but actually what did you sacrifice for that help

Because I am never going to have the energy to draw this but I’ve been thinking about it since Friday and it won’t leave my head:

Jen: Oh, DAY-AY-UMN~ It is kind of a sausage party in here. FOR THE RECORD, *Points at David* Would hit it. *Points at Gwen* Would hit it. *Points at Campbell* Would hit it. *Points at Quartermaster* Hard pass, haha!

Quartermaster: Cameron…who is this…person?

Cameron: This is Jen, my new counselor! She used to work at a nearby camp before it got shut down!

David: A camp that got shut down? But that sounds like-

Daniel: *pops up behind him* Oh, YEAHHHHHH~! She’s my former co-counselor. My bestie from camp, the apple of my eye, the bullet to my gun aimed at some poor shmuck’s head. Campbell, thank you so much for hiring her. Even thought she is *leans close to David’s ear in the most annoying fashion* THE WORRRRRRRST~~! She is the worst person in the entire world. Total skank, can’t even draw a pentagram properly. But thank you, means a lot!

Cameron: Of course! Can’t say no to two counselors with plenty of experience.

David: *leaning away from Daniel* Does it have to be these two counselors?

Jen: Oh, hey, boss man, that reminds me; I need to leave early today because my shrink got me and him tickets to a concert. And I already committed to that so if you say I can’t go, it’d be like you’re taking something away from me.

Gwen: Actually, sir, we really do need her to stay and help-

Jen: I totally hear you, I also don’t like what you’re saying. So if you say no, sir, I WILL sacrifice a camper to Satan in the bathroom.

Cameron: Well, I can’t say no to that, can I?

Daniel: What did I tell you? *Leans close to David again* The WORRRRRRST~~


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Trick or treat with the cute Oikawa-kun, please~~?

OMG You guys, we have a special treat for you!! Admin Panini from @sportsanimehell-scenarios wrote a little guest piece for us!!! Go check out her work (her Captains Soulmate AU and Asahi stories are my lifeblood right now) and also Admin Mari on their blog, and please enjoy something different!
~Admin Emma


For the past thirty days, you fall asleep a little less soundly. There’s a list of names in your head that you check off. A list of people that would be proud of your progress. The true optimists—more like the truly ignorant—would say that eventually the event would become nothing more than a distant memory, that you would be able to live your life peacefully again. For some, it appeared that you were already at that point. You had decent grades, a decent apartment, and a loving boyfriend. By society’s standards, you were quite well off for someone who had survived such an ordeal.

Every time you close your eyes, you see the flickering lights, the strewn clothes, the dangling masks. You see blood splattered across white clouds, seatbelt webbing tied in frantic knots, and the same four images flickering on the overhead screens. You turn onto your side, hugging the covers closer to your chest. Shutting your eyes does nothing to cover the screams, the gunshots, the crying. Covering your ears does nothing to blind you from the the booming footsteps, the soft hum of the turbines, and the flight attendant’s running makeup as she tries to shield you from the massacre.

You exhale a sigh through your nose and decide that your dismal efforts are futile. There is no way you’re getting any sleep tonight. The soft moan of your name sends a chill down your spine. Turning over onto your side, you watch as your pretty boyfriend slumbers like a prince waiting for a kiss. Appealing to the innocent girlhood you were suddenly robbed of, you lean over and press your lips against his. If he wasn’t drained from hours of practice, he would have woken up but Oikawa is out like a light.

You quietly pad into the kitchen, your hand firmly gripping your phone like a lifeline. You strafe every corner and flick the light switch as soon as humanly possible. It takes your brain a few extra seconds to tell you that you truly are alone. Truly. You let go of a breath that you didn’t know you were holding and open a cupboard to fetch yourself the ingredients for a cup of hot chocolate.

As the chocolate bar and milk melt in the microwave, you make a mental note to thank Oikawa for his lavish tastes. If there’s one memory you cling to desperately, it’s the night he told you he loved you. You remember the way he held your hands, his thumbs rubbing soft circles over the tops. Your heart softens and swells when you picture his laugh after you point out he has a hot chocolate moustache. The beeping of the microwave snaps you out of your lovesick daze. You give your hot chocolate a stir before adding your secret ingredient: two generous shots of bourbon.

