skinship
I made this to be Jaemin’s Day in the Day and Night series, but I’m not sure now… SO maybe later it might be…

Originally posted by imaginejaemin

Word Count: 1.6K

🌞  :  11:31 AM
what’re u doing?

You  :  11:32 AM
sitting on the couch…

🌞  :  11:32 AM
how u feel?

You  :  11:32 AM
sick ☹️

🌞  :  11:32 AM
did u take anything for it?
did you eat yet?
i can bring something over-

You  :  11:33 AM
it’s okay

🌞  :  11:33 AM
i’m not busy

You waited patiently for Jaemin to finish his text.
You wallowed on the sofa, hugging the blanket around your weak figure tightly as the TV droned quietly.
You had no appetite; you simply wanted to sleep and watch cartoons, possibly cuddle with your crush and best friend, Jaemin.
Suddenly, your phone vibrated obnoxiously.

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drunken thoughts

summary: while attending a Christmas party at the school, Anne, Diana, and Gilbert accidentally let reader get drunk.

pairing: gilbert x fem!reader

rating: idk let’s see, it mentions alcohol so PG-13? yeahhhh I’m bad with this we’ll just do warnings instead

warnings: alcohol and crappy writing



Christmas was never really Y/N’s favorite holiday. There were much better ones, in her opinion. But the one thing she did love about this sweet time was the baked treats. And what better place to get them then at the school Christmas party?

“Cookies, cookies, and ooh, look at that! More cookies,” she walked by the table, finding nothing really out of the ordinary. However, Y/N refused to leave without something delicious. After all, that was her sole purpose for coming tonight.

“Y/N, Y/N!” Ruby cried and ran up to the girl with a dish in her hands. “Your dress looks gorgeous!”

“Thank you, Ruby.” she replied dryly, more focused on the sweet aroma hitting her hard. “What’s that you have?”

The blonde looked down. “This? Oh, why it’s just a pie. My mother baked it for the party.”

“May I try some?”

“Of course!”

Didn’t have to tell her twice. As soon as Ruby opened the lid, Y/N wasted no time in getting her own slice, then devouring into it. She moaned with delight. “Ruby, this is delicious. I think this might save my social life-“ but then… a disgusting taste replaced the temporary good one. Y/N scrunched up her nose, but forced a smile to not seem rude. “What kind- what kind of pie is this?”

“Pumpkin, I believe.”

I’ll let you know it was a struggle for Y/N to not puke then and there.

Instead, she nodded, and walked to a corner of the room with her pie. When she suspected nobody was paying attention to her, she opened the window, and spit out whatever was in her mouth, as long as the plate. Then she closed the window, seeming as innocent as can be while whistling. Y/N walked over to Gilbert, Anne, and Diana, who huddled together and looked around as if they were paranoid. But she was far too occupied with the foul taste of pumpkin in her mouth that she ignored it.

“I think I’m gonna die, help.”

As soon as she said that, Gilbert turned around. “What’s wrong?”

He’s always had a soft spot for Y/N, and most say because he likes her. But if asked about it, he would quickly deny it. Apparently, he’s oblivious of his actions toward her being caught, whether it’s the way he steals affectionate glances or when he smiles lovingly as she speaks. There was no doubt that he had special feelings for her, but he would never admit them out loud.

She leaned on him for support. “I just ate poison.” This is the moment she notices the glass in his hand, and snatches it, desperate to drown the pumpkin. The drink is bitter and strong, but it sure is better than the pie.

All at once the three yell, “No!” but Y/N had already downed it all. With a satisfied sigh, she gives the glass back to Gilbert, smiling. Anne looks shocked, while Diana is at a loss for words. Gilbert just peers into the cup, wondering how she drank it so fast. And Y/N just keeps smiling.

“What? Did I do something wrong?”

Diana was the first to break. “Did she drink it all?” Gilbert handed the cup to her so she could see for herself.

“Oh, my gosh. We’re dead!” Anne scoffed, shaking her head. “This is- this is disastrous!”

“Shhh!” Y/N put a finger to her lips, causing all of them to look at her. As soon as everyone’s eyes were on her, she sheepishly looked down and hugged herself. “You’re loud.” she whispered softly, pouting.

“Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no, no.” Diana said. “Is she… she…” she shakily pointed a finger at the girl.

“What? No.” Gilbert said. “It was just one cup.”

Anne’s eyes widened. “What if she has a low tolerance for alcohol? What if she’s actually ridiculously dr-“

“Don’t say that!” He scolded. “She’s perfectly fine. Right, Y/N?”

When he turned to the girl with a supportive smile, her face went blank. He expected her to nod and say something. But she actually laughed. She laughed and cupped his cheeks in her hands. “Aww, you’re so cute!” she cooed, making kissing noises.

His eyes widened, and he grabbed her hands, pulling them down. “Yep, we’re in trouble.”

Y/N giggled and looked over his shoulder. She gasped and squealed. “Look, it’s Billy! Billy, I wrote a song for you! Ahem! It’s Billy! B-B-Billy! The biggest jerk ever known to- MHH!”

