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How come you didn't do the request exactly as they asked?


Are you the person that asked for that prompt? If so, I’m sorry you weren’t satisfied with the result. I was actually quite proud of it, maybe not so much anymore if the requester isn’t happy with it. But I’ll tell you my reasons behind why I didn’t:  

1) I had half a mind to delete the “prompt” request because it wasn’t a prompt. An example of a prompt is, “Joker gives Harley a tattoo.” An example of what isn’t a prompt is, “Joker gives Harley a tattoo. Then they go get ice-cream. Then they go on a little killing spree then they have sex in the blood.” Do you see the difference? A prompt is giving you a place to go in the story, not giving the whole story in a sentence or two. A prompt is giving an assistance, giving the writer an idea of what to write. So I almost deleted it when I got it, because that wasn’t my definition of a prompt, in hindsight I’m glad I didn’t. 

2) I don’t know how long you’ve been following me or if you’ve seen the other prompt requests but 95% of them are sexual or they end up having sex. I’ve already gone on a rant about why that’s been annoying me, but the gist of it is; why is everyone always requesting a sex scene? We have two of the most evil, theatrical, hilarious, prankster, crime doers as a couple and you want a sex scene? Give me something interesting. Granted, I did get some really interesting ones that I loved writing! And I do understand why you all want a sex scene but it just gets so boring as a writer to be requested to do the same thing over and over again. 

I don’t want to yell at that particular “prompt” request because it’s one of the ones I got in the very, very beginning. I think it was one of the first three I got, so I had no idea that I would be requested to do the same thing (sex scene) over and over and over again. And again, that “prompt” request was different because it was between Joker and Harleen for starters and it was during the ECT scene so that was interesting and different. But as I got more request I didn’t want to do it because the prompt requests were all about them doing it, you know what I mean? I hope you understand. 

3) I said from the beginning that this would be my writing. I said from the beginning that the Joker is the hardest character to write for because he could have five different responses to every scenario ever. I’m not exaggerating there. I said from the beginning that Joker and Harley/Harleen have to be in character or I won’t write or post it. I said from the very beginning not to get your feelings hurt because I would take certain liberties. 

I’m sorry if you were disappointed, but I do not take regret from the way I wrote it or I how it ended up. 


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Fave music artist: I don’t really have one, I get attached to songs rather than artists.

Song stuck in my head: …does piano music count? Because I’ve been playing too much Piano Tiles and now one of the songs is stuck in my head lmao

Last movie I watched: Star Wars - Rouge One. I don’t watch many movies^^’

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Why did I choose my URL: Because all the klance urls were already taken by October… but then I remembered. “I’d recognize that mullet anywhere”. And I tried this out. And it worked. Yes. I’m very proud of it.

Gender: Female

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Pokemon team: My old phone wasn’t even able to download Pokemon Go but  my sister showed me the teams and - without knowing anything about Pokemon - I decided that Instinct was the team that made most sense ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Favorite color: Yellow! 

Lucky number: 20, I think. Never gave it much thought.

Favorite characters: The paladins! All 5 of them!! :D

Dream job: TOO MANY. The one that’s most likely to come true right now is to work in a lab^^

Number of blankets I sleep with: One.

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Honestly i’m sad and fucked up and salty af right now but listen

seeing the ocean is quite possibly the most ominous thing that could happen to ema right now. yams is a sick and twisted bastard and 1-2 chapters from now the real world is gonna coming crashing right the fuck down on them. it’s cool they can have their happiness for the mo (i’m bitter af erwin couldn’t have at least seen the basement though like wth?) but if i gave a shite about these chars and the rest of the 104th super friends i’d be shitting myself after seeing these spoilers.


| Haircuts For Lovely Two’s 4.22.16 |

Since Micah’s first haircut back in October, his hair has grown quite a bit and we actually started having trouble maintaining it. It grew to the point that he would easily get knots while tumbling about in the house. For a 1 year old that’s not exactly very fun especially when it comes time to untangle it. He would scream bloody murder as we tried to comb out the knots as gently as possible. It got to the point that we actually resorted to just cutting some of the really bad ones out. It was obviously time for another trip to the barbershop.

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