Just as you’re about to screw the top back on the bottle of Jack Daniel’s, you pause and hold it up to your lips. You take a large swig straight from the bottle, as if it’s a magic elixir that will help you forget. You face scrunches up from the bitter and the burn but you swallow and let the fire run through your throat.


Oikawa’s soft voice rings out like a morning bell against the silence. There’s a clang when the bottle hits the tiled counter. He’s at your side immediately when you gasp a little too sharply, when your shoulders tense a little too hard. You’re in his arms before the first tear even falls.

“Shh,” he cooes softly into your ear. “You’re safe now. You’re here and you’re safe.”

You’re breathing too quickly for his liking so he loosens up, but only by a little. He knows how much you like being held, how much you like holding on to him. Before he knew you, he always saw someone that everyone avoided, that everyone was afraid of. But he knew they had nothing to fear while you had everything to fear. All it took was a few deep breaths to psych himself up and he was walking over to the lone table in the corner of the university café, introducing himself with a smile. Iwaizumi had prematurely called it pity and that was the first and only time Oikawa had ever hit his best friend.

“I hate this,” you sob into his chest. “Why can I just…be normal?”

“You don’t have to be normal. You just have to be you,” he smiles, softly stroking your hair.

“What? And you’ll still love me?” you pulled away, wiping away your tears with your sleeve.

“Of course I’ll still love you. No matter what,” his expression softens as he brushes the hair out of your face. “Now, I’m just going to take this away from you…”

He swipes the bottle of Jack from your hands and you frown. “I’m not turning into an alcoholic if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Oh, I’m not worried about that. I just want some for myself,” he winks, grabbing another mug from the cupboard. “Naughty, naughty ___-chan. Having a party without me.”

The sound of your laughter sets his heart at ease as he quickly whips up another cup of hot chocolate. Oikawa brings the two mugs to the couch where the two of you sit, knee to knee under layers of fleece throws.

“Don’t you have practice tomorrow too?” you asked, giving your drink a stir before taking a heavy sip. “You don’t have to stay up with me.”

“But I want to. Tell me about your day. And then I’ll tell you about mine?” he smiles, his hand inching closer to yours so he can take your hand. “Didn’t you have class with that one girl? Did she say anything annoying this time?”


He knows you’ll never be able to truly forget that one Halloween, that one vacation, that one flight. But if he can see your eyes light up and your lips form that gorgeous smile, if he can help take your mind off what happened ten years ago, then he’d gladly sacrifice sleep just to stay up with you a little while longer.


Request: rowdyhooliganism asked “ Hi I saw your request are open so I’d like to ask for a Gadreel fic please. Maybe after his sacrifice, he’s resurrected and meets a Witch!Hunter who shows him the ropes of hunting and living with humans. Just super fluffy. I just adore your writing!!!

Pairing: Gadreel x Witch!Reader

Word count: 2,551

Warnings: Cursing, some angst, FLUFF, and a heated make out sesh.

A/N: I hope you like this, I didn’t really have a big sequence of them doing too many human things, it’s just a lot of Gadreel being cute and awkward and…I tried man.

Author: jadangelofthelord


Monsters are real. Some aren’t as ugly as the stories portray, they’re beautiful. More beautiful than any heaven, than any God or Goddess. She is so beautiful….

“Alright” you said rubbing your hands together “let’s try this one more time.”

You swiped your hands over the bowl in front of you and closed your eyes.
“omnes levitate.”

Your hands started to tingle and you squealed. You looked at the chair next to you and focused all of your energy on it. It began to lift off the ground slowly and you smiled.

“Y/N.” A deep voice behind you said scaring you. The chair dropped back to the floor and toppled over.

So much for getting any work done.

You turned around and smiled at the familiar angel. Then stopped when you saw the unfamiliar one.

“Hey Cas, and not Cas.” You wiped your hands on your pants trying to stop them from tingling. “The boys are on a hunt, you know that right?”

“Yes but we’re here for you. Y/N, this is Gadreel.” Castiel said motioning to the man next to him. You went rigid.

“As in Gadreel, Gadreel?” You said brows furrowing.

“I do believe there is only one Gadreel actually.” Castiel said shifting his gaze away from you to the angel next to him.