Gilbert quickly clamped a hand over her mouth and pushed her toward the girls. “I’ll handle him, just get her outside before he says something.”

“But it was his drink in the first place, why would she get in trouble? She didn’t know!” Anne yelled.

“Yeah! He gets in trouble, yeah!”

“Alrighty, let’s get you outside. Anne. Come on!”

When the three walked outside, Y/N shook her head rapidly. “Oh, no. I don’t like the dark.”

“Then, look at the stars.” Diana suggested with a small smile. Then she turned to the redhead who crossed her arms with a scowl. “What will we do with her? She can’t go home.”

“She can’t come to my house! Marilla is already severely disappointed in me.”

“Well she won’t even get passed the door with Mother at my house.”

“I’m going to count the stars!”

Anne sighed. “Then what are we going to do?” She closed her eyes and sat down on the grass.

“There’s like a gazillion!”

Diana looked behind her. “Quiet down, Y/N.” She sat next to Anne as they both watched the girl chase nothing.

It took a few minutes for Gilbert to come out, but as soon as he did, he was met by a hug. “Gil, I missed you! And, ooh! Look at those stars, I stopped counting at seven, but at least we know there’s at least seven!”

He looked down at her and softly smiled. “Yeah, there’s at least seven.”

“Hey, Gilbert.” Anne interrupted them, and he looked over. “Your father would be asleep around this time, right?”

“Yeah, why?” Anne and Diana smiled gladly, a sudden feeling of relief overcoming their dread. “Uh, why?”


“I guess this is why.”

Gilbert and Y/N walked inside his house, being met with the same silence and darkness from outside. It took a little convincing for Gilbert to let Y/N stay at his place for the night. Diana and Anne would see her parent, claiming they would all stay at Diana’s for a sleepover, and that Y/N couldn’t ask permission for herself because she stayed behind to clean up the school. In a way, everything was working out fine.

That was until Y/N started to squeal and jump.

“Oh, Gilbert, look! Look at the moo-“

He rushed up towards her, covering her mouth yet again that night, and stayed still. “We have to be quiet.” He whispered. “Come on, let’s go to my room.”

Her eyes widened and she pushed him away. “How dare you! What do you take me for? I am a lady!”

He sighed. “Not like that, Y/N. You’ll sleep in there and I’ll sleep somewhere else. Now come on, quietly.”

“Okay!” She tried to whisper, but it still came out loudly.

Gilbert helped her into bed, which took a while because she couldn’t stop laughing from when he tripped on their way in. But once she made contact, Y/N slipped underneath the covers, laying on her back. “Hey, where are the stars? Did you steal them? Put them back, Gilbert.”

He sat on the bed, covering her more. “They’re outside. They’ll be back tomorrow.”


Y/N giggled, and he smiled. “What’s funny?”

“I made a lot of wishes tonight.”

“What kind of wishes?”

“Umm, one was for chocolate. The other was to ride a horse. And then one was to kiss Gilbert. There was also one that had to deal with a boat and a snake, but I can’t remember anymore-“



He shook his head. “What was that wish?”

“The snake and boat-“

“No, the one before that.”

Y/N was confused before relisting the wishes in her head and counting them on her fingers. “Oh! The one about Gilbert.”

He gulpped. “Yeah. The one about him.”

She sat up and hit the pillow a few times. “Well, as much as he can get on my nerves, I want to have my first kiss with him.” Y/N sharply turned to face him and pointed a finger. “Don’t you dare tell him.”

Gilbert resisted the urge to smile and nodded. “I won’t.”

“Good. I’m going to dream now.” She laid back down and pulled the blanket over her head. Gilbert chuckled and stood up, watching as she moved under.

“Sweet dreams, Y/N.”

“Sweet dreams, Gilbert.”

25 | in ink

things you said in writing | harry potter au + slytherin!min yoongi 
word count :: 1,659

You run a hand through your hair, wishing you had brought a hair tie to get rid of your main distraction in order to focus all your attention on the essay rested before you. It’s meant to be a three-feet roll of parchment for your Transfiguration class, but it’s hard to keep yourself motivated. With the rapidly approaching N.E.W.T.s, and your desperation to remain in the good graces of all your professors and classes, the stress is starting to eat at your nerves.

You’re about to start on your second roll, when you suddenly feel a pair of cool hands cup themselves around your eyes. At once, you stiffen at the sensation as you straighten and bring your hands up to gently tap at the mysterious hands. “Uh, who is this?” You inquire, an airy quality to the question.

When the voice doesn’t respond, you drag your fingers over the hands. They’re familiar. You’ve spent one too many times running your hands over these, the course skin and callused fingertips, and the corner of your lips turn up as you briefly envision his face—how he would rip his hand away from yours, only to sport a soft smile from the gesture when he thought you weren’t looking. You know him better than either of you like to admit, like how he’s always had a soft spot for you despite his reputation and how you’ve always looked forward to his visits despite your own reputation.

You finally decide to start speaking: “I thought you had detention today.”

