but actually no im so ugly

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i don't really have any negitive opinions of you. you seem like a very decent person. but my postive opinion is just how pretty your art is. i love your art style as well it's kinda chibi looking but it's not the ugly kind of chibi i see everywhere on the internet. and i love the music on your blog it's so nice and peaceful. irl i'm sure you're a precious marshmallow, and i hope you keep making art because its so beautiful,, may you live a peaceful and wonderful life

Actually many people have told me that my art has this “chibi” kind of look,, its prob still stuck from my animu phase
And wow thanks what a nice message,,,,im love u

actually bothers me how hateful some girls can be with girl groups, like, yes you dont like them is ok, you dont have to stan them but why you have to say they are “too cute, too sexy, too slut, they are not talented,they dont write their own music, etc” man…this girls also work as hard as boy groups no matter if they are part of the big 3 or not.

spn headcanons
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I was actually wondering if there are many “ugly” photos of bts. So out of curiosity, I googled them. Finally, I made my own conclusion. (These are actually the first few photos of each member that appeared).

BTS is actually NOT ugly they just got their derp faces taken/screencapped at the wrong time but really though, There are no “ugly” photos of Jung Hoseok.


05.01.2017: 1/100 days of productivity ♡

i decided to give the 100 days of productivity challenge a go so that i actually get somewhere with my korean. studied hangul again today and it’s starting to all make sense to me which makes me very happy.  ♡

ps. made an studygram today if you want to follow: @wanderlust.studies, i’ll follow studygrams back. x


“He always tries to talk to me whenever he sees me.” 

((Huehue look at him blushu ))

anyway… why do i get so Triggered when people say Chad is ugly just because he is a Hefty Boy… like Chad is so fucking handsome and he is so lovely and kind and I get really fucking shook when people write him off only because he is a Fat Boy.. like? what the fuck is wrong with you guys? You need to stop looking skin deep and realize that this will not get you anywhere in life and you need to get over your own shallow beliefs and look at people for more than just their looks… idk… Chad is just so handsome in my opinion and I hate when people think that he is lesser than Ian, Joji or Max just because of his weight.


Credit to @ownbyfemme : Preparing for my first ever ugly sweater party 😂🎄🎉 had to see what all the hype is about 🤔
I Defo played it safe in this sweater cause I saw some people who reallyyyyy came through 👀 lol
Im in love with these thigh high socks though!! I actually bought them in like every colour 😂💜🌻 adding tights underneath so I can make it through this NYC cold 🌬
Hope you guys are having an amazing holiday season! 😘🎉😬🎁🎀 P.S. The ugly sweater party was too lit 😂🙌🏽 loved it! #LookBook #OOTD #DancingVideo #NaturalHair #UglySweaterVibes #HolidayMood

Shorts from @windsorstore, thigh highs + sweater from @Target, song is “The Real” by @JacobLatimore #melaninonfleek #blackgirlmagic #bgki #blackfbloggers

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My bf went back home so heres a Precure drawing to get my mind off it.
When all we had was a blurry ass promo image Cure Gelato actually made me think it was fake due to her ugly boots and gloves lol

but now im actually a bit sad they’re not huge paws and instead biker gloves. If she doesn’t run her enemies over with a motorbike I will burn down Toei headquarters

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concept: bitty has to wear a jersey like the 'CROCHKIN' jersey whenever parse and jack play against each other

YESSSS (im so sorry this was late i just loved this idea so much). 

Whenever the Falcs and the Aces play against each other, he wears a “PARSMERMANN” jersey. It’s a size too big on him and makes his bfs want to pick him up and kiss the heck outta him, but the jersey design itself is actually quite jarring and ugly. afterwards he usually changes to the jersey of the winning team and they have <3 fun <3