“Yes I know Castiel and what exactly is he doing here?” You didn’t mean for it to come out so harsh. Well maybe you did, but that was only because you’d heard about what he’d done.

Killing Kevin, helping Meta-Dick, and so much more. So he wasn’t exactly your favorite angel. Even though he did sacrifice himself for Cas-wait!

“How is he even alive?” You said leaning against the library’s table.

“That’s partially why we are here.” He looked at the angel then to you “he was resurrected, why, I do not know. But I need you to, how you put it, do me a solid.”

You crossed your arms over your chest “which would be?”

Castiel opened his mouth to respond but Gadreel cut him off “Teach me.”

You looked at him for further explanation. “Teach me to be a hunter like you and the Winchesters. Dean and Sam refuse to help me but I want to help.”

He looked at his feet “I want to redeem myself.”

Oh god this guy was like a puppy. A hot, incredibly well built puppy. You closed your eyes and sighed. ‘Why am I always getting into these things.’

“Fine.” You looked up at them, mostly Gadreel “I’ll teach you.”

His face lit up and he smiled at you “oh you won’t regret it!”

You nodded “I better not, now Castiel I-” You looked over but the angel was already gone. ‘Juuuuust perfect.’

“Are you, you know, still an angel?” You asked eyeing him.

He nodded “but my wings aren’t what they once were, I’m still weak but I’m getting better.” He bit his lip “I can feel it.”

You nodded and clasped your hands together “alrighty then, before we start your, er training, I have a spell to finish.” You motioned towards a chair “just take a seat while I finish this up.”

He instantly walked over to a chair and sat facing you. Watching you.

You ignored his gaze and went back to work.

Gadreel watched silently as you put various ingredients Into the bowl, muttering all the while. He’d only heard about you from Castiel. About the witch who helped the Winchesters.

Whenever he spoke of you he thought about an old hag. Someone with warts and a hunched back, not….this.

The way your hair fell in front of your face while you worked, or how you would bite your lip while you were thinking. Heaven was nothing compared to where he was sitting.

“Okay!” You said breaking him out of his thoughts “I think I got it, now sit back and watch.”

'With pleasure’ he thought.

You closed your eyes and breathed deeply. Swiping your hands over the bowl once again you focused all of your energy. “omnes levitate!”

You opened your eyes and looked at your hands which were now glowing a harsh orange.

“AW YEAH!” You said pumping your fist in the air. A shot blasted from your hands and into the light above you making it explode.

You screamed and ducked down trying to shield yourself from the Sparks and debris. Gadreel was over you instantly, covering your whole body with his.

He was pressed against your back and you could feel him breathing on your neck. After a moment everything got quiet and you both just stayed there. Only for a moment though.

“Uh Gadreel?” You said removing your hands from your ears “can you get off me?”

He nodded and quickly stood up with you following. You wiped your hands on your pants “well that sucked.”

He chuckled and shook his head “it was….”

You looked at him knowingly and he nodded “it was bad.”

You laughed and looked around “let’s get this place cleaned up before the boys get back then your real training begins.” You walked off to pick up your supplies and he sighed, oh what he wouldn’t do to see you smile again.


“No Gadreel you gotta follow the movements on the screen.” You said while also trying to focus on dancing.

“I am.” He said waving his hands in the air “at least I hope I am.”

After 2 weeks of non stop training you’d decided to take a break. He was all yours to care for, although he lived here the boys didn’t want anything to do with him, at first. Now they were actually talking to him. But in Deans words “he was still your problem.”

He finally stopped and paused the game “Y/N what is the point of this? I thought you were going to teach me about fitting in? Or helping you all hunt?”

“Well being a human means having a little fun, which we haven’t done yet” You unpaused the game “besides I have to beat deans high score.”

He paused the game “I’ve been here 2 weeks and I’ve been useless to you. I want to protect you and care for you but i don’t know how!”

You stared at him and he finally caught his mistake “I mean all of you. Everyone. The boys, humans, Angels, and you.”

He shifted from one foot to the other avoiding your gaze.

You finally nodded “how about this. We play another round and if you win then we start combat training, if I win then we play whatever I want.”

You hooked your finger under his chin and turned his head to face you “deal?”