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I know everyone always head canons (and it turns out real canons) Widowmaker as a ballerina.

But have you watched Reaper’s whirling Death Blossom? The way he walks across the floor in the Museum short? With his gliding cross over while firing his guns? That’s some classically trained dance move shit there.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I sort of head canon Ballerina Gabe. Like, not professionally (because obviously not.) But maybe a ballet aficionado. Like instead of sports in high school, he went to dance lessons. And he was damned good at them. And he has a soft spot for ballet years later.

Or maybe he was good enough to go pro, had thought about it. But the Omnic Crisis was looming. He couldn’t just become a dancer when his home was in danger.

So he became a soldier, but he still fucking loved ballet. And he ends up taking Gérard Lacroix to the ballet with him when his date cancels. Because Jack swore that if Gabe dragged him to Swan Lake one more time, he was going do unspeakable things to him. (Gabe kind of hoped those unspeakable things would be sexy unspeakable things, but it’s weird having the hots for his kind of best friend, kind of nemesis - especially after all the years they’ve known each other.)

Anyway, he takes Gérard to see Swan Lake. And Gérard falls in love with Amélie
at first sight.

And fuck if Reaper can’t stand Swan Lake anymore. Because all he can think of is Gérard’s dead face, and the cold sneer that has replaced Amélie’s gentle smile. And how Jack might not be pointing that gun at his head if Gabe had only dragged him to Swan Lake instead of Gérard .

Bedroom Games



Requested by @belleorleslie -Can you do a threesome with liam/reader/brett?


It was the after party of the big game between Beacon Hills and Devenford Prep, it was being held at Scott’s house seeing as he is our team captain and the Devenford Prep boys were already here so it only made sense for the party to be held in Beacon Hills. Of course I was rooting for our boys, seeing as Scott, Stiles and I have been best friends since kindergarten. We all knew this game was going to be hard for Liam, seeing as he had just turned and was still getting use to all his abilities but also because it was against his old school. The boys have told me that Liam has had a thing for me since day one of meeting me but personally I don’t believe it. So as hard as it is for me to see my best friends loose, it was interesting to see how Liam was acting. Brett of course was acting cocky and over the top while Liam on the other had wasn’t even angry, he just seemed defeated. I thought he might perk up once the party started but that was a complete bust as well. While everyone was dancing, drinking and celebrating, Liam was sitting on the front porch staring out into nothing.

“You should go talk to him.” I heard a voice say from behind me, I turned around to see Brett standing there, staring at me. I looked him up and down, knowing what all the girls were going insane over. I then looked back at Liam and sighed, I took Brett’s drink from his hand and shrugged causing him to let out a chuckle before he looked me up and down like I did to him, minutes before.

“Thanks, he’ll need this.” I said, walking away from the man of the hour and towards the boy who is madly in love with me according to Scott and Stiles. As soon as I opened the door, it squeaked causing Liam to look back at me, questioning who was leaving the party to come outside. Once he saw it was me, he smiled softly, while still looking upset at the same time. I walked over and sat down next to him on the top stair of the McCall porch.

“How are you doing, Liam?” I asked handing him the drink that I had taken from Brett, which he took and let out a sigh. I just shook his head while taking a swig of the drink. I had to admit, I have a bit of a soft spot for Liam, and seeing him like this didn’t make me feel all that great. Brett is the popular guy, the guy that all the girls fawn over and Liam is just, looked over.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Liam asked causing me to break my gaze with him only took look back up at him. A little light went off in my head, an idea that I hope would make Liam feel better and end this whole thing with Brett. I cupped Liam’s face with my hand that wasn’t holding my drink and kissed him softly which made Liam drop his drink, causing me pull away and chuckle as he looked at me with closed eyes.

“I like you Liam, I like you for who you are, not what you aren’t.” I said, causing Liam to open his eyes that started to glow a soft yellow, causing me to kiss him again but this time he kissed back with full force. His hands went to my waist, pulling me as close as he could while my one hand went to his hair, my other hand still holding my drink. I pulled away only to catch my breath, If I was going to do this, I was going to have to do it now. I took Liam’s hand in mine and stood up and pulled him into the house.

“We are going to do something that is going to make you feel better, don’t question it, just go with it.” I said causing him to nod, lust in his eyes as we made our way through the drunk teenagers of Beacon Hills. I looked around to see Brett at the bottom of the stairs, talking to some drunk and stumbling girl. I sighed and walked over there, taking Brett’s hand in my other hand and leading them both up to Scott’s room. He said he room was off limits but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I let go of Brett’s hand to open the door, and pulled both the boys inside, shutting and locking the door behind me. They both stood there, looking at me like I was an oncoming car and they were two deer in the middle of the road.

“You both have an issue with one another. It’s because you both think you have the qualities to be the top man, the best of the best. Devenford Prep won tonight so naturally Liam thinks Brett is better at Lacrosse, he also thinks Brett has a better shot with girls but what about who is better in bed?” I asked taking my top off as I walked around them in circles, letting them take in everything that I was saying.

