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the ice queen of briggs: olivier mira armstrong

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hello! i'm about to be smacked in the tit by irma so i'm stocking up on fics to read.... i'm in need of some klance fics... i really like angsty fics but i will actually take anything you can give me i'm desperate :'-) thank you in advance!!!!

oh my goodness, take care! let us know how you’re doing afterwards?
We’ve got quite a lot of fics in our angst tag, and below I added one I recently read. This one doesn’t have a happy ending, but it’s not sad-sad either. It does leave a small twinge in your heart
- Vallie

you said there is no end by akaeijis (1/1 | 1,962 | Not Rated)

When Keith wakes up, the left side of his bed is always empty and cold. When he comes back, he stalks straight to bed, barely raising his hand to acknowledge Lance on the couch, who has always waited late nights for him.

They are not the same from before.

Found in the author’s note:

“to make it more emo you can read it as an aftermath to let me melt under the heat of your sun

let me melt under the heat of your sun by akaeijis, esbis (1/1 | 24,660 | Teen and Up)

He begins to seek Keith out in a crowd without meaning to. Eyes occasionally following him like they were magnetized, looking for the familiar waves that barely brush the high uniform collars. He looks for dark hair and dark eyes, crossed arms and a silent frown, stark against the sea of enthusiastic, starry-eyed cadets.

He feels drawn to him.

(Or, Lance falls in love with Keith during the time they spent together at the Garrison.)

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Ah, this is so embarrassing to admit but I started crying whilst reading your last scenario with bakugou & Izuku. I can't say I'm the same boat, (quite the opposite actually, being a latina but looking the exact opposite.) but just??? I don't even know why, despite the fact I couldn't personally relate it just invoked a feeling of my that was indescribable?? Despite the fact that I may not have tanned skin, or afro/curled hair I do happen to be a very self conscious person and reading that (pt 1

Made me so so happy? It was weird to feel my wet cheeks after reading it, but like, in a good way. Just imagining myself in a scenario in which I tell them about my insecurities and them being very kind and raw with their words at the same time just sent me over the moon.  I don’t think I can recall another instance in which a writing actually made me sob. And just oh my lordie you’re so good???? and just thank you so so so much for writing that. pt 2

That being said, would it be okay if I requested scenarios with Bakugou, Todoroki, and Izuku (I’m sorry, I don’t know your person limit, if it’s 2 then just bakugou and Todoroki) with an s/o that feels invalid because they don’t fit into the stereotype of their ethnicity. A while ago I was told by someone who was dear to me, that because I couldn’t speak spanish  nor did I look like a latina I couldn’t call myself one and I’ve been extremely self conscious of that since. hah sorry for the length             

Hello lovely and I very much apologize that it took me this long to get your request back to you. First of all, thank you so, so very much for letting me know about all of this, thank you, truly. I can barely put into words how touched I am and how much I wish to wrap you into soft and good things. I very, very much hope that I could write your request well enough and that it is at least somewhat what you hoped for. I wish you all the best lovely, all the love and good fortune shall come your way and, if I may say that: Sometimes the people closest to us say the things that hurt us the most. It doesn’t mean they are right, not at all. You are you and nothing about you is wrong and what you love, what you identify as, what lives in your heart, that is truly you and nothing can change that, no one can take that away. It is true and it is and it’s you.


When his partner tells him why they have been more self-conscious and worried lately, he sits down with them to talk about it.

“I don’t give a single fuck what other people think.” He says seriously and gently takes their hands in his, giving them ample time and keeping the grip loose enough that they can pull away if they don’t want any touch right now. “You are you and I love you. No one but you decides who you are or how you feel. Other people don’t live in your body, they don’t know your fucking mind, they don’t get to decide jack shit.”

He shuffles a bit closer, lightly bumping their knees together. “I love you.” He says, frowning and sincere. “If other people can’t accept you the way you are, that is their fucking problem.”

Reaching up with one hand, he gently rubs a calloused thumb along their cheek. “No one, no fucking one, gets to decide anything about you. Only you decide anything. Be who you are, I have your back.” He presses a soft, warm kiss against their forehead. “I’m fucking proud of you and happy to be with you, nothing changes that.


He frowns a little when his partner tells him what happened and how they’re feeling. Once they finish, he gently takes their hand in his, rubbing a soothing thumb over the back of their hand.

“I think that this person is wrong.” He says, voice quiet and sure. Todoroki holds their gaze, serious and honest. “You are you and no one has the right to tell you differently. No one has the right to decide how you feel or what you identify with or what makes you feel at home.”

He reaches up with his free hand to gently brush along a strand of their hair and he rests his hand against their cheek. “Only you know how you feel and how you think. You are the one who can decide anything when it comes to yourself.”

He brushes a kiss against their forehead. “I love you and I am proud of you. You are wonderful and I hope you know that.” Todoroki gives their hand a soft, reassuring squeeze. “You can always count on me, I will support you in this and everything else. You are who you are and I love you for it.”


He feels a small frown pulling at his brows and gently takes his partner’s hand. Midoriya moves a bit closer when their fingers curl around his and he softly presses their legs together.

“I love you.” He says and gives their hand a small squeeze. His gaze is sincere and open, warm and direct. “All of you and who you are. You decide who you are and where you belong. No one has the right to take that away from you, nor can they truly take what you wish to keep.”

He brushes their shoulders together and he wraps his free arm around them when his love sways into the touch. For a moment, he just holds them, thinking over what to say and giving them support, before he lifts the hand in his to kiss their knuckles.

“Don’t let anyone decide any of these things for you.” He says quietly, gently and firmly. “Only you know how you feel and what it is that makes you happy, what you know deep in your heart to be true, what is part of yourself. And that is you, all of it and no one can take that away. I love you for every single part that you are and I will always have your back.” He rests his forehead against theirs. “You decide, not anyone else and I believe in you.”

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Hi there! I always love checking your blog. I just saw the ppost about Smile's original name ideas and your point about "Aster" caught my eye. Actually, the Japanese pronunciation seems to really sound like the Greek word for "star" and it stuck to me (first of all because I'm Greek XD) because it seems sensei had quite a few Greek inspired things in the current arc (the cult clothing , Sieglinde's Arachne Patousa etc). As a Greek and a big kuroshitsuji fan, that makes me so happy 1/2

Hi, thanks!

Tbh, I didn’t notice all these Greek inspired things in the Blue Sect arc until you pointed out! (In fact, I didn’t know that “Arachne Patousa” was Greek in the first place, thanks for the info! xD)

Come to speak of it though, I have always wondered if the Greek mythology associated with Geminids/Gemini would play a role in the 2CT or if it’s all just a coincidence! There’s that story of the twins Pollux and Castor, who were close siblings, but only the latter was immortal. One day Pollux, the mortal one of the two, was killed and Castor gave half his immortality to his dead brother. Thus, Pollux was “resurrected” and the twins lived happily ever after - at least that’s the version of the story I know.

I don’t know how this could fit in the 2CT narrative (it most probably doesn’t have anything to do with 2CT to begin with), but I just found the “giving up half of one’s life to save the twin” idea kinda interesting! :D

Anyway, have a nice weekend<3