He licked his lips and nodded “Deal.”

You smiled and took your hand from his face. He inwardly groaned, not wanting you to stop touching him.

You chose a new song and smiled, he was going down.


Your body slammed down onto the mat and you tapped out. “Alright you win.”

He sat next to you and smiled “it seems I’m winning a lot today.”

You rolled your eyes and sat up “you only won because I caught a cramp.”

“When we were dancing or just now?” You glared at him before breaking off into a smile.

“Whatever smart ass, I’m gonna take a shower.” You patted his head before standing up. Gadreel watched you leave before sighing and laying back down.

Dean walked in with a towel slung over his shoulders. He looked at the angel laying on the floor and smirked “what’s got you all tuckered out?”

“I’m actually very alert right now.” Gadreel said not even bothering to look at the Winchester.

Dean rolled his eyes and set the towel in a stool “I mean, why are you laying in the floor?”




At that Dean froze and looked at the angel. He’d had an assumption that he had a thing for you, maybe now was the time to poke at it.

“What about Y/N?” He said taking a seat next to the angel.

Gadreel looked at Dean before sighing. “Dean you’re very good with women right?”

Dean smiled “well I don’t want to brag but-”

“Would you mind helping me?” Gadreel cut him off. Dean sat back a little waiting for the angel to explain.

“How do I show my affection for her?”

Dean thought for a moment “compliment her, tell her how amazing she is.” He started “do random acts for her like buy her flowers or make her dinner, or better yet.” He snapped his fingers and pointed at the angel “ask her on a date!”

“In that order?” Gadreel sat up. Dean thought for a moment before shrugging “I suppose.”

“Will you help me?” Gadreel asked with pleading eyes. Dean nodded and clasped the angel on the shoulder “if it means getting Y/N laid finally so she won’t be so uptight then of course.”

Gadreel squinted and tilted his head a bit “laid?”

Dean shook his head “not important right now.” He stood up and motioned for him to follow “let’s get you a date.”


The next three days were interesting to say the least. It started when Gadreel kept staring at you during breakfast. When you finally snapped and asked him why he said it was because, actual quote, your beauty had him in a trance.

Sam and Dean erupted in laughter and you said a small thanks before returning to your meal.

Then while you were working on a spell in your room Gadreel stood next to you the whole time asking if you needed anything. Every. Five. Seconds.

But here’s the kicker. While you were in the shower he stood outside the door playing the guitar for you, every once in a while he would say something like “I hope this song is as beautiful as you.” Or “do you need more soap?”

This had Dean written all over it.

You sat in the library going over a case when the man himself walked in.
“Hey Y/N.” He said walking past you to the kitchen.

“Stop right there Winchester.” You said closing your laptop and leaning your elbows on the table “what’s going on?”

He looked around “what are you talking about?”

“Oh don’t play innocent, I know you have something to do with how Gads been acting.”

He smirked “Gad?”

“Yes Gad!” You rolled your eyes “now spill.”

He looked at you and squinted his eyes “you really don’t get it?”

You shrugged your shoulders and crossed your arms. He laughed and ran a hand though his hair “jeez for the smartest person here you’re really dumb.”

You scowled. “Y/N the poor guys got the hots for you.”

Your eyes widened. Not possible. He was a fucking angel for crying out loud! He fought wars, he died for heaven, and what were you? A witch who helped hunt her own kind and was afraid of the dark sometimes.

“No he-”

“Don’t fight me on this Kid.” Dean pointed at you “just give him a chance.”

You opened and closed your moth before finally nodding. Okay, time to get your angel.


You found Gadreel in his room a little while later. He was sitting on his bed reading your favorite book. You stood in the doorway and watched as his eyes scanned over the words, devouring one after the other.

You finally cleared your throat and he looked up and smiled at you. That smile that seemed to make the world blur.

“Gadreel we need to talk.” Maybe it was your tone or how you put it, but those words seemed to knock the smile off of his face.

He was a soldier again “of course, come in.”

You walked in and closed the door behind you. You stood awkwardly in front of his bed, shifting your stance.

“Gadreel I need you to tell me the truth.” You said lowly. He nodded “I would never lie to you Y/N.”

You took a deep breath “why have you been acting different?”