“Sex is the biggest act of passion people can share, also something that guys think is a big deal, so I’m here to judge. One of you will be better than the other at this, neither of you will be bad, I’m sure of that but one of you will be better and after I say who it is, this stops. You two will be civil with each other, because the three of us will know which one of you is hotter in bed and that is one thing no man wants to suck at.” I said, standing in front of both boys, waiting for one of them to make a move. Liam went to put his hand out to touch me but Brett beat him to the punch.

“I’m going first.”  He said grabbing the backs of my thighs and picking me up, my legs around his waist, his lips hard on mine as he placed me on the bed, back first. His hips ground down into mine, causing me to bit down on his lip and let out a moan. Brett smiled and began to kiss down my neck and whisper, loud enough for Liam to hear as well.

“From the minute I saw you, I knew I was going to have you under me and moaning in no time.”  He said causing me to gasp as he undid the button on my pants and slid his hand down my underwear and began massage my core. I looked over at Liam with a smile on my face and let out a loud and breathy moan which Brett thought was for him. I put one hand out, wanting Liam to come over and join us. I could see his growing bulge in his pants, making me only hotter by the second. Liam took my hand and sat next to my head as Brett continued to kiss down my body while his hand got faster and harder with each circle motion in my pants. Liam bent down to my ear and kissed my temple before he began to speak.

“You have no idea how much I care about you and I know what you are doing. I can’t thank you enough for this, but I’m sure going to try.” He said causing me to go over the edge, earning a smirk from Brett and a sigh from Liam. Even if Liam knew what I saw doing, he didn’t like someone else making me orgasm.

“First orgasm of the night goes to me.” Brett said as he moved off from on top of me, my breathing heavy, my body wanting more. Liam rolled his eyes, pushing Brett out of the way and kneeled in front of me, shimming off my pants and throwing them to the side. I cupped Liam’s face as he took my underwear off as well and I smiled as he looked up at me with a smirk before diving into my entrance, I let out involuntary gasp as my hands went to Liam’s hair. His tongue, doing things I never thought it would do to me, the punch line to all the pack’s jokes was going down on me and my god it’s fucking amazing. 

“Liam, god.” I moaned out, causing Brett to sigh as I laughed from how much pleasure I was receiving. Brett fingering me, was hot sure but Liam going down on me was a next level kind of hot. I could feel a familiar feeling begin to boil up and I knew it was going to be a hot and heavy one.

“Liam, I-“ I started to say but didn’t get to finish before I started to feel myself go. Liam, licked his lips and stood up, taking off his shirt as I tried to catch my breath.

“Second orgasm goes to me, just like the next few of them will.” Liam said as I sat up and ran my hands up and down his torso as he kept undressing himself.

“You can leave now Brett, Liam wins. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that Dunbar is better than you in the sack.” I said causing Brett to scoff, roll his eyes and walk out of the door, slamming the door behind him.

“I really do like you Liam, I meant what I said. I said before he scooped me up and pinned me against the back of the door, my legs still weak from my past two fun filled experiences. Liam caught me before pulling his underwear off as well.

“I know, and I meant what I said. I like you, a lot and after I make you cum one more time, I’m taking you back to my house where we can talk all night about what the next move is for us.” He said before shoving himself into me, making me squeal followed by a moan. I never knew Liam would be this good in bed, but damn am I glad that I found out. Brett lost my bedroom game and it made Liam feel a ton better, the orgasms didn’t hurt me either though. Thrust after thrust, I kept letting moans out, Liam following suit. Liam and I still have to talk about what we are going to be to one another but right now, all I can think about it how good I feel. I kissed Liam passionately, wanting him to know I didn’t just use him for some sex toy. He kissed me back, before he locked one of his hands with mine against the back of the door, my entire body just behind held up by one of his arms, I was never more turned on in my entire life.  Boy, am I glad, I found someone with the stamina of an animal, oh wait.

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Michael came in the bathroom

Requested by @tealdominatrix

Tag list @sea-creature-anons @diamond-anon @piano-anon @ghcstflower

•Michael has had a crush on you since first year of high school when you two were paired up for a history project together. He was smitten with you the second you recognised the Bob Marley song playing in his headphones

•of corse he told Jeremy about all of this, he could barely hold a conversation with you let alone confess his love so he just silently loves you from a distance

•Jeremy and him often try and convince the other to confess their love but it never works “dude just tell Christine all ready!” “I’ll do it when you talk to Y/N without stuttering” “that’s cold dude… real cold”

•eventually we fast forward to Jakey D’s party and you got invited. You decide as a slutty nurse because hey it’s the season and you find it funny as all hell. Parties were never really your scene but you got some enjoyment watching everyone get shit faced and make a complete fool of yourself.

