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Truth or Lie (Part Twenty-Seven)

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Part Twenty-Six

A/N: You guys getting nervous yet?

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: Angst, anxiety, flashbacks, light injuries, fluff, teasing

Word Count: 2665

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You were starting to get worried. Yes, it did take some time for college acceptance letters to get sent, but you were deep in December, and you hadn’t heard a peep. Maybe you’d never get anything back. Maybe you got your hopes up. You dragged your fingers through your hair, letting your fingertips sift through the strands as you huddled in the corner of Rob’s couch. Around two weeks had passed since the Australia conventions. You and Rob were getting on better than ever, falling into a rhythm with each other, keeping busy as Christmas approached. You had to keep busy or you’d fall prey to your own mind, which had a tendency of trying to rip apart any happy possibility you strived for.

What if you didn’t get accepted? What if you became stuck? You had worked so hard to push yourself forward, to try to move on and live your life. What if you were just never meant to move on? What if your past was all you were? You rubbed your temples, eyes squeezing shut as you sunk back into the cushion, wanting it to swallow you whole. You just wanted to be the person that you wanted to be. You wanted to control your life, to retake your strings from your past’s grip. You were no longer a mindless pawn in a game you never signed up for. You were … what? You couldn’t exactly answer that yet, but you were no longer her. That was satisfying enough.

You were pulled from your thoughts, dragged out of your head, when the front door opened and closed, shuffling sounding from the foyer.

“Don’t look!” Rob’s voice echoed into the living room, prompting you to turn onto your side, facing away from him as he carried bags toward the stairs. He darted up the steps, plastic bags rustling loudly as he went to hide the gifts he had insisted on buying you for Christmas.

You ended up staying curled up in the position, mind drifting as silence once again settled in the house. What if you were just never meant to move on? Your eyes moved to the side toward the direction of the staircase, darkness leaking into your thoughts, tainting the happy mood you had reveled in for awhile now. What if he was something unachievable? What if this was just a tease, a taste of what you could never actually have and keep? Would he be ripped away from you? If he was, would you even survive that? Would you break apart, his stitches that kept you together no longer interwoven into that broken soul of yours?

“Alright, you’re good. Wanna watch a movie? Babe?”

You ignored his words, refusing to meet his eyes, afraid of falling into their depths, of loving him even more than you already did. God, how bad it would hurt if you lost him. No wonder you never got close to anyone in your past. It was a guarantee they’d become a target, and you couldn’t bear to take the pain of those consequences.

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no but robert’s face as he watched aaron walk away and get a beer?? he just stood and watched him like he couldn’t actually believe he’s hurting so badly and aaron’s completely chill. his entire life is breaking and his husband just got a beer. robert genuinely thinks aaron doesn’t love him anymore and it HURTS


Hi lovely ppl
My name is Kate and 18 years old
I spend my days binge watching netflix listening to music and procrastinating everything else
I’m looking for someone around my age that I can just chat with anything and someone that can kind of “break the ice” because I’m actually really bad at this whole thing (cause I cringe at myself for everything) I’ve been feeling down lately and I i thought getting to know some people might help :D
(If this helps i love twenty one pilots, panic!at the disco and all dem emo bands and i watch riverdale, stranger things,brooklyn nine-nine, how to get away with a murder, gotham, the originals, the flash and many more :D)
So if you wanna talk hit me up 😃

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Do you sometimes feel like you wanna take a break from life, lay down in the grass, watch the night sky as stars twinkle and see the busy city lights from the distance where you are, appreciating the time you are relaxed, worry about nothing? There’s just you, calm and assured nothing bad will happen tomorrow and for the rest of your life.