His eyes widened and he looked at his hands like a child caught red handed. “Y/N…”

“Please don’t lie to me Gadreel.”

He looked at you before standing up and walking towards you. You were face to face, well more like face to chest, in a matter of seconds.

“I don’t know what deans put in your head but you don’t have to like me just to be a human.” You started.


“I know angels don’t feel the same thing as humans or witches and maybe you can’t feel love or hell even like.”


“I’m just saying, don’t force yourself to like me because you think you have to. I know I’m not a powerful angel like you and I don’t deserve you a-”

“Y/N will you just listen to me for one second like a normal human being?!” He snapped making you go quiet.

You bit your lip and mumbled “but, neither of us are or will ever be normal human beings.”

He looked down at you before embracing you. You instantly wrapped your arms around his neck and laid your head on his chest.

“I like you Y/N. Not because I want to be human, or because I feel like it’ll help me adjust to this life more but because you’re you.”

He kissed your head “and that’s all it’ll ever take.”

“How is this gonna work?” You asked nuzzling into his chest.

“I believe it starts with a date.”

You nodded “id like that.”

“Which leads to you getting laid.”

You went rigid and looked up at him “Gadreel do you understand what that means?”

He smirked and leaned down to plant a soft kiss on your cheek before whispering “thoroughly.”

You shivered and turned your head slightly before leaning forward. Your lips met and you dove deeper into the kiss.

He placed a hand on your hip pulling you closer and tangled his other one in your hair. His hand traveled to your thighs and he gripped them, silently commanding you to jump.

Your legs were around his waist in the blink of an eye. You bit his bottom lip and he groaned. His tongue slid to yours and caressed one another.

You pulled his hair and he moaned into your mouth before pulling back and resting his forehead against yours “I want to take it slow with you. I want to treat you like heaven itself, give you everything I have.”

You nodded “do you think one date will cover all that?”

He kissed your nose “I’ll do it as long as you’ll have me.”

Instead of answering you kissed him again. He smiled against your mouth and you felt your heart flutter.

“Hey Ga-” Sam walked in interrupting you both.

He smiled and slowly walked out of the room before closing the door.

“I owe you 5 Dean.” You heard him shout followed by a “I TOLD YOU SO!”

You chuckled and Gadreel gazed at you in awe.

“I know now why I was brought back.” He said. You raised your eyebrows in response.

“Because loving you is my mission in life, and my father knew it.”


Is E.N.D Evil?

Ever since Hiro Mashima started to reveal information about who E.N.D. was and what he did I believe everyone assumed E.N.D is actually a bad guy. It makes sense - he created Tartaros and was told to be the strongest demon Zeref had ever created.

But what if E.N.D. wasn’t evil? Zeref created demons to kill him and as we have seen, those demons are trying to accomplish that goal whatever the cost. Now we know Natsu is actually E.N.D but can you imagine Natsu being evil? He loves his friends so much that he’s willing to sacrifice himself for them. He’s always there to help them and cheer them up whit a bright smile.

What if E.N.D was just trying to accomplish the same goal that every other demon was trying to accomplish - killing Zeref? What if Igneel understood that and that was the reason he couldn’t kill E.N.D?

What if he created curses just because they would be more effective against Zeref or something like that? It’s just that I can’t imagine Natsu being evil even if he transforms into E.N.D/regains his memory.

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So I am like 99.99% sure that Haru ended up with a Gengar, but what were some of the other pokémon on his team? All ghost types?

ha! no, tho he played it pretty close. You reach a point where you have to sacrifice your aesthetic team for a team that will actually help you win. I never did have a dedicated water-type tho, so its miraculous he made it through in some places haha…

he also at points favored his raichu, but she didnt make the cut for the big showdown(s)

his ideal aesthetic team would be all ghosts tho, and when he gets older he’ll have one

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What's your take on the training theory?

NB: For those who don’t know, the “Training ” was a popular conspiracy theory back in the days when “A Series of Unfortunate Events” was still being published. It entailed that the entirety of the series’ events were actually a secret test of character: the Baudelaire orphans were being challenged by their parents, who had staged their deaths and wanted to see if their children had what it took to enter VFD as permanent members. Olaf was ultimately revealed to be the examinator, and the secondary characters teachers helping the children to acquire the necessary skills along the way.