•from the corner of your eye you can see Jeremy leave the bathroom, the door slamming behind him. Your frown, your suspicion sky high. You had to admit you had a soft spot for his friend Michael but… you hadn’t really seen Jeremy with him much this week though

•in fact Jeremy had seemed to be a huge jerk as of recently. Curiosity got the best of you and you made your way to the bathroom, twisting the door handle to find it locked. Hesitantly you knock on the door

•"Occupied! Just… I’ll be out later!“ You recognised that voice automatically, Michael. Your heart dropped at the voice. It wasn’t his usually cheerful happy tone, it was dark… and was he crying?

•your eyes widened as you listened, you could make out the soft sounds of muffled sobs coming from inside. Carefully you knock again "Michael… is that you? It’s Y/N, from history I don’t know if you remember me…”

•you barely finished your sentence before you heard him answer “I remember you… how could I forget you.” Maybe it was because of the few beers or hell maybe it was because there was a door separating you two but Michael felt a wave of confidence wash over him

•you couldn’t help but laugh as you lean against the door “glad to know some people remembers me” you don’t know how it happened but you ended up having a full conversation like that. Your back against the door as you had the longest talk you’ve ever had with the boy

•eventually the conversation turned from him talking about Jeremy while you mumble about school. Suddenly your heart fluttered when your heard the sound of the door unlocking “um… you can come in if you want, it must be awkward for you just standing in a hallway”

•you had never entered a room so fast in your life, quickly closing the door behind you. You smile lightly at him, trying to ignore his red eyes, he really had been crying before

•before you can even stop yourself your find yourself wrapping your arms around him. Pulling him into a hug. You could feel Michael tense, his hands hovering over you.

•should he hug back? He wants to, god does he want to. Eventually he finds his arms gently wrapped around your waist. “Oh Michael, I’m sorry… I know I can’t get rid of how your feeling but I can at lest keep you company tonight right?”

•you pull away from him just enough to look up at him and what you saw made you freeze. Michael was staring down at you, his eyes flashing with a mixture of emotions before he slowly leaned in

•"I… this may not be the best time but I’ve liked you for awhile now, probably since I first meet you" he was rambling, his checks growing warm with every word “I mean I get it, why would you even give me a second glance… I’m just Michael in the bathroom at the biggest party of the year, I’m a stoner who spends his Fridays nights playing Mario Kart rather than going out-”

•your hands fist the fabric of his jersey, pulling him down “just shut up and kiss me Mell” your mumble, a large grin in your lips. The look on his face was perfect. The mixture of surprise and pure desire was addicting

•his lips crashed against yours, his hands holding your hips as his lips moulded perfectly against yours. He tasted like weed and cherry… with a hint of beer? It was confusing but oh so good

•time seems to freeze, one minute his lips are against your the next their on your exposed collarbone. Moans fill the small bathroom as your hand quickly tug at the fly of his jeans

•Michael pulls away, staring at you silently for a minute. His eyes were dark and shinning with desire but his voice held sincerity to it “we… we can stop if you want I don’t want you to feel like you have to do this”

•you give a small nod, not trusting your voice at the moment to speak. The minute you nods Michael lifts your up placing you on the bathroom vanity

•"good, because I have to admit… that costume your in looks damn good" he mumbled against your neck. Your hands desperately reaching out to remove his shirt.

•you wanted him so much, your mind only thinking of Michael and Michael alone. The second his shirt his off your lips start exploring the new skin.

•Michael let out one of the deepest growls you had ever heard. His hands quickly pushing your skirt up, his callous fingers slowly grazing up your thighs closer to your core

•"M-Michael" you whine, your hips bucking against his hand lightly. It was like something snapped in him, his once somewhat hesitant touched getting more deliberate

•"your moaning already? I’ve barely even touched you and your calling my name" his voice was against your ear as you felt his fingers suddenly circle your clit. “God if we had more time…” he growled against your neck

•your rand run through his dark hair, giving a quick pull before you slam your lips on his. You were losing your damn mind for this stoner

•"no teasing… not today please just fuck me already" you purred, your lips still ghosting over his. Who would have thought that the kid who always smells of weed and 7/11 slushes would bring you into a moaning mess so fast

•Michael grinned at you, pulling away just enough to free his aching cock from his jeans. “Who am I to deny you?” He purrs, his cock brushing against your wet core

•you buck you hips forward and glare at him, “Michael fucking Mell you better not be teasing me again, you put it in!” You hiss, your body craving him more than you thought possible

•"ask nicely and I’ll do it" Michael smirks, his damn face looking so smug while he rubbed his cock against your clit gently

•your groan, your body almost shaking with need at this point. “Please fuck me sir! I want your cock”

•it was like something snapped in his, his body tensing before a loud moan left him. Without warning your felt him slam into you. You gasp, your whole body felt like it was fire but you wanted more. You needed more

•Michael waited for you to adjust, his laboured breathing loud in your ear before he started to snap his hips back. Michael wasn’t going to lie to himself, he had a number of dreams of this moment. Granted none of them involved a bathroom or you in a nurse outfit but it certainly felt far better than anything he could have imagined

•the sound of blasting music hide your moans from anyone outside, you briefly wondered if anyone of your friends were looking for you but that thought went flying out the window when Michaels fingers found your clit once more

•the only thing you could seem to say was his name and a string of curses. One thing you did realise was whenever “sir” left your lips Michaels thrusts speeds up.

•"fuck your s-so tight princess… shit this is so much better than I could have imagined" his voice was almost a growl against your neck, his teeth biting down every so slightly

•you moan and buck your hips against his thrusts, your fingers tugging at his hair harder “sir keep going, fuck! Don’t stop please don’t stop!”

•you whine and whimper, you felt like you were floating on thin air. You don’t know how long you were in the bathroom for, you could vaguely remember a Whitney Houston song playing at some point between your moans and cries for Michael

•you felt your nerves twitch, your body holding onto his for dear life. “S-sir… I’m…I’m going to!” A loud moan interrupts your sentence as you felt Michael pinch your clit

•"me too princess… it’s okay, cum around sir’s cock. Let me see your pretty face twist up in pleasure that only I can give you" he growled, his hips going from a steady pattern to wild thrusts

•you were thankful for the loud music, without you were sure everyone would have heard your loud scream of Michaels name. You saw stars when you came, you had never felt this level of bliss before

•you squeezing his cock as you came pushed him over the edge, Michael letting out a soft, almost quiet whine of your name as he buried his face into your shoulder. As much as you wanted to see Michaels face your body was far too tired to look over at him

•silence filled the room, your heart rate finally returning to a somewhat normal speed when Michael finally pilled his face away from your shoulder

•you stared at the caramel skinned boy in front of you, you had a thousand and one things to say to him but your struggled to get the words out. You were thankful when He spoke for you

•"would you like to get out of here? Maybe… there’s a 7/11 down the street and I have some weed in my car if you want to-“

•you cut him off with a kiss, a late grin on your face "I would love to Mell, but your paying” you tease, jumping off the vanity as you adjust your costume “it’s the lest you can do after trying to tease me

Selfish part 2

part one


In which H is a little bit selfish


mild smut, angst, fluff


I’m sorry this took so long to update, and I know I said it would be a lot sooner but I was a lot busier than I thought I would. Hope you enjoy!

The house was still, stifled by silence and Harry lay awake, far too submerged in his own thoughts to even consider the idea of sleep. He silently observed the shapes being carved by a mixture of moonlight and streetlight from the window to his left, dancing on the walls all around him. Clenching his eyes shut and resting his forearm over them, Harry could almost feel the fleeting moments shared between he and y/n, some over a decade in the past.

His fists balled and his jaw locked. The past. 

“Harry!” He could feel the way she squealed his name, embedded deep within him, haunting him to this day.

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Request: How about a Dean fic where he gets hit with a truth spell and tries to avoid the reader so he doesnt admit his feelings, as a comeback into Supernatural fics?

AN: Alright loves, I haven’t written for Supernatural in a few years but here goes. Let’s see how much I remember about writing these lovely boys shall we? (Also I’m so sorry I didn’t get any fics up this weekend it was a mess but I won’t bore you with any details)

Most would call you crazy for hunting with the Winchesters. The boys had an angel on a leash and were raising the son of Lucifer. You however had a soft spot for the two Winchesters and their angels. Sam was a gentle giant, always sharing his flannels and making you coffee. Castiel was always there to listen to you and offer his strangely profound advice, Jack never too far behind with his innocent jokes to make you feel better.

You loved them all, especially Dean. Even if the eldest Winchester never said it to your face you could tell he cared. Dean would always silently bandage your wounds, always be right there if you woke up screaming from a nightmare. Dean would always pull you into his chest and rub your back silently as you gripped onto his shirt to ground yourself, pull yourself from the lasting tendrils of the darkness. Dean would always protect you from creeps at the bar, always make sure you got back to the bunker safe, never leaving you to fend for yourself.

Today was another one of those days. The three of you, had gone out on a hunt while Cas and Jack stayed behind at the bunker to do research. What was supposed to be a routine hunt for a witch had gone wrong. It turned out to be an entire coven, and a strong one at that. Sam had taken the brunt of the stunning spell, leaving you and Dean a little loopy while trying to guard Sam’s groaning form between the two of you.

Finally there was one witch left. She looked around frantically at the ingredients still in the bowl, and grabbed one last one. She threw it and a match into the bowl, throwing her hands towards Dean before you shot your gun, lodging a witch killing bullet between her eyes. Dean was doubled over as the spell slowly took effect over him. You hadn’t gotten a good enough look at what was in the bowl to know exactly what it was doing to hi but you knew it wasn’t lethal.

“Dean, are you alright?” You asked, kneeling next to him and placing one hand on either side of his face. He let out a huff, gritting his teeth and rolling onto his back in pain, gripping your forearm tightly.

“I feel like I just got hit by a freighter.” He grumbled. You rolled your eyes and stood up, sliding your gun into the holster on your thigh. You noticed Dean watching you carefully as you knelt and helped Sam into a sitting position, checking to see if the moose of a man would be alright. He shooed you away and you stood, volunteering to check the rest of the house as the boys got themselves back together.