Naturally, not the entirety of the theory works within the canon: Olaf is not trying to teach anything and the Baudelaire fire was not staged. But it does hold weight to an extent because it helps explaining the way VFD acts throughout the series. More on that under the cut:

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Here is why Ereri is not pedophilia or abusive like so many kind haters have pointed out.

1. Pedophilia is classified as attraction towards a prepubescent children generally 11 or younger. Eren is neither of those.

2.The age of sexual consent in Germany is 14 years old. Eren is 15 according to reliable sources. Therefore capable of consent.

3. Their relationship (Eren and Levi) is not abusive. I will reference the manga as evidence. If you look back to the court room beating, you will see a man had his gun pointed at Eren’s head. If Levi had not stepped in, Eren surely would have gotten shot. He stopped Eren from getting a bullet in his head but, in the process had to beat him a little. It was nothing serious, and the beating did no harm to Eren because of his titan healing powers.

4. Many people say Levi could care less about what could happen to Eren but that is actually the opposite. If you look back to the manga, when Eren was practicing hardening his titan form, his health was put at risk. Nobody was thinking about his well-being except Levi, who told Hanji to let him rest and helped Eren to his feet. Now if Levi really didn’t care about Eren, why did he sacrifice valuable time to let Eren rest?

I rest my case.

The Light in the Dark

TITLE: The Light in the Dark

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty Four

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being blinded in an accident while helping S.H.I.E.L.D., you live in the Tower with everyone but dread the way they treat you like a helpless child. When Loki arrives on Midgard to carry out the rest of his sentence he becomes curious with your condition and how you manage to read and such. Over the months, the two of you grow closer than the others thought possible. You come to love him without ever seeing him.

RATING: Teen and Up

Annoyed at the audacity of the others to think they had the right to interfere with your decisions in life, you remained in your rooms for the following few days, the only one to enter was Loki. Tony had given the God a large basket of your favourite foods to give to you as an apology, the God unwillingly did so, knowing that not speaking with Tony was actually upsetting for you, he wished for you to be happy, and if doing such a small token for the genius could achieve that, he would.

“Do you really wish to remain angry with him?” Loki found himself playing with some of your loose hair.

“I’m not.”

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Dear Ken Kaneki,

I know you’ve been through a HELL OF A LOT of shit, 

and I know your life sucks (currently and previously…),

and I know you’re such a poor bae seriously I wish I could help…

But honestly…

once again… 

you’re being a little shit.


just saying.

love ya,


Forgive the Rant: Just saw Scandal 4.18

If I drank more would all of this make sense?

These are just a few points that I took issue with because after so long, it no longer makes sense to keep track of it anymore. 

Seriously, though, why is  Olivia not in the show?  What is happening? Has anyone ever cataloged how many minutes she is in the show because I swear this episode seemed like 10 minutes at most?

Did we sacrifice her actually going to therapy to flesh out the Mellie for President story? (you can tell that I will never get over the fact that they put this woman through all this misery and  she didn’t even get to seek professional help to exorcise her demons. I’m still salty about that)

Here we go:

Why is  David ALWAYS Jake’s whipping post? Is this how they endeavor to prove Jake’s masculinity? Personally, I could do without both of these characters. David saying “white hat” has become like OLAKE saying “standing in the sun”; it’s grating, like nails on a chalkboard.                    

So if they knew all these EXPERT B6-13 agents and could communicate with them, why weren’t they called to help get Liv back? I mean they were so skilled in foreign countries and what not, right?

I KNOW I ASKED THIS IN SEASON 3 BUT WHY, OH WHY, ARE THEY TRYING TO TAKE DOWN B6-13 AGAIN? We did this in Season 3 and I didn’t understand it then and I don’t understand it now. Is this just so that Huck can get his family? Not to be cold, but really??? Is that it? I don’t understand this at all!

(Maybe I should’ve kept drinking)

Did I miss the part where Russell found out Olivia’s real name? Did she say it in her sleep? If so, why would  she say her own name in her sleep? And he knows all those different languages?    

How in the name of all that is holy did I become more interested in Mellie and her sister Harmony than I did with Olivia? Seriously, how did this happen? (I lowkey get why people want more Mellie, I mean look at how they are written in this show. Sorry, but that’s how the writers have presented it.)