“She’s hot.” Dean said when you left the room. Sam looked at him and gave him a surprised look. He’d suspected his older brother had a crush on you for awhile, but never expected him to say it so bluntly.

“Uh, what?” Sam asked. Dean stood and helped Sam up, looking out the door you had just disappeared through.

“Hot, y'know, smokin’, pretty, all that stuff.” Dean said. Sam looked at him then at the remnants of the spell in the bowl. He let his shoulders slump. A truth spell. Dean was at the complete mercy of anybody who asked him for the truth. At least all you had left was the drive back.

“Hi Cas.” You said as you pushed open the bunker door. Sam caught it and ushered Dean through. So far they had managed to avoid any serious issues with Dean letting it slip (to you) just how much he wanted to get you in his bed. Cas looked up and gave the three of you a smile.

“Hello. How was the hunt?” He asked. Dean opened his mouth to speak but Sam shoved him roughly and Dean was forced to shut his mouth as he caught himself from falling down the stairs. Dean quickly bolted to his room once his feet hit the floor of the bunker and you peered after him curiously.

You turned your attention back to Cas, who was sitting at a laptop next to Jack. Jack had fallen asleep with his arms folded in front of him and his nose pressed into the crook of his elbow as he snored softly. You took a step towards the two and ran your fingers through Jack’s soft hair. The young nephilim stirred slightly before his eyes fluttered open and he hugged you with a grin.

“Welcome home!” He said. Cas might have been his father figure but you were the mother he wished he had. You gave him a smile and rubbed his back for a moment until he let you go. You settled yourself on the table, graciously accepting the cup of coffee Sam offered you.

“Well once we figured out it was a coven it couldn’t have gone any smoother.” You said. Cas raised his eyebrows. Dean had called him before you had gone in to kill the witch, and he said there was only one. You nodded your head as you winced when you tasted the bitterness of the coffee. Jack looked at the cup and blinked. You looked down to see the coffee turning lighter and took another sip. It tasted of sweet cream and sugar. You gave Jack a smile before turning to Cas.

“Yeah there was a coven, pretty big one too. We left the specific body count to the authorities though. Dean and Sam were a little off so I just drove us home.” You explained. Cas nodded his head and turned back to the laptop. You stood off of the table after finishing your coffee, setting the empty cup down where you’d been sitting.

You walked down the hall to your room and pushed open the door to see a pile of clean laundry on the bed. There was a long black feather with a silver tip sitting on the clumsily folded clothes. You took it, recognizing it as one of Jack’s and set it on your nightstand. Jack didn’t have much else to give to thank you so he was constantly pulling out his own feathers to present. You didn’t know how he could make it so you could touch them, but you weren’t complaining that the little nephilim appreciated you.

You turned to the wall that stood between your room and Dean’s and considered going to check on him. However once you changed into your pajamas which consisted of a pair of Sam’s sweatpants with the strings pulled tight and one of Dean’s Metallica T-shirts you were exhausted. You collapsed onto your bed, nestling into the covers and taking a deep breath. You’d check on him in the morning.

When you walked out of your room you made  B-line for the kitchen. You could already smell the food one of the brothers had cooked and you were starving. You walked into the kitchen with your sock-clad feet to see Dean standing in front of the stove with a spatula and an apron.

“Morning.” You said quietly, reaching over him to grab a piece of bacon from the plate. Dean nearly dropped the spatula into the bowl of pancake batter when he saw you wearing his shirt. He swallowed heavily and sat in silence, afraid to open his mouth. You slid onto the counter, swinging your legs over the edge as Sam walked into the room with a scowl on his face and his hair fluffed up to three times its usual size.

“Good morning to you too sleeping beauty.” You teased. Sam grumbled a response before grabbing the large plate of eggs and a fork. He sat next to you on the counter, stuffing fork fulls of eggs into his mouth. You grabbed a tiny piece of the eggs, quickly shoving it in your mouth as Sam shot you a death glare. You flashed him a smile before turning to see the stove empty. Where Dean once stood was now empty. You glanced toward the door to see him disappearing through it and frowned slightly. Was he avoiding you?

“(y/n) pass me the bacon.” Sam muttered. You stood from the counter and brought the rest of the food to the counter you and Sam sat on. the two of you ate your share, leaving the rest for Dean, Cas, and Jack if they wanted any. You and Sam retired to the library to look for another case.

“Sam any idea where Dean went?” You asked. Sam shook his head as he scrolled on the laptop in search of any new cases. You stood up and walked to Dean’s room, knocking on his door and waiting for him to answer.

“Who is it?” He called. You gently pushed the door open to see him sitting on his bed looking at his phone. You cleared your throat and he snapped his gaze up, jumping up from his bed and rushing past you out the door. It was completely unlike him. You felt slightly hurt at his sudden departure and followed him into the garage of the bunker, slamming the door of the Impala before he could climb in.

“Dean Winchester.” You snapped. Dean backed up at the fire in your eyes and swallowed again. You leaned back against the Impala and crossed your arms.