And I’m not supposed to really believe that Mellie could win a seat in government am I? If so, then why does she not have a political platform? What is she running on? What is her stand on the issues? (I mean the issue other than the one Olivia gave her…SNORT!!)

(Just keep drinking)

Why didn’t Jake just tell everyone that he was really on their side? Why all this pretense and subterfuge? It seemed pointless and ridiculous. For real, they spent the entire episode trying to figure out Jake, when he was with them all along. WHAT??? I don’t get it!

And how many times have I asked over and over again: How am I supposed to accept these people as legit spies? I mean when you compare them to other spy TV shows and movies, doesn’t this come off as a huge farce, a laughable exercise in futility and foolishness? 

Why are we talking about B6-13 again? How did we go from a super secret spy organization that no one knows exists but protects the republic to them being CONSTANTLY featured in the story lines?? If they’re secret, I should never see them right? They should fade into the darkness right? 

Do the writers seriously not see the critics, reviewers and fans begging, pleading for them to get rid of this story line? I see it, how can they not? 

So Jake comes out of the apt across from Liv with a gun, pretty much threatening Huck and Quinn and what?? They just walk away like “it’s all good, lets go back to OPA”? They look like twiddle dee and twiddle dumb. (These people are legit spies????)

And then they all sit on the steps of one of the most popular tourists attractions and start the ‘woe is us’ speech because what? That’s what spies do? They meet out in the open and discuss spy stuff and killing people?

With all this “Kill Jake” talk, am I the only one who feels the writers were saying an “up yours” to all of the fandom who truly want Jake gone? Maybe that was just me but I felt they were plaguing me with something that would never truly happen.

Huck says “its over we lose, we can’t protect Liv.” Does this seem odd? It kind of sounded like his ‘giving up’ speech when Liv got kidnapped. Does he seem done with all this ‘protect Liv at all costs’ stuff? Or is it just me?    

Was Fitz’s speech to Harmony supposed to reflect and understanding of why Mellie treats Liv the way she does? That’s cool but I guess it would be more relevant if OLITZ had an actual existing relationship at this point. 

Why could I not summon the least amount of interest in this predictable case of the week? And was Liv’s speech to the father supposed to symbolize her self-reflection, her steps toward recovery? (I side-eye all of this! Sorry, I’m at the stage of the game where too much crap, on top of crap, on top of crap has happened to this woman to accept this as the reasonable method for her road to recovery.)

So David’s assistant is B6-13? Am I the only one who laughed at this reveal? Who is NOT B6-13? Will Liv eventually be Command?

And Jake and Liv have been listening in on phone conversations between David and Huck, etc for the purpose of what? To catch them in a lie? To expose everyone? Why? What is the purpose of all of this? Who cares? What is Jake’s purpose in all of this if eventually he was gonna go to David so they could work together? My head hurts because this all feels like staling and fluffer scripts that mean nothing and do absolutely nothing!

I really feel like the writers are talking down to me or insulting my intelligence on this show. I don’t know if that is intentionally being done, but I certainly feel like it.

And maybe I missed a lot of clarifying dialogue, maybe I’m wrong on several points listed above and I’m sure someone will let me know if I am. I did say I was drinking, right?

I know this is not my show but if I could go back in time and salvage this season I would have never, ever gone with that kidnapping plot that they couldn’t commit to, only seemed like a stall tactic, only raised more issues that they neither had the time or setting to properly address and in the end, instead of endearing your lead character and making her more sympathetic has made people dislike her more. 

I would have had Olivia “choose me”, kick Jake out and seek professional help, take care of her, rebuild her business and hire a new associate. But that’s just me.

And before anyone drags me for this post, let me clarify one thing: I AM NOT WISHING FOR THE DEMISE OF THIS SHOW. I WANT IT TO SUCCEED. I REPEAT, I WANT IT TO SUCCEED. I am still here because I care, I’m hopeful and wishful for a change in direction. But what I cannot do is accept whatever I am given and pretend it’s the best thing ever. It’s not and I really hope this time off will encourage them to re-think strategy and direction. I truly, truly do. 

Ok I’m done.