“What are you doing?” You asked. Dean looked at the ground and you cleared your throat.

“Winchester, I asked you a question.” You growled. Dean looked up at you in shame.

“Running.” He mumbled.




“Yes you,” He huffed. “who else?” You straightened your stance and took a step towards him.

“Why are you running from me?” You whispered. Dean looked down at you. He wanted to kiss you so badly, feel your lips moving against his, he wanted to feel your hands running over his back, cupping the back of his neck.

Dean shuffled his feet and looked down between his boots. You rested your knuckle under his chin, lifting his head so he would look at you. He felt himself melting into your touch. Dean tried to bite his tongue, keep his mouth shut so he wouldn’t have to face your rejection, but he could feel the words building in his chest as the spell forced them up his throat into his mouth and past his teeth.

“Because I love you. I’m afraid of you rejecting me. I’m afraid of saying something I’ll regret or that’ll scare you away (y/n) and I can’t scare you away because I can’t live without you. I never want to lose you but I’m so afraid I will if I say what I want to say but I can’t not say it because of this damn truth spell and I’m sorry if you hate me.” Dean finally managed to close his mouth, awaiting your slap. He screwed his eyes shut and flinched preemptively. He slowly opened his eyes when the impact didn’t come.

You were standing dumbfounded. You’d never thought Dean would love you the way you loved him, but he had just admitted to it all. You placed your hand on his cheek, feeling him lean into your touch as you ran your thumb over his soft skin. You looked up into his emerald green eyes before leaning in and kissing him deeply.

“In a way, I’m glad you got hit with that spell.” You muttered.

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"So how far down does this zipper go chat?" (ML prompt)

This one got a little longer than I expected, but I had a great time writing it. It does possibly get a bit suggestive at the end, but most of it is just Adrien being ridiculous.

“So, how far down does this zipper go, Chat?”

Adrien raised a brow. “That’s when you woke up?”

“Yeah, it’s the fifth dream I’ve had with him this week.” Nino sighed. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Adrien shrugged, laying back on his bed and settling the phone against his ear. “I mean, he did save you from that akuma last week.”

“That doesn’t explain dreaming about him.”

“It might.” Adrien chuckled. “Maybe you feel like you owe him a kiss for being your knight in shining leather.”

“You know, I only told you this cause I felt guilty, and now you’re teasing me,” Nino grumbled.

“Sorry,” Adrien said, although he didn’t sound particularly guilty, “But, hey, maybe you’ll feel less guilty now.”

“I’ll feel less guilty when I stop dreaming about someone besides my boyfriend.”

“Maybe you can pretend I’m Chat Noir.” Adrien regretted it the instant he said it, but it was too late to take back now. He just had to hope Nino would laugh it off.

Nino did laugh, but then he followed it up with a suggestion Adrien never expected. “Yeah, you can wear a Chat Noir costume, and I can find a Ladybug one, so both of us can make out with our celebrity crushes. Sounds like a fun evening.”

Adrien’s mouth went dry. Despite moving on from his crush on Ladybug, he had to admit the idea of seeing Nino in spots was more than just a little appealing. “Are we…still kidding?”

Nino was quiet for a moment, then he hesitantly spoke, “We don’t have to be.”

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Being Snape’s wife and a fellow teacher would include...[part 2]


Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairings: Severus Snape x Reader

Warning(s): too much fluff

Requested by anonymous:  Pleeeeaase do a part 2 of “being Snape’s wife would include”, the first one is sooo perfect, I need more <3

A/N: YESSS, I love writing about Snape and thank so much for requesting a part 2. I know I was supposed to finish my Remus headcanons first but I couldn’t help myself. Don’t worry though, it’s coming! (please don’t kill me!) I’d love to make more Snape headcanons so please please please continue sending me requests! Lots of love and kisses! 😘

  • out of all the students, you were particularly close to Neville because you could see how unfair your husband was to him
  • after all, he was such a sweet boy and you often found yourself comforting him when he was upset (usually as a result of your husband’s behavior)
  • speaking of which, it wasn’t a rare phenomenon for you to give houses back the points he had removed without reason
  • of course it didn’t take him long to find out, but he didn’t wish to confront you about it so he simply kept quiet
  • boy, did the man have a soft spot for you 
  • you had him wrapped around your finger as much as he didn’t want to admit it
  • he, the great spy and double agent, the man that had managed to deceive one of the greatest wizards of all time, had been reduced to this pathetic lovesick shell only for you
  • and you knew that very well, he had chosen to open his heart to you and you only and you couldn’t be happier about it - so you made sure you never took advantage of that
  • since your relationship was not public, you couldn’t spend much time together but you always made sure to sneak into his office to steal a kiss and remind him how much you love him
  • he never told you, but he loved when you did that
  • Snape was always concerned for your safety, he knew what a dangerous place the world was and he couldn’t afford to lose you - not now, not ever
  • which is why he kept you a secret
  • all in all, being married to Severus Snape was not an easy job
  • but you were determined to give him all the love his life lacked in the past, the